Erotic Tale: Margaux’s Surprise

Margaux’s Surprise!

An Erotic Tale By Mark Darcy


Margaux Leven had lived in her penthouse apartment on Richmond Hill, a business area of Bournemouth for the last four years. She had moved there from a lovely townhouse in the affluent area of Sandbanks, which she had been sharing with her long-term partner. But after their breakup, she now found herself back living on her own.

Between now and then she had made new friends, but there was no special man in her life. In fact, truth be told, Margaux was not that bothered. But she liked, no loved the act of making love and felt a pang of sadness that it was missing in her life. Also, if the truth told, Margaux wasn’t that bothered if it was a man or woman. Not that she was a lesbian, but the thought of another woman’s naked body next to hers excited her. Hard erect nipples touching her skin, the soft texture of a woman’s thigh nestling between her legs, actually made her pussy wet. She was quite bi-curious but lacked the opportunity or courage to explore that side of her sexuality.

Margaux was in her mid fifty’s, blond petite and attractive; and maybe carrying a few extra pounds. But this was more than offset by her impressive bustline. Her breasts were her crowning glory; well that’s what she thought. And from the many admiring glances, her 34 E boobs got; she was probably right too.

Margaux didn’t work! In fact, she had never worked! Her ex-husband had provided well in their divorce settlement. It was he who had decided to move on when a twenty-year-old caught his eye. Sadly for him, it didn’t last long; the twenty-year-old fucked him to death. Heart attack on the job, well you know what they say, What goes around! Today Margaux was on her way back from a long boozy lunch at The Print Room. The Print Room was a fine dining restaurant, situated no more than five hundred yards from her apartment.

Margaux had been having lunch with a group of her girlfriends; they had eaten well and had packed way a copious amount of wine. The conversation had been mostly about men of course, particularly about her friend Roxy’s new man David. Roxy had gone into every minute detail of their sex life; all the girls hung on every word of Roxy’s description of their sexual antics. The bit where Roxy described how, her new boyfriend, had tied her wrists together with a silk scarf; and then tied the other end to a heavy curtain pole in her bedroom.

The idea of Roxy suspended from the curtain pole, and completely at her boyfriend David’s mercy, really excited Margaux. She was into a little light bondage, even if she never got the chance to indulge herself. All the girls gasped when Roxy told them how David produced a pair of very large scissors and began to cut the clothes from her body. The girls hung on every word coming from Roxy’s mouth, as she described what happened next. Apparently, according to Roxy’s telling, David started by cutting off her Vanessa Bruno designer jeans. Everything about Roxy is designer!

He cut, as she tells it, from her foot to her waist. Up the outside of the right leg first and then the left, until the material fell to the floor. Leaving Roxy in just her Agent Provocateur underwear and designer knitwear! Oh, and, of course, Jimmy Choo killer heels. According to Roxy, ‘Hum likely story’ Margaux mused. The next to go was her Helmut Lang cropped jumper; it was not that old and had cost a fortune!20140613_232021000_ios

She closed her eyes as David cut it into small pieces until it was a pile of wool on the floor. Roxy was now hanging from the curtain rod in just her bra and knickers and teetered on the Jimmy Choos. Three more scissor snips and Roxy’s breasts bounced free, her ample tits now on display. By now Margaux was starting to feel more than a little bit horny, and gulp down another glass of Sancerre, as Roxy continued. David now began to strip, first his shirt, revealing the greying hair of his chest. He kicked off his shoes and threw his trousers onto the bed. Taking off his briefs, David’s cock, emerged erect and pointing at her!

Throwing the briefs onto the bed with the rest of his clothes, he picked up the scissors again. David stood so close to Roxy, she could feel the head of his cock touching the inside of her thigh!

Roxy excitedly informed everyone. He now began to stroke Roxy’s body with the cold blade of the scissors. Moving the metal down the inside of Roxy’s left arm till it nestled in her open armpit. Roxy’s body now quivered with anticipation, as the cold metal moved down her left side, till it was level with her breast.

The blade now slid over the fullness of Roxy’s left mammary gland, till it reached her hardening nipple!

Once again all the girls at the table gasped, and Margaux wished it was happening to her right now! The scissor blade now teased Roxy’s growing teat, Roxy explained. The cold metal was circling her areola. Apparently, Roxy by now was getting very wet and turned on. ‘Well you would, would you not,’ Margaux thought. The right nipple was next to get the scissor treatment.

Roxy whispered, by the time David had finished playing with her nipples, she was as horny as hell and aching to cum. Margaux and her friends all sat around the table agog at Roxy’s story!

