Body Pump (Chapter One) Submission

God this was turning me on! Why oh why is this turning me on so? Am I that sexually frustrated? Has it been that long since I had been fucked! I thought to myself as I felt his hands closed on my bottom, pulling me against him! Oh, my god, I could feel that muscle pressing against me! I had to stop him. If I didn’t, he was going to use that thing on me and in me. My tummy was full of butterflies! From fear, I was certain. It couldn’t possibly be lust. I had an irresistible urge to touch the monster that was now throbbing against my abdomen. Continue reading Body Pump (Chapter One) Submission

Wet Through: Chapter One ‘Soaked’

When Kate left home this Friday morning, it had been a beautiful, late summers day, and she was dreaming of what the weekend had in store. She in her wildest dreams could not envisage how this day, in fact, the weekend would turn out! Now as she left her office to make her way home it was pouring with rain and fuck it had turned cold. Kate now regretted the choice of the sheer summer dress she had chosen to wear! It offered not protection from the elements, and now as the rain turned heavier she was becoming soaked to the skin! Kate’s dress now saturated clung to the contours of her body. Fuck, I might as well be naked, she thought. As the dress did nothing to cover her modesty! Continue reading Wet Through: Chapter One ‘Soaked’