Body Pump (chapter three) ‘The Tables Turned’

Chapter Three

The Tables Turned

 The story so far?

In chapters, one and two of our trilogy takes place in the protagonist gym. It was a Tuesday night, and she had encountered a disturbing stranger! Who she thought might be trouble! Indeed he was!

Our protagonist decided discretion was the best part of valour and headed into the ladies changing room to shower and change before going home. She was startled to find the stranger had followed her in!

The stranger informed our protagonist that he liked her, wanted her even, there and then! In fact, if she didn’t say no he would take that as consent and fuck her!

Our protagonist was speechless, to such a point she found herself naked and impaled on the stranger’s massive cock. She couldn’t believe she had allowed it to happen, but she was glad that it had, and hated herself for it!

Thinking when did I become a slut?

The stranger and our protagonist had a prolonged bout of aggressive sexual activity; in fact, he fucked her several times, in several ways! Our protagonist enjoying multiple climaxes!

Until they were interrupted by the receptionist trying to lock up!

It wasn’t long before our protagonist had become involved in a three-way session instigated by the stranger. Just as our protagonist allowed herself to be beguiled by the enormous phallus the stranger was equipped with, so the receptionist (Kat) it seems was too.

Kat was allegedly a lesbian! But had been actively involved in some very heterosexual sexual activity this Tuesday evening! But Kat also got what she wanted! Pussy our protagonists pussy! Kat had paid a high price to get that succulent fruit, a ride on the stranger’s massive cock after he had forced it into her underdeveloped anal and genital orifices!

Now both women were well fucked it was time to clean up!

Read on…………..  


At the club, we have private single shower cubicles and a larger communal wet room. The Brute led us over to the wet room, what a surprise! It was large enough to accommodate up to ten of us girls comfortably.

There was a Jacuzzi in one corner big enough for six, a steam room and sauna.

The wet area was designed in a curved shape; the walls and floor were tiled or rather mosaicked. Four large copper rainfall showerheads hung down from the tiled ceiling. The mosaicked walls lined with horizontal copper water pipes coming out of the floor and travelling up into the ceiling cavity.

The copper tubes fitted with water jets so that you could get drenched from either the top or the side, or both! The floor of the wet area slightly concaves, with a drain in the middle. The Brute turned on all the taps! Water cascaded down drenching us in luxuriant heat, as the side jets pummelled our bodies with the same steaming hot water! The intensity of the jets took all three of us by surprise!

The brute asked. “Who wants to be washed first?”

The oil and body fluids that covered our bodies now started to run off down onto the tiled floor making it slippery. The hot shower water had turned the atmosphere thick, the steam making it hard to breathe. The Brute turned to one of the soap dispensers pumping some L’Occitan shower cream on to his hand!

Slipping on the greasy floor as he did so!

He tried desperately to stop himself, but in failing to do so fell and hit his head! Sliding onto the mosaic floor. In fact, he didn’t make it all the way to the ground, his huge quads stopping him, (everything was massive about this man). He sat unconscious on his haunches, back to the wall between two copper pipes!

But he was not entirely unconscious; he was murmuring incoherently as his cock still stood erect and poked up from between his legs! That thing was unbelievable! I wished I could detach it, take it home with me and fuck myself every night with it!

Kat acted first saying.

“I have just the things we need in my locker, keep him there if you can?”

Kat dashed out being careful not to slip as the Brute had. No sooner as she had gone she was back. Kat, it seems to earn extra money, sold lingerie and sex toys!

She stood in front of me holding four pairs of handcuffs, a red ball gag, two latex cock rings, nipple clamps, anal plug with horses tail attached and a strange looking beaded steel six-inch pin that tapped towards the end! Oh of course and a pink latex doubled headed dildo! The steel pin Kat informed me later was urethra plug?

“What’s the dildo for, we going to fuck him in the arse?” I asked.

“Us, of course silly! You’ve gone from Bi-Curious to Bi-Sexual all in one evening!” She said with a smile on her face.

I eyed the dildo getting wet at the prospect of some girl on girl action riding it with her!