Roxy went on to describe how, David moved the scissors down through the valley between her breasts, over her stomach and down under the cotton material of her knickers. The cold metal running over her mons pubis and through her recently trimmed pubic hair. Her body quivered as the cold blade slid along the furrow of her sex, tearing a hole in the gusset of her knickers. Roxy’s clitoris hardened under the touch of the cold blade, now sticky with her juices. The scissor blades gently fucked her, running up and down her wet vulva. Roxy felt her orgasm building, as David moved the scissors down opening the blades wide, as he cut through the gusset of Roxy’s knickers. Pulling the scissors from under the cotton waist one more snip and Roxy was naked!

The last vestiges of a covering had now vanished. Roxy hung from the curtain rod entirely naked but for her killer heels, and desperately wanting to be fucked! Roxy informed all the girls, sitting open-mouthed at the table.

By now so did Margaux, listening to Roxy’s escapades was making Margaux wet. She told herself. As soon as she got home it was a hot bath, and playtime with her bath time dildo. And when she got to bed, she would finish off with her rabbit for a satisfying climax. She could not wait to get home now. But first, she needed to hear the end of Roxy’s story!

Roxy went on to tell them, as she hung there naked David sunk to his knees and suckled on her sex, tantalising her hard sex bud with the tip of his tongue. His hands found her breasts and his fingers teased Roxy’s nipples, all the time his mouth kept sucking hard on her throbbing clitoris.

Roxy moaned as she felt the first undulating wave of her impending climax throb in her sex, as David continued working on her swollen bud. She went on, waves of pleasure just kept coming radiating from her nipples down into her pussy until an orgasm climaxed deep in her swollen sex.

A shuddering orgasm that pulsated through Roxy’s body, her legs turned to jelly, and she hung limply from the curtain pole.

David cut her down and then placed her on the bed. Lifted her legs that were still adorned with her Jimmy Choo’s and taking her by the thighs he pulled her buttocks towards him and his waiting erection. As Roxy’s, open wet pussy arrives on the head of David cock the phallus slipped deep into Roxy’s body.CjHMyqQWgAAOHW5

It was not long before both Roxy and David climaxed together and fell into an orgasmic sleep, Roxy explained. All the girls around the table were silent for a moment, till one said. ‘Wow Roxy as he got any spare friends,’ and they all laughed. Lunch had gone on from one o’clock, and it was now nearly six o’clock.

Several now very drunk women started to make their, way home. It was summer, but it was raining hard, so Margaux rushed up the hill to her apartment. Even in the short distance from The Print Room to Richmond Gate, Margaux had gotten drenched. Waiting for the lift to take her to the twelfth floor, she could feel the water trickling down between her breasts and the summer dress sticking to her body! The air, due to the summer rain was chilled and Margaux’s nipples were getting hard.

Margaux thought herself lucky that she had such sensitive nipples, in fact, she mused to herself her whole body seemed to be one large erogenous zone. A man she fancied only had to touch her, anywhere; and her clit became aroused. And after listening to Roxy’s story, Margaux was feeling extremely horny.

When the lift arrived at the ground floor, the doors opened. Margaux was slightly taken by surprise, to find an even more, bedraggled girl; standing in a puddle of water. She had seen the girl a few times before, mostly getting in and out of the lift, and once or twice in the underground garage.

“Hi.” Margaux said, in acknowledgment and went on to say “Your wetter than I am, and that’s saying something!”

The girl explained to Margaux. “That she had walked from Bournemouth Square and had been caught in a downpour!”

The girl went on to say, “To make matters worse, she had lost her front door keys. She thought she might have left them in her car, so had gone down to the garage to look, but she could not find them. Now she hoped they were in the apartment!”

The girl also told Margaux. “She hoped her flatmate Chloe was in; otherwise, she was locked out!”

As Margaux went to press the button for the twelfth floor, she noticed that the button was already lit.

Margaux asked. “You’re on the twelfth too?”

“Yes.” Said the girl, “I live at 87.”

“Well, that’s a coincidence I am at 89!” Margaux exclaimed. And went on to say.

My names “Margaux and yours?”

“Alix.” She replied.

“Well, Alix let’s hope your flatmates in!”

They both got out on the twelfth floor turned right, went through the heavy oak fire door, and into the hallway leading to their apartments. Alix rang the bell of 87, no answer!

“Why don’t you call your flatmate to see if their close by?” Margaux suggested.

Alix rang Chloe’s mobile, but it went straight to voicemail!

“Oh God Margaux, what shall I do?” Alix said in an anguished voice.

“Don’t worry Alix you come and stay with me until your flatmate comes home,” Margaux suggested. “But leave a note on the door saying where you are,” Margaux added,

“Thank you, Margaux you’re very kind,” Alix replied.

Margaux put the key in the door and showed Alix inside.

“Would you like a drink, Alix? Coffee, tea, maybe something stronger?” Margaux asked.

