Erotic Tale: Body Pump

Chapter One


It was Halloween and I left work at six thirty to walk the fifteen minutes it takes me to get to my club. I’ve been a member at ‘The Meyrick Park Club’ in Bournemouth for four years now, it’s a fantastic place set in parkland.

It’s quite, even though it’s in the centre of town and now the nights have drawn in it’s quite dark. As I say, it’s just a fifteen-minute walk from my office on Richmond Hill. I like going on a Tuesday evening, as it’s usually quiet. I’m not sure why it just seems to happen that way.

Kids were in the streets tricking and treating as the sea mist began to roll in. The kids in their costumes along with the rolling mist made me uneasy. Spooky Halloween music drifted up the hill from the pop-up bar in the square, as I quickened my pace.

When I got to the club, I found my ‘Body Pump Class’ cancelled, so I joined in with the ‘Spinning Class’. I don’t like Spinning, but a girl needs to keep fit. Spinning classes are tough. When the class finished most of the members drifted away to Halloween parties, I thought I would wind down with some work in the weights room.

There were only a few club members weight training, with me being the only woman! Three men, two of them were standard gym bunnies, whom I knew. The fourth was a stranger, good looking in a sort of ‘Vin Diesel’ way, in his late thirties I’d say.

What I mean is he was ripped and looked as though he was a bit hard. Did I say he looked a bit hard? I do tend to underplay things at times.

This guy resembled a complete thug, the sort of bloke gangsters would send around to put the frighteners on other gangsters. He didn’t have any scars or visible tattoos or anything, but he looked scary.

In keeping with Halloween, he was wearing a vest with the ‘Scary Movie Mask’ emblazoned on the front. He was also watching me, I was sure of it. I didn’t see him deliberately looking in my direction, but I could feel his eyes on me. It didn’t matter where I was in the gym! He was always on piece equipment, where I was in his line of vision. I became a little jumpy after a while!

It wasn’t that he was bothering me or doing anything overt, he always seemed to be there, in my face. Taking a quick glance at the gym bunnies, I wondered if they’d be of any help if I needed it!

The answer, I decided, was a resounding no. The tough guy looked as though he would eat them alive, and then look around for desert!

And I could be that desert!

I am of the firm belief that if you’re in an uncomfortable predicament, extricate yourself! I am not one of those women who finish up getting assaulted because they were stupid enough to start quoting their rights and waving the women’s lib banner.

If there was likely to be trouble I wanted to be sitting on my sofa watching it on TV, thank you very much.

Finishing off my set on the vertical row machine, I headed to the women’s changing room. A quick shower and I’d be out of there. Peeling off my top almost from the moment I walked into the changing room, I threw it onto the bench next to my locker; then my leggings followed.

I was standing there in just my sports bra and knickers. As I started to pull off my bra, I felt eyes on me! I turned around, and I got a hell of a shock!

The tough looking bloke was in the changing room. He had followed me in and was leaning against the door, watching me. I just froze on the spot, petrified, eyes wide, looking at him. He was wearing the Killer Clown Mask that’s all the rage at the moment! I knew it was him as he had the same tee shirt with the Scary Movie Mask on he was wearing in the weights room!

“I want you!” He said in a matter of fact way.

He had a beautiful voice, surprisingly enough, and quite hypnotic. He looked as though his voice should sound menacing, but he had a pleasant baritone. For some reason, that sweet, voice made him seem all the scarier.

“I will scream,” I said weakly.

Thinking a fat lot of good that would do me, I’d already decided that the gym bunnies would be useless, and I couldn’t see the one last staff member, a female, fairing much better. Still, he probably wouldn’t be that blatant would he?

“Really?” he said.

Sounding surprised. “And, why?”

“Why? Are you kidding me? You burst in here with that horrid clown mask on and threatened me, and you wonder why I might scream?” I told him.

“I walked in quietly and leant against the door, to present an unthreatening appearance. All that I said was, I wanted you. You must be used to men thinking you to be very attractive. You’re beautiful, with that lovely long dark blond hair. I love that ponytail! You’ve a great body, and buttocks that could crack nuts. And wow those fabulous boobs, E cup, no doubt? Why would you think I was a threat? The mask is just some Halloween fun.” He said innocently.

“Well, your in the women’s changing room! And you’re suggesting that you want me? You’re inappropriately saying things about my body, and maybe you wish to have me? I’m not going to submit quietly to rape! I’ll scream my head off!” I told him.

“And so you should. Rape is reprehensible. I wouldn’t dream of raping a woman. I’m not a rapist, I would never force a woman!” He informed me.

He continued saying. “You can carry on getting undressed, remember its Trick or Treat! Don’t you want to treat me?”

The thug added. “The nude female form doesn’t bother me. In fact, I quite like looking at it. And you have a beautiful body, ‘I’d love to see those breasts, I bet there E cup am I right?”

He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“You said that before, why the hell would I tell you the size of my bust or take my clothes off with you standing there?” I asked feeling outraged!

I also felt that I was losing track of the conversation. I was contemplating flashing my boobs at him to make him go away. No, no that probably would give him a green light.

“Well, is it not a lot easier to have your shower if you’re naked. I imagine you were going to have a shower! Can I join you?”

“Yes, no of course not!” I tried to say, but he cut me short.

“There you are, then. You need to strip before you have it. And your underwear would get in the way if you decided to have sex with me!” He said in a very matter of fact way.

“I have no intention of having sex with you!” I said quickly.

“No, why not?” He asked.

“I just don’t want to, I wouldn’t want to have sex with someone like you. I feel that you’re coercing me, bulling me even! Go away leave me alone” I told him.

“No, I’m not bulling you. I’m just letting you know how I feel, that I want you and I would like to have you. I’d like to play with those lovely breasts, I want to feel your soft body wrapped around me, feeling my cock inside you, letting you experience the pleasure I could give you, you giving me pleasure in return!” He said, quite seriously.

“And am I allowed to say no to this attractive offer.” I asked.

With a tinge of sarcasm in my voice! I still wasn’t sure he wasn’t thinking about raping me.

“Well you’re allowed to, I guess, but think of what you’d be missing. And besides think of how disappointed I am going to be. You don’t want to disappoint me do you?” He said in a saddened tone.

For a walking gorilla, he managed to sound like a hurt little boy. I felt a tinge of guilt until I recalled what he wanted me to do.

“You’re not quite all there!” I sniped.

Going on, saying! “Has that corny line ever worked on anyone? Perhaps against a complete Neanderthal maybe?”

The brute replied. “Never tried it before. It’s just that you seemed so right for me, I had to make at least the effort!”

“So all I have to do is say no, and you’ll go away?” I asked.

“Yes and then no!” Was his reply?

“What do you mean yes and then no? It can’t be both.” I told him.

“Yes, it can. If you say no it means, I don’t get to have sex with you! But it doesn’t mean I’ll go away. I’d probably stay here and watch you shower, looking lost and pitiful, to see if you’d change your mind?” He said, doe-eyed.

Did he think I was going to finish getting undressed with him standing there watching? That would be asking for trouble, what would you say to the Judge I thought?

Yes, ‘M’lud,’ I stripped naked in front of the defendant. No, ‘M’lud,’ I never said he could be intimate with me!

Yeh, really! Not guilty, next case!

I shut my eyes and said. “When I open my eyes I don’t want to see you standing there. Please go.”

I should have known better than to take my eyes off him when I opened them he had moved, and now he was standing behind me!

“Do you need some help with these? I like helping women get undressed. It’s very much like unwrapping a Christmas present. One is eager to see what you’re getting!” He said in a soft tone.

Before I could say yes, or no, or get the fuck away, you low life, he was tugging my knickers down. Not just pushing them down, but taking them right off. Sliding them down to my ankles and then lifting my feet out of them, stripping them right off.

I was now standing there blushing, my hands over my pussy slightly bent forward to conceal my embarrassment. But I suddenly realised my bum was in his groin and I could feel his massif hard on pressing on my bum cheeks! I quickly straightened up!

“Stop it.” I yelped.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I spluttered.

“Helping you out of your underwear.” He said, the tone of his voice implying that it should be obvious.

“I didn’t say you could do that.” I screeched.

“You didn’t say I couldn’t.” Going on he said. “Lift up your arms please!”

The brute had started to tug on the bottom of my one-piece sports bra. As he pulled on the latex material, my arms and body (he was extremely strong) were being forced up, exposing my blushing pussy!

As the material rode off my chest, my breasts bounced free and incredibly my nipples were starting to harden. Fuck, was this fucker turning me on?

The bra was now just a line of latex fabric going around under my arms and running across the top of my exposed boobs. I was virtually nude apart from that line of cloth, it seems he was waiting for me to lift my arms! Seeing that I had no intention of doing so he took matters into his own hands, so to speak. And in a flash, he took my left arm by the wrist and jerked it vertical leaving a kink at my elbow.

His free hand pulled the material over my elbow up my forearm and off my wrist. He repeated the process with my other arm and my bra was adorning my neck. In seconds the fabric was off over my head and everything to see was now on open display.

Vis-a-vis, the thug was ogling my breasts and mons in the mirror opposite. I was naked and it seems I didn’t protest that much.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to agree to have sex with you?” I said as I looked for a towel to cover my nudity.

Seeing my hands now covered my pussy, he slipped a palm lightly across my breasts and his fingers played with my nipples, I could feel them getting harder.

Fuck, this was arousing me!

I moved both hands to cover my breasts, big mistake!

His hand then probed between my legs, a finger exploring along the ridge my vulva.

Fuck it, I could feel I was getting moist.

A digit disappeared inside me, I tried to knock the hand away exposing a fleshy orb as I did so. The fucker was trying to explore my vagina and for some reason, it excited me. I tried to back away but I was trapped between a locker and the brute!

“You don’t need to agree.” He murmured.

Tasting the sticky fluid that had come from my sex.

“I tend to take agreement for granted. The signs are there for all to see, your skin’s flushed, your breathing heavy, your nipples are hard and you’re obviously juicy!”

He again sucked on a finger to emphasise the point.

“You’re going to have to hurry up and explicitly tell me no, and to back off. Otherwise, your find that I’m going to have to fuck you!”

A bolt of excitement went through my body at the words. I’m going to have to fuck you!

“Why would your nipples be that hard, your pussy that wet, if you didn’t want to fuck?” He reasoned.

“Fuck, fuck!”…… He’s got a point, I’ve been celibate for a while and I could do with some cock! But this guy; surely not!

At that moment, he pulled down his jogging bottoms, the bulge in his briefs said what was going to happen to me, if I didn’t say no; and say it now!

