Rude-Wordoodle; The Tango

The Tango


My lips upon her breast, the soft flesh beneath my tongue.

My mouth surrounds her nipple, as it stiffens between my teeth.

I pull, the nipple, it hardens, as the areola crinkled and shrinks.

Now my mouth moves on, her breath becoming shallow. At the reality of her situation.

My tongue, my lips, kissing, nipping the soft tissue of her belly as I work towards my goal.

My hands now join the ballet of our lovemaking, en-capturing her soft fleshy orb’s as my fingers torment and torture her wanting nipples.

Her breathing becoming faster as my mouth sucks the fatty tissue of her mon’s pubis, pulling on the hair of her well-trimmed cuff.

Her body becoming flushed and her sinuses tight as we are both now entrenched in our fight.

My tongue starts to do a dance, a dance of delight, between the soft swollen folds of her labia.

Her legs wide, her breathing now rapid in the anticipation, of my tongues arrival at its goal.

Her body arches at the first flick of my tongue, as it caresses her swollen bud.

A moan a groan spills from her lips as she feels the first wave of her coming orgasm.

It crests and subsides before the next wave rises and crest’s to subside, only to build again.

As my fervent tongue does the tango with her throbbing clit, she feels the next wave of her impending climax rise, she gasps.

As this wave she knows will take her to the beach.

Gripping the sheets, my head now clamped between her knees.

Her body shudders, letting out a primal moan as her orgasm arrives throbbing in head and bone.

Laying back in sweet sexual satisfaction a smile upon her lips, at the realisation.

I’m not done yet, not done by far! As my tongue starts to dance; The Tango once again!

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