Erotic Tale: Wet Through: (chapter three) ‘The Ménage à Quatre’

Chapter Three: 

The Party or The Ménage à Quatre

‘What?’ Kate exclaimed pulling on the ligatures that bound her to the bed.

“Oh yes, it’s party time!” Ross told her gleefully.

Ola and Steffen were from Latvia, Ross had known them for some while. They were part of the town’s swinging scene, not that Ross had a significant other to swing with, but he, Ola and Steffen often had private parties.

While Kate was out-cold, Ross called Ola and suggested bringing Steffen over for a party. They were always up for a sex party, especially with someone new!

Ola was thirty, a diminutive 5′ 5″, long blond hair, small boyish breasts, and slim, narrow hips and buttocks that could crack a nut! She had some very distinctive tattoos and a perfect pornstar hairless quim; she was gorgeous. Ross’s cock was getting hard again just thinking about that sexy body!

Steffen was forty-two a tall 6′ 2′, handsome in an ugly fashion! With his shaved his head he had the appearance of a man you would not want to cross. With a muscular body also covered in ink, and like Ross, he shaved his pubic hair! In fact, his whole body was hairless and silky smooth!

Kate said. “I’ve not fucking signed up for this Ross!”

Ross replied, sniggering. “Baby, you’ve not signed up for anything, but I forged your signature on the paperwork!”

“No, fuck no Ross, I’m not up for a four way, please, I have had enough. Untie me!” Kate pleaded, without any trace of sincerity in her voice.

Her eyes locking onto Steffens crotch as he started to unzip his jeans!

Steffen interjected. “Don’t worry you will enjoy, I’ll make sure of that!” As he began to strip off his clothes!

Ola was already naked and had climbed up onto the bed! Finding the bottle of oil she sprayed herself and Kate liberally, they were both now extremely oily, slippery and slick!

Ross moved between Kate’s outspread arms. Her head positioned slightly between his knees, the shaft of his cock resting on Kate’s forehead. Semen trickled from Ross’s urethra onto the bridge of Kate’s nose. Ola sprayed oil onto Ross’s cock and gently massaged his manhood! He moaned as she squeezed the corona sending more beads of cum dribbling onto Kate’s face!

Ola moved between Kate’s legs, massaging the oil into her thighs moving ever upwards to her goal, Kate’s waiting wanton cunt!

To Ola, women, girls didn’t have a vagina or pussy! No Ola luxuriated in the word cunt! To her, what a woman had between her legs was a cunt! While finger fucking her girlfriends, she would use the word profusely. Urging them and their sexy little cunts to climax and squirt, preferably on her!

Ola’s fingers now pressed deeply into Kate’s pubic bone, her thumbs running up and down her swollen wet slit before plunging past her labia and deep inside Kate’s, cunt! As her hands gripped Kate’s pubic mound, both thumbs taunted and teased Kate’s clit before sliding down and into Kate’s body! Ola repeated this over and over. Kate tried to feel nothing as Ola worked on her body! But the sensations deep in her sex eventually overwhelmed her, and she gave herself up to Ola’s touch! Embracing bisexuality for the first time!

Accepting her fate as another woman fucked her, Kate luxuriated in the waves of pleasure building in her body! Announcing the impending orgasm!

Ola was finger fucking her, Kate felt two fingers squelch into her pussy pumping finding her G-spot as Ola’s thumb wanked her clit! Fuck she was enjoying it. She knew shouldn’t, but she could help it.

So she consoled herself with the fact she was bound and couldn’t resist Ola’s probing. But deep down she knew she wanted more, that she had been turned!

Steffen, now naked slid onto the bed behind Ola, his hand squeezing and teasing her boyish breasts. Kate could feel her climax building, she had tried to fight it, but it was useless!

Ola’s hands and the sight of Steffen playing with Ola’s tits had sent her over the top. Ross had also started to tease her nipples pulling on them and kneading the soft flesh of her breasts.