The Brute still groggy was trying to get to his feet, unsuccessfully! Of course, we helped him. I took one of his thick wrists and snapped a cuff around it, Kat, the other. As he pushed himself up groaning in his unstable state, Kat and I simultaneously attached the other end of the cuff to a pipe either side of him.

“Huh!” He murmured pulling on the cuffs.

Before he realised it, we had cuffed his ankles as well. We now had him spread-eagled!

Coming back to his senses, he shouted! “What the fuck!”

But before he could say any more, Kat stuck the red ball of the bondage gag in his mouth and did up the strap. He gurgled something unintelligible!

Hogtied and spread-eagled he was fucked, and he knew it! His face was red with rage, veins and eyes bulging, he pulled on the restraints to no avail. His cock still rock hard, jerked around in front of him. It seems he’s in no mood for bondage games; tough I thought. But it was our turn to play now! So I went to the massage table and returned with the oil he had used so liberally on Kat and me.

I took the top off the bottle and poured the contents over his bald head. It ran over his face, having to breathe through his nose the oil got sucked up into his nostrils. It ran over his chin down the back of his neck, travelling down his spine into the crack of his arse.

The oil ran over his chest and onto his abdomen down and around the base of his twitching gland, coating his balls. My fingers rubbed the oil into his nipples, tweaking and pulling on the teats entrapping them between my nails. They raised like twin peaks, little hard erections the only thing little about him.

I pinched the teats between my razor sharp talons, he wanted to scream as I drew blood but nothing was getting past that ball gag stuffed in his mouth!

Kat handed me the nipple clamps, his eyes bulged even further as I took the soft padding off the clamps teeth, and let it snap shut over his now bloodied sore nipples! His body jerked as the discomfort hit, and then the second, the expression on his face said it all!

As the clamp bit into his other nipple, he forced a sound past the gag, it was just a sound, the muffled noise and his dribble, ran off his chin! The Brutes oily chest now ornamented by two silver nipple clamps each adorned with a small tinkling bell. The Brutes nipples swelling to double their size, as blood congealed at the end of each stalk!

Holding his testicles in the palm of her hand Kat closed her fingers around his sack, squeezing hard on the Brutes tight throbbing scrotum! His erection jerked and giggled as his hips started to involuntary thrust. The head of his monster bulged, the opening of his urethra flaring like the nostrils of a horse.

Preparing for the coming flood of seminal fluid, but what his throbbing gland didn’t realise, was, there was going to be no release; well no easy release!

Kat took the anal plug and showed it to the Brute. As the realisation of where the butt plug was headed, The Brute tried to clench his buttocks but with his legs spread so far apart, it was difficult!

But with the power in his large Gluteus Maximus muscles, he just managed to bar the entrance to his rectum! The one thing a man finds hard to do is clench when his climax is rising!

Kat slid between his legs on her back and positioned the anal plug between his buttocks waiting for him to relax. The Brute gurgled something incoherent, jjjiigggling about desperately trying to stop his anal rape!

Pulling down on his cock I squatted in front of him. It was now level with my scarlet lips! Feeling the steamy moist air around the entrance to my wet pussy as the squatting action peeled open my labia exposing my clitoris to the stimulating moist air! It was not an unpleasant feeling. Placing the swollen head in between my lips, tickling his frenulum with the tip of my tongue. He involuntarily jerked again as I nibbled on his cum spot!

I could taste the salty fluid at the entrance or is it the exit of his urethra as I sucked on the glands end. The tip of my tongue exploring around his urethras edge trying to poke it in as far as I could. The soft flesh giving way to my probing tongue!

My teeth closed around the coronal ridge biting down on the yielding epidermis! An antithesis of the rock hard shaft my hand was trying to strangle! My free hand gripping his ball sack, squeezing his hard testis! All the time the Brute squirmed trying to get away from my torturing hand!

The Brutes testicle’s now so tight they were retreating into his body, I clasped hard, pulling on his testicular sack on the to drag them down, not allowing them sanctuary from my brutalising fingers! His face had gone a darker shade of puce! Matching his molested ball sack!

