Beach Lover

Beach Lover

An Erotic Tale from Mark Darcy

My friend Pamela had just written her latest best seller and has undertaken a book tour to promote the novel. Pamela will be gone for two months and has asked me to house sit for her. So now I am looking after her fantastic beachside house in Dorset. It had been no great torture to agree!

Let me introduce myself. The names Chloe and I have taken two week’s holiday from my job as an Account Manager for one of the countries leading advertising agencies. I also do some modelling in my spare time. Being relatively tall, slim and attractive in a boyish way, the extra money keeps me in the lifestyle I like to aspire too.

My home is an apartment in Bournemouth, it’s nice and I share it with my flatmate Alix and our landlord Malik. Malik mostly lives in London so really it’s just Alix and myself. I have my own room and my own space, but I’m looking forward to some private time at Pamela’s.

It’s going to be great to be able to take some time out from work and hang out on the beach. My flatmate Alix and her new lover Marguax are coming to spend a few days; should be fun. I’m looking forward to some girly time, Alix keeps suggesting we should have a hot-tub party! That’s just the three of us! No boys! Me, thinks those two want to get into my knickers, well I might just let them! I’ve not had any girl on girl action for some time, and a three-way could be very interesting!

Pamela’s house sits on a stretch of beach on the Sandbanks peninsula and has the most wonderful terraces, each one looking out over the beach. The good thing is they are completely secluded. So if the weather is good I intend to get my white bits, tanned!

The master bedroom is my favourite spot in the house, the reason being? The wall facing the beach is completely glazed, giving you a sense of being in a three-sided house. The glazing looks black from the outside and completely normal from the inside.

So you can see out, but no one can see in! You can watch all the comings and goings without anyone seeing you. That’s neat because I have an inherent voyeuristic side to my character!

On the first morning at Pamela’s, I woke early around 8 am. Getting up, I walked naked into the kitchen, making my first cup of coffee of the day. Taking it back into the bedroom I stood by the window sipping the hot liquid. That’s when I noticed a couple walking hand in hand along the water’s edge.

The man appeared to be in and around his early thirties the woman probably a somewhat younger! They were indeed a good-looking pair. She was wearing a black bikini, and the man just a white shirt and pair of tan shorts. Drinking my coffee I watched them walking at the water’s edge.

They stopped just in front of the house and moved up the beach towards me. Sitting down, the man seemed to say something to the woman! I watched as her face broke into a smile. He then lay back, resting his head on one arm.

I continued to drink my coffee as I watched them kissing. The woman slid her hand lovingly across the man’s arm and then slipped it inside his shirt. Undoing the two buttons that still held the shirt across his chest, allowed her to gently stroke his muscular torso. Taking her hand, he guided it towards the waistband of his shorts.

The woman looked around and quickly slid her hand inside undoubtedly taking hold of his cock. I was transfixed watching the couple, they clearly had no idea I was observing their performance.

Her hand was moving up and down slowly, obviously stroking his growing erection. Leisurely wanking him! I was not close enough to get a really good view, but I could see he was enjoying her ministrations. Her hand now started to move more vigorously! Clearly wanting to milk him, wanking him to a climatic finally!

The man said something to the woman, and then she slowly stopped masturbating him and removed her hand from inside his shorts. For a moment my heart skipped a beat, I thought they had seen me! But how could they?

No one could see through the blacked out glass that gave me anonymity.

They got up and moved to behind a line of small sand dunes. Bringing them closer to the house, and taking them out of sight of anyone walking on the beach. But nearer to where I was watching!

He lifted his head, looked around quickly to make sure no one was around, and then pulled down his shorts. I nearly choked on my coffee, when I saw the size of his cock.

I moved as close to the window as I could, wanting to get a better look at the guy’s phallus! My breasts touched the cold glass of the window. My nipples instantly became extremely hard. My breasts are quite small but very sensitive, I might have quite a boyish figure, but it does not seem to put the men off. In fact, quite the opposite!

I was not sure if it was the cold glass or the man’s huge cock that made my nipples so hard; I had an urgent need to touch them. I gently stroked the growing teats, as I watched the woman pushed the man down behind the dune, and took his erection into her mouth.

Fuck, a porn show, just yards from my prying eyes!

Looking on from my position by the window I watched her mouth moving lovingly, in languid strokes up and down the guy’s fabulous erection. The woman’s lips captured the pink flesh of his corona, sucking hard on the head of the gland!

