Valentines Gift

Caroline allowed herself to enjoy his adoring touch and the feel of his warm lips on her skin. Desire was fiercely ripping through her body. But she would not rush her seduction. When she felt he might want to take control, she seized his hands and turned back around! She brought his fingers to the edge of her corset and continued her sales pitch. “Note how the lace décolleté, gracefully accentuates the bust line. Adding to the cleavage, making a very appealing silhouette.” Continue reading Valentines Gift

Margax’s Surprise

Roxy excitedly informed everyone. He now began to stroke Roxy’s body with the cold blade of the scissors. Moving the metal down the inside of Roxy’s left arm till it nestled in her open armpit. Roxy’s body now quivered with anticipation, as the cold metal moved down her left side, till it was level with her breast. The blade now slid over the fullness of Roxy’s left mammary gland, till it reached her hardening nipple! Once again all the girls at the table gasped, and Margaux wished it was happening to her right now! The scissor blade now teased Roxy’s growing teat, Roxy explained. The cold metal was circling her areola. Apparently, Roxy by now was getting very wet and turned on. ‘Well you would, would you not,’ Margaux thought. The right nipple was next to get the scissor treatment. Continue reading Margax’s Surprise

Suzy’s Halloween

It was too late! Egri snared Suzy with one bony hand and with the other started to rip at her dress. Egri’s nails had now seemingly turned into razor sharp talons and made short work of the flimsy material Suzy dress was made of! In a final moment of triumph, Egri slipped a razor sharp talon under the front of Suzy’s strapless bra, and slowly pulled on the gossamer-like strands that conjoined the cups supporting Suzy’s ample bust. As the electric blue material gave way to Egri’s teasing talons, Suzy’s breasts bounced free of their soft lacy protection, exposing them to Egri’s perverted leering gaze.

Continue reading Suzy’s Halloween

Milked in Bodrum

The smell of the Jasmine and Bougainvillea filled my head and my senses. The warm breeze caressed my face, and my perspiration dampened my white silk blouse. I was aware my nipples were becoming erect and quite hard. But I was blissfully unaware that the top two buttons of my shirt had become undone. My right breast had worked its way out into the night air. This did not go unnoticed by Nina. She commented on how beautiful my boobs or rather breast looked! And unexpectedly placed a hand on my right tit! Putting it back inside my blouse her thumb lingered over the nipple, making it even harder. Making me feel a little embarrassed and more than a little aroused! Continue reading Milked in Bodrum

Neighbourhood Watch

Lydia thought, fuck this is my fantasy come true, am I dreaming? Even though, her pussy had started to tingle and moisten at the sight of Mary’s tits she was lost for words!

Before she could respond, Mary leant in and kissed her lightly on the lips. Lydia pulled back and then put down the milk moved close to her guest and returned the kiss. Shivers travelled through her body as Mary’s hands slid down the small of her back to her arse! Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch