Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch 

An erotic tale from Mark Darcy


Lydia was a young, attractive woman. Her flowing blonde hair complimented her shapely body. She had only been married for a short time, and although she was happy in her marriage, she was not entirely content.

At least not sexually!

Ever since she had become aware of her sexuality, thoughts of making love to another woman had intrigued her. But even at university when she had the chance, she couldn’t bring herself actually to sleep with a woman. In reality, it wasn’t just one woman she wanted! Late at night when she pleasured herself in her bed, she fantasised, she mused about being with more than one woman. She fantasised about being with several women. Hers was a very darker fantasy, a fantasy of submission, being taken and used by a group of women! Lydia’s was a particular fantasy.

That was until one night a few months ago!

She had been at a friend’s house for a sleepover. After the takeaway that was delivered by a cute pizza guy, she and her friend had found the Vodka bottle, and the shots flowed freely. Late in the evening, talk turned from new husbands and the possibility of babies to sex and then to sexual fantasies. That was the only time she had spoken of her dream and thanks to the alcohol!

She remembered little of what she had said or of revealing her innermost secret. That had been two months ago.

“Lydia, I hope you have fun this weekend while I’m away fishing. What are you going to be up to?” Lydia’s husband asked as he finished packing his gear.

“I was thinking about calling Lisa and seeing if she wanted to come and stay over?” Lydia replied.

“Great, have fun, I love you, sweetheart.” And after a long passionate kiss, he was off.

After surfing through the hundreds of channels of crap on the TV, she thought she would catch up on some reading. Lydia had been disappointed that Lisa was busy all weekend and could not make it over.

She thought it was going be a quiet weekend when she was startled by a knock on the front door. Who could be calling so late on a Friday night? Lydia thought to herself.

As she looked through the peephole, she saw a very attractive blond dressed ever so sharply with a clipboard in hand illuminated, by the porch way light. Three other women, just as beautiful and well dressed, accompanied her!

All four women were tall, well groomed and tanned, wearing similar one button suits with very short skirts! They certainly didn’t look like Jehovah Witnesses; intrigued Lydia opened the door and said.

“Hello, may I help you?”

“Sorry to bother you so late! My name is Mary, and my friends and I are with the local homeowners association. We are thinking of setting up a neighbour watch scheme and wanted to know if you would be interested in joining?”

“Well yes, what a great idea, I would, come in and tell me all about it!” Lydia answered.

Lydia moved back and beckoned them in. After an hour of discussing making the area safer talk drifted to just this and that. Lydia had noticed all four women were wearing similar expensive tailored suits. One-buttoned jackets without a blouse exposed the curve of their breasts! Very short tight skirts showed off their tanned long legs. These women could be models, not local wives and mothers! Lydia thought!

Mary was sitting across from Lydia the conversation had turned to much-to-do-about-nothing. Lydia noticed as Mary crossed her legs and to Lydia’s surprise, Mary was not wearing any knickers. Looking back into Mary’s face, she was, even more, surprised to see a smile of recognition!

In an attempt to regain her composure Lydia offered refreshments to her guests.

“That would be nice, let me help you,” Mary responded and rose to follow her into the kitchen.

Turning from the refrigerator with a jug of milk, Lydia found herself face to face with Mary. The button of her jacket was undone and Mary’s breasts were now exposed! The edges of the tight jacket forming a frame presenting Mary’s tits for Lydia’s inspection!

Lydia realised that Mary had absolutely no underwear on! The thought that Mary was naked under that sharp suit made her clitoris tick. And fuck she so wanted to touch those gorgeous boobs!

“You are a stunning woman, Lydia. Have you ever thought of what it might be like, to have sex with another woman, several other women?” Mary asked.

Lydia thought, fuck this is my fantasy come true, am I dreaming? Even though, her pussy had started to tingle and moisten at the sight of Mary’s tits she was lost for words!

Before she could respond, Mary leant in and kissed her lightly on the lips. Lydia pulled back and then put down the milk moved close to her guest and returned the kiss. Shivers travelled through her body as Mary’s hands slid down the small of her back to her arse!

Lydia’s pussy was becoming increasingly wet as Mary pulled Lydia’s hips into hers and gently rocked to and fro. Her mind now spinning, Lydia was unsure how she could be in the arms of a stranger, much less the arms of a beautiful woman, but the wetness of her pussy and the throbbing of her sex bud soon overcame her doubts!

Mary broke from the kiss; taking Lydia by the hand she led her back into the living room. As they entered, Lydia’s surprise grew at seeing the other three women had stripped and were now naked and performing cunnilingus on each other. Fuck, Lydia was now so turned on she wanted to join in with the three women!

