Valentines Gift

Valentines Gift

An Erotic Tale from Mark Darcy

Eight o’clock. No one would have the nerve to come into the shop now; Caroline mused as she leant against the counter. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day. You’d have to be pretty pathetic to show up now to buy a gift, especially at this time of night.

Having assured herself the coast was clear. Caroline ventured into the storeroom. Where earlier in the day she had put aside a garment. The garment Caroline had picked for herself was a hand-made Agent Provocateur corset. It was the only 34C that had arrived in a delivery earlier in the day. One of the benefits of being the owner of a lingerie shop was having the first choice of the new stock.

She had taken a liking to an Agent Provocateur electric blue, bra and G-string set. But she had made a promise to her friend Suzy if she got something nice, and of quality in electric blue, she would put it aside for her. Caroline was dying to try the corset on. She had waited all day patiently for her opportunity, and now no willpower remained. She just couldn’t wait for that last fifteen minutes to be up.

At the moment she finally wrestled herself into the magnificent piece of undergarment, Caroline heard the tell-tale ring of the little bell above the entrance. She couldn’t believe her luck. There hadn’t been a customer since way before eight o’clock, and here she was in her underwear.

“Hello? Is anyone here? Are you still open?” An American voice asked from the front of the shop.

“Yes. I was just about to close, though,” Caroline responded weakly.

She was rushing to put her clothes back on and had verbalised her thoughts before thinking.

“Well, it’s not nine o’clock yet, is it?” The voice asked haughtily.

The tone of his voice did nothing to procure Caroline’s good opinion, nor did it improve her mood.

“No, it’s not. Take your time. I’ll be right out,” she answered briskly.

Caroline then hastily began to put her dress back on, but stopped and thought to herself. I’m not going to rush for some man who’s making a half-assed attempt to redeem himself so that he can get some action on Valentine’s Day.

Although she slowed her pace, she couldn’t quite divest herself of all her customer service skills. So she again called out to the waiting customer. ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ James was not at all impressed with the sales girl. First, she hadn’t made an appearance, and then she insinuated she was closing early. And she kept shouting at him, from the back of the shop.

He would certainly complain to the management when he had the opportunity. ‘No, I’m fine,’ he responded. ‘I’ll just have a look around myself.’ He added. He took a moment to appraise Lu Lu Browns, the establishment where he had been ordered to go and shop. It was tastefully decorated and as alluring as the items it sold. It felt like he was in the boudoir of a woman with discerning and particular tastes.

Subtle Spanish guitar music played in the background. There were elegant chairs, mirrors and chaise lounges scattered throughout the shop. James felt strangely relaxed. He turned to the rows of bras, panties, thongs, G-strings and other unmentionables, and began a half-hearted search. Musing to himself, what is the difference between a thong and a G-string? He was glad somebody had created them.

If he didn’t need her help, Caroline decided she’d start closing the shop. As she walked out to the front, she couldn’t help but notice the impressive back of an exceptionally tall man. Dressed in a brown serge coat with a matching fedora. She could see the edges of his dark curly hair. It peeked out from under the brim of his hat. He’s a rather sharp dresser; too bad he’s a loser.

Even with these negative thoughts, she again offered her assistance.

“Just let me know if you need any help?”

As she began to lower the blinds on the front windows, Caroline continued talking. Intent on helping him find something quickly. She would like to get him out of the shop, as soon as she could. She may not have had plans, but she didn’t feel the need to be spending any extra time helping this man.

“Are you shopping for your wife?” Caroline asked.

“No, it‘s for my girlfriend,” he responded.

Caroline went on saying, “Do you know her size?”

“Yes,” he replied, this time with a slight impatience in his voice.

He ventured nothing further, and she again remained frustrated by his abruptness. She took a breath and continued her questioning.

“What is it? Perhaps I can help you,” she offered.

As she started to lock the front door, James finally turned around to see the pushy woman who had been so rude to him. The vision before him was rather inviting. Her lovely dark blonde curls were tied loosely in a cream-coloured silk ribbon.

What he enjoyed more was the sight of the girl’s bottom as she bent over to lock the door!

Her figure was most appealing!

Too bad she’s so cranky, he thought. And turned back to his search for a gift, thinking to himself, Perhaps she can help me. I really don’t know where to start.