“After today maybe something stronger please!” Alix replied.

“Well it’s not often I meet a new neighbour, so let’s crack a bottle of champagne, I’ve several bottles of Taittinger in the refrigerator for a moment just like this!” Margaux enthusiastically said.

Margaux never needed much of an excuse to open a bottle of Tattinger.

“That would be lovely.” Alix’s replied.

“I think we better get out of these wet clothes before we catch our deaths!” Margaux suggested. “Come through to the bathroom there are towels to dry off with.”

Margaux led Alix into her private ensuite bathroom.

“Where can I put my wet things?” Alix enquired.

“I’ll put them in the airing cupboard, they’ll not take too long to dry in there,” Margaux told her.

“Thanks, Margaux,” Alix said gratefully, as she started to strip off her wet clothing.

Margaux went on to enquire, where Alix hailed from, as Alix had an accent Margaux could not quite define?

Alix told Margaux. “She was French, but had lived in America for some years.”

Alix was around 5’7″, twenty-six they’re about, stunning, and slim, She had fabulous raven black hair! Margaux mused.

Margaux noticed the linen jacket was Armani, expensive she pondered, thinking to herself. Wonder where Alix got the money for that?

Margaux hung the jacket in the airing cupboard, on returning she found Alix struggling with the knot that tied the halter of her dress.

“Damn thing will not undo!” Alix exclaimed in an irritated voice.

“Let me help,” Margaux said trying to help.

Margaux pulled on the knot and eventually it came undone. Margaux was now very close to Alix, standing only inches behind her. The smell of the rain on Alix’s hair filled Margaux’s nostrils! She found it quite intoxicating, and very arousing.

With Roxy’s escapade with her new boyfriend still fresh in her mind, Margaux was feeling sexually aroused. And she hadn’t had time yet to scratch that sexy itch! Not sure if it was the wine but she had an overwhelming desire to touch Alix’s bare skin!

“Can you unzip me?”

Brought Margaux back to her senses. After unzipping the dress, it slid to the ground revealing Alix’s almost naked body! Alex’s breasts bounced as she stepped out of the wet clothing, and swayed from side to side as she bent down to pick it up!

Giving Margaux not only the sight of her gorgeous tits but also, her beautiful bottom that Margaux had an irresistible urge to touch, slap even!

All that remained was a pink G-string that had virtually disappeared between the crack of Alix’s arse and folds of her labia!

Fuck Margaux thought, having an irresistible urge to touch Alix’s practically naked body!

Alix turned handing Margaux the dress to hang in the airing cupboard. Margaux felt very daring, and could not believe what she was about to do. Instead of taking the dress, Alix was holding out to her. Margaux knelt in front of Alix and pulled the G-string off her hips and down over her thighs!

The triangle of cloth that should have been covering Alix’s mons pubis was being held a prisoner by the folds of her labia! The sight of Alix’s thong trapped inside the folds of her sex, at eye level made Margaux feel extremely horny and bold!img_2120

Margaux placed a finger into Alix’s silky smooth slit and pulled the trapped material from between Alix’s pussy lips. Margaux’s sex responded to the feel of Alix’s pussy, by flushing with blood as her clitoris started to throb!

Alix’s body trembled at the feel of Margaux’s probing fingers rubbing against her clit but didn’t pull away. Why? Because an old familiar sensation throbbed, deep in her pussy too!

Margaux was about to discover, Alix was bisexual and was enjoying the feel of Margaux’s fingers probing her now moistening sex. Stripping in front of Margaux had been turning her on, and after feeling Margaux’s hand on her pussy had now decided she was going to fuck Margaux, that night, and as soon as possible!

Margaux finished peeling off Alix’s G-string fully taking in her nakedness as she rose to her feet. Alix’s breasts were plump mounds of soft sweet sexiness, with the cutest little nipples! C cup Margaux guessed.

Alix’s nipples were small and dark red, they were already hardening and the aureoles tightening. Her hips were slim, stomach flat, athletic even with a slight six-pack. Her navel pierced and had a sweet little, gold and diamond charm attached. It was in the shape of an arrow, and the head of the arrow pointed to her pussy.

Her legs were long and slender, with a perfect arse. Alix’s silky smooth pubic mound and vulva had been recently waxed!

Margaux stood for a moment taking in this beautiful creature, realising she was getting hornier by the second.

Margaux handed Alix a large fluffy bath towel. Alix dried herself, and handed the towel back to Margaux, saying.

“I should get you out of those wet things before you catch a cold Margaux!”

Margaux replied. “Yes, I suppose you better had!”

Alix continued. “I think those tits need freeing, don’t you agree Margaux?”

“Oh yes definitely!” She replied, now feeling very naughty.