I felt the first throb of his impending climax as a spurt of his cream oozed onto my tongue, the Brutes hips rotated as he felt his mother load rising! Losing control of his sympathetic nervous system, the Brute erupted into my mouth! I swallowed hard as his spunk filled my mouth, dribbling from the sides down my chin. Gurgling noises muffled by the gag, tried to emanate from his throat.

At the moment of his orgasm, he was at his most vulnerable, a second was all Kat needed to drive the anal plug into the now defenceless orifice. His eyes said it all as they popped from his head as he felt Kat jam butt plug into his dry anus!

His body was now adorned with a tail, and with the size of his genitalia, he truly resembled an ass!

Keeping my mouth around the glands head, and placing my lips behind the corona I sucked hard. Drawing so much blood to the glands summit, it turned a dark shade of purple. The anal plug was now firmly planted in his rectum, the horsehair tail swished around behind him as I teased his cock. The Brutes hips gyrated as if he was dad dancing to some silent music only he could hear!

The Brutes face became even redder, his veins bulging even further. He tried desperately to get away from his restraints, but as before resistance was futile.

The only things left now?

The latex adjustable cock rings and urethra plug! This was going to be fun, well maybe not for him! The cock ring is supposed to heighten a man’s orgasm, retaining his erection by trapping the engorging blood in the penis; keeping it hard and erect. I reluctantly let his organ go it smacked against his abdomen as it escaped my lips. Kat handed me one of the rings; well they were in reality just loops of latex, the tail ends going through a bead forming the ring or rather a garrotting loop!

Pulling on the ends entrapped and strangled, whatever had been caught in the lassoing ring of rubber! Slipping the loop of latex over the head of the Brute’s cock, he gurgled trying to speak. His body gyrated frantically attempting to avoid having his cock and testis encircled by the ligature.

I held the monster in my hand and guided the loop down to the base of his cock. His testicles had with the help of his cremaster muscle retracted into his groin; I would have to invite them down before I could entrap them with the latex ring.

Rubbing his ball sack with one hand the nails of my other dug into his soft flesh hiding his testicles! My scarlet talons found there pray! Surrounding one of his balls the Brute frantically gurgled unintelligible sounds of his distress as my sharp entrapping talons pulled the resisting testis down! Three little bloody wounds marking the spot my nails had dug into his tender scrotum! The second testicle followed in the same manner!

The Brute tried hard to speak, gurgling sounds emitting from his mouth, but nothing comprehensible came out. He evidently knew the root of his manhood was about to be garrotted. I tickled the tight sack of skin surrounding his spunk filled balls, as I slipped the latex garrotte around them.

His cock danced wildly, small beads of semen running down the corona. The loop now ran at the foot of his jerking penis and over his balls. The bead positioned at the soft indentation at the base of his gland.

Slowly I tightened the loop, placing a finger on the bead as I slowly pull on the latex tails. The Brute grunted, as the loop around his sex became tighter, his constricted testicles swelling; as they started to turn dark purple. I grazed my nails over the purple sack; the Brute jerked his hips thrusting back and forth. His face contorted as Kat forced the shaft down, perpendicular to the ground, putting stress on his bloated balls.

Kat picked up the urethra plug and placed it between her glossy pink lips! The Brutes eyes popped from his head at the sight of the five-inch long steel pin. It resembled anal beads but obviously much smaller. One end tapped down, the bead on this end small enough to easily fit in the Brutes urethral opening or rather the eye of his corona! The other end had a steel cap, sealing the ureteral opening!

Once the pin was inserted urination or ejaculation was virtually impossible!

Using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand Kat squeezed the Brutes corona around the ridge! The effect opening the Brutes urethra, allowing the Brutes cock to rise slightly she positioned the urethral plug at the entrance or rather exit of his spunk canal!

The Brute shook, as Kat started to push the plug home, the steel pin straightening out the slight kink in the Brutes phallus as it overfilled his tight urinary canal! The Brutes body shook as he watched his penis fill with the steel plug, saliva drooling from the sides of his mouth as he frantically pulled on his pink fluffy ligatures!