Squeezing the fleshy orbs together, Ross took Kate’s nipples one by one in his mouth, sucking hard on the now elongated engorged teats. Kate cried out, as she felt his teeth pulling on her sensitive buds!

The sight of Steffen’s hands tormenting Ola’s nipples, while the other had gone south to play with her clit. Add the fact Ola had replaced her hands with her mouth. Coupled with Ross’s mouth sucking on her horny sensitive nipples sent Kate over the top to another sexual-tsunami! Kate’s throbbing, pulsing, climax arrived, rushing over her like a tsunami wave of pleasure!

She cried out. “Fffuuuccckkkkk! I’ve come, no, no I’m still coming! Fffuuuccckkkkk! Oh God, it’s so fuuccckkkking good!”

Kate’s legs shook, and for the first time, Kate squirted! Over Ola’s face!

Kate called out. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to piss myself!”

Ola said, “No you’ve not pissed yourself, silly girl, you’ve squirted for me. It’s quite normal it’s your female cum, a mix of prostate fluid and pee.”

Ola ran two fingers up Kate’s wet slit and wiped some of the fluid onto her fingers offering it to Kate so she could taste how good it was. Kate stuck out her tongue and tasted the salty liquid!

“Umm, not bad she said!”

Ola like a cat started lapping and sucking the juice from Kate’s juicy cunt!

With Ola bent forward sucking on Kate’s pussy, Steffen slipped his manhood between her open pussy lips and deep into her body. With a mouthful of Kate’s sex, Ola muffled a cry of delight as she felt Steffen’s cock filling her cunt!

Kate could hear the squelching noise the root of Steffen cock created, as it made contact with Ola’s vulva and the slapping sound his balls made as they pummelled Ola’s labia.

Ola’s tongue now played again with Kate’s horny clit, sucking on it, so it grew into an enormous small phallus in Ola’s mouth. And Kate felt the start of another orgasm building then subsiding! All her erogenous zones seemed connected by invisible lay lines of erotic sensations. Dopamine’s flooded her brain!

Ross while watching the action stroking his cock, as he teased Kate’s hard nipples. Now he shuffled down and over Kate’s face, placing his testicles over her mouth telling her to eat!. Kate sucked a ball into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the delicate object, Ross groaned.

Ross groaned. “Suck harder!” She obliged.

She obliged.

Ross on the edge of his own orgasm pumped his cock hard and fast!

He moaned. “Fuck I’m coming!”

As a small spurt of spunk landed on the upslope of Kate’s right breast. Before the mother load exploded from Ross’s cock, gushing out over Kate’s tits! At that moment Steffen exploded inside Ola cunt, filling her with his seed! Ola pleaded with Steffen to rubber harder and faster as he masturbated her, to her orgasm!

She screamed. “Shit, fuckkk, ohhhhhhh fucckkk, faster Steffen faster!”

As her climax pulsed through her. Ola Fucked herself on Steffen’s still rock hard cock, spunk squirting out coating his balls as Ola kept thrusting back onto him, her climax throbbing through her body as she pumped!

The sensations were all too much for Kate, and she climaxed into Ola’s face, her legs once again shaking and quivering, as her pussy squirted female ejaculate into Ola’s mouth.

The four of them exhausted lay quiet for a while until Kate felt a vibration in her rectum! The vibrating butt plug Ross had inserted there earlier was alive!

Kate exclaimed. “Fuck; what’s buzzing in my arse?”

“Ahh, that’s my latest toy. It’s a remote-controlled, vibrating butt plug!”

Showing her the remote and turning up the speed.

“Oh my god, it’s sooo good!” Kate gasped as the vibrations worked their way from her rectum into her sex.

The butt plug was sperm-shaped, with a tail that oscillated at the same speed as the main body! Steffen fed the latex tail of the butt plug into Kate’s sex, sending the vibrations directly into her G-spot!