The man started to thrust his hips up and down, arching his back! He thrust one more time and then sank back down into the sand. The woman stopped, lifted her mouth from his now wilting erection and licked her lips slowly as she swallowed. A dribble of spunk leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Fuck! He had obviously climaxed in her mouth!

As she grabbed the wilting shaft, squeezing the now purple corona. Wiping up the last drops of semen oozing from the throbbing gland, with her fingers. To my surprise, she placed them in his mouth, where he sucked her semen-covered fingers clean!

Just as suddenly as it all had started, he put his shorts back on and they kissed. He helped her to her feet, and they continued on their walk down the beach.

 What about her? Screamed in my head! I’d so like to get my face between her legs. She deserves some fun for that show!

I was not quite sure what I had just witnessed? I thought about it all day! I fantasised, having a thee way with them as I played with myself in the shower!

My orgasm pulsed through my body, just thinking about them. And how she’d given him a blowjob in the middle of the beach. If I had seen, who else might have?

The next morning, I woke at the same time got my coffee and stood in front of the window! I was not disappointed! Again, the couple wandered down the beach, stopping just in front of the house and sitting just behind the sand dune a matter of yards from me!

Again, she started with a hand job and then moved on to oral. This went on for two more days. Each morning, I was mesmerised by their routine. I stayed horny just thinking about it.

On the fifth day, I went to buy some groceries at the small Tesco’s on the corner of Shore Road. Our little corner supermarket, and guess whom I ran into? The woman! She was in the vegetable section. I felt an instant heat in my pussy!

Did she know I had seen them?

What should I do?

I could not stop thinking about what I had witnessed, I was addicted to watching their performance.

I walked over to where she was. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. As I reached across, I wrapped my fingers around a cucumber! I pulled my arm back and smiled again at her.

“I think I’ve seen you around. On the beach, maybe?” I enquired.

She said it was possible.

“Yes. I’ve definitely seen you on the beach. With a man!”

She nodded and said, “She and her husband liked to take walks.”

I took a bite from the cucumber and looked at her grinning, saying.

“I’m staying in the big white house with the black windows and the terraces!”

I knew in an instant, by the shaken look on her face she realised which house I meant!

Taking another bite from the cucumber, I turned and started to walk away. Turning around, I told her,

“You should stop by one morning. The view is amazing!”

I left her standing there thinking about it. When I got to the checkout, she was in front of me. She turned and said.

“We were told that house was empty for a couple of months?”

I replied. “No no, I’m house sitting for my friend!”

The woman went quite pale!

I was already aroused and having told the woman I’d seen her and her husband on the beach, I was over the edge horny. I raced home, running my fingers down between my legs as I drove. The moist fabric of my knickers had slipped into my slit! I ran a finger over my damp pussy.

When I reached the house, I pulled into the garage. Sitting back, I spread my legs wide and slipped two fingers deep inside my wet sex. I pushed my shorts down, giving my fingers better access. As I masturbated, I closed my eyes and envisioned the couple on the beach.

Using the tip of my thumb, I circled around my clitoris. Rubbing it till my moans filled the car. My orgasm broke and cascaded over me, making me breathe fast and rasp like.

As my heart rate returned to normal I mused to myself, It’d been quite a morning!

The next day, I woke a little earlier than normal. Having time before the ‘next show,’ I took a quick shower. Putting on a short robe, I went outside to the bedroom terrace and waited.

Sure enough, the man and woman appeared.

This time, she pointed up to where I was standing. He turned and looked, he obviously saw me there! They then walked up the beach towards the house. At the steps leading up to the house, they stopped! The woman appeared nervous, the man looked curious? I beckoned them to come on up.

I waited for them on the terrace. I watched as they made their way up to me. The woman was very attractive; she had black glossy hair and a pouty red mouth and wore her black bikini.

He was ruggedly good-looking, his hair was dark and the stubble on his face was the same colour. He was wearing a white linen shirt, and three-quarter length white linen pants.

When they got up to the terrace, I said.

“Hi, my names Chloe, welcome.”

She introduced herself as Nikki, and her husband Pierce.

“So, Nikki says she ran into you in the little supermarket yesterday and said you’ve been watching us on the beach?”

Pierce said trying to size me up!

Deciding to play. I knew what I wanted, and felt pretty confident I would be able to get it.