Margaux had put on a white Godiva maxi dress to go out for lunch. The dress buttoned up the front, and it was very wet and stuck to her body. Alix started to undo the top button and then slowly popped each one open. By the time Alix had got to Margaux’s waist, she was able to peel the wet material from Margaux’s shoulders.

Revealing Margaux’s Lise Charmel bra, straining to contain Margaux’s large breasts. Alix took a sharp intake of breath when she saw Margaux’s magnificent tits.

Alix was now in two minds whether to unclasp the straining brassiere to release those orbs, or to pop open the remaining buttons of the dress, which now hung around Margaux’s waist.

Deciding to get rid of the dress so she could have a better look at Margaux’s figure, Alix popped the final buttons holding the wet material to Margaux’s body. The dress fell to the floor; Margaux Leven now stood in just her designer lingerie and as in Roxy’s story a pair white stilettos. And in front of a perfect stranger, who was as naked as the day she was born! And fuck, did she feel horny!

Margaux wanted Alix’s touch, to feel Alix’s skin against hers; Margaux’s nipples were growing and hardening under the material of her bra. Her sex was getting wet, her clitoris swelling, she could feel the hardening bud rubbing the material of her knickers. Margaux not only had beautiful tits, but she also had a considerable clitoris. Well let’s say a very prominent sex bud, and it was sensitive, very sensitive as were her nipples.

Moving around behind her Alix released the ribbon that tied Margaux’s ponytail, letting her blond hair fall over her naked shoulders. Margaux stiffened, as she felt the dual touch of Alix’s fingers on the skin of her arms, and what she perceived to be Alix’s hard nipples, rubbing on the skin between her shoulder blades!

The thought of Alix’s nipples on her skin sent a pulse of desire into Margaux pussy; a damp patch was now very visible on the gusset of her knickers. Margaux realised that Alix wanted to fuck as much as she did!

Margaux’s first woman was going to be this beautiful French girl, and she felt very privileged. Margaux also started to realise she was beginning to have some deeper feelings for this girl. Margaux thought to herself, don’t be so silly, but it was undeniable this was not just going to be sex; well not for her!

Alix stood slightly taller than Margaux and now started to caress and massage her shoulders. Lightly raking her long scarlet nails over the surface of Margaux’s skin.

Margaux responded to Alix’s expert touch and felt her body relax and go quite limp. Alix unclipped Margaux’s bra, slipping it off her shoulders Margaux’s tits spilled free. Margaux gasped as she felt Alix’s hands massaging her, fleshy orbs!CPXMHTTXAAA8gn6

Alix discarded Margaux’s brassiere, dropping it onto the floor. Margaux’s breasts belied her age, even though they were E cup; they hung perfectly. Alex’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of Margaux’s tits, squeezing and massaging the soft flesh; Margaux whimpered her appreciation!

Margaux could feel Alix’s naked body pressed against hers. The combination of Alix’s nakedness and the teasing her tits were getting sent waves of erotic hedonism throughout her body!

Margaux’s nipples were now hard and stalk like! Alix could not see Margaux’s teats but could feel them. They had grown to a size Alix could run a finger up and down the nipples stalk! Making Margaux gasp, moaning in pleasure, as Alix started a wanking motion rubbing her fingers up and down the quivering stalks!

The areola was tight and crinkled; the nipple stood out erect there were at least three centimeters of nipple protruding from Margaux’s areolas. Alix’s fingers pulled and twisted these engorged hard stalks!

Margaux started to groaned in sheer delight, as Alix worked on her breasts. Margaux’s overstimulated nipples now sent out small electrical pulses of sexual pleasure, down into her pussy. Margaux’s clitoris responded enthusiastically, her vulva swelling, and her sex juices started to saturate her knickers.

Margaux’s nipples and clit seemed to respond as one, connected by the invisible lines of her nervous system, dopamine’s flooded her brain as Alix pulled and teased the horny teats, her clitoris, and nipples throbbed in unison!

Margaux’s hands went to her pussy; she wanted to give herself release, she wanted to climax! Her fingers found her growing sex bud, which by now was protruding so far out of its protective hood it bulged against the fabric of her knickers. Alix saw what Margaux was doing and said.

“If you want to play with a clitoris, you have to play with mine, I will deal with yours!”

And slapped Margaux hands away from her clit! Margaux pleaded with Alix to make her cum.

“Not yet!” Was Alix’s reply.

Margaux knickers had now started to work their way in between the wet folds of her sex. Her vulva and outer labia had begun to become exposed.

Alix took hold of the cotton material at the front and back of Margaux’s knickers, pulled up on the fragile fabric! Then started a gentle rocking motion, rubbing the fabric back and forth up Margaux’s sopping pussy!