As Kat pushed in the last inch the Brutes body jerked and went limp and his head slumped forward, it seems he’d pass out?

The Brutes cock now had steel reinforcement and was still rock hard! Probably due to the double effect of the ingression of the steel pin down the length of his phallus and the ligature around the base of his cock not allowing the blood engorging his meat to drain back into the rest of his body!

Kat now placed the second latex loop over the head of the Brutes cock and positioned it around the corona. Pulling the loop back slightly to deploy it snugly under the coronal rim, the bead placed on the top opposite to his frenulum. With one hand, Kat kept the unconscious Brutes monstrous cock still, while the other tugged on the tails of the latex loop. As the ligature tightened the dome bulged allowing a small squirt of semen to force its way passed the cock plug and landed on Kat’s left breast!

Wiping it off with a finger, she placed it in her mouth. Sucking the seminal fluid, smacking her lips enjoying the taste. As the whole of his swollen genitals became a matching colour of dark purple Kat started to fondle the gland gliding her fingers up and down the hard purple shaft. She had tightened the loop around the head of his erection to the max, thus constricting his urethra duct around the steel pin, sealing his ability to pee or cum!

This was going to be interesting, as the urethral canal should facilitate the eruption of his forthcoming discharge!

The Brute started to come round lifting his head and murmuring incomprehensible expletives as Kats caresses now turned into a full-blooded wanking of the Brutes cock!

I turned my attention to the dildo Kat had brought for us to use! Coming round and seeing it in my hand the Brute gurgled and yanked on his bonds as the veins in his neck bulged even further, thinking I imagine it was destined to replace his anal plug! But I had other dastardly and pleasurable ideas in store for him and me!

Oiling the rubber two-headed penis, I lay on the warm wet floor in front of the Brute as I spread my legs I could feel the lips of my sex peeling open, my inner and outer labia glistened with my juices! Placing the head of the dildo between the folds of my pussy I rubbed the latex dong up and down my slit, sending a shudder up my spine at the hard rubber kissed my clit!

Looking the Brute in the eye, I moaned.

“Oh fuck it feels so good, I bet your cock would feel good right here!”

Pulling back the skin just above my clit, exposing the horny bud to his eyes locked on to my pussy!

Inserting the rubber phallus as deep as could, I started to slide the latex dong in and out of my body, slowly fucking myself with the virtual cock! Putting a whole new meaning on the phrase!

Go Fuck Yourself!

The Brute watched intently, as the rubber cock slipped in and out of my pussy. The intent of my actions apart from my enjoyment was to help excite the Brute, making Kat’s task of bringing him off easier! It was obviously working!

The sight of my sex show was clearly encouraging his impending orgasm! Kat pursued the Brutes climax with gusto, wanking harder on his bloated gland. His face was the first sign he was climaxing, it went the same shade of purple as his tortured genitalia!

The bulbous bulging head started to dribble beads his seed past the urethral plug, the overflowing urethra having to expand to accommodate the flooding seminal fluid!

His face showed his discomfort. The Brutes buttocks bucking widely, his tail flashing from side to side as he tried to release the build up of his bodily fluids.

With each throb of his orgasm, more semen flooded into his urethra; the only escape constricted by the latex loop around the head of his penis and the cock plug inserted down his penis!

Small pathetic squirts of spunk, emitted from the bloated dome. The Brutes discomfort would continue until the last pulse of semen into his urethra had passed.

The spunk not able to ejaculate out of the strangulated and plugged exit, having to divert into his bladder! I watch the fun Kat was having returning the discomfort she had endured, the first time the Brute had filled her body with his monster of a penis.

The rubber phallus continued to slip in and out of my now well-lubricated pussy. Letting go of the erupting cock she said in a now heavy Eastern European accent.

“Hey wait for me baby!”

I replied. “Come on then I’m getting close.”