“Yes. I’ve seen you on the beach the last five mornings.”

I let my eyes wander from Nikki’s mouth to Pierce’s groin. He was already getting hard; his linen pants had a tell-tale bulge.

“All five mornings? Do you like watching us? Do you like spying on people?” Pierce asked.

I replied. “Only, when there is something worth seeing! And you two put on quite a porn show!”

I went on saying. “I loved watching you both, you know what I would like now?”

I hesitated a moment, letting it sink in!

“I would love to watch you and Nikki now, here on this terrace!”

Nikki’s eyes grew wide. Pierce smiled. His linen pants were getting tighter.

“What do we get if we let you watch us? You have to make it worth our while!”

Pierce asked as Nikki protested.

“Hey Pierce, do I have a say in this?”

‘Oh, I will, I’ll make it worth your while, don’t worry about that!” I told Pierce.

As I slowly pulled the silk tie on my robe, letting it fall open, partly exposing my small underdeveloped breasts and my waxed pussy.

Pierce didn’t say a word. He motioned Nikki to go down on her knees in front of him. I watched as he unzipped his pants that were straining to contain his cock. Letting them fall to the ground, his erection was huge and pointed straight at Nikki’s face!

It’s swollen purple head had beads of pre-cum already oozing from it.

With his hand on the back of her head, Pierce guided her mouth onto his twitching phallus. Nikki’s, protestations disappearing, in a muffled, gurgling!

“Nooooo…ummmm!” As her mouth was forced onto his throbbing cock!

I bit gently on my lower lip as her mouth encircled the head of his cock as she started to suck! Still trying to gurgle her protest at her treatment!

This was what I’d been waiting for!

Pierce closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the feel of Nikki’s mouth on his throbbing manhood, and then he opened his eyes and looked at me.

Leaning back against the wall, I cupped my left breast in my hand, kneading it. My nipples were so hard they hurt. Pulling the sensitive teat, I twisted and then released the sore bud. My eyes were glued to Nikki’s mouth; it was obvious she loved giving head. She was good at it, and had obviously decided to go with the flow! Nikki wasn’t protesting anymore and seemed to be fully immersed in the act of fellatio!

Her mouth moved up and down his shaft, stroking him with her tongue. The slurping noises were going straight to my pussy, making it ache to be licked. Pierce’s hands were on either side of her head guiding her up and down slowly. He moaned and told her what a good girl she was, how good it felt!

Lifting my leg up onto the chair next to me, I slowly lowered my hand down between my legs. I was so wet, so ready. As I slipped the tip of my finger between my lower lips, I moaned.

Nikki sucked harder when she heard me. Sliding first one finger, then two, deep inside my pussy I began to finger fucked myself.

“Nikki, suck him! Suck his hard cock! Yes, that’s it. That’s so good, Nikki. Suck him harder. Roll your tongue around him suck that cock! Yes, yes, play with his balls, squeeze them make him squeal. Go on, do it. That’s it crush them, pull them! Make him beg! Make him beg for you to stop the torture”

I called out to her as my orgasm built!

My fingers were playing with my clitoris, moving faster and faster, going deeper into my pussy each time. Pierce was moaning, watching my fingers diving into my wet pussy.

His hands were gripping’s Nikki’s hair, pulling on her ponytail as she wanked him with her tongue. He let out a moan, as he forced Nikki’s mouth fully onto his cock as he pumped his spunk into her mouth and throat! Filling her mouth and throat with his cream!

As he Pulled his cock out from Nikki’s mouth, it twitched, and another spurt fell on the deck in front of him!

I moaned as my own orgasm tore through me. My sex tingled and I felt my female juice start to trickle down my legs. I sighed withdrew my fingers and looking up at Pierce, slowly licking my fingers clean.

Nikki got to her feet licking her lips. Pierce stood there, taking in the sight of my nearly naked body.

“You know the one thing I’ve noticed over the last five days Pierce? Each day, Nikki sucks you off, getting her luscious little mouth filled with your cream, and each day, you get up and walk away afterwards. I think Nikki deserves a little special attention too.” I suggested.

Nikki wasn’t saying anything but her eyes shone. Her breasts, tucked snugly in her black bikini top, were heaving up and down with each breath. Her tight bikini bottoms gave a great view of her camel toe. The dark line defining her slit gave away the fact she was wet.

‘What do you have in mind?’ Nikki panted.