I think she’s small on the bottom, I suppose. On top, she’s a 34C!”

He spoke the last sentence definitively. Caroline began to walk quietly towards him. Somewhat surprised by his statement, she asked.

“Are you sure? You’re not certain if she’s a small, yet you know her exact bra size?”

“Absolutely,” he answered dryly, without turning around.

Caroline had made her plastic surgeon guarantee that precise measurement under threat of a lawsuit!

When she was right behind him, she hazarded a guess.

“So, she’s my size. Is she something like me?”

At first, James was startled at her nearness and for the first time appreciated the smoothness of her voice.

She had approached so quietly when he turned around, he almost stumbled backwards. Indeed, they were both shaken by what they saw before them, and in an instant, a connection was made. Poor James had not seen or heard that train. The train that had just come down the tracks and run him over. ‘Metaphorically’ speaking!

He first noticed her eyes, a deep shade of brown that sparkled with an inner light. Her face wasn’t of a classic beauty. But it was fresh and alive; it spoke of a love of the outdoors and life. He then feasted his own eyes on the body of a deity; he would have to commend the owner of the establishment on his employment practices. There was no greater inducement for buying lingerie than seeing a woman who would look fabulous in nothing but. She had the perfect hourglass figure, a slight waist and soft voluptuous curves, which seemed to invite him to touch!

He mentally declined the offer, as tempting as it was. She had a penetrating gaze and a soft, deep, mesmerising voice. He couldn’t help but respond honestly to her supposition.

“She’s nothing like you.” Their eyes locked as the sound of his voice washed over her body and infiltrated her senses.

Caroline knew she should have been offended by his provocative answer. Indeed, it was obvious he was giving her a blatant compliment, at the expense of his girlfriend. But for some reason, she simply enjoyed the flattery. How could she resist the charms of an impeccably attired man with the most soulful dark eyes she had ever observed? His long, sooty eyelashes enabled her to follow his gaze as it moved down her body.

His diverted eyes gave Caroline the opportunity to make an assessment as well, but hers was unnoticed. His shoulders were broad, and his entire being reeked of confidence and power. A potent aphrodisiac, when united with a defined strong body and chiselled facial features.

He was handsome, devastatingly so. Though Caroline was not one to have such thoughts in her shop. She couldn’t help but strip him down in her mind, visualising them at the three-way mirror in the dressing room area.

After an unusually long silence, Caroline finally managed to clear her throat and ask.

“So, she’s tall then?”

“Yes,” he answered slowly, returning to earth but not leaving the intimacy of their moment.

He went on “She’s tall and rather… angular. I wouldn’t say she has soft curves like you!”

“That’s not a very nice way to describe a loved one,” Caroline said.

With a slight air of disapproval in her inflexion!

“Well, we’re not exactly on the best terms at the moment,” he answered.

“Perhaps because you’re a little late getting a Valentine’s gift?” she reasoned pertly.

“I already gave her one. She didn’t like it,” he said, simply, shrugging his shoulders.

He was not a man to talk about his private life with anyone.

And he particularly didn’t want to talk about Monica, with the woman before him. But for some reason, he couldn’t deny her an answer.

“And what would that have been? A flat screen TV?” she teased, trying to lighten the mood.

She also had no desire to talk about his girlfriend either. At this point, she would have preferred he’d entered the shop as a single man, with a lingerie fetish! Instead of a girlfriend!

“No. I wanted to whisk her away for a weekend in the country, to my cottage in the Cotswolds. I had our bags packed and were ready to go. She was insulted,” he explained.

“Insulted? Why?” Caroline urged him to continue.

“What’s wrong with this woman?” James’s countenance darkened, remembering the argument.

In the past several weeks he and Monica had argued constantly. The last one just angered him all the more.

“She felt it would be all work for her. We would be responsible for our cooking and cleaning. She’s not used to that.” James said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“For a weekend? What’s a nice man like you doing with a lazy woman like that?” Caroline chided.

Before she realised, it wasn’t really an appropriate question. But she had to know.

“Honestly, I don’t know. In fact, we’ve been having serious problems. This weekend was to be sort of a retreat to help us deal with them. So much for that,” he answered with a bitter laugh and glanced towards the floor.

