Perfect Fellatio

The Gift or Perfect Fellatio

An erotic vignette by Mark Darcy


It had been a hot summers day, and Rex and Nina had spent it doing not very much. He’d come and picked her up as usual.

Rex wore a blue linen shirt, white linen trousers and a pair of his favourite tan French mules. And as his custom in the summer he went commando in other words; no underwear!

They had gone to Nina’s favourite spot in the New Forest for a picnic. It was a secluded place only known to Nina! She had found it one day while out walking.

Nina had brought Rex to this spot for a reason! She wanted to give him a gift. They had never had sex, even though they both wanted it. It was a game they were playing how long could they resist one another. Nina had decided to put Rex to the ultimate test and bestow upon him her ultimate gift!

Perfect fellatio she called it, in other words, ‘The perfect blow job.’

Nina wore on purpose her most seductive summer dress. Fine blue muslin, with thin gossamer straps holding it onto her shoulders. And buttons connected the fabric together at the front. The top four buttons undone exposed the fleshy orbs of Nina’s tits, with tantalising glimpses of Nina’s areolas! The muslin rubbing on her bare nipples was turning her one. And the effect of her naked body under the virtually see through material of her dress was having the desired effect on Rex. The protuberance in his trousers said it all!

But today wasn’t for her but for him, even tho he didn’t realise it yet!

Nina stood and beckoned Rex up to stand beside her. He did so dutifully. She took his hand and pulled him to her. She felt his cock pressing against her body! And it felt so fucking good!

She kissed him biting his lower lip and whispered in his ear.

‘Thank you for being you!’

And preceded to unbutton his linen shirt. He looked at Nina quizzical saying.

‘What you doing Baby.’

Nina put her right index finger to his lips. And went, ‘Shhh!’ As she slid Rex’s shirt from his shoulders, letting it slip off his body and onto the ground!

Nina had never seen Rex naked and was now extremely excited by the thought.

She started her gift with soft kisses across Rex’s chest. Licking and sucking his tight little nipples making him moan. Biting his neck, before returning to bite his nipples again. Making him jerk in discomfort and groan in pleasure.

She now moved back slightly as Rex tried to slide the straps of her dress from her shoulders! Nina slapped his hands away as she raked her scarlet nails over his hairy chest. From the apex of each shoulder Nina’s nails trailed down over his pectorals, then his nipples, making him once again jerk; they met just above his naval.

Moving on…….

Travelling further down till they reached the draw strings of Rex’s linen trousers! Rex held his breath as Nina pulled on the only thing holding the fabric to his body.

Nina drew on the strands of linen, loosening the knot, the material of Rex’s trousers gave way and started to fall to the ground with the aid of gravity. But then stopped as the linen was trapped on Rex’s now visible erection.

Nina freed Rex’s straining cock and as the linen fabric floated to the ground Rex’s cock slapped against his abdomen and Nina sank to her knees!

Nina reached for Rex’s cock as it lightly twitched against his body. Taking hold of the shaft at its base, Nina pulled Rex’s now rock hard phallus down, level with her waiting glossy red lips!

Rex closed his eyes as he held his breath expecting the touch of those silky lips on the head of his cock! To feel Nina’s teeth entrapping the ridge of his corona as her tongue toyed with his urethra.

But no, the head of his cock passed by Nina’s waiting lips as she continued to lever his dick down further, till it pointed to the ground!

The feeling being excruciating and exciting all in one. With Nina’s left hand holding the resisting cock in position, the right now commenced a slow torture of the entrapped phallus!

Her scarlet nails raking down the veiny shaft, from the shaved base to the now swelling corona. That was turning a slightly darker shade of pale.

Nina’s talons made the return journey up Rex’s shaft back to the base of the perpendicular entrapped cock. Slowly repeating the torturous journey from hairless base to throbbing head over and over.

Restraining the throbbing dick, keeping it pointing to the ground Nina’s left had now slowly slid from the smooth base to the swollen helmet. All the time as her hand slowly moved down Rex’s Erection it fought to escape its perpendicular state and return to its rightful upright position! All the time Nina gently wanked the twitching cock!

Rex imploring, insisting she pumps him harder. His hips gyrating in a sexual dance with himself!

His supplicating bring no relief, as Nina continued her slow deliberate massaging of his captured throbbing member!

Nina’s pumping hand moved closer to its goal as it levered Rex’s cock further back between his legs. Squashing his hairless testicles against his buttocks!

Once Nina’s hand had reached Rex’s corona her thumb started a slow rotating dance on his frenulum.

Rex gasped, as he felt Nina’s digit on his cum spot. The anticipation of the pleasure, he was about be bestowed, outweighed the discomfort his tortured cock and squashed balls endured!