I looked down and gasped as he slid the briefs off kicking them away. Oh, my fucking God, the size of it, It was fucking enormous!

There was a monster of a cock uncurling and growing and growing larger. It twitched and waved from side to side as it pointed at me.

The head of the gland was pink, large and looked soft to the touch, the shaft was thick and veiny. His testicles sack large but in scale with his ginormous penis, they were perfectly round and tight.

God this was turning me on! Why oh why is this turning me on so? Am I that sexually frustrated? Has it been that long since I had been fucked! I thought to myself as I felt his hands closed on my bottom, pulling me against him!

Oh, my god, I could feel that muscle pressing against me! I had to stop him. If I didn’t, he was going to use that thing on me and in me. My tummy was full of butterflies! From fear, I was certain. It couldn’t possibly be lust. I had an irresistible urge to touch the monster that was now throbbing against my abdomen.

He let me go, and I hastily tried to put some space between us. I was breathing hard. Just nervousness, I assured myself. He calmly stripped his vest off, and was now standing naked in front of me. Oh, my fucking God. He still looked a complete thug, but there was a certain charisma to him. Or was the size of that weapon or his six-pack distorting my feelings?

His hands cupped my breasts, stroking them, kneading their soft fleshiness, exciting my swollen nipples. Moving his hands off my tits, tweaking my nipples as they went, he slid them down onto my hips, and on down, clasping my bottom again and pulling me against him once more! I was supposed to be saying no, I was very unconvincingly trying to push his hands away from my body.

If I didn’t say no, he was going to insert that huge weapon inside me! I opened my mouth and stuttered, saying nothing. What the hell was wrong with me? Did I want to be impaled on that huge cock? That now throbbed against my abdomen again?

Fuck yes!

He picked me up! Just like that, his hands tightened around my buttocks and lifted me. I just rose straight up off the floor! My God, he was strong!

Instinctively my hands clutched onto his shoulders, to prevent myself falling. He bounced me on his hands slightly, pulling me onto his hips, the action parting my legs! I could feel the moist lips of my pussy open as my legs gripped his buttocks.

Oh fucking god! I could feel his cock at the entrance to my body! I could feel the glands swollen head parting my labia.

My pussy was now quite wet, and I could feel my inner and outer labia swelling and spreading apart. Inviting the throbbing cock to invade my body. Beads of my female lubricant trickled onto the head of his cock, oiling the way for the invading gland.

He was doing it! He was going to impale me on that gorgeous cock, he was going to fuck me! I could not believe I was letting this fucker do this to me.

I was shaking my head from side to side as his cock pressed harder, any moment now he was going to be in me. I’d be sliding down onto him, totally impaled!

And, God and did I want it!

What was I saying?

Fuck I was felling so turned on!

I guess shaking my head wasn’t the same as vocally saying no?

I felt the massive head of his cock sliding past my labia, my own betraying juices lubricating my impalement. Then the rest of the shaft slid up inside me, till my now rock hard clitoris came to rest on the shaved base of his manhood, then he pressed deeper.

I hastily wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to hold myself up and off him. That’s what I told myself. It was just an unhappy coincidence that the new position turned out to make it easier for him to penetrate me deeper.

He just kept on coming, pushing deeper and deeper, I could feel my vaginal canal happily yielding to him. His cock filled my vagina, the head of his massive weapon pressing against the back of my sex. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had explained to him that I wasn’t interested in having sex with him, yet somehow I was clinging to him with his cock firmly inserted inside me.

Very firmly embedded!

I’ll swear I could feel the beating of his heart, vibrating into my pussy via his erection!

Fuck I loved it; sex with a stranger on Halloween had not been on my menu for All Hallows! I’d been celibate for a year now and one of my fantasies while I masturbated was to be forced! The sight of his erection just made me wet, I knew deep down I wanted it inside me.

Do you want to know what I found especially irritating? The damn man didn’t have to use any force!

I had argued with him before he stripped me naked, while he stripped me naked, and after he stripped me naked, but somehow or other he just brushed all that aside and took me.

He just lifted my body and impaled me on his throbbing penis.

The head looked bigger than the opening to my vagina. But my wet pussy just let the bulbous pink crown slip deep into my body!

It would be a lot easier to understand if I’d protested and fought, squealing no, no, no, but I hadn’t even managed to get out the single no, that was needed to stop him!

Fuck the unpalatable reality was, I wanted him to fuck me!

Now look at me, speared on a monster cock and fuck I was enjoying it. I hated I was enjoying it. I was the one pushing down trying to get more of him inside me.

The changing room used to be the old dance studio before the club had a revamp, at the far end the old dance studio mirrors, and ballet bar (barre) were still in place. During the revamp the area had become recessed, and extra mirrors and barre were put in. To give it a more aesthetic, feel. The area now has a massage table, for the masseuse who comes in twice a week and for the sports therapist who comes in three times a week.

One to relax your body, and the other to relax your mind!

A curtain went across the recess for privacy during treatments. And there was a stand beside the massage table full of oils, emollients and implements for the masseuse and ST to use.

I particularly liked the body wand the ST used for deep tissue treatment. I have one at home and quite often give myself, well truth be told I masturbate with it.

My impaled, vagina had a vice-like embrace on his cock. The Brute, I didn’t even know his name, just ambled over to the massage table, with me bouncing on his cock with every stride. I’m sure he did it deliberately, so he could watch my breast bounce in unison to his steps.

I’m quite sure of it, and bounce they did!

I watched my body bobbing up and down in the mirrors that surrounded us; fuck it turned me on even more if that was possible!

I could see my tits bouncing up and down as my pussy pressed into the base of his cock my clit grinding into his pubic bone! It was incredibly erotic.

The soft skin of my vulva allowed the thick base of his phallus to push the gland further into me! I observed and felt every step, and every step was in time to the beat of my bouncing breasts, his cock pushing further up into me. I seem to be a voyeur on my defilement.

I had seen him moving around the gym, and he just seemed to glide from spot to spot, but now he was walking in such a way that I jolted with each step. Not only where my breasts bouncing and my nipples grazing against his muscled chest, but my clitoris rubbed against the base of his cock, which continued to throb and still grew inside me. I was so wet I could feel my lubricant oozing out of my sex! It was awesome!

Regarding his name, I was fucked if I was going to ask him what it was. As far as I was concerned, if a man strip’s you naked, skewers you on his cock and has every intention of fucking your brains out. He should have the courtesy to tell you who he is?

Sort of like! Hi. I’m Jim. I’ll be your ravisher tonight.

Waiters do it. Why not him?

In respect of the rape issue? OK, so I didn’t say yes, but I didn’t say no either? I do not know why I didn’t protest; I guess that means it’s not rape? In a court of law I wouldn’t have been able to say I didn’t consent. Fuck me I’m consenting! And I hate to say I’m loving it!

What do you call it when a random bloke just walks up, strips you naked, removes his clothes, picks you up by your arse, spreads your legs and impales you on his impressive phallus? It’s sort of rape? Consensual rape? Damned if I know, the truth is; I was mesmerised by that enormous, bulbous headed penis!

I bet it had a personality all of its own.

Getting back to the subject at hand, or up my vagina, in this case!

He lumbered over to the massage table with me on the end of his cock and my boobs swaying from side to side! My mons pubis bounced on the base of his thick stalk. The action is making my clit swell, ever increasing the contact between her and his pubic bone!

The gland seemed to continue to grow inside me, filling my pussy and stretching my vaginal walls. It must be my imagination, but that cock just seemed to be still growing. Maybe it was my tight pussy, constricting around the invading gland that made it seem like it was still growing ever bigger?

I thought he was going to place me down on the table and let rip with that monster. But as we got to the bottom of the table he swung round with me hanging on his body for dear life and pressed my back to the mirror. The cold glass making my skin goosebump, as his hard gland pressed further up into my body if that were at all possible.

He instructed me to take hold of the ballet bar!

“What? Do you think I’m some contortionist?” I panted.

He sniggered, saying. “You can do it, I’m looking forward to those lovely tits flopping aside and bouncing, as I fuck you!”

He loosened my grip on his shoulders and placed my hands on the ballet bar behind me. All the time balancing me on his cock, my legs took a firm grip on his hips; I didn’t think I was going to be able to maintain this position for too long!

He was right my boobs had fallen apart and hung slightly on each side of my chest. He started to jiggle his cock inside me. Slow back and forward motions, as he gyrated his hips in a figure of eight!

It was a superlative feeling, the slow jiggling motion, as he swayed his hips. His throbbing manhood just slightly moved inside me. I was so full of his gland, any motion from him brought beautiful contact to the inner walls of my bulging sex. I could feel every movement the monster made, every throb and every twitch.

And then he started to slide it out of me; I hung on to the barre and to his hips as tight as I could. The head recoiled back to the entrance to my pussy; it immediately pushed back in, slowly at first. There were at least 10 inches of stalk, and with the bulbous head must have meant I had over 12 inches within me. My hand wouldn’t be able to close around the circumference of his fully erect cock, the girth being too thick. And it was fully erect and fully inserted into me.

His pumping and thrusting monster gained momentum, and I started to push back. Calling him a fucking bastard, for taking me this way and making me like it. With every pumping stroke, he made back into me, I drove my pussy as deep as I could onto his cock, my breasts as the brute had predicted were bouncing on both sides of me.

Letting go of my arse, he pulled on the two erections protruding from my pink areola! They now were so tight and wrinkled, the teats so hard that they gave testament to my impending orgasm. I could feel the skin of his veiny cock filling me and massaging my vaginal walls as they tried to grip the thrusting slippery gland as he pumped into me faster and faster.

One hand moved from torturing a nipple, leaving the other teat to withstand the torment on its own. His hand moves to my mons pubis, stretching back the skin revealing the horny swollen clitoris.

The sensation was hastened my impending climax.

As two fingers stretched the skin above my clit his thumb wanked the hard sex bud! All the time the Brutes cock continued to fuck me, pumping into my sopping pussy, as squelching sounds emanating from my pounded sex!

As I felt the head of his monster fill the back of my vagina my orgasm started as it always did, with the first waves of pleasure rising and subsiding.

Gently at first getting stronger with each ebb and flow. Nipples, clitoris and labia flooded with heightened sensitivity, growing in intensity with each rising wave of pleasure.

As the Brutes huge penis pumped in and out of my body, I felt a wave build, this time not to subside; I came, my orgasm detonating deep in my pussy.

My climax exploded throughout my body dopamine’s flooded my brain. I cried out unashamedly! I bucked wildly on his cock crying out.

“You fucking bastard, you bastard! Fuck, fuuccckkkk, why is it so fucking good? You fucker, fuck you, how did you do that to me?”

