Wordoodle: A Different Sort Of Cat

He was sleek a different breed of cat, slow-paced pleasant, admirably laid back!

And, it took years to find this kind of passion and dedication in one, from what all, the others lacked!

As he meandered gracefully daily, through crowds of beauty, as his held powerful gaze, softened to show off the deepest dimples as he smiled!

Regal natured like he walked among many King’s, a man of his word, with ample intelligence, and eyes that sing.

Most sat by imagining a fling, astonished by his honesty, most intrigued by his compliments and complaints, for they meant, everything!

So fair was his look and athletic physique, one gaze in his eyes left a trail of heart’s weak!

As I grew more fascinated by the second, of his prince charming stare, for I’d caught a glimpse of him a few times singling me out, his eyes whispering too care!

So captured by his aura, I became motivated to take on a personal dare, talking and laughing until he measured the distance of my heart and found it fair!

For, he was a different kind of cat, one that raised curiosity’s hair on the back of her neck, as he roared promises of passion!

Yes a very different kind of cat and In my eyes, I was assured his attention would never slack!

Reproduced because I like it so……..


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