I slid my robe off my shoulders, letting it float to the ground!

As Pierce and Nikki, both took in my nakedness, I walked towards them. Closing the short distance between us, I reached out and ran my hand over the top of Pierce’s still dripping cock. As my hand stroked this monster phallus it jerked up flicking semen on my abdomen!

“I want to get on my knees in front of Nikki, untie her bikini bottoms and eat her tender little pussy!” I told them. I went on, “Would you like that, Nikki? Don’t you want to get off too? Pierce has, I have, and I think you do too, don’t you Nikki?”

Without saying a word Pierce stepped behind Nikki, wrapping his arms around her, he undid the ties that held her bikini bottoms to her body. Then in one movement pulled the flimsy material away, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy and puffy vulva. Pierce was inviting me to indulge myself with his wife’s body. With a quick command, he instructed her to sit on a nearby patio chair, she did as she was told, obediently!

Pierce stepped back behind the chair, his cock now developing back into that fully erect penis which had filled Nikki’s sweet mouth with his seed.

Taking a cushion from another chair, I slowly knelt in front of Nikki. Her close cut pubic hair matched the shade of her black glossy mane that now fell around her shoulders. Just a tapering strip of hair adorned the swell of her mons pubis and pointed the way to her sopping wet sex.

The trimmed line was now all that was left of her pubic tresses. Nikki had obviously recently been to the beauty salon and been waxed, Brazilian style!

Her sweet pussy was already wet and pink, the puffy lips of her labia turning to a dark crimson. Pierce move to sit on the sunbed beside us, his erection twitching from side to side. With Pierce’s legs straddling the sides of the bed he laid back, wanking his enormous cock.

Using the tips of two fingers, I gently opened her pussy. Nestling the tip of my tongue in Nikki’s succulent sex, I start with long, slow licks, up the valley of her vulva.

I could taste Nikki’s delicious essence, she was tangy and oh so mouth-watering. I heard her moan gently, shivering as I stroked my tongue up and down her sticky slit. As my tongue touched her clitoris for the first time, she cupped the back of my head, pushing my tongue harder onto her growing sex bud. She moaned louder.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

Disengaging my mouth from Nikki’s hungry pussy, I stood up telling her to impale herself on Pierce’s cock. She dutifully did as instructed!

I stood at the foot of the sunbed as Nikki straddle him! Turning her back to Pierce she faced me, and said as she lowered her pussy down to impale herself on Pierce’s twitching phallus!

“Like this, Chloe?”

“Oh yes, fuck yes. Take it all, feel it as the back of your sex!” I told her.

Nikki squatted down on the root Pierce’s cock and started pumping. At the top of the squat Pierce’s penis nearly escaped the grip of Nikki’s vaginal muscles, her soft outer labia caressing the corona of his throbbing gland, as the down thrust entirely enveloped his manhood.

I directed Nikki to skewer herself as far onto Pierce’s cock as she could, and grind her sex on his pubic bone. Her impaled pussy was full of Pierce’s manhood, and her clit was just waiting for me.

Telling her to once more to push down even further on Pierce’s phallus, until it filled her, pressing deep into her womb!

Pierce groaned as he felt his pussy-encased cock being squeezed by Nikki’s vaginal muscles, driving him towards his climax. I instructed Nikki to lie back, against Pierce’s body!

She did so, obediently!

Lying back against his muscular torso, Nikki lifted her feet off the ground and placed them on the edge of the sunbed! Her splayed thighs presenting me with the sight her now erect clitoris!

The voyeur in me looked on as Pierce pumped his cock into Nikki’s body. His right hand started playing with Nikki’s protruding clitoris, making her squirm on the cock filling her body. Her gentle moans becoming louder gasps of pleasure as he continued to fuck and wank her!

The root of his phallus was just visible, enveloped by Nikki’s labia. Pierce’s hard and swollen testis sack hung between his legs, resembling fat ripe fruits ready to be eaten!

I wanted to gorge myself.

Pierce’s hands moved to Nikki’s heaving tits, leaving her teased clit to look for another playmate! As Pierce’s hands found their goal he squeezed the soft malleable flesh of Nikki’s boobs.

Locating her nipples through the flimsy fabric of her bikini top, Pierce entrapped Nikki’s erect teats between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. And then began to gently at first to twist and pull on Nikki’s ensnared stalks. All the time her swollen tits were still being held prisoner by the constricting material of her bikini top.