Mary led Lydia to a chair and delicately sat her down. She knelt at her feet and gently parted Lydia’s legs, kissing the soft skin of her thighs. Lydia leant back and closed her eyes as her long blond hair fell over the back of the chair. Slowly, Mary’s kisses worked their way further and further up Lydia’s legs until at last Mary’s lips were nibbling on Lydia’s sex bud through the thin material of her cotton knickers.

Which Lydia was now just about wearing!

Lydia had always enjoyed the oral pleasures, but the fact that the person giving her those pleasures was a woman! Heightened her sexual arousal taking her to a different place. Mary gently rubbed across Lydia’s swollen clit with her thumb and forefinger before pulling the now wet panties up forcing the gusset into Lydia’s wet slit, exposing her pussy lips and trapping Lydia’s horny clitoris in the tight cotton gusset!

Lydia’s head was spinning as she felt the soft damp fabric being stretched and pulled up and down her wet slit. Lydia imagined she could feel the heat from Mary’s body on her exposed labia, but the heat from inside her body was intense!

Mary went back to work on Lydia’s pussy peeling aside the sopping fabric of her knickers. She slowly took Lydia’s swelling sex bud between her lips and suckled it as she flicked her tongue back and forth over the engorged bud!

Gently Mary ran her tongue between the swelling and puffy pussy lips, from Lydia’s perineum to the now throbbing clit then back down to her perineum. Every time Mary arrived back at Lydia’s sex bud, she would suck and flick her tongue over the sweet clitoris!

Lydia felt the first stirrings of her orgasm begin to rise as hands started to unbutton her blouse! Opening her eyes she found the other three women now surrounding her!

Lydia realised she was about to be the centre of a lesbian gangbang! She was about to be fucked by these gorgeous women. There was nothing she could do about it or wanted to! Lydia was giving herself up to be the object of their lust.

The woman positioned behind her was leaning over, caressing her breasts with one hand while nimbly undoing the buttons of her blouse with her other. As Lydia closed her eyes immersing herself in the sheer hedonism of the moment the last button came free and the garment was slipped from her shoulders by unseen hands.

As other invisible hands now guided her up from the chair, the garment slid off her body onto the floor!

Lydia’s senses were being assaulted by the heady perfume of the four women standing close around her. The woman behind her began to gently massage her shoulders working her strong hands into Lydia’s neck, and then down her back and up her spine!

Lydia shuddered at the sensation as hands started to undo the belt on her skirt. The belt slipped out of the loops as the button holding the fabric to Lydia’s narrow hips was unfastened. The flimsy material slid off her hips, down her silky legs and onto the floor. Lydia felt so brazen she kicked the skirt away!

Lydia brazenness dissolved, as now she felt exposed standing there in just her bra and knickers, surrounded by four women three totally naked and one semi-naked touching her intimately, ever so gently caressing her body.

Her swollen breasts felt trapped in the restrictive material of her bra, her nipples now erect and stiff wanted to escape, so that these beautiful creatures could abuse them. As if the woman behind her knew what she wanted, the clasp of the now straining bra was unfastened, and her magnificent breast’s escaped the cups entrapping them.

A gasp of appreciation came from all four women as Lydia’s breasts bounced free.

As the bra joined the rest of Lydia’s clothes lying on the floor! Fingers started to lightly, gently, massage Lydia’s tits pulling and twisting her hardening nipples!

All the while Mary’s still on her knees played with Lydia’s hard swollen clitoris. She began to ascend kissing Lydia’s body till she arrived at Lydia’s nipples, running the tip of her tongue wet with Lydia’s juices around each one!

Lydia had never been so sexually aroused in her entire life!

The woman behind her, who had been delivering a delicious sensual and stimulating massage, now ran a well-manicured nail from the nape of Lydia’s neck to the valley between her buttocks. Lydia’s body stretched and arch with the sensation the nail left in its trail, threads of electrons traversing her epidermis.

Lydia felt the woman’s hands move over her arse stroking her soft, sensitive skin making her sex throb with anticipation of the woman’s next move.

It came quickly, the woman’s hands slipped up under the elastic of Lydia’s knickers, then slid up around to her flat stomach towards their goal.

Lydia’s swollen tits and aching erect teats!

The hands slid up towards their eagerly awaiting goal, the material of Lydia’s knickers was being drawn up tightening around her pussy and anus. The feel of the soft cotton wedged between her swollen pussy lips, being pulled up over her swollen clit was exquisite.

Lydia felt the second wave of her orgasm begin to build if the stretching and pulling material was having an erotic effect on her sex bud it equally had an effect she had never experienced before on her now puckering anus.