He’d seen me, wanted me, decided to have me, stripped me naked, groped my tits, impaled me on his cock and fucked me. Fuck, I had loved it, and I hated myself for it! I jiggled and wriggled on his still hard gland buried deep inside me, trying to wring every last drop of fulfilment out of my orgasm.

My pussy was continuing to throb around the invading organ, as he took hold of a buttock with one hand and a wrist with the other and pulled me away from the ballet bar. Holding on to his shoulders still fully impaled on his cock, he took hold of both my arse cheeks and stepped back two paces and turned, we were at the foot of the massage table.

He let go of my bottom, sliding his hands up my back till they reached my armpits. I took a tighter grip on his hips as I felt the support disappear from my buttocks. His large, strong hands slid around from my back encircled a breast each and squeezed the soft flesh of my tits, his erection and his hands griping my boobs were now my only support.

He loosened his grip slightly on my tits, and I started to fall gently back to the table. My hands were unable to remain gripped onto his shoulders; his body and my palms were too sweaty. As my breasts slipped out of his grip, I could feel myself descending onto the massage table.

As I was about to land on the soft mattress, his fingers took hold of my erect, elongated teats. A forefinger and thumb from both hands had trapped the areola and hard stalk of a nipple each!

I yelped in exquisite pain as my nipples took the strain. I was now suspended just above the massage bed by basically my mammary glands and his penial gland impaled deep in my pussy.

I tried to grab his arms, but every time I did he would pull on my teats. I wanted to plead for him to stop, but again no words came, fuck was I was enjoying the erotic discomfort.

I hung there by my nipples, stretched as far as the elasticity of my body would allow.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror to my side, suspended centimetres above the bed. By just the ends of my nipples trapped between his fingers, trying desperately to support myself on the sides of the table.

I’m glad the gym had made me super fit.

As I slowly came to rest on the mattress, I could feel his cock pushing up on the inner wall of my vagina. The swollen head of his muscle must have been pressing against my g-spot it felt exquisite!

Mind you the head of his cock felt like it was in the back of my throat, so it must have been part of his thick throbbing veiny stem stroking my g-spot. He leant back slightly, and I could feel my body being cantilevered back off the bed by his ginormous dick! As he again pulled on my nipples, stretching them as far as they would go, his cock literally lifted me back up off the bed. The power that muscle had!

The Brutes cock was so far inside my body, I have never been impaled so deeply and on such a gorgeous thing before! I swear I could feel it at the back of my throat.

As my body started to come back up off the table, he began to thrust that gorgeous cock in and out of me. Bouncing and thrusting up into me, the Brutes pubic bone pummelling my clit! His hands now gripped a breast each. Not by just my aching nipples, each hand held the soft flesh of an orb, as well as a thumb and forefinger teasing a nipple each. Squeezing and rolling the teat between the digits, making me squeal with pleasure. Suddenly he let go of my breasts letting my nipples free of his torturing fingers as he dumped me on the massage table.

His cock still thrust into me, pumping piston-like into my squelching sex! He slowed his pace till he came to a full stop! Withdrawing his cock, the throbbing monster came to rest just above my clit, the frenulum rubbing on the little cuff of hair that adorned my mons!

Once I was comfortably laid on my back, looking up at him, he winked and said.

“You better hold on the bed baby!”

I gripped both edges of the table as tight as I could. My bottom was on the end of the table with my legs clinging to his tight buttocks. The brute pulled my legs off his arse and took hold of my ankles.

Pulling my legs vertical and spreading them apart. The action peeling my pussy open, with my bum slightly off the mattress! His cock still lay across my mons pubis! He gently wanked his frenulum on my pubic bone!

My legs were now pointing straight up and apart, in a V shape, my pussy at the apex! I could feel my juices escaping out of my slit and seeping down to my bum hole!

The Brute slid his cock off my pubic mound and let it slip down between my pussy lips. The glands corona engaged with my vaginal entrance as he pushed the head home, gliding into my vaginal canal!

Slowly he slid his enormous cock in and out of me so gently at first, I didn’t expect it from this brute of a man. I looked into the mirror behind him, watching his pumping buttocks!

I moved my gaze to looked down my body, my breasts heaved with his slow steady thrusts. They had parted, and rhythmically slid back and forth on my chest! I could see down to my pubic mound, I’m so glad I had that waxing yesterday, just a little cuff of hair was left pointing the way to my sex!

It’s amazing the stupid things you think of while a total stranger fucks your brains out. His hairless pubic bone squashed my vulva with every soft and slow thrust. My second climax was rapidly building, my clitoris throbbed, and I could see her just beginning to protrude from her protecting hood. Sensations started to radiate through my swollen sex glands.

I had not noticed before, but he apparently waxed too, as he did not have hair on his body. From his bald head to his hairless cock his body was as smooth as silk. I had an urge to take one of those tight round smooth hairless testicles in my mouth. Suck the vulnerable, sensitive testis, gently at first and then harder, sucking it deeper and squeezing the soft fruit till he begged me to stop. The beast had unleashed a she-devil within me, anything and everything was possible, and nothing was off the sexual table!

My sexual appetite seemed un-quenchable!

I let go of the bed and reached for my bouncing breasts, I had the urge to play with my nipples. I love to pull gently on the pink stalk and rub them, while I masturbated or in this case being fucked, the sensations driving me mad making me as horny as hell!

As I tugged on my nipples, I felt his phallus slipping out of me!

Looking down my body I watched as it snap upwards towards his abdomen, my sex juices coating the shaft and a bead of semen bubbled at the eye of his urethral opening.

I wanted to taste that salty fluid!

I wondered if he knew that by watching myself in the mirrors, and by being fucked like this, how fucking turned on I was.

The aforementioned was not lovemaking, this was an animal craving, lovemaking is soft and gentle, this was fucking on an epic scale, and I loved it.

His penis stood to attention, bolt upright. The bulbous now near purple head of his magnificent gland nestled at his navel as creamy spunk dribbled from it’s dilated eye. It had girth too! That monster had been inside me and undoubtedly he wanted to return it into my slippery wet sex. I wriggled my arse and pussy as I tugged on my nipples, intimating I wanted that cock back inside me.

But instead of forcing that monster back into my craving body, he placed the heels of my feet against the clavicle bones of his shoulders and indicated I should push my buttocks up slightly. I dutifully obeyed. I couldn’t see what was going to happen to me, so I watched in the mirror as he took hold of his gland and slapped then head against my vulva.

It was exquisite!

Again and again, he slapped that monster onto my tender pussy, the head-slapping my clit, sending me wild!

I screamed. ‘Fuck me you bastard!

He only slapped my pussy harder. My labia swelled, and my clit became engorged and erect.

It was nearly visible from the space station!

As the Brute ceased slapping my clit with the corona of his cock, he instructed me to lift my arse higher, guess what, I did. I wanted to see what was to come. I raised my buttocks further off the bed! The higher I raised my hips, the higher my buttocks rose! Making my swollen vagina opened like a flower, my inner and outer labia peeling apart exposing my vaginal orifice!

The Brutes hands now explored my pussy, stroking my labia, his fingers sliding past my pussy lips, exploring my vaginal canal. A thumb gently played with my clit as his fingers explored deep inside me! My body shivered and shuddered with the pleasure of it. I tugged harder on my nipples making them sore, exquisitely painful!

He placed the thumb of his left hand again on the spot just above my swollen clit. Gently pressed down and back on my pubic bone, lifting up my clitoris. The engorged bud throbbed and sent waves of pleasure through my nervous system.

The brute, smirking, started to pull on my sensitive cum button, now rubbing it vigorously. Fuck, I felt the first wave of my third orgasm build, but it just kept on building! There was no ebb it just created! My orgasm came in a rush, I tore at my breasts, squeezing my nipples and bucking wildly, all the while I squealed incoherently!

My slippery lubricant in such plentiful supply oozed out of me. I lay there totally fucked but still propped up on his shoulders. His hands moved to my arse taking a butt cheek in each hand; he pulled them apart, I tried hard to resist his strong hands, but resistance was futile.

I could feel my bum holes vulnerability as I felt my pussy lubricant trickling down over my perineum and anus! It was astounding how much was exuding out of me!

The brutes beautiful cock stood upright and pressed between the lips of my inner labia. When I looked down along my torso, I could see the swollen head poking up between my legs.

I wriggled and pushed on his shoulders with my feet and managed to rub my sex up and down his thick shaft!

He moaned, and I could see spunk discharging from the head, beads of the stuff dribbling over the corona of his magnificent penis. He moved back slightly, and slowly and gently guided the throbbing head of the monster, down sliding over my clitoris. I shuddered as I felt the frenulum of his cock rubbing my clit.

Our two cum spots touching for a moment sent me into a frenzy; he grunted, and a small spurt of seminal fluid landed just above my clitoris. Gravity assisted the sticky fluid to trickle down over my sex bud as he continued to guide his cock down between my labia! Dragging the viscous liquid with it, coming to rest in the embrace of my pussy lips.

I could feel the head throbbing and twitching at the gateway to my body. I urged him to thrust into me, but he just smiled and continued to guide the monster down over my perineum, where the head alighted at the entrance to my rectum.

He was going to fuck me in the arse, oh the irony! His cock coated with my own lubricant, my anus was also wet with it. I was going to get fucked in the arse, and my body fluids were going to expedite it!

The bulbous head pressed at the entrance to my most intermit place! I tried to say no, but the words didn’t come. I attempted to clench as I felt the gland invade my recta, the head slipped easily past my anal verge! But only up to the throbbing glands coronal ridge! I could feel the pulsing head just in my anal passage! I waited for the full thrust, for the pain, as his testis slapped on my buttocks, as his monster impaled me deep into my bowel.

I waited for the pain, but it didn’t cum. He gently pulled out, and then pushed back, the sensation was not unpleasant! He kept repeating this over and over, I tried to thrust with him, but he never went deeper, than the swollen head of his cock. My rectal muscles gripping the gland as it throbbed in my arse.

He would stop ever so often, and I could feel the gland throbbing just inside me as again my anal muscles spasm’d around the invading head.

He was obviously trying to control his urge to fill me with his sticky seed, to quell his climax.

Was he going to fill my rectum with his seed?

He started rocking the head of his cock in and out of me again. The rim of my anus was now fully erogenised, and waves of pleasure were radiating from that secret spot. Through my perineum and into my bloated sex!

I urgently played with my nipples, as I felt his fingers playing with my clitoris. My hard sex bud twitched as he rubbed faster and I bucked against the monster trying to force it into me, wanting to be impaled balls deep into my rectum.