When he looked up, he saw the soft, genuine look of concern on Caroline’s face. He was swept back to his earlier thoughts, of seeing her in nothing but a fetching teddy! Much like the one currently modelled by a woman in the advertisement, above Caroline’s head.

Without reserve, she reached out and placed her hand on his upper arm.

“I think it was a very romantic gift. I would love something like that. She doesn’t realise what she has.”

A wave of desire rushed through James, but he didn’t act. He wasn’t sure if the lady before him understood the power she had over him, with her slight touch. For all he knew she was just being sympathetic to a customer, to help the sale and get him out of there?

“Forgive me. I shouldn’t be bothering you with such stories. It’s far past nine now, and you’ll want to lock up and get going,” he said.

Embarrassed by his confessions to a stranger. But relieved when her hand remained as it was, on his arm.

“Don’t worry about me… and besides, we’re already locked up. You can get out, just no one can get in. I’m one of those sad souls who has nowhere to go tonight, but up to my apartment on my own.” She smiled with no pretence, now patting his arm.

Gently, he reached over and placed his free hand on hers, pressing her hand back against his arm. Her skin was so tender, her touch so light, but his hand was burning as he made contact.

“You really shouldn’t tell strange men that we’re locked in, and you live upstairs,” he warned.

“I suppose not.” She said, averting her eyes, blushing and smiling slightly.

She felt a little uncomfortable, confused by his touch and his contradicting words. He didn’t stop her when she removed her hand.

James wasn’t ready for the moment to end awkwardly, so he continued their conversation.

“You live upstairs? Does your family own this shop?”

“No, it’s my shop,” she said, smiling with pride.

“You own it?” He said, with a little surprise in his voice.


James went on. “Well, I’m certainly impressed. You look so young to be the proprietor of your own shop.”

“Charming answer, thank you, but I’ll have you know I do very well. I’m an astute business woman.” Caroline informed him.

“I have no doubt,” he said huskily, and she was again caught in his gaze.

Suddenly, he grasped the situation. He was flirting dangerously with an absolute stranger. He wasn’t a man to take risks with women! James had been disappointed too many times before.

So he regrettably turned away and said, “I suppose I should find something.”

Caroline was then well aware that whatever problems he had with his girlfriend, he had come to the store, to buy her something. Whatever chemistry there was between them, was not to be acted upon.

“Well, take your time. I have something to take care of out in the back. Just let me know when you’ve found something appropriate.” Caroline informed him.

She turned and walked away, her hips swaying in a very sexy and provocative way. He was startled by the notion, that he felt a void in her absence. He wasn’t sure if he could even leave the store without her. But he didn’t know where to begin after dismissing her like that. Caroline made it back to the storeroom before she started to hyperventilate.

All I want to do is shag that man! He smells divine, his lips look inviting, his eyes…Oh my God, his eyes. I could melt under his stare. Her body just quivered thinking about him.

But she didn’t know what to do. He had flirted, but now he was giving her the brush off.

He took his time browsing, trying to create a game plan to admit his attraction. But nothing came to mind. As he was thinking, he happened upon an especially sexy item. Moments later, he called to her.

“I’ve found something.”

Caroline tried to fight the lump forming in her throat.

Don’t be silly. He’s just a man. You know nothing about him. He came in to buy something for his bitch of a girlfriend. There’s nothing you can do about it. She thought to herself.

Caroline walked out confidently, more confidently than she felt. Looking down at his choice, she nearly gasped.

“Do you have this in 34C?” he asked hopefully, a slight smile on his face.

“I’m afraid not. The only 34C isn’t available. It was taken off the shelf today,” she answered mechanically.

Her heart was tearing apart at the irony.

“Oh, that’s unfortunate. I think it’s a lovely piece,” he said. Absently tracing his fingers over the red embroidery, which decorated the bust line.

Caroline bit her lip and folded her hands together on the counter. Wanting those fingers to be tracing the embroidery of that exact corset, currently wrapped around her body.

“You’ll have to find something else for your girlfriend”. She said tersely, unjustifiably jealous!

He looked up at her face and saw the sadness in her eyes.

Never had anyone’s pain given him so much joy. He was now certain she felt the same connection. He took her hands in his and in a low, husky voice, whispered.

“It’s not for her.”

“It’s not?” Caroline squeaked.

Anxious to believe he was insinuating exactly what she wanted.

“No,” he replied simply.