Taking my hands, she pinned them over my head and unrelentingly kiss my face, my lips, delving her tongue into my ear. Her pink glossy lips continued to tantalise my body, my neck, shoulders and my throat, my skin goose-bumped at the touch of her wet silky lips. Kissing the soft flesh of my tits, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it as a baby suckling at her mother’s breast.

Her teeth nibbling on the sensitive teat, my body trembled at the sensations Kat was delivering to my nervous system, dopamine again flooding my brain! Kat continued down, kissing and biting the underside of my breasts, pulling up on my nipples to gain access to the soft underside of my mammary glands. As her mouth moved to my abdomen, I felt my pussy clench the rubber cock within my body anticipating the arrival of her lips on my hard clitoris. Opening my legs, I let Kat in between them, her mouth immediately surrounded my swollen clit, sucking hard!

My vaginal walls squeezed on the dildo trapped by my greedy sex, as gossamer threads of pleasure pulsed through me, my breath becoming short, as I started to pant. The pleasure becoming intense!

Kat’s hand took hold of the phallus embedded in my pussy and slowly at first, started to fuck me with it. In and out it slid, my vaginal muscles trying desperately to clench on to the rubber dong as a warm tingling began to ebb and flow, announcing my impending climax.

My nipples now were hard and ever so sensitive. I softly touched them with my fingertips; warmth flowed down my quivering body and into my sex. I could tangibly feel my blood pressure rising, my clit now so swollen by the adept cunnilingus applied to her by Kat’s mouth, came out of her protective hood once again. As the flow of my orgasm began to rise, I said to Kat.

“Stop, please stop, I’m going to cum, I want us to climax together baby?”

Baby, did I call her baby, fuck what’s happening to me tonight!

There was a rattling and grunting coming from the Brute, who obviously was enjoying the show. His cock waving around, as erect as ever! The cock rings doing their job or was it the show we were putting on. As Kat slipped the latex penis out from my pussy she said.

“Give him a suck, use your teeth!”

So as I watched Kat licking off my juice from the rubber dong, I went over to the Brute and squeezed my tits around the shaft of his jerking manhood. As I started to tit wank him, his face said it all. He knew what ejaculation meant, discomfort and pain, but he couldn’t stop the impending climax. His balls when the time came would explode into his urethra, the tourniquet around the head of his gland restricting the seminal fluid that could exit from his cock!

Every pulse of his climax would fill him with discomfort until the spunk could escape by either dribble past the cock plug or by flowing back into his bladder. Both an unsatisfying end to an orgasm, the Brute didn’t deserve a satisfying climax! In fact, it’s the orgasm you don’t want, it is the climax from hell.

The Brutes bulging eyes and blood vessels foretelling of his imminent explosion! I replaced my breasts from around the shaft with my mouth, slipping it over the head of his monster gland. His pelvis gently jerked back and forth, as his body reacted to my tongue tickling his frenulum, urging on his coming climax that he didn’t want!

Kat now started to squeeze his scrotum, running a sharp nail from the base of his balls along the perineum to the anal plug firmly embedded in his rectum! The horsehair tail swished from side to side, as he tried to escape Kat’s probing digits! As I sucked hard on the gland I dug my teeth in behind the corona, making the Brute jerk even harder, my mouth was riding a bucking wild penile gland, and then I felt his climax.

His body stopped shaking and started to shudder. I could feel the throbbing pulse of his orgasm deep in his cock as the seminal fluid flooded into his gland. I raked my teeth from his coronal ridge to the eye of his cock! My teeth closed around the end of the penal plug, I drew it out slowly all the while tightening the garrotting noose! With nowhere to go his cock filled with creamy semen, sucking on the head like I was drawing on an enormous fat throbbing straw, I drew out as much of the salty iron tasting liquid I could!

Instinctively I loosened the garrotte from around the glands head, wanting more of his juice. It came, it gushed, it cascaded, and it spurted a plume of frothing cream over my face. I dove my mouth back over the gushing geyser and drank up as much of his salty, creamy juice I could, sucking the last drops and swallowing the tasty fluid.

The Brutes body hung limply from the cuffs!

Kat started cleaning my face with her tongue like a mother cat would do to her kitten. Then announced.