As Nina began to rotate her thumb on his frenulum, she located the now prominent hairless dimple at the base of Rex’s cock, and her tongue started its own dance in the sexy erogenous dimple!

The thought that Nina’s tongue had started its journey, to maybe end up where her digit now resided sent a shiver through his entire body.

Nina felt the spark, and a smile began to form on the vertical lips of her sex!

Nina’s tongue idled for a while tormenting the base of Rex’s cock, till it left the dimple and slowly tantalisingly meandered down the shaft towards the straining head. The swollen overexcited corona that Nina now expertly massaged with her thumb bore fruit! A bead of liquid appeared at the opening of Rex’s urethra!

A dribble of precum oozed from the tiny hole! Nina’s tongue touched the bubble of spunk and a strand of the salty fluid connected the tip of her tongue to the tip of Rex’s cock. The sight sent Rex mad with lust, his cremaster muscle started to pump more seminal fluid to the open end of his cock.

Nina released the struggling phallus, slapping on Rex’s abdomen droplet’s of spunk flew off the head and splattered on Nina’s lips. Now her hands were free, she went to her bag and brought out one of her latest purchases!

A stainless steel urethra plug!

Rex’s eyes bulged, at the sight of the five-inch long stainless steel pin.! It was made up of six small stainless steel beads all getting incrementally smaller as they tapered at the end. A small flat stainless steel cap at the fatter end, sealed the urethra once inserted!

Nina returned to her bag and brought out an adjustable stainless steel cock ring, and stainless steel but plug! Rex’s overexcited penis twitched wildly at the sight of these implements of torture and pleasure!

Nina gestured for Rex to turn, Rex did so, anticipating what she had in mind he got down on all fours! Nina spread his buttocks squirted lube on the but plug and inserted it into Rex’s anus. His rectum welcomed the hard steel, swallowing it in as deep as it would go. The stainless steel cap stopping it from disappearing into his bowels!

Nina ordered Rex to stand, once on his feet Rex could feel the steel but plug filling his rectum, his buttocks clenched, holding it in a tight embrace.

It felt good!

Rex’s testicle sack was next! Rex’s testes were swollen and tight filling the soft fleshy sack they inhabited. Nina placed the adjustable stainless steel cock ring around the base of Rex’s balls! Rex gasped as the ratchet slowly snapped shut. ‘The Rattttattttatttta,’ of the ratchet ensnaring Rex’s scrotum sack as Rex’s cock thrashed from side to side. Rex’s balls now started to turn dark crimson as Nina trailed her matching crimson talons over the swelling sack.

Grabbing Rex’s cock at the base of his corona Nina squeezed! Rex’s urethra flared, like a horse’s nostrils! Spunk, seeped and wept from the open urethra lubricating the way for the five-inch steel pin about to be inserted into Rex’s body!

Nina took hold of Rex’s strangulated balls in her left-hand squeezing the tight sack as her right positioned the cock pin at the entrance of Rex’s urethral canal! With two fingers holding the corona around its ridge, her index finger of the right hands pushed the cock pin deep into Rex’s body.

Rex jerked and groaned in discomfort! His tortured balls and speared cock throbbing in unison. Nina pushed the cock pin home sealing up his only means of climatic escape!

As Nina’s silky lips surrounded the head of Rex’s cock, he felt the rhythmic pumping of her right hand on the shaft of his swollen cock and the left squeezed and tugged at his bloated balls. All the time now her tongue swirled around the head, sucking the corona trapping it with her teeth. Snaring it, by digging her teeth in behind the glands ridge! And tugging on the soft swollen flesh.

Rex felt his orgasm arrive, his hips gyrated, the motion fucking Nina’s mouth. He thrust his cock deep into her throat she gagged as he rammed it deeper. Pulling out as he felt, his urethral canal fill with ejaculate! Pulse after pulse of spunk filled the overfull canal.

As Rex was about to send another flood of seminal fluid into his overfull cock when Nina’s teeth bit into the base of his stalk and grazed her teeth up towards the corona. Nina’s teeth caught hold of the flat head of the cock pin and pulled it out.

Rex’s climax erupted out of his urethra, a fountain of spunk discharged over Nina’s face dripping down her over her dress and between her breasts.

Rex collapsed!

Panting he rolled onto his back. Laying there Rex looked up at Nina his cock still rock hard, still adorned with the cock ring around his balls and twitching madly, spunk still oozing from his urethra!

Straddling him, she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall from her naked body as she lowered herself onto Rex’s cock. The phallus disappearing into Nina’s body, they both groaned as Rex’s gift kept on giving!




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