The desire in his eyes was telling her everything she wanted to know. Caroline’s basic instincts and sexual confidence suddenly took over. She boldly walked around the counter, surreptitiously grabbed a package from one of the displays and placed it in her pocket.

Removing his hat, she dropped it into a chair. Taking both his hands she slowly guided him towards the dressing room. Caroline sat James down on a wide upholstered bench, and then went and stood in front of the mirrors.

“I have to confess, although it was taken off the shelf, the corset you chose is still in the shop.” She explained with a coy grin.

“Is it now?” James asked.

Curious about where she was taking this and quite prepared to go along for the ride.

“I must say you have impeccable taste,” she paused, cocking her head. “I happen to be wearing it!”

James’s throat became terribly dry, and he swallowed hard, to try and speak.

“Would you care to model it for me?’ he eventually asked expectantly.

His breath was becoming shallower, as he slowly rose to walk towards her.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she answered in a sultry voice.

She untied the sash of her dress and drew it off her shoulders. Allowing it to slip from her body and glide down to the floor.

Before James stood the divine vision of a woman in an extremely well fitted crimson and black corset. Matching black lacy knickers, black stockings and black heels. His pupils dilated, as she took his breath away! He couldn’t hide his arousal! Even if he wanted to!

“Notice, sir, the fine workmanship involved in designing this model. Did you know a corset is the most difficult piece of lingerie to make?” She began in a voice that was not all professional.

He stood mute. Stunned and absolutely prepared for whatever she wanted to do.

“Feel the superior boning sewn into the fabric,” she said.

Grasping his hands and leading his fingers down the black lines of material, covering the particular area of which she spoke.

“Notice it’s a contrasting black to the crimson of the silk embroidery,” she went on.

Caroline moved his hands from the boning and placed his palms on her ribcage, dangerously close to her breasts, teasing him with their nearness!

His body was utterly limp (well, most of it!). So enthralled was he by her presentation. He had never let a woman take charge, but this lady had a way of making him want more. Again, she removed his hands but led them to her abdomen. She drew one up the centre of the corset, all the way to her cleavage remarking.

“The hook and eye front allow for easy removal!”

She quickly turned around.

“But the lace-up back, well that allows for more sensual disrobing.” She teasingly told him.

Caroline had left his hands unattended at this point, giving him the opportunity to run them across her back. Moving them lower until he took hold of her exposed bottom. He began to kiss the nape of her neck while kneading her shapely derriere; inhaling her intoxicating perfume. Becoming overwhelmed by the softness of her skin.

This woman was beyond his wildest dreams. He momentarily worried about exactly what was going on. A dream, a fantasy is this reality?

Caroline allowed herself to enjoy his adoring touch and the feel of his warm lips on her skin. Desire was fiercely ripping through her body. But she would not rush her seduction. When she felt he might want to take control, she seized his hands and turned back around!

She brought his fingers to the edge of her corset and continued her sales pitch.

“Note how the lace décolleté, gracefully accentuates the bust line. It also adds to a lady’s cleavage, making a very appealing silhouette.”

She traced one of his index fingers along the curve of the neckline, dipping it down inside her generous cleavage. His other hand caressed the side of her body, from the curve of her breast to that of her hips. He reeled at the feel of his fingers between the lush confines of her breasts.

“Yes…very.” He managed to stutter, bewitched by her enticing presentation.

It was more than he could take. He had obviously become overheated. He was standing in front of a scantily clad woman. His hands being allowed to roam her body, and he still had on his winter coat.

Upon recognising this, he quickly removed his outer garment as well as his sports jacket. At that moment, he had taken as much as he could. Enough of this woman’s teasing. He brought her to him, pressing hard against her. Their lips touched, meeting violently!

Upon impact, her lips felt hot and sweet. He was of a mind never to pull away. His tongue plunged inside her mouth, with a ferocity that scared him. But he was aware that her reaction was just as potent. In his arms was a woman who was prepared to go head to head with him, and it only spurred him on.

They stayed locked in an embrace, hands traversing the other’s curves and features! Touching fabric and flesh! Caroline managed to pull his shirt out of his trousers and caress his skin! Branding him with her hot, insistent touch.

His hands descended into her silky curls, pulling the ribbon away. Letting her hair fall wildly about her shoulders. He pulled back to see the raw desire in her eyes, and the heaving of her breasts as she breathed slowly.