What am I saying? Am I about to lose my anal virginity?

I watched in the mirror trying to see how deep he was. He just kept pushing the head up to the corona just in and out of my anus, no deeper than the palpitating head. And then my fourth climax hit, instead of the waves of pleasure building and subsiding; now my whole body was in a continuous state of arousal, literally always on the edge of an eruption.

My erogenous zones were on fire; now my orgasm had become masculine it just exploded from my body. As my climax subsided, he pulled the head of his cock out of my arse and started to thrust it up and down my wet slit.

The fifth orgasm came seconds after the fourth. It may well have been still the fourth, but it felt like an earthquake’s aftershock. As he kept thrusting the massif cock up and down my vaginal valley, another climax hit me. My body shook, my tits swelled, my pussy throbbed, my nipples so large and hard, they ached!

I’d gone somewhere I had never gone before.

Oh, my god, I didn’t know sex could be this good. I know at twenty-six I’m not that experienced, but I thought up to this point in my life, I had been having great sex, but this was a different thing.

Then the brute moaned and grunted as a plume of seminal fluid erupted from the pulsing purple head of his cock. A straight line of masculine cum went from my mons pubis in a line between my breasts and dripped off my chin. I lay there breathing deeply, wanting to close my aching legs and drift off into an orgasm induced sleep.

When he slapped my arse and said. “More!”

“What!” I squealed, “More….?”

He took a bottle of scented oil from the stand by the table, and liberally squirted it over my torso. My legs now dangled down off the edge of the bed, he lifted the left one up and started to firmly but gently massage oil into my calf muscles.

His strong hands were kneading deep into the tissue. A sense of tranquillity and well-being began to flow over me. I lifted my head and looked down the length of my body, and there was that erection still hard and still waving around as he worked on my calves, moving to my quads. His fingers massaging deep into my quadriceps!

Fuck, why had it not gone to sleep?

It should be lying against his leg flaccid!

His hands worked defy and with surprising expertise on my quad muscles, working deep into the hard tissue. Going up the length of my leg till he reached my groin, his fingers worked deep into my soft flesh. A feeling of total relaxation flowed through my body, as he expertly worked on my pubic mound!

This was obviously going to be a massage with a happy ending, hopefully for the both of us!

The Brutes fingers massaged deep into my pubic bone, his thumbs work even deeper into my vulva, then my labia. His digits delicately rubbing my inner pussy lips, pulling them out and letting them slip through is oily fingers back inside my sex, the feeling was exquisite.

Moving to my outer lips, he gave them the same treatment. Leaving them engorged with blood, swollen and tingling with the deft manipulation they had received. This man was an anachronism, I gasped as his thumbs entrapped my clitoris and with a gently rocking motion, he began to masturbate the growing bud.

I pleaded for him to wank me faster, but no, with a slow rhythm between his thumbs he continued to massage my engorged and now a quite erect clitoris. My breasts had significantly swollen, and my nipples had become large brown crinkled stalks!

I rubbed the oil he had squirted over my body into my breasts and abdomen. Teasing my nipples with one hand while pulling back on the skin just above my clitoris with the other. Heightening the sensations that throbbed through my clit. The gentle and slow way he was massaging my sex bud was so very slowly building another climax. I had arrived at the club a one-orgasm girl, now I was multi-orgasm girl!

This orgasm seemed to be building from deep in my womb, just as it was about to erupt, he stopped! I bucked and wriggled on the massage table wanting to cum, the fingers stretching the skin above my clit now tried to work on the sex bud themselves.

But the Brute moved forward and placed my hand back on my breast. The monster between his legs pressed against my wanton pussy, I gasped in delight thinking I was going to be invaded again.

But no he moved to my right leg, massaging deep into the tissue, slowly working his way up till he again arrived back at my vulva. I lay there in a state of total relaxation as he works on my clitoris. Slowly and very gently massaging the hard bud till it again stood erect, my orgasm starting to build all over again!

From deep in my body, erotic sensations radiated out over me, like waves cascading on a beach. My orgasm built then subsided, then built again. Over and over my orgasm arrived and then like a wave on the beach flowed back, his masturbating fingers keeping a steady pace.

The waves were breaking on the shoreline of my body, the climax recedes as its dragged back out to sea, only to return stronger to crash over my body again and again. A finger probed at my rectum, my overflowing lubricant and oil making it easy for the finger to delve deep inside my rectal passage.

A thumb stroked the rim of my anus the feeling was surprisingly erotic. The digit inside me now started to stroke the inside of my anus; the feeling was different but good, pleasurable. The finger inside my rectum now came together with the thumb playing with my anal rim.

The finger and thumb rubbing the sensitive tissue between them!

The sensations at the entrance to my rectum along with the slow ministrations on my clit brought me to another orgasm. My sixth, seventh or eighth climax (I’ve lost count) just came! It pulsed through me my body twitching as a dopamine overdose again flooded my brain! Bring a feeling of extreme euphoria!

Instead of a cataclysmic climax, this orgasm just kept coming. My vagina just kept contracting and pulsing and throbbing; I could feel my vaginal walls clenching inside me. My anus pouted uncontrollably gripping the fingers probing my anus!

The climax just kept coming, female fem juice seeped from me, running down over my perineum lubricating the fingers fucking my arse before forming a small pool on the massage bed!

As he slowly stopped massaging my clit and removed the fingers from my bottom, I slowly came down from the most magnificent orgasm I had ever had in my life.

My clitoris was still erect wanting more attention! I had become a nympho! I needed more! As good as that orgasm was it had not sated my sexual appetite! I needed another earth-shattering climax! I was addicted!

The Brute moved closer, positioning himself between my thighs, the monster between his legs jerked up and down and waved from side to side, slapping the inside of my legs!

Lifting me by the quads, he skewered me on the muscle. I squealed in ecstasy as that monster of a cock, plunged deep into my body. We were both now unaware of what was going on around us. But as he was balls deep in my pussy we were brought back to earth, as the door to the ladies changing room swung open!

It was the receptionist!

Checking to see if everyone had gone, she had locked up and was on her way out. We apparently hadn’t realised what the time was and you know what they say.

Time fly’s when you’re enjoying yourself.

She stood there, with a word on her lips that would not come out. Then it did.

“What’s going on you shouldn’t be here, were closed?”

Chapter Two


Her voice had an Eastern European edge.

The Brute replied. “Sorry; but we got carried away, were only be a while longer, could you wait?”

Well really, was she going to wait till he finished fucking me?

There is gossip about the receptionist! Apparently, she comes from Latvia; she is either bisexual or bats for the other side, one or the other. She has the look of a lipstick lesbian!

The badge on her uniform jacket told you her name was Katrina in bracket’s Kat.

“Yes ok, but how long are you are going to be?” She replied.

Kat went on saying. “I am supposed to be out of here by 9 pm, so can you hurry up?”

The Brute replied saying. “Thanks, Kat you are a star!”

What! There we are totally naked covered in oil and seminal fluid, and me impaled on the Brutes cock. And Kat says, Ok? What the fuck!

Kat turned to leave the changing room saying in a conspiratorial way.

“I’ll leave you to it, and go turn the front lights out, so no one knows you are still here!”

The Brute replies. “Ok, come back and join us if you want.”

What; now I’m a sex show! Having a three-way, with another woman, why am I not protesting more?

As Kat left the changing room, he pulled back and came thundering back into me, I squealed and pushed hard up to meet his thrust! I’d scarcely ceased pushing up, and I was finding him drawing back and the next thrust pounding into me!

Thank God for gym work! Its kept me fit, in top condition, able to handle a man who seemed resolved to beat me to death internally with a giant phallus, which could double as a police truncheon!

He pounded my pussy repeatedly, non-stop, relishing his work. I was working overtime to keep up with him, gasping for air purring as his cock thrust deep inside my sex and ok I’ll confess it, I found the whole thing tremendously intoxicating. I was getting drunk on the pheromones in the air!

All too often men treat you as though you’re glass and might break or cry if they get too energetic! The Brute didn’t worry about this sort of thing! The Brute just saw me as a vessel!

A woman who could service his needs! A vessel to spunk into, and he was making sure that he got the full service. But had I not had the full service up to now, it was time for him to let loose. And I must confess I was looking forward to being filled with his spunk. There must be a lot still left in those spermatozoa filled testicles.

For his entire dynamic display, he took his time, which seemed a bit out of character. He was still pumping into me long after I thought he was ready to fill me with semen, which surprised me somewhat!

I haven’t had that many lovers, but I’ve always been able to judge when they’re ready to cum. With the Brute, I would think he was about to ejaculate, and then he would slow down, and then pick up again. It took a while for me to realise. The fucker was deliberately slowing down at critical points to allow his gland to cool down, extending his pleasure. While, poor little me was elevated to a fine pitch of excitement and left hanging there while he continued his enjoyment.

I was thrusting and pushing hard on his cock trying to make him cum! I was dying to explode, tugging on my nipples just waiting for him to get on with it. There was no way I was going to ask him to finish me off. I’d rather be frustrated. No, I wouldn’t rather be frustrated.

“Finish it, you selfish fucker,” I screamed.

“Finish it or I’ll fuck you till you fill me full of you spunk.”

“So, you’re ready?” he asked.

“I’m so ready!” I panted.

“Let me see if I can accommodate you then!” The Brute said speeding up his thrusts, into my body!

Oh god, could he ever accommodate me?

He pumped into me with three deep thrusts, and I came, riding frantically on his monster, holding onto him as I shuddered with the violence of my orgasm, feeling him relaxing his control and enjoying his eruption, as my pussy took a stranglehold on his gland. His sperm mixing with my juice oozed from my pussy, his piston continued slowly sliding in and out of my body, his cum squirting out of me with every inward thrust. I was still stuffed with his hard cock, yes still hard. Fuck, I think he wants more?

I looked in the mirror beside me and saw Kat’s reflection, she must have snuck back in and been watching the Brute fuck me?

The Brute also saw her as stood by the door. She had taken her jacket off, and the three top button of her blouse were undone.

The Brute said. “Hey Kat, don’t stand in the dark come over.”

Sliding his organ out of my body, he moved over to the door. As his penis left my slippery vagina, it jerked upright and stood perpendicular, slapping on his abdomen with his every step he made towards the uneasy looking Kate!

The fucker’s and my body fluids dripped down his shaft onto his testis, strands of the mixture trailed onto the floor. Kat’s eyes never left that angry purple-headed beast, with beads of seminal fluid still oozing from it.

The brute proceeded as he had with me.

Saying to Kat. “You want to join in don’t you?”

“What makes you think that,” Kat replied.