Kate screamed. “Fucckkk, fucckkk, fuucccckkk, that’s sssoooo fucking good, oh God I’m going to cum again!”

As she shuddered to her fourth orgasm!

As Kate came down from the crest of her climax, Ross pulled the butt plug from her rectum, informing the others!

“Ok, it’s time for the clamps and the hook!”

Untying one of the cords from the foot of the bed Ross lowered the hook till it lay between Kate’s legs!

“What the fuck Ross, what you going to do with that? You’re not putting that in me!” Kate said apprehensively.

“Oh, I think we are Kate, a new experience for you!” Ross informed her.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s safe!” Ola told Kate, as she squirted more oil into Kate’s rectal canal! Massaging it in with two fingers.

Kate liked the feeling; wriggling on the inserted digits, trying to push back on them! Before she knew it, Ola had removed her fingers, and Steffen placed the heart-shaped bulb on the end of the hook against her anus!

She felt it pressing on her anus! As Steffen applied more pressure, Kate felt the bulbous end start to push past her anal rim!

“Noooo, Nooo, Nooooo! Aahhhh fuck, you fuckers!” Kate squealed, as she felt the hook penetrate her rectum submerging itself deep into her rectal canal.

Kate lay there for a moment; it didn’t feel as bad as she thought it might! The cold steel hook was now inserted into her bum, and the steel shaft ran up between the lips of her pussy. Kate wriggled trying to rub her clit on the cold shaft.

“Now the nipples clamps!” Steffen instructed Ola.

Ola placed the first clamp over the nipple of Kate’s left breast, and Ross placed the second over the nipple of her right breast.

“Fuck Ola, that hurts!” Kate moaned

“That’s the point!” Ola told her.

“It’s a counterpoint, pain over pleasure or rather, pleasure over pain!” Ola informed Kate.

“Fuck pain, no let me go,” Kate begged Ola, thinking she’s another woman she wouldn’t want to hurt me?

How wrong could she be! Ola got her kick’s out of watching other women’s sexual discomfort. She also got a bigger kick out of watching the tortured female’s face as they experienced extreme pleasure after the pain!

The clamps held the nipples tight, their jaws squashed Kate’s erect nipples between their hard steel flat heads! Steffen took the longer chain and laid it on Kate’s pubic bone while he gently massaged her clit into an erection!

She knew what was going to happen if her clit became aroused, the clamp was going to ensnare her sensitive cum bud. Kate’s body began to betrayed her, the more Steffen teased her clit, the more swollen it became. Kate knew it wouldn’t be long before her clitoris would be ensnared, squashed between the jaws of a clamp! Then what?

With Steffen’s massaging fingers working hard, her clitoris grew and now was large enough to fit between the jaws of the waiting clamp! As Steffen squeezed the base, Kates clit, it stood proud of her clitoral hood, her prepuce! Steffen placed the clamp over Kate’s sensitive sex bud, she winced as the jaws snapped shut, taking prisoner of her clit!

Steffen now climbed onto the bed and in-between Kate’s quivering legs. Ross held the cord attached to the nipple clamps and slowly began to pull, applying tension to Kate’s nipples and clitoris!

As Kate’s nipples began to stretch exponentially upwards her substantial orbs rose with them, her entrapped clitoris extending equally! As Ross applied, even more, tension on Kate’s aching entrapped glands, Ola started slowly pulling on the cord attached to the anal hook.

Kate groaned. “Fuck stop, my tits can’t take anymore, and my clit, fuck what you doing to my clit…..” Then she felt the hook pushing up on her bum hole, the steel shaft pressing against her wet slit! As she felt her buttocks start to lift off the bed, she also felt her pussy lips engulf the hooks steel shaft!

Then she felt the hook pushing up on her bum hole, the steel shaft pressing against her wet slit! As she felt her buttocks start to lift off the bed, she also felt her pussy lips engulf the hooks steel shaft!

