Feature: Sex is Adult Play

Sex Is a Playground

Think about sex as if you’re in a playground. You and your partner figure out what to do there!

Nothing says you have to go down the slide. Maybe you’ll just want to sit on the bench
or swing a little bit.

You get to decide as you go along about how you want to play together.

It’s the outing that counts, not the actual activities you engage in once you’re there.

If you can focus on playing together and not worry about the outcome, you can enjoy your outing and your sense of connection with each other.

You will likely find that some of the time you end up more interested in sex than you would have predicted, just because you got into it once the expectations were removed.

Even if one person ends up more interested in sex than the other, there are different ways you can handle that.

Consider anything from oral sex, manual stimulation, masturbation with your partner’s help or presence to just stopping and letting your arousal fade naturally.

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When was the last time you played with your sexuality?
You romped in your sexual imagination?
It’s time to take out the big box of sex crayons.

To experience what it is to have sexual freedom, we need to cultivate our erotic imagination.

Our sexual freedom and playfulness lies in our ability and willingness to create our own sexuality.

What if you viewed sexuality as a work of art, A blank canvas to fill with your erotic desires?


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