“Why wouldn’t you, you’ve been standing there watching us, I bet you are as horny as hell by now!” He said in a matter of fact fashion. He went on saying. “Your blouse is undone! I bet you were playing with your tits, and I’ll lay money your wet. Come over and see what a well-fucked woman looks like!”

He took her by the hand and led her over to the massage table, where my naked oily, sweaty well-fucked body lay. I pulled myself up further onto the massage table and turn on my side, to watch the Brute in action!

I had a feeling I was about to get a porn show!

Kat’s eyes flicked from my body to his, from his cock jerking up and down and back to my erect nipples and down to my wet pussy! It was obvious she preferred women; her eyes had a lecherous glint to them as she took in my oily naked body. It was also evident Kat wasn’t wearing a bra, her boyish breasts and the hard nipples visible through her blouse.

Was that the natural state of Kat nipples or had she got turned on watching us fuck? She seemed a little flushed; the tell-tale rash from her neck to the crest of her breasts gave it away.

Kate was wearing a short above the knee skirt, with a button on the front and a zipper from waist to hem. The thug popped the button and slid the zipper down. The garment slid from her hips and lay behind her, now just one length of cloth laying on the floor!

Kat shrieked. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I didn’t say do that?”

I waited for the thug’s reply; I was not disappointed.

“Well, you didn’t say not to, did you? If you don’t get out of your clothes there get oily, won’t they?”

“What makes you think my clothes will get oily?” Was Kats predictable response!

“Well that’s obvious is it not.” The Brute replied.

“No, not to me!” Kat said.

“Well, it’s like this, if you’re going to join in and indulge yourself with us, your need to strip! There’s is going to be oil and all sorts of other body fluids that could stain your clothes!” The brute informed her.

Before she could stop him he popped open the remaining buttons on her blouse, the garment gaped, open and her small but perfect boobs presented themselves. Kat protested weakly, trying to cover her tits as the Brute slid the material off her shoulders! It eventually floated down to join her skirt on the floor!

Kat looked over to me for support, I shrugged my shoulders and gave her that look that said. You’re going to get impaled baby, if you don’t say no!

Kat stood there virtually naked! She had small pubescent breasts with small dark areola and large erect nipples! Kat held her tits in her hands, in an attempt at modesty!

All the clothing she was left with was a thong that didn’t cover much, held at the hips by gossamer thin strands of cotton. Black hold-ups and a pair of heels. She had very short, blond spiky hair, very boyish!

Seeing her standing there like that was making me very horny! The Brutes cock twitched madly, obviously the sight of her pubertal body ticked a box for him? Adolescence in a mature woman, even I could tick that box!

I had an urge to suck on those hard nipples. I had never fancied a woman or wanted to fuck or be fucked by a woman, but the events of that evening had made me so wanton anything was possible. And she’s supposed to like women.

She hadn’t protested about the Brutes behaviour that significantly! I hoped it’s because she wanted me. But I also believe she’s a little underestimated what the brute has in mind!

Kat was instinctively covering her boyish breasts with her hands, but before she knew it, the Brute seized the opportunity and slipped the gossamer strands of silky material off her hips.

The thong would have slid down around her ankles but for the thin string, gusset trapped between her pussy’s sex lips!

The brute pulled on the material. As the thong came away from between her labia, she gave way a tell-tale gasp. The Brute needed no further motivation. As the thong lay around her ankles, the Brute began work!

With her hands now trying to cover her embarrassment! One hand between her legs covered her sex and the other trying not very well to cover her breasts. Kate half-heartedly tried to fend off the Brute!

Bought that tee shirt!

One boob was quite visible, and the Brutes hands now explored it, squeezing the nipple twisting it as if he was trying to tune a radio!

Kate squeaked. “Ow! Fuck, stop, stooo”

The word stop, trailing off as her eyes glazed over! She gave out a whimper when he took it in his mouth and sucked on it. When it reappeared, it had grown incredibly. The areola had crinkled and shrunk, the nipple, well that could poke your eye out. Fuck she was well turned on!

He took the hand trying to cover her pussy and guided her over to the massage table and stood her facing me. I lay their legs apart, dangling over the edge of the massage bed! I looked up at her hot boyish body! She apparently worked out Kat had an excellent physique. I wanted to fuck so her badly, I wanted her to fuck me so badly! What’s the fuck’s got into me? Ah yes, the Brutes cock! What has that fucker done to me, turned me into a raving nympho? That’s what!

Kat didn’t disguise the lust in her eyes as she took in my body once again, her eyes not able to take themselves away from my swollen pussy and protruding clitoris. The Brute stood behind her with the bottle of scented oil. He squirted some liberally over her neck and shoulders, as they both now watched me playing with myself!

Oil ran down over what past for her breasts and from the nape of the neck down her spine. Kat must have realised that the cock she felt pressed against the valley of her arse was going to be in her sooner or later, no matter whether she was gay or not. But her eyes never left my masturbating fingers.

She no longer tried to cover her body, apparently having accepted her fate, or was it she was prepared to let the Brute have his way with her, for the opportunity of tasting my forbidden fruit.

Or was she truly bi-sexual?

The brute coated her back and buttocks with massage oil, paying particular attention to the valley running down from the small of her back to her pussy.

I watch avidly in the mirror as his hands delved down into the crease of her arse kneading the soft flesh of her buttocks while I continued to masturbate. When her bottom and back was slick with oil, he started on her front.

He moved close to her from behind, the Brutes cock squashed between his abdomen and Kats buttocks. In one movement the Brute pushed the phallus down!

Kats was tall enough for his cock to slip between her legs and into her valley of pleasure! That is to say the furrow of her sex! I could see the swollen head and part of the thick shaft protruding from between her legs, as his hands oil the front of her body, exploring her tits, massaging oil into her bulbous mons! Her substantial labia engulfing the Brute cock in places, as he now rhythmically slid it back and forth along the ridge of her vulva!

The Brute started by massaging oil into Kat shoulders as he continued to slowly slid his erection between the folds of her sex! His hands working deep into her muscles, as they worked they way down to her underdeveloped breasts!

His hands and fingers were working on her nipples, now quite erect. I was watching his cock, it nestled between her pussy lips, and she obviously loved it as she was trying to rub her sex along its!

Kat had indeed taken to cock, that’s if she hadn’t had any before? Which I now had my suspicions!

As she pushed back into him more of his monster was exposed, as she pushed her hips forward the head disappeared between her legs. Then it appeared again as she pushed back, the brute moaned and Kat whimpered as she slowly tried to fuck herself on his cock.

Now as it appeared again beads of semen made short spurts from the head. A gossamer strand of seminal fluid slowly fell to the floor. It seeped from the dilated urethral opening that lay at the centre of the swollen head of his gland.

The Brutes cock now stuck out from between her legs. I watched agog as his hands massage deep into the tissue of her adolescent breasts, I say adolescent she must have been well into her fifties and was a great advert for keeping fit.

Kat had a well-toned body with the hint of a six-pack; she had great abs, which drew your eye down to her mons. Her blond pubes trimmed short in an imperfect polygon. Two sides of the triangle slightly longer than the third, guiding your eye to her slit.

The Brutes hands continued to torture and tease her nipples as his phallus slid in a rhythmic motion between her legs between the folds of her vaginal valley. I watched the monsters clenched arse thrust in and out, as his cock slid back and forth in the slippery valley between her legs! Fuck it was a great porn show, and fuck it was turning me on!

The mirrors were giving me an excellent view. Kat was vocalising the sensations obviously coursing through her pussy. I lay there frantically wanking my clit, feeling the rise and fall of my oncoming climax, watching that licentious show till I brought myself off again.

An orgasm oscillating through my body, as I contemplated the scene in front of me! Kat moaned as the rhythm of the Brutes pounding cock between her legs got faster and faster, and his manipulating digits on her now engorged hard deep brown nipples taunted the long stalks. His shaft ran between the lips of her pussy, her clitoris moving up and down as the bulbous head stroke back and forth.

Kat cried out as the glands head kissed her clitoris on the upstroke.

The brute moved his hands to her hips took hold and then lifted, she rose off the floor in a single motion, ballerina-like! The expression on her face told me she was not expecting him to do that. Tilting her hips slightly forward he positions her over the head of his cock, Kat grab hold of his arms to steady herself, I watched as he lowered her down onto the crown of the gland.

Kate gasped as it slowly disappeared inside her! She was a slight woman and maybe never had a man’s cock before?

Well, maybe not a flesh and blood one!

As before her face said it all, she panted at me.

“Fuck it’s so big!”

I had a good view of the spectacle, I could see only the head and frenulum had managed to penetrate Kat’s pussy. The poor woman thought she was fully impaled! Fuck was she going to get a shock? The Brute bounced her once and then twice trying to get more of himself into her body. Like a pile driver, his giant gland dove further into Kat’s now expanding over filled vagina!

She obviously had not partaken of much cock in her life. Kate clearly didn’t realise it all had to go in! Balls deep! Kat’s tight virtually virginal pussy wasn’t really up to the job in hand! Or rather in her vagina!

To try and get his cock further into her body the Brute tilted Kat’s hips further forward. Kat let go of his arms and instinctively grabbed hold of the end of the massage table. She was now virtually horizontal supported by at the moment, a tenuous connection to the Brutes cock, and the end of the massage table! Kate legs gripping the Brutes hips for all she was worth! Her face inches from my pussy!

I was laying back on an elbow watching the brute fuck her; or rather arouse her with his cock. Kat took firm hold of the table, her contorted face telling me he had forced more of that beast further into her body. She gasped as his phallus started to fill her vaginal canal.

“Oh God it’s so big.” Kat groaned.

“No more, stop, it won’t fit, it’s too fucking big!” She wailed, trying to appeal to the Brute’s better nature! To no avail though! As the Brute continued to force more of his cock into her tight sex!

The problem being Kat had such a boyish slim figure probably her vaginal canal was as small and underdeveloped as her breasts!

Fuck this could be painful!

“Aahhhh, fuck noooo!” Kat screamed as another inch rammed into her expanding pussy!

I could see in the mirror there was still a sizeable length queuing, still waiting to gain entry. Kat pleaded for him not to push any more of the length into her.

“That’s enough, no more, my pussy can’t take it, it’s too large.”

He thrust several more times trying to force more of the oversized gland into her. She continued to implore him, moaning,

“Oh God, you’re going to split me open!” Kat moaned.

He slowed his pace, and I watched in the mirror as he slid the thing out, it twitched as it settled in the valley that ran between her buttocks.

As she felt the monster penis leave her vagina she relaxed for a moment, she looked at me and panted.

“Have you had this thing all the way in you?”

