Body Pump (chapter three) ‘The Tables Turned’

The Brute still groggy was trying to get to his feet, unsuccessfully! Of course, we helped him. I took one of his thick wrists and snapped a cuff around it, Kat, the other. As he pushed himself up groaning in his unstable state, Kat and I simultaneously attached the other end of the cuff to a pipe either side of him. “Huh!” He murmured pulling on the cuffs. Before he realised it, we had cuffed his ankles as well. We now had him spread-eagled! Coming back to his senses, he shouted! “What the fuck!” But before he could say any more, Kat stuck the red ball of the bondage gag in his mouth and did up the strap. He gurgled something unintelligible! Continue reading Body Pump (chapter three) ‘The Tables Turned’

Body Pump (chapter two) KAT

Before she could stop him he popped open the remaining buttons on her blouse, the garment gaped, open and her small but perfect boobs presented themselves. Kat protested weakly, trying to cover her tits as the Brute slid the material off her shoulders! It eventually floated down to join her skirt on the floor! Kat looked over to me for support, I shrugged my shoulders and gave her that look that said. You’re going to get impaled baby if you don’t say no! Kat stood there virtually naked! She had small pubescent breasts with small dark areola and large erect nipples! Kat held her tits in her hands, in an attempt at modesty! Continue reading Body Pump (chapter two) KAT