She was overwhelmed at what she had unleashed from the man before her. His eyes reflected a searing need, a need that shot through her body!

To reach her most sensitive places, that now ached for his touch. She grabbed him by the tie and brought him hard against her again. But he stopped the assault with only a sliver of air between their lips.

He stated in a raspy, flirtatious whisper.

“You’ve sold me on it. Would you mind removing it, then wrapping it up for me?”

Caroline pulled back slightly, a teasing grin on her face. She began loosening the gentleman’s tie.

“I told you; this wasn’t for sale.”

He stared unabashedly at her figure as she spoke. Holding her hips firmly, he looked up to reply.

“In all honesty, anything is available for the right price.”

She could have taken that the wrong way. But from the look of the man before her, he had probably never known any different. For him, things were available for the right price. He certainly had money, but his money held little interest for her.

She only had one goal in mind!

“Not this,” she said pulling back further, ripping off his tie in the process.

“Besides, I want to give it to you with no charge!”

With those words, his hands made their way to the corset. Awkwardly attempting to remove the tiny hooks from the eyes.

Caroline playfully slapped them away. Then expertly squeezed the entire garment, magically releasing the hooks simultaneously. She let it drop to the floor. Thus giving James the full view, of the heavenly creature before him. If his throat had been dry before, he was now as parched as the Sahara Desert.

This woman’s body was his oasis, breathtakingly exotic, lush and ripe. A far cry from the dry, beige sand to which he’d become accustomed.

Being released from the constraints of the corset gave Caroline a fuller figure. But this did not disappoint James. Indeed, it gave him the impression of strength. This woman would not be delicate china. Her voluptuous curves were begging to be touched. She was primed for physical exertion. He was ready to dive right in. Until he was suddenly taken aback by a few slight, pink marks upon her skin.

“Is this from the corset?” He asked, as he gently touched the outside curve of her breast.

His brow creased in concern for her discomfort. He momentarily forgot his plan to ravage her body.

“I guess it was too tight. It doesn’t hurt, really. It’ll go away,” Caroline replied softly, with a delighted smile on her face.

His distress was heart-warming and absolutely adorable. She watched in amazement, as he gently lifted her arm.

Then tenderly tried to kiss away the marks indented on her skin.

His soft touch upon her body was divine, all at once sweet and luxurious. All though he started innocently enough, he soon increased his ministrations.

Edging his tongue across the tender areas in question and lightly blowing his breath against them. As soothing as this was to her skin, a throbbing increased within her. She wanted more than just his gentle caresses. Caroline lowered one hand to his bottom. She then began squeezing it, grinding herself against him. Showing him where she wanted to be touched.

James could only nurse her wounds for so long before a hunger for more overcame him. His lips slowly travelled their way from the outside of her breasts, across the swell of her bosom, to her cleavage. Where he inhaled deeply, absorbing her heady scent. It was a mix of a floral fragrance and the pure, spicy, natural redolence that was this woman. From her cleavage, he meandered down to her abdomen.

Falling to his knees in reverence, as in prayer, he gently nibbled upon the slight curve of her belly. Fingers, tucking themselves inside the gossamer, thin sides of her lacy knickers. Slipping the silky material to the floor, leaving her in only stockings and those black heels.

Before he could move any lower, Caroline brought her hands to his flushed face.

“It seems I’m at a disadvantage,” she observed dryly. James untangled his body from hers and stood dutifully before her saying.

“Do what you must. I’m at your mercy!”

She teased him with an unhurried, but deliberate pace.

She carefully undid the buttons of his linen shirt, pressing her naked flesh to his as she removed it. His body responded to the heat and pressure of her body against his. He inhaled sharply.

But knowing she wanted to be in charge didn’t interrupt. She quickly moved away to unfasten his belt. As she retreated from his skin, James’s patience was beginning to run thin.

His arousal was only too apparent and starting to cause discomfort. As enticingly as she was behaving, the pace was far too slow. Caroline stopped removing James’s clothes in order to remove her shoes and slowly strip off her stockings. He marvelled at the smoothness of her body. She was like nothing he had ever seen.