She had never felt this desire to have her anus probed before, the straining material was making her bum hole pucker and throb. The desire to have a finger explore its pink flesh was undeniable!

Mary moved to one side, allowing another of her other associates to take her place. Mary instructed Lydia to spread her legs open! Lydia was only too happy to comply; she was now feeling very compliant!

With Lydia’s legs spread apart the lips of her labia peeled open, her clit was now entrapped by just a narrow piece of cotton. Lydia’s throbbing bud so hard and erect it resembled a small pulsing phallus; not only did Lydia have fabulous tits but a truly beautiful large clitoris!

Someone’s hands tore the flimsy fabric of Lydia’s knickers ripping the garment from her body! Exposing her throbbing wanton clit.

Now total naked and totally aroused by the thought that these women were lusting after her lesbian virginity, all wanting to pop her gay cherry, Lydia wondered what lay ahead at the hands of these women? Apprehensive but excited, all at the same time!

It wasn’t going to be long before she found out!

Mary slipped her jacket off and stepped out of her skirt. Naked you could see she had a stunning body, large full breasts small erect nipples.

Lydia reached out and touched this beautiful creature, squeezing and caressing Mary’s firm tits running her fingers over the hard erect nipples. Lydia felt the heat of all four women as she felt their nakedness so close to her body. A new mouth and tongue now locked on to Lydia’s sopping wet pussy, slurping on the hard sex bud!

Deeper and deeper the woman plunged her tongue, in and out, slowly at first and then quickening the pace. The woman kissing her breasts stopped and ran her hand down the soft skin of Lydia’s flat, firm stomach and began stretching the skin up just above her clit. The action pulling up Lydia’s clitoris, exposing it fully from its fleshy protective hood, it throbbed and ached to be touched.

Unseen fingers began to stroke the exposed sex bud, rubbing and pulling on the engorged organ. As waves of Lydia’s orgasm rose and fell a finger slipped inside her, she could stand it no longer; an orgasm erupted from deep in her pussy. She fell limply into the arms of the woman behind her, as the climax shuddered through her body. Lydia feeling a web of gossamer threads seemingly radiating her climax throughout her psyche!

The fingers that had so expertly made her cum still kept on tormenting that throbbing sensitive bud. Lydia was sure she would climax again as new waves of another orgasm begin to rise and crest!

Never had she experienced anything like this. The fingers working on her clitoris now moved, and Lydia felt them slid back into her wet vagina. New fingers took over tormenting her clitoris; Lydia was now on a sexual plane she had never been to before. With one woman teasing her sex bud, another sliding two fingers in and out of her wet pussy finger fucking her and Mary sucking her hard taut nipples.

If this was not enough to send you to orgasm heaven, she was not expecting what was to come next!

While the three women in front of her worked on all her erogenous zones, the woman behind her again ran a manicured nail from the nape of her neck slowly down her back. As the nail reached the base of her spine, her body arched thrusting her nipples harder into Mary’s mouth.

As Mary sucked and nipped on Lydia’s sensitive teats, the woman behind her continued with her nail down into the firm, lush valley of Lydia’s buttocks!

Unlike the first time, she did not stop at the top of the valley but went deeper in, till she found her goal. Lydia’s body shivered in anticipation again as the woman’s finger now played with her most intimate erogenous zone!

Lydia’s anus.

Mary stopped teasing Lydia’s nipples went into her bag and brought out a small bottle of body oil!

Squirting oil onto Lydia’s body the other women massaged the oily liquid into Lydia’s skin! Lydia’s tits now glistened, and her nipples stood more erect, the areola visibly looking swollen!

They were so erect and tight they were painful, a sweet pain!

The woman behind Lydia took the oil from Mary and continued her teasing of Lydia’s pouting anus with one hand and squirted oil between her shoulder blades. The oil travel down her back making her quiver, it reaches the valley of her arse and starts to trickle inexorably towards her anus!

Her bum hole now pouted uncontrollably, as the oil reached its goal. A finger massaged the oil around the outside of her anal rim!

The sensation was indescribable; she had an uncontrollable urge to push back onto the finger. As the finger invaded her private place, Lydia let out a shriek of ecstasy, as a climatic wave exploded. Another orgasm washed over her, Lydia’s body shook for what seemed an eternity, before collapsing into all four women’s arms!

Mary and her friends stayed for the remainder of that weekend. Lydia lost track of the orgasms and the sensations all five of them experienced.

On the Sunday night, they left. Lydia did not see the group of women again, and she never spoke of these events to her husband.

But instead decided to keep them her little secret, now content knowing her special fantasy had been fulfilled!

If she had told him, what she would have learned is this. It was he who had arranged that fantasy weekend for her.



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