I nodded saying. “Yes, all the way, in both orifices!”

A small lie, you should have seen the expression on her face!

At the thought, he might try and fuck her in the arse, made the colour drained from her face.

“What, in your arse as well?” She squawked

I winked my reply as Kat lay face down with her tits rubbing on the edge of the massage table! Her legs still wrapped around the Brutes hips and her mouth was now virtually in my pussy. Kat’s eyes were surveying my quim once again. She looked like she was salivating at the thought of feasting on my juice vulva!

The Brute was now sliding his cock up the valley of her arse over her perineum and her anus. He slapped the head on the sensitive area of her anal rim, her eyes bulged as she thought she was about to loose her rectal virginity!

I observed all the action in the mirror. Kat’s hands held on to the bed at full extension as the Brute dragger her back slightly, away from my pussy! Her body still horizontal, her stocking clad legs with her red patent heels clung to his hips! Kat’s arse and vulva presented and dressed for insertion and impalement!

Instead of disembowelling her, with his huge cock! As he surely would have done if he had thrust it into her rectum! I watched in the mirror as the Brute slid the monster down over her anus gliding it past her perineum to engaged the bulbous corona with the entrance to her vagina!

Holding a hip with one hand, he grabbed the bottle of Baby Oil and liberally squirted it into the crease of her buttocks. The oil ran down over Kat’s anus and around her pussy, dripping onto the floor.

Using the end Baby Oil bottle the Brute pushed his phallus further down disengaging it from the folds of Kat labia! Thrusting his hips forward slightly the head of his cock became trapped under Kat’s pubic bone, resting against her clit! She wriggled trying to wank herself on the shaft!

Taking the bottle of Baby Oil the Brute placed the neck of the bottle between the folds of Kat’s swollen labia and emptied half the contents into her vaginal canal! To Kat distress, he repeated the process with her anus! Putting the teat of the bottle against her tightening bum hole, The Brute forced the rest of the contents into her rectum filling her rectal canal! Her eyes once again giving away her apprehension and fright at what was about to happen to her! Realising he was going to take her anal virginity!

The Brute then shot more oil one to his monster penis squirting oil at the base of his stalk. Letting it dribble down to the glands head! The bulbous head, that was still trapped and throbbing against Kat’s pubic mound and clitoris!

The Brute slid his hips back the action allowing the head of his cock to slip up the oily furrow of Kat’s pussy!

“Oohhhh fuck!” She purred.

Wriggling her arse as the Brutes cock caressed her clit on it way up her slit, to alight at one of the entrances to her body!

Kat’s eyes grew wide and a “Fuccckkkk” dribbled from her lips as she felt the head of his oily cock at the door of her tight puckered anus!

She was just about able to splutter. “ Noooo, please nooooo!”

As the swollen oily corona pressed against Kat’s anus and invaded her rectum! The Brute moaned as he felt his cock pass Kat’s tight anal rim into her even tighter anal passageway! The oily bum hole easily taken!

He pulled out with a Plop, then slipped it back, the corona pushing a little further into Kat’s rectum. Then the Brute started a slow throbbing push, each slight push expanding Kats rectal passage! As he did so his free hand found Kat’s clit and started to wank her to the beat of his small thrusting pushes!

Kat’s whimpered. “Fuck he’s going deeper, it’s hurting! But fuck, I think I’m responding to it!”

She then in a louder voice demanded he wanks her harder and faster! Realising he going to fuck her in the arse she thought they might as well get on with it, and she started pushing back!

The swollen corona of the Brutes gland again rested in the folds of Kat’s labia waiting to invade Kat’s sex! Kat looked at me, apprehension on her face, remembering how little she was able to take the last time that gigantic cock was in her! It took three thrusts before she was fully impaled! The oil doing the trick, she groaned as his testicles began slapping on her clit!

“Oohhhh, fuck noooo.” She groaned.

Her vaginal walls so tight around his thrusting giant, it forced air out of her vagina! On nearly every in-stroke she pussy farted!

Her face at first gave testimony to her discomfort at being stuffed full with the Brutes enormous penis! But as the Brute continued to pump, and her body expanded to accommodate the invading phallus her face changed. She started to purr, Kat seemed to be enjoying it! Kat’s now well lubed pussy relaxed, making it easier to take the throbbing monster.

If she had not had a man inside her before she was starting to get used to it!

Kat began to moan and then began to demand he fuck her harder.

Squealing. “Come on then if you want to fuck me, fuck me, come on, harder you fucker!”

The Brute obliged by thrusting deeper and faster. The massage table started to rock. This sex show was turning me on! So much so, I again played with my pussy, laying back I began torturing my own tits as I wanked myself off.

Then I had an idea, and wriggled down the table till my pussy was virtually in Kat’s face!

She got the message, as the brute pummelled her from behind, she grabbed me around under my thighs hitching me up, my legs over her shoulders dragging me down till my sex met her mouth!

She steadied herself by taking hold of my tits, her palms cupping my soft mammary flesh as the thumbs and forefingers entrapped a nipple each!

I thought to myself. I have had plenty of boys eat me, but a woman, how different was this going to be?

Kat’s mouth closed over my vulva! Sucking in my pussy lips, first the left side then the right, it felt delicious! Her tongue locating my horny clit! Kat tenderly closed her teeth around the base as she gently pulled on it!

Slowly she continually licked, my clitoris responding as I felt a flash of heat burn through my sex again and again. Kat unrelentingly licked and sucked on my throbbing gland, scorching heat burnt through my body. All the time the tips of her fingers fluttered on the skin of my breasts as she tortured my nipples rubbing and squeezing them with her thumb and forefinger!

Her tongue slipped down to my perineum, slowly at first she ran it up the length of my vertical smile, cumulating at the top of my vulva, sucking in my sex bud and elongating, flicking her tongue over the tip.

I wanted to cry out, but all I could do was whimper. “O God, O God. More, more, please more!”

Kat obliged me by repeating the experience over and over, and my sex burned ever more brighter. The Brute kept a steady pace behind Kat driving his cock into her body and then wresting it from her, in and out he now quickened his pace!

The concentration on his face told me he was close to exploding, he was ready to fill Kat with his seed!

Kat looked up at me, the flush on her chest and her dilated pupils said she was also close to erupting. The Brute started to moan and grunt, obviously, he had gone past the point of no return, and was about to fill Kat’s vaginal cavity with his cream.

Kat’s body jerked to the beat of the Brute’s cock that drummed on her swollen vulva. She gasped at me.

“Fuck, I’m close, the next wave, and I’ll cum! I can’t stop it. I’ve never climaxed with a man before! Oh fuck, he’s good!”

I breathlessly said. “Bring me too I’m close!”

Her mouth closed on my clit, and her tongue went to work on the erect gland. The Brutes pummelling monster was jerking her body back and forth as she sucked on my pussy. Her tongue now frantically wanked me, as her hands clung to my breasts, my hard nipples under the palms of her hands, her fingers dug into the soft flesh of my swollen orbs. Adrenaline and dopamine coursed through our bodies! We both writhed as one, our orgasms building to a crescendo together!

The Brute was the first one to erupt! He thrust deep into Kat, holding on to her hips as he speared her on his cock. Her muffled cry’s coming up from between my leg!

“God he in so deep!”

Pulling her hips back, trying to force as much of his monster inside her, he ejaculated. His cock and the veins in his neck throbbed at every squirt of his hot sticky semen hitting the back of Kat’s vaginal cavity. With every throb, he tried to get deeper into her body.

The Brutes face turning puce as he again throbbed and squirted, again and again. Seminal fluid squelching out of Kats pussy, running down the insides of her quads! It seemed litres of the Brutes seminal fluid leached from Kat’s body.

Kat’s orgasm arrived as the Brutes cock continued to throb inside her body. Her fingers pulled on my nipples bringing me closer to my climax, she groaned, her words incoherent, hips jerking on the brute’s cock as he finished emptying his balls into her!

Pushing back onto the gland, the walls of her wet pussy involuntarily clenched around the phallus still buried inside her! Kat’s orgasm enveloped her and the Brutes manhood!

Taking hold of her short spiky hair with both hands, I pulled her head back onto my sex. Her mouth went to work, delving into my wet pussy, her tongue lapped at my juices.

The fire in my sex raged, and I forced Kat’s head down harder on to me. She now trapped my clit between her lips and tugged on it, enlarging the bud. Only to let it slip, to be snared again. Over and over, she repeated the action the feeling driving me wild. My orgasm started, I moved my hands from her head to my pubic bone, pulling the skin tight extending my clitoris as much as I could. Kat eagerly dined on the engorged gland, slurping and sucking on the wanton miss.

Kat’s tongue flicked fast over the horny clit, and my climax arrived. Pleasure radiated out over my body, down through my legs and into my toes. Flowing, effortlessly up my body into my breasts. The nipples engorged with blood had turned dark brown; my skin flushed a dark tone of pink!

I wanted to pull Kat to me, hold her close, and wrap my arms and legs around her! My pussy throbbing as the orgasm pumped through me.

To keep her close as the pleasure and my orgasm subsided.

As if he knew the Brute slid his cock out of her, allowing Kat to climb onto the table, we embraced kissing passionately, our tongues dancing in and out of our mouths delving deep!

Tasting my juice on her lips, we lay in each other’s arms content.

The Brute shook the table bringing us back to the reality of our situation!

“Ok, you two time to hit the shower. I like washing sweaty, oily girls, those dirty pussies need a good wash, come on, hop to it!” The Brute commanded!

“You go to the guys shower!” I pleaded.

“No, no we can all shower together. I want to clean all your nooks and crannies! He said, leading us over to the showers!

Chapter Three

The Tables Turned

 At the club, we have private single shower cubicles and a larger communal wet room. The Brute led us over to the wet room, what a surprise! It was large enough to accommodate up to ten of us girls comfortably.

There was a Jacuzzi in one corner big enough for six, a steam room and sauna.

The wet area was designed in a curved shape; the walls and floor were tiled or rather mosaicked. Four large copper rainfall showerheads hung down from the tiled ceiling. The mosaicked walls lined with horizontal copper water pipes coming out of the floor and travelling up into the ceiling cavity.

The copper tubes fitted with water jets so that you could get drenched from either the top or the side, or both! The floor of the wet area slightly concaves, with a drain in the middle. The Brute turned on all the taps! Water cascaded down drenching us in luxuriant heat, as the side jets pummelled our bodies with the same steaming hot water! The intensity of the jets took all three of us by surprise!

The brute asked. “Who wants to be washed first?”