When she unzipped his trousers, it was his turn to be playful. Slapping away her hands, he stripped off the rest of his clothes in mere seconds. Without delay, he placed his arms around her tightly. His lips were melding against hers savagely and his erection pressing urgently at her belly. His body was taut and powerfully built.

The feel of his naked flesh against hers sent Caroline into a tailspin. As she felt his solid torso, his muscular thighs, and his solid arms wrapped around her. She also felt the throb of his cock on her pubic mound. Caroline instinctively knew she’d found a place as perfect as heaven.

Their tongues played aggressively as they enjoyed the taste and texture of each other’s lips and mouths. But soon James was tempted to move lower and quickly engulfed an already erect nipple.

As he suckled her sweetness, she let out a desperate moan. Letting him know his attentions were well appreciated. As he sucked more forcefully, his hand roamed towards her sex. Stroking her inner thighs, he let his fingers wander through her downy pubic hair.

Her hands raked his sable curls and slid to his shoulders. Digging slightly into his skin as her excitement increased. His fingers soon found her moist, welcoming vulva. While his mouth concentrated on her hardened nipples, he slipped a finger, then two, inside her wet sex.

Sliding them in and out, slowly, leisurely. He looked up to see her glazed eyes and her face glowing with pleasure. She bit her lip and let out an uncontrolled moan.

He watched as she began to rock back and forth. Demanding he go deeper, revelling in his teasing touch. She was swept away by the feel of his fingers, stroking up and down her swollen vagina. Caroline could feel her orgasm rising then subsiding only to build again, this time, more powerfully.

When his thumb found her most sensitive spot, a shattering surging climax rippled through her body. Transporting her to another level of consciousness, where she felt every single pore tingle with pleasure. Her knees were weak, and she began to collapse. James kept a hold of her with his one free hand, never ceasing his stroking motion.

He continued to touch and caress her as she slowly came back to earth. She allowed him his time to savour her body. But his worshipping wasn’t enough for Caroline. She was a woman of action and after he had licked, sucked and finger fucked her to distraction; she wanted more and urged him to rise.

He wasn’t ready to stop but when she took his fingers and slid them erotically in and out of her mouth. Sucking them hard, the naughtiness of her actions hypnotised him into submission.

She led him to the bench and sat him on the edge. Ensuring they were still in full view of the mirror, she stood above him for a moment to admire his body. Sliding her hands over every muscle of his chest, torso, legs and arms. She lowered her face, lingering at his lips.

What should have been a momentary diversion from her end target became a destination all on its own?

His lips trapped hers, his tongue tantalised her senses. Shooting sensations from the roof of her mouth, through to every limb of her body. She finally managed to move her kisses to his chin and then his neck.

But needed to stop at his chest, to return a favour by sucking fiercely on his nipples. He gasped at her thoroughness; he wasn’t used to such all-encompassing attention.

When he realised her eventual objective, he let out a groan in anticipation. She toyed with him a little longer, kissing and nibbling the soft skin of his lower abdomen and finally, carefully, lowered her lips to the tip of his erection.

When he remembers this moment in the years to come, James would still be amazed. Amazed by the fact he hadn’t exploded upon the mere touch of Caroline’s lips on his cock. The feel and visual pleasure of a sexy stranger’s full, red lips on his penis, was enough to put him over the edge. He not only had the pleasure of watching her face, but he could also observe the whole scene from their reflection.

Her mouth expertly slid up and down, her hands moving in unison on his thick shaft. Her tongue flicked at his tip and skimmed around him. She again sucked aggressively. Taking him deeply, knowing exactly what to do to provide the utmost pleasure. What delighted and excited him most was her obvious enjoyment of her exploits. He wasn’t sure he’d ever derived such joy from a woman.

When he began to feel his orgasm rising, he lifted her face gently to his and said.

“I can’t take anymore. It’s too much!”

“Well, why don’t you come inside me?” She asked provocatively.

“Oh, no, not yet,” he answered darkly, shaking his head.

He rose, lifting Caroline by her waist. Laying her down on the bench, he straddled her insisting upon another searing kiss.

Before his tongue glided down her supple soft skin! To reach her most sensitive spot!

Again, he paused to kiss her irresistible belly. Sliding to her inner thigh, he placed numerous moist kisses before daring to touch her sex. She let out a single cry.

“Oh, fuck…. More…Please…. More!”

He was only too pleased to oblige her! Caroline’s body quivered under his touch, as Goosebumps covered her nakedness.