“I think it’s time for us to fuck?”

Kat instructed me to get on all fours, after putting down several towels to protect our knees; I assumed the position pointing my arse up as instructed. Then Kat slipped one end of the well-oiled two-headed dildo, into my pussy, stroking my clitoris with a finger as she slid the thing home, as deep as she could insert it.

It felt exquisite, my pussy grabbing onto it with a vice-like grip. The first wave of an oncoming sexual-tsunami rolling through my pelvic floor, rippling sensations of pleasure throughout my pussy! Kat assuming the same position her buttocks close to mine put the head of the latex cock into the soft wet entrance to her sex and impaled herself!

Our buttocks kissing as they came together! I felt the pressure at the back of my sex as the dildo drove further into my body filling my pussy. Instinctively as the Brute looked on I started to pump rhythmically on the synthetic cock that filled my body, Kat mirroring my movements. As I pushed back so did Kat, our buttocks squashing together as we tried to get as much of the dildo as our pussies could take. Then out again and back our rhythm getting faster and faster. Instead of out buttocks squashing together, they now started to slap!

Looking up I could see the action going on before him was having an effect on the Brute. His strangulated cock was jerking his hips moving in a way as to suggest he was engaged in a sexual ballet with an invisible ballerina. His nipples larger than ever still had a clamp biting deep into his sensitive flesh!

I was brought back to the sex act Kat and I was engaged in when she cried out.

“Oh God I’m going to cum soon, are you ready?”

I gasped. “Yes, I’m close, very close!”

As my sex pumped on the dildo faster and faster, I felt my orgasm rise and fall and then rise again. As Kat pushed back hard on the rubber dong, her climax erupted. Her arse quivered and shook against mine, as she panted something unintelligible in Latvian.

As she kept trying to impale herself deeper, I came! The sexual-tsunami hit! A huge wave of erotic sensations flooded through my body, I tingled from head to foot, plunging back onto the cock inside me, forcing more into Kat.

Sex fluid oozing from my pussy!

As the first wave crashed over the shore of my sex the second came, convulsing my pussy, pulsing, squeezing, and clenching at the synthetic penis deep inside my vagina. Strands of sexual satisfaction ran throughout my nervous system. All my erogenous zones enraptured at once. As the backwash of my orgasm was sucked back out to sea, I collapsed, gasping for air, as if I had nearly drowned in the waters of my own orgasm!

As the dildo slipped from our bodies, I grabbed Kat and held her tight. As she kissed me, I could feel the beating of her heart, not just from her breast but her lips and tongue. Lying there we held each other, our legs entwined, Kats head resting on my breasts; letting the cuddle hormone Oxytocin do its work.

I whispered into her ear.

“Come back with me and spend the night?”

She said nothing but kissed a nipple and nodded her approval of my suggestion. My first night sleeping with another woman what more surprises would this Halloween evening bring?

But first, there is unfinished business.

Kat and I left the Brute a prisoner while we showered and dressed! Looking into his gym bag we discovered his phone. In the contacts we found his, In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers, one was marked Emily (Bracketed Wife)! Going over to the brute I showed him the phone, again his eyes bulged and the veins in his neck throbbed. He knew what was coming. I hit the call button, a woman answered.

“Hello, Max where the hell are you.”

“Sorry, is this Emily, are you Max’s wife?”

“Yes, who the fuck are you?”

“It’s The Club at Meyrick Park; Max had a bit of an accident. Could you come down and collect him?”

“Oh my God is he ok?”

“Yes but he will need you to pick him up, he’s in a bit of a state. You had better hurry though, you’re find the main door open, he’s in the ladies changing rooms!”

“Why the ladies changing rooms?”

“Better let him tell you that Emily, hurry!”

Before leaving Kat and I found the Brutes Killer Clown Mask and placed it on the Brutes head and in lipstick wrote in letters large on his chest.

“Trick or Treat!”

As we left an attractive blond rushed past us heading for the ladies changing room. All we heard was a scream.

“What the fuck Max!”




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