The oil and body fluids that covered our bodies now started to run off down onto the tiled floor making it slippery. The hot shower water had turned the atmosphere thick, the steam making it hard to breathe. The Brute turned to one of the soap dispensers pumping some L’Occitan shower cream on to his hand!

Slipping on the greasy floor as he did so!

He tried desperately to stop himself, but in failing to do so fell and hit his head! Sliding onto the mosaic floor. In fact, he didn’t make it all the way to the ground, his huge quads stopping him, (everything was massive about this man). He sat unconscious on his haunches, back to the wall between two copper pipes!

But he was not entirely unconscious; he was murmuring incoherently as his cock still stood erect and poked up from between his legs! That thing was unbelievable! I wished I could detach it, take it home with me and fuck myself every night with it!

Kat acted first saying.

“I have just the things we need in my locker, keep him there if you can?”

Kat dashed out being careful not to slip as the Brute had. No sooner as she had gone she was back. Kat, it seems to earn extra money, sold lingerie and sex toys!

She stood in front of me holding four pairs of handcuffs, a red ball gag, two latex cock rings, nipple clamps, anal plug with horses tail attached and a strange looking beaded steel six-inch pin that tapped towards the end! Oh of course and a pink latex doubled headed dildo! The steel pin Kat informed me later was urethra plug?

“What’s the dildo for, we going to fuck him in the arse?” I asked.

“Us, of course silly! You’ve gone from Bi-Curious to Bi-Sexual all in one evening!” She said with a smile on her face.

I eyed the dildo getting wet at the prospect of some girl on girl action riding it with her!

The Brute still groggy was trying to get to his feet, unsuccessfully! Of course, we helped him. I took one of his thick wrists and snapped a cuff around it, Kat, the other. As he pushed himself up groaning in his unstable state, Kat and I simultaneously attached the other end of the cuff to a pipe either side of him.

“Huh!” He murmured pulling on the cuffs.

Before he realised it, we had cuffed his ankles as well. We now had him spread-eagled!

Coming back to his senses, he shouted! “What the fuck!”

But before he could say anymore, Kat stuck the red ball of the bondage gag in his mouth and did up the strap. He gurgled something unintelligible!

Hogtied and spread eagled he was fucked, and he knew it! His face was red with rage, veins and eyes bulging, he pulled on the restraints to no avail. His cock still rock hard, jerked around in front of him. It seems he’s in no mood for bondage games; tough I thought. But it was our turn to play now! So I went to the massage table and returned with the oil he had used so liberally on Kat and I.

I took the top off the bottle and poured the contents over his bald head. It ran over his face, having to breathe through his nose the oil got sucked up into his nostrils. It ran over his chin down the back of his neck, travelling down his spine into the crack of his arse.

The oil ran over his chest and onto his abdomen down and around the base of his twitching gland, coating his balls. My fingers rubbed the oil into his nipples, tweaking and pulling on the teats entrapping them between my nails. They raised like twin peaks, little hard erections the only thing little about him.

I pinched the teats between my razor sharp talons, he wanted to scream as I drew blood but nothing was getting past that ball gag stuffed in his mouth!

Kat handed me the nipple clamps, his eyes bulged even further as I took the soft padding off the clamps teeth, and let it snap shut over his now bloodied sore nipples! His body jerked as the discomfort hit, and then the second, the expression on his face said it all!

As the clamp bit into his other nipple, he forced a sound past the gag, it was just a sound, the muffled noise and his dribble, ran off his chin! The Brutes oily chest now ornamented by two silver nipple clamps each adorned with a small tinkling bell. The Brutes nipples swelling to double their size, as blood congealed at the end of each stalk!

Holding his testicles in the palm of her hand Kat closed her fingers around his sack, squeezing hard on the Brutes tight throbbing scrotum! His erection jerked and giggled as his hips started to involuntary thrust. The head of his monster bulged, the opening of his urethra flaring like the nostrils of a horse.

Preparing for the coming flood of seminal fluid, but what his throbbing gland didn’t realise, was, there was going to be no release; well no easy release!

Kat took the anal plug and showed it to the Brute. As the realisation of where the butt plug was headed, The Brute tried to clench his buttocks but with his legs spread so far apart, it was difficult!

But with the power in his large Gluteus Maximus muscles he just managed to bar the entrance to his rectum! The one thing a man finds hard to do is clench when his climax is rising!

Kat slid between his legs on her back and positioned the anal plug between his buttocks waiting for him to relax. The Brute gurgled something incoherent, jjjiigggling about desperately trying to stop his anal rape!

Pulling down on his cock I squatted in front of him. It was now level with my scarlet lips! Feeling the steamy moist air around the entrance to my wet pussy as the squatting action peeled open my labia exposing my clitoris to the stimulating moist air! It was not an unpleasant feeling. Placing the swollen head in between my lips, tickling his frenulum with the tip of my tongue. He involuntarily jerked again as I nibbled on his cum spot!

I could taste the salty fluid at the entrance or is it the exit of his urethra as I sucked on the glands end. The tip of my tongue exploring around his urethras edge trying to poke it in as far as I could. The soft flesh giving way to my probing tongue!

My teeth closed around the coronal ridge biting down on the yielding epidermis! An antithesis of the rock hard shaft my hand was trying to strangle! My free hand gripping his ball sack, squeezing his hard testis! All the time the Brute squirmed trying to get away from my torturing hand!

The Brutes testicle’s now so tight they were retreating into his body, I clasped hard, pulling on his testicular sack on the to drag them down, not allowing them sanctuary from my brutalising fingers! His face had gone a darker shade of puce! Matching his molested ball sack!

I felt the first throb of his impending climax as a spurt of his cream oozed onto my tongue, the Brutes hips rotated as he felt his mother load rising! Losing control of his sympathetic nervous system, the Brute erupted into my mouth! I swallowed hard as his spunk filled my mouth, dribbling from the sides down my chin. Gurgling noises muffled by the gag, tried to emanate from his throat.

At the moment of his orgasm, he was at his most vulnerable, a second was all Kat needed to drive the anal plug into the now defenceless orifice. His eyes said it all as they popped from his head as he felt Kat jam butt plug into his dry anus!

His body was now adorned with a tail, and with the size of his genitalia, he truly resembled an ass!

Keeping my mouth around the glands head, and placing my lips behind the corona I sucked hard. Drawing so much blood to the glands summit, it turned a dark shade of purple. The anal plug was now firmly planted in his rectum, the horsehair tail swished around behind him as I teased his cock. The Brutes hips gyrated as if he was dad dancing to some silent music only he could hear!

The Brutes face became even redder, his veins bulging even further. He tried desperately to get away from his restraints, but as before resistance was futile.

The only things left now?

The latex adjustable cock rings and urethra plug! This was going to be fun, well maybe not for him! The cock ring is supposed to heighten a man’s orgasm, retaining his erection by trapping the engorging blood in the penis; keeping it hard and erect. I reluctantly let his organ go it smacked against his abdomen as it escaped my lips. Kat handed me one of the rings; well they were in reality just loops of latex, the tail ends going through a bead forming the ring or rather a garrotting loop!

Pulling on the ends entrapped and strangled, whatever had been caught in the lassoing ring of rubber! Slipping the loop of latex over the head of the Brute’s cock, he gurgled trying to speak. His body gyrated frantically attempting to avoid having his cock and testis encircled by the ligature.

I held the monster in my hand and guided the loop down to the base of his cock. His testicles had with the help of his cremaster muscle retracted into his groin; I would have to invite them down before I could entrap them with the latex ring.

Rubbing his ball sack with one hand the nails of my other dug into his soft flesh hiding his testicles! My scarlet talons found there pray! Surrounding one of his balls the Brute frantically gurgled unintelligible sounds of his distress as my sharp entrapping talons pulled the resisting testis down! Three little bloody wounds marking the spot my nails had dug into his tender scrotum! The second testicle followed in the same manner!

The Brute tried hard to speak, gurgling sounds emitting from his mouth, but nothing comprehensible came out. He evidently knew the root of his manhood was about to be garrotted. I tickled the tight sack of skin surrounding his spunk filled balls, as I slipped the latex garrotte around them.

His cock danced wildly, small beads of semen running down the corona. The loop now ran at the foot of his jerking penis and over his balls. The bead positioned at the soft indentation at the base of his gland.

Slowly I tightened the loop, placing a finger on the bead as I slowly pull on the latex tails. The Brute grunted, as the loop around his sex became tighter, his constricted testicles swelling; as they started to turn dark purple. I grazed my nails over the purple sack; the Brute jerked his hips thrusting back and forth. His face contorted as Kat forced the shaft down, perpendicular to the ground, putting stress on his bloated balls.

Kat picked up the urethra plug and placed it between her glossy pink lips! The Brutes eyes popped from his head at the sight of the five-inch long steel pin. It resembled anal beads but obviously much smaller. One end tapped down, the bead on this end small enough to easily fit in the Brutes urethral opening or rather the eye of his corona! The other end had a steel cap, sealing the ureteral opening!

Once the pin was inserted urination or ejaculation was virtually impossible!

Using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand Kat squeezed the Brutes corona around the ridge! The effect opening the Brutes urethra, allowing the Brutes cock to rise slightly she positioned the urethral plug at the entrance or rather exit of his spunk canal!

The Brute shook, as Kat started to push the plug home, the steel pin straightening out the slight kink in the Brutes phallus as it overfilled his tight urinary canal! The Brutes body shook as he watched his penis fill with the steel plug, saliva drooling from the sides of his mouth as he frantically pulled on his pink fluffy ligatures!

As Kat pushed in the last inch the Brutes body jerked and went limp and his head slumped forward, it seems he’d pass out?

The Brutes cock now had steel reinforcement and was still rock hard! Probably due to the double effect of the ingression of the steel pin down the length of his phallus and the ligature around the base of his cock not allowing the blood engorging his meat to drain back into the rest of his body!

Kat now placed the second latex loop over the head of the Brutes cock and positioned it around the corona. Pulling the loop back slightly to deploy it snugly under the coronal rim, the bead placed on the top opposite to his frenulum. With one hand, Kat kept the unconscious Brutes monstrous cock still, while the other tugged on the tails of the latex loop. As the ligature tightened the dome bulged allowing a small squirt of semen to force its way passed the cock plug and landed on Kat’s left breast!

Wiping it off with a finger, she placed it in her mouth. Sucking the seminal fluid, smacking her lips enjoying the taste. As the whole of his swollen genitals became a matching colour of dark purple Kat started to fondle the gland gliding her fingers up and down the hard purple shaft. She had tightened the loop around the head of his erection to the max, thus constricting his urethra duct around the steel pin, sealing his ability to pee or cum!

This was going to be interesting, as the urethral canal should facilitate the eruption of his forthcoming discharge!