James rested one hand on Caroline’s breast, massaging and teasing her dark nipple. The other joined his lips in a concerted effort to grant unbridled bliss. The velvety touch of his tongue, combined with his fingers attentions, made Caroline cry out in pleasure! As he licked and sucked at her sex, tasting her sweetness.

Enveloping himself in her femininity amazed at her every response. Until the stimulus drove her over the edge. With a carnal moan, she began to climax again. Waves of delight were washing over her. When her body ultimately relaxed, she wanted nothing more than to return the pleasure.

Upon looking up at her, he was swept away by the sheer exhilaration on her face. She glistened in fulfilment, and her skin glowed!

Her beauty enthralled James.

But suddenly, he hesitated. He was not expecting anything of this magnitude to happen. Not on his quick trip to the lingerie shop. He would never force himself upon a woman. Though he knew this woman had taken him willingly, he had no protection.

He didn’t quite know how to proceed. Should I ask her to continue where she left off, sinking her mouth onto me? Should we stop? The thoughts raced through his mind.

Oh God, I couldn’t just stop!

Caroline sensed his discomfort but didn’t quite understand it. She decided it was time to retrieve the little package; she had placed in her pocket earlier. A mischievous smile spread across her face. Her eyes gleamed in anticipation of his surprise. As she quickly walked over to her discarded dress, he gave her a most inquisitive look. Until he recognised the tiny foil packet that she tore open. When she removed the contents, James chuckled.

“A condom? Is it good quality?” He nearly kicked himself for that comment. “‘Who the hell cares?”

“I don’t sell anything in my store that isn’t top quality, sir,” she responded.

Elevating her chin smugly. At this cheeky action, he lunged to grab her. Nothing was holding him back now. He firmly delivered a series of ferocious, almost desperate, kisses to her already swollen lips. While his hands tried to capture the condom. With all her might, she pulled away.

Saying. “Let me do that sir, allow me.”

Caroline pushed him towards the bench until he sat. James was totally enraptured by her power and determination. She placed the condom on the tip of his impressive erection and slowly rolled it down. She wanted nothing more than to have his cock inside her and now nothing stood in her way.

She straddled James and slowly eased his swollen throbbing penis into her, enveloping the purple head of his phallus. Gently she pushed her wet sex down, filling her body with him.

Gasping with the pleasure of feeling him fill her slippery vagina. Her first emotion was one of relief he was finally inside her. She had been ready for him and quickly began to undulate in his arms.

There was only one way for her to describe the sensation; he just felt right!

James wasn’t even capable of mentally completing a sentence, as she allowed him to thrust into her. Passion and love were the only thoughts that came to mind, as he began a rhythmic motion in tune with her body. He felt and was momentarily blinded by white heat as she expertly mounted him, squeezing her muscles around him, bestowing ultimate pleasure upon him.

Her sumptuous figure was a beauty to behold as she rode him with purpose. At first, a slow, measured cadence. But as she increased her tempo, she permitted him more control. He drove his hips upward to meet her pace. Unparalleled sensations raced through his body, and her steady, unrelenting movement entranced him. As her pace increased, even more, Caroline began to moan softly. Her delight her excitement, again mounting.

She felt an unquenchable need for him to be inside her, to remain inside her for as long as could be. Her orgasm ebbed and flowed, as she possessed him with an intensity and feral desire. Though he relished the rapturous look on her face, the glorious power of her arched posture. She finally overwhelmed him, with a hunger to fully release his orgasm. Grasping her bottom, he quickly lifted her as he rose. Groaning at the feeling that the change of position created.

He nearly stumbled when he realised how weak his legs had become. He would not let this deter him, taking two strides before firmly pressing her against the mirrored wall. She clung to his body, wrapping her legs around him, as he began to thrust deliberately into her.

Her fingernails dug deeply into the skin of his back, and she gasped and moaned incoherently. She was enthralled, by the feeling of his pulsing, throbbing, erection, inside her body.

The sound of his groans of desire in her ear moved her towards another orgasm. Moment by moment, her climax grew. His dynamic energy was igniting a ring of fire through her body. He drove into her, trapping her between the cold mirror surface and the scorching heat of his flesh. The sensation was unreal, and each time he went deeper, she urged him on with cries for more.