“Aahhhh, fuck what you doing, God your rip me open!” Kate whimpered, trying to push up with her feet to alleviate the tension on her anus and trapped sex bud!

As her nipples started to sting Kate began to feel an orgasm rise, this was fucking turning her on! As Ross and Ola gently pulled on their respective cords, Kate’s nipples came to their maximum elasticity as the anal hook lifted her arse clear of the bed.

Steffen produced a small vibrator, setting it maximum oscillation he fixed it onto the clamp squeezing Kate’s clitoris!

Kate’s reaction was immediate, the vibrations going straight into her clit!

“Fucking hell! Oh my God, oh my fucking God!”

Was all she could say as she bucked her hips trying to fuck a phantom cock she could feel inside her. Kate’s vaginal walls convulsing, as she surged towards her fifth climax!

Ross now tugged on his cord, the nipple clamps gave way and as her tits bounced and rippled back onto Kate’s chest her orgasm cascaded over her! The pain then the divine pleasure, her body throbbed with pleasure. Then Ross made one more tug and the clamp entrapping Kate’s clit came free!

As with the nipple clamps, the sharp pain brought instant gratification in its wake!

Kate wailed, as another instant climax hit. Her clit standing upright Kate could feel its hardness as it pulsed to the beat of her racing heart! As Ola lowered the anal hook, Steffen removed it from Kate’s rectum, replacing it with his cock!

The head of Steffen’s hard manhood slipped in past Kate’s anal verge to bury itself deep in her rectum.

Kate gasped as she felt his oversized penis fill her rectal cavity!

Ola moved placing her cunt over Kate’s mouth! She was inexperienced in cunnilingus, but Kate instinctively lapped at the sweet meat of Ola’s sex! Sucking in her clitoris between her lips. Tantalising it with the tip of her tongue!

She had never tasted another woman, and she liked it, affirming her new found bi-sexual status.

As Kate sucked Ola to her orgasm, Ross slipped his erection into Ola’s wet swollen cunt. Ola responded, pushing back on the throbbing member deep inside her. Kate now alternated from sucking Ola’s clit to sucking on Ross’s testicles, which now slapped on her face as he slid in and out of Ola. Steffen was nearing his climax and started to thrust deeper and harder into Kate!

Pulling out of her rectum, Steffen replaced his cock with the vibrating butt plug, and then slid his spunk dribbling phallus into Kate’s pussy!

Kate again gasped, she couldn’t see but could feel Steffens enormous cock pumping into her!

With the vibrating butt plug turned up to full speed, Steffen could feel it vibrating against his dick through the thin perineum membrane the separated Kate’s pussy from her rectum.

Steffens orgasm came in a rush; his cock exploded filling Kate’s body with his semen. As Kate felt her pussy filling with Steffen cream, she came, a climax of epic proportions.

Her body shuddered, as her orgasm again came in waves and was again of sexual-tsunami proportions. Seminal fluid squelched out of her sex, mixing with her female cum as Steffen still rhythmically pounded away at her pussy.

Ross now came deep inside Ola as Kate sucked Ola to an intense clitoral orgasm. Steffen still pulsating in and out Kate’s wet cum filled pussy, felt her vaginal muscles gripping his cock, wanking him from within her body.

Ola’s fingers now furiously rubbed and tweaked Kate’s horny clit, wanking her towards another orgasm, as Ross paid attention to Kate’s hard erect nipples!

With Ross sucking on her sex teats and Ola masturbating her, it wasn’t long before she and the still pounding Steffen came again, their orgasms consuming them both!

Four hot, sweaty bodies lay on the bed, all four exhausted!

Kate panted. “Could someone untie me? And turn off that butt plug?”

They all laughed, as Ross untied her.

Ola retrieved the butt plug saying. “I suppose we better shower and go home, Steffen?”

Kate said. “No chance I think this is a party weekend? And I need to eat something.”

As she put her mouth around Steffens wilting penis!


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