Nikki now started to moan and writhe on Pierce’s cock, as the sensations radiating down her body from her stimulated nipples; took effect on her clitoris. At the same time, Pierce started to rhythmically slide his cock in and out of Nikki’s pussy, beginning to again slowly fuck her!

Taking hold of the black fabric of her bikini top, Pierce tore the material from Nikki’s body! Taking a breast in each hand he continued to torment and torture her nipples, as his thrusts got deeper and faster. It was my time to act!

As they were both close to their own and their joint climax!

As Nikki’s breasts bounced free, I moved onto the sunbed and between their overlapping legs. My mouth so close to Nikki’s impaled pussy I could smell her warm sexual fragrance, taste her sweet juicy sex. Pierce’s balls bounced in front of my eyes, I couldn’t resist the urge!

I took my opportunity and slipped my lips around one of pierce’s hairless balls. My mouth surrounded one of Pierce’s testicles! I sucked the fucker into my mouth. He cried out in astonishment, as he felt my mouth encompass his gland. As I sucked on his soft fruit, Pierce cried out.

“Oh God, I’m coming!”

He thrust up, holding himself deep in Nikki’s vaginal canal as his climax erupted into her body! I watch the tell tail sign of his cremaster muscle twitching as his ball emptied into her! His spunk seeping from her as he gave a few last few short but deep jabs of his cock into Nikki’s pussy, as his orgasm subsided!

Nikki’s hand now started rubbing wildly at her clit, obviously wanting to climax with Pierce.

Letting Pierce’s testicle escape the torment my mouth was administering to it, I found Nikki’s engorged clitoris. Her hand was still fervently wanking her sex bud as my mouth enclosed on the throbbing mini phallus.

With my hands on her pelvic bones, my thumbs dug into her mons pubis just above the clitoral hood. Pulling my thumbs up exposed her fully erect clit, I sucked hard on the twitching bud; engorging it with blood.

Nikki’s legs started to twitch as her orgasm erupted, I could feel the soft tissue of her sex start to swell, as her climax hit. Pierce groaned, saying he was going to come again! I was astonished; he had only just cum, Fuck!

He jabbed up into Nikki’s body three more times; his cock erupted again filling her body with his seminal fluid. As both their sex juices trickled from Nikki’s well-fucked pussy, I lapped up the cocktail, as much as I could, massaging the residue into Nikki’s anus.

She didn’t resist my probing finger, pushing down so it could slip into her velvety inner sanctum.

As Pierce’s wilting cock, slipped from Nikki’s body, my finger delved deeper into her rectum. I now started to finger-fuck her most private of places, thrusting down she urged me on. With the index finger of my right hand buried in Nikki’s anus, my thumb found its way into her sopping wet sex. I now rhythmically finger-fucked both her orifices, rubbing my thumb and forefinger together, separated by only the thin membrane between her vaginal canal and rectum!

With my free hand, I took hold of Pierce’s wilting penis even semi-hard it was large, thick, and of considerable length. With one hand finger fucking two of Nikki’s orifices, the other started to wank Pierce’s cock!

Pierce’s manhood responded instantly to my slow rhythmical twisting motion it was receiving. As I wanked harder on Pierce’s meat, I withdrew my thumb from Nikki’s wet slit and rubbed it gently back and forth over her clit.

I now started to rhythmically wank both of them together, Nikki groaned.

“Make him cum. Wank him faster, I want his spunk on my tits”

I was only too pleased to oblige!

The vision of seeing her husband being wanked in front of her was too much!

Her climax came first!

Watching as I wanked her and her husband, the sensation of my rubbing her wet twitching clit, and the visual stimulation of watching my hand pumping her husband’s cock, was too much for her.

Pierce reached up for Nikki’s swollen breasts, pulling on her hard and engorged nipples, her body jerked and her legs twitched uncontrollably as a body shattering orgasm pulsed through her!

“Oh my God! Fuuccckkkk! Oh my God! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

She fell back panting, gasping for breath, as I continued to wank Pierce’s cock with my left hand as I withdrew the digits of my right hand from Nikki’s Body.

Pierce’s penis looked good enough to eat, with both hands now pumping his huge throbbing gland I bent to take it in my mouth.