Their private duet was accentuated by their reflection in the mirrors. Creating an orgy of visual stimulation, it was a breath-taking sight. A fusion of male and female, flesh. Uninhibited passion increased exponentially. He began whispering words of wonder in her ear, amazed by her ardour.

He had never felt so close, to being as one with a woman, as he now felt with this stranger. She seemed to complete him, physically as though their bodies were meant for each other. His rhythm was reaching a fever pitch. Each time he plunged into her, Caroline’s moans grew more eager. The more she got, the more she wanted.

His cock was throbbing, pushing at her. Challenging her, every fibre of her being ached with a need for more of him. Not just now, but forever. Once again, her body was inflamed; burning up with his touch, his gaze, his scent, his voice and his taste. As she crested on the wave of a monstrous orgasm, Caroline’s deep primal cry, combined with the intense twitching sensation of her vaginal muscles that surrounded and squeezed his throbbing erection pushed James over the edge.

He clenched his jaw trying to hold back, not wanting the lovemaking to end. But the fierce climax engulfed him. He let out a low, guttural groan, an earthy roar of satisfaction, and together they slowly sank to the floor. Sweat glistening on their skin. So slick from exertion, they seemed bonded together, and neither was able to speak. They both needed time to regain their breath.

Caroline and James remained intertwined, unconcerned with how long, they basked in the pure joy of their sexual fulfilment. Indeed, they were shocked at the intensity, the intimacy and the strength of their connection.

Caroline eventually lifted her head from James’s shoulder and gazed into the pools of his dark, mesmerising eyes. They still weren’t ready to speak. James leant towards her and softly pressed his lips to her brow, tasting the sweet saltiness of her skin. She looked up at him again, brushing his lips with her fingers. She was amazed and confused at the events that had just taken place. It all seemed so unreal, so dreamlike and yet everything was tangible. He was firmly planted in her arms; she had her legs tightly wrapped around his hips.

Finally, Caroline smiled, at the absurdity of the situation amusing her. And she began to giggle with delight. James watched her, confused by her merriment. She calmed herself and, finally, remembered her manners.

“Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Caroline,” she said, lowering her lashes and somehow managing to look bashful.

The man before her laughed in absolute amazement. Some men would love to tell this tale in the locker room. But he wouldn’t share this precious moment with anyone.

“Delighted to meet you, Caroline. I’m James,” he replied, just as politely.

Not moving from their position, they both stared at each other with bemused grins. They didn’t care if what they had just experienced was seen as right or wrong to the world. They were entirely contented with their time together and weren’t in any hurry for it to end.

However, as Caroline thought back to what she had done, she felt the need to explain her actions.

“Please, believe me, I’ve never done this before,” she said, worried he’d think this was a regular seduction process.

“Caroline, you wouldn’t have me believe that you’re a virgin?” he asked with a raised eyebrow and a rakish grin.

“Heavens, no. I just mean I’ve never had sex in my shop. I’ve never made love to a stranger, but I just couldn’t help myself. You are the most beautiful, appealing man I’ve ever met,” she said truthfully.

The sincerity of her voice and the honesty in her face filled James’s heart with joy.

He smiled, a genuinely happy smile, reflecting his heartfelt delight.

“I understand,” he murmured, as he placed tiny kisses on her face.

“I’ve never done anything like this either, and you are the most beautiful, appealing woman I’ve ever met. I am so glad I’ve found you.” He said.

As her lips found his again, and they shared a tender, gentle kiss, offering a confirmation of their belief in each other’s words.

When Caroline finally pulled away, her eyes were wide, looking inquisitive.

“What now?”

She asked, without a clue of what he would say.

He thought for a moment, honestly trying to figure out how they would move on from this crazy moment. Then an idea came to mind.

“Are you busy this weekend?” he asked cautiously.

“No, in fact, I’m off all weekend.” She answered back.

“So how would you like to spend it with me, in The Cotswolds? We could get to know each other better,” he proposed devilishly.

“That’s a lovely idea, James,” she answered, quite ready to leave now if he said the word.

“What should I bring?” She asked.

“Caroline, if it were up to me all you’d bring would be that corset and a stack of condoms,” he replied, kissing her firmly.

Momentarily forgetting The Cotswolds, as they were perfectly content to renew their activities in the dressing room.



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