The Brute started to come round lifting his head and murmuring incomprehensible expletives as Kats caresses now turned into a full-blooded wanking of the Brutes cock!

I turned my attention to the dildo Kat had brought for us to use! Coming round and seeing it in my hand the Brute gurgled and yanked on his bonds as the veins in his neck bulged even further, thinking I imagine it was destined to replace his anal plug! But I had other dastardly and pleasurable ideas in store for him and me!

Oiling the rubber two-headed penis, I lay on the warm wet floor in front of the Brute as I spread my legs I could feel the lips of my sex peeling open, my inner and outer labia glistened with my juices! Placing the head of the dildo between the folds of my pussy I rubbed the latex dong up and down my slit, sending a shudder up my spine at the hard rubber kissed my clit!

Looking the Brute in the eye, I moaned.

“Oh fuck it feels so good, I bet your cock would feel good right here!”

Pulling back the skin just above my clit, exposing the horny bud to his eyes locked on to my pussy!

Inserting the rubber phallus as deep as could, I started to slide the latex dong in and out of my body, slowly fucking myself with the virtual cock! Putting a whole new meaning on the phrase!

Go Fuck Yourself!

The Brute watched intently, as the rubber cock slipped in and out of my pussy. The intent of my actions apart from my enjoyment was to help excite the Brute, making Kat’s task of bringing him off easier! It was obviously working!

The sight of my sex show was clearly encouraging his impending orgasm! Kat pursued the Brutes climax with gusto, wanking harder on his bloated gland. His face was the first sign he was climaxing, it went the same shade of purple as his tortured genitalia!

The bulbous bulging head started to dribble beads his seed past the urethral plug, the overflowing urethra having to expand to accommodate the flooding seminal fluid!

His face showed his discomfort. The Brutes buttocks bucking widely, his tail flashing from side to side as he tried to release the build up of his bodily fluids.

With each throb of his orgasm, more semen flooded into his urethra; the only escape constricted by the latex loop around the head of his penis and the cock plug inserted down his penis!

Small pathetic squirts of spunk, emitted from the bloated dome. The Brutes discomfort would continue until the last pulse of semen into his urethra had passed.

The spunk not able to ejaculate out of the strangulated and plugged exit, having to divert into his bladder! I watch the fun Kat was having returning the discomfort she had endured, the first time the Brute had filled her body with his monster of a penis.

The rubber phallus continued to slip in and out of my now well-lubricated pussy. Letting go of the erupting cock she said in a now heavy Eastern European accent.

“Hey wait for me baby!”

I replied. “Come on then I’m getting close.”

Taking my hands, she pinned them over my head and unrelentingly kiss my face, my lips, delving her tongue into my ear. Her pink glossy lips continued to tantalise my body, my neck, shoulders and my throat, my skin goose-bumped at the touch of her wet silky lips. Kissing the soft flesh of my tits, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it as a baby suckling at her mother’s breast.

Her teeth nibbling on the sensitive teat, my body trembled at the sensations Kat was delivering to my nervous system, dopamine again flooding my brain! Kat continued down, kissing and biting the underside of my breasts, pulling up on my nipples to gain access to the soft underside of my mammary glands. As her mouth moved to my abdomen, I felt my pussy clench the rubber cock within my body anticipating the arrival of her lips on my hard clitoris. Opening my legs, I let Kat in between them, her mouth immediately surrounded my swollen clit, sucking hard!

My vaginal walls squeezed on the dildo trapped by my greedy sex, as gossamer threads of pleasure pulsed through me, my breath becoming short, as I started to pant. The pleasure becoming intense!

Kat’s hand took hold of the phallus embedded in my pussy and slowly at first, started to fuck me with it. In and out it slid, my vaginal muscles trying desperately to clench on to the rubber dong as a warm tingling began to ebb and flow, announcing my impending climax.

My nipples now were hard and ever so sensitive. I softly touched them with my fingertips; warmth flowed down my quivering body and into my sex. I could tangibly feel my blood pressure rising, my clit now so swollen by the adept cunnilingus applied to her by Kat’s mouth, came out of her protective hood once again. As the flow of my orgasm began to rise, I said to Kat.

“Stop, please stop, I’m going to cum, I want us to climax together baby?”

Baby did I call her baby, fuck what’s happening to me tonight!

There was a rattling and grunting coming from the Brute, who obviously was enjoying the show. His cock waving around, as erect as ever! The cock rings doing their job or was it the show we were putting on. As Kat slipped the latex penis out from my pussy she said.

“Give him a suck, use your teeth!”

So as I watched Kat licking off my juice from the rubber dong, I went over to the Brute and squeezed my tits around the shaft of his jerking manhood. As I started to tit wank him, his face said it all. He knew what ejaculation meant, discomfort and pain, but he couldn’t stop the impending climax. His balls when the time came would explode into his urethra, the tourniquet around the head of his gland restricting the seminal fluid that could exit from his cock!

Every pulse of his climax would fill him with discomfort until the spunk could escape by either dribble past the cock plug or by flowing back into his bladder. Both an unsatisfying end to an orgasm, the Brute didn’t deserve a satisfying climax! In fact, it’s the orgasm you don’t want, it is the climax from hell.

The Brutes bulging eyes and blood vessels foretelling of his imminent explosion! I replaced my breasts from around the shaft with my mouth, slipping it over the head of his monster gland. His pelvis gently jerked back and forth, as his body reacted to my tongue tickling his frenulum, urging on his coming climax that he didn’t want!

Kat now started to squeeze his scrotum, running a sharp nail from the base of his balls along the perineum to the anal plug firmly embedded in his rectum! The horsehair tail swished from side to side, as he tried to escape Kat’s probing digits! As I sucked hard on the gland I dug my teeth in behind the corona, making the Brute jerk even harder, my mouth was riding a bucking wild penile gland, and then I felt his climax.

His body stopped shaking and started to shudder. I could feel the throbbing pulse of his orgasm deep in his cock as the seminal fluid flooded into his gland. I raked my teeth from his coronal ridge to the eye of his cock! My teeth closed around the end of the penial plug, I drew it out slowly all the while tightening the garrotting noose! With nowhere to go his cock filled with creamy semen, sucking on the head like I was drawing on an enormous fat throbbing straw, I drew out as much of the salty iron tasting liquid I could!

Instinctively I loosened the garrotte from around the glands head, wanting more of his juice. It came, it gushed, it cascaded, and it spurted a plume of frothing cream over my face. I dove my mouth back over the gushing geyser and drank up as much of his salty, creamy juice I could, sucking the last drops and swallowing the tasty fluid.

The Brutes body hung limply from the cuffs!

Kat started cleaning my face with her tongue like a mother cat would do to her kitten. Then announced.

“I think it’s time for us to fuck?”

Kat instructed me to get on all fours, after putting down several towels to protect our knees; I assumed the position pointing my arse up as instructed. Then Kat slipped one end of the well-oiled two-headed dildo, into my pussy, stroking my clitoris with a finger as she slid the thing home, as deep as she could insert it.

It felt exquisite, my pussy grabbing onto it with a vice-like grip. The first wave of an oncoming sexual-tsunami rolling through my pelvic floor, rippling sensations of pleasure throughout my pussy! Kat assuming the same position her buttocks close to mine put the head of the latex cock into the soft wet entrance to her sex and impaled herself!

Our buttocks kissing as they came together! I felt the pressure at the back of my sex as the dildo drove further into my body filling my pussy. Instinctively as the Brute looked on I started to pump rhythmically on the synthetic cock that filled my body, Kat mirroring my movements. As I pushed back so did Kat, our buttocks squashing together as we tried to get as much of the dildo as our pussies could take. Then out again and back our rhythm getting faster and faster. Instead of out buttocks squashing together, they now started to slap!

Looking up I could see the action going on before him was having an effect on the Brute. His strangulated cock was jerking his hips moving in a way as to suggest he was engaged in a sexual ballet with an invisible ballerina. His nipples larger than ever still had a clamp biting deep into his sensitive flesh!

I was brought back to the sex act Kat and I was engaged in when she cried out.

“Oh God I’m going to cum soon, are you ready?”

I gasped. “Yes, I’m close, very close!”

As my sex pumped on the dildo faster and faster, I felt my orgasm rise and fall and then rise again. As Kat pushed back hard on the rubber dong, her climax erupted. Her arse quivered and shook against mine, as she panted something unintelligible in Latvian.

As she kept trying to impale herself deeper, I came! The sexual-tsunami hit! A huge wave of erotic sensations flooded through my body, I tingled from head to foot, plunging back onto the cock inside me, forcing more into Kat.

Sex fluid oozing from my pussy!

As the first wave crashed over the shore of my sex the second came, convulsing my pussy, pulsing, squeezing, and clenching at the synthetic penis deep inside my vagina. Strands of sexual satisfaction ran throughout my nervous system. All my erogenous zones enraptured at once. As the backwash of my orgasm was sucked back out to sea, I collapsed, gasping for air, as if I had nearly drowned in the waters of my own orgasm!

As the dildo slipped from our bodies, I grabbed Kat and held her tight. As she kissed me, I could feel the beating of her heart, not just from her breast but her lips and tongue. Lying there we held each other, our legs entwined, Kats head resting on my breasts; letting the cuddle hormone Oxytocin do its work.

I whispered into her ear.

“Come back with me and spend the night?”

She said nothing but kissed a nipple and nodded her approval of my suggestion. My first night sleeping with another woman what more surprises would this Halloween evening bring?

But first, there is unfinished business.

Kat and I left the Brute a prisoner while we showered and dressed! Looking into his gym bag we discovered his phone. In the contacts we found his, In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers, one was marked Emily (Bracketed Wife)! Going over to the brute I showed him the phone, again his eyes bulged and the veins in his neck throbbed. He knew what was coming. I hit the call button, a woman answered.

“Hello, Max where the hell are you.”

“Sorry, is this Emily, are you Max’s wife?”

“Yes, who the fuck are you?”

“It’s The Club at Meyrick Park; Max had a bit of an accident. Could you come down and collect him?”

“Oh my God is he ok?”

“Yes but he will need you to pick him up, he’s in a bit of a state. You had better hurry though, you’re find the main door open, he’s in the ladies changing rooms!”

“Why the ladies changing rooms?”

“Better let him tell you that Emily, hurry!”

Before leaving Kat and I found the Brutes Killer Clown Mask and placed it on the Brutes head and in lipstick wrote in letters large on his chest.

“Trick or Treat!”

As we left an attractive blond rushed past us heading for the ladies changing room. All we heard was a scream.

“What the fuck Max!”




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