Wordoodle: I Think I’ve Been Infected

I think I’ve been infected, by a bug of some descript!

Yes, I must have been infected by some microbe of dubious origin!

I see you scratch your head! What the fucks he on about? Well, I’ll give some background, some substance to my claim!

Here I sit, at the Red Rooms just off Holborn, LondonTown. Not an unusual occurrence, in my complex life! It’s a work thing!

But tonight this Sunday Night something is up with me, something new! Something I’ve not experienced before!

The room is dark or rather dimly lit; there are women of all types trying to be alluring, or rather trying to tempt £50 notes from the other poor saps pockets!

There are Blonds with short hair or long hair or any configuration in between! There are Brunettes, Redheads and even Raven Black hair just like my mother.

There at least 30 pairs of bouncing breasts with sweet plump waxed quim’s, oh yes and of course their anal rims.a2a3ecd0b8cacd4ae5335474c9a3082b

A Blond little quim come’s up to me, some eastern European from Poland, Latvia, Slovakia or some such place. And says that man over there has paid for a dance for you…. Really! Fuck! I’ve got something on my mind? Could be doing without it????

She’s 20 at best, fantastic young breasts and all the other bits! Not wishing to either upset her or my clients, we go to a private box and here comes a well-choreographed routine.

Her tits an inch from my nose, now her anus just the same, fuck I’m getting bored; but the erotic (not) dance goes on. I sit for a further 10 minutes, till the dance comes to a climax, the only one I’m getting tonight!

Worried I’ve not enjoyed her gyrations, obviously by my demeanor I give the poor girl an extra £50, as she not to know.

I have been infected by Nina!


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