Erotic Tale: Wet Through (chapter one) ‘Soaked’

Kate now regretted the choice of the sheer summer dress she had chosen to wear! It offered not protection from the elements, and now as the rain turned heavier she was becoming soaked to the skin! Kate’s dress now saturated clung to the contours of her body. Fuck, I might as well be naked, she thought. As the dress did nothing to cover her modesty! Continue reading Erotic Tale: Wet Through (chapter one) ‘Soaked’

Wet Through: (chapter two) ‘The Kinky Shit’

She found herself once again spread-eagled! Her body splayed, Kate was unable to close her legs, and something had been inserted into her rectum! Her anus tightly gripped whatever it was filling her rectal canal! Looking straight up Kate could see a large brass ring that had been set in the ceiling, and something dangled from it! Two lengths of cord went through the ring and hung down over her body. One end of each cord was tied to the foot of the brass bed Kate was bound to! On the other end of one was a large stainless steel hook! The pointed end had what she could only describe a heart-shaped bulb! Something similar to the inserted part of a butt plug! Which she realised now filled her rectum! Continue reading Wet Through: (chapter two) ‘The Kinky Shit’

Perfect Fellatio

Nina wore on purpose her most seductive summer dress. Fine blue muslin, with thin gossamer straps holding it onto her shoulders. And buttons connected the fabric together at the front. The top four buttons undone exposed the fleshy orbs of Nina’s tits, with tantalising glimpses of Nina’s areolas! The muslin rubbing on her bare nipples was turning her one. And the effect of her naked body under the virtually see through material of her dress was having the desired effect on Rex. The protuberance in his trousers said it all!

Continue reading Perfect Fellatio