The site of my mouth heading for his cock sent him over the top, he cried out as a plume of semen covered my face and hair. As I again went for the erupting twitching penis, Pierce placed his hands on the back of my head. My mouth was about to surround the corona as he sent a second stream of semen this time deep into my throat. I swallowed as a third jet of cum filled my mouth.

Semen now dribbled from my nose as I gagged on the throbbing phallus that now filled my mouth and throat! Pierce’s hands forcing my head down further onto his pulsing cock, my lips now surrounded the base of his cock I could feel it throbbing in the back of my throat!

Moving my head up and down his cock, squeezing out the last drops of his juice as he wanked himself with my mouth, my tongue teasing his frenulum brought a final spurt of salty jizz!

As I lifted my head from Pierce’s manhood, I could see Nikki once again wanted to play.

I pulled her forward, just a little, so her pussy was lying across the top of Pierce’s cock. Which was now unbelievably growing again. Leaning in, I resumed taking pleasure in Nikki’s sweet sex. As she moaned and squirmed on Pierce’s lap, her swollen pussy rubbed on Pierce’s cock, teasing the phallus, once again coating it with her juices.

I sucked on her pussy, diving my tongue deeper and deeper into her body. Pierce’s hands found Nikki’s breasts and started to squeeze the soft, malleable flesh of her mammary glands. Her breasts filled his hands as he teased and tormented them.

The crimson areolae of Nikki’s breasts tightened, making the equally crimson nipple protrude. Pierce’s fingers now played with the elongated teats, pulling and squeezing them. She moaned as the sensations from her pleasured nipples radiated down her body.

Moving from Nikki’s pussy to Pierce’s throbbing cock, I feasted on both of them. They moaned in unison as I sucked and licked at their combined genitals. I gave both of them an oral experience they’d never forget. Nikki moaned again and arched off Pierce’s lap, her vulva desperately trying to impale itself on his wet sticky cock. Running the slit of her sex up and over Pierce’s erection, as she wanked herself off. She called out.

“Fuck I’m coming again!”

I covered her pussy with my mouth and imbibed on her sex. As her orgasm subsided I sucked on her hard swollen sex bud, running my tongue over the tip. After a few seconds, Nikki erupted in another pulsing orgasm; she then collapsed back against Pierce, gasping for air. Panting.

“Oh fuck, that was so fucking gooooodddd Chloe”

Lifting Nikki off his lap, Pierce reached out, grabbing me, pulling me to him! Now it’s my turn.

I didn’t have time to think, just to feel, as Nikki made way for me. In one movement, Pierce pulled me onto his lap sliding his once again superhuman swollen penis into my wet and wanting sex.

I moaned, arching and grabbing his shoulders to steady myself. His hands wrapped around my waist, holding me as he plunged his steel hard phallus deep inside my body. He was thicker than I’d expected and my vaginal muscles felt so tight around his thrusting cock!

The root of his penis squashing my clit as he filled my sex, sending waves of sensation to every nerve ending! Flooding my brain with dopamine, I could feel my orgasm building.

Nikki stood behind me, massaging my pubescent breasts, telling Pierce to fuck me harder. Her mouth lowered to my neck and she kissed me lightly. I moaned as her mouth travelled down my back. Pierce surged upwards, pushing me further and further towards my climax.

“That’s it, Chloe. Take it. Take my cock. Your pussy is so tight. Fuck you feel so good Chloe. Fuck you’re so tight!” Pierce cried out.

Nikki’s mouth was kissing my buttocks, her hands kneading and spreading my arse cheeks. When I felt her tongue move over my tight little anus, I nearly came. Using the tip of her tongue, she rimmed my intimate orifice, as her husband pumped his cock into my pussy.

I moaned and yelled for him to fuck me harder. Clutching his shoulders, I leant my head back and gripped his cock tight with my vaginal muscles, as my orgasm ripped through me!

Pierce rammed his manhood hard into me three more times before he moaned and his cock erupted. Lifting me slightly, he pulled out and Nikki took his spewing phallus in her mouth, sucking him dry.

I collapsed against Pierce, breathing hard and heavy. My sex was still throbbing and my body tingled as my orgasm, radiated throughout my nervous system. When the three of us were able, we managed to go inside. We showered; thank God Pamela had a huge wet room.

We slowly washed each other clean, getting each other excited again. We lay together in bed all afternoon, sleeping and recovering. When we awoke, we fucked, over and over!

They left me that evening completely drained, but I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I love the beach, and now I’ve found two beach lovers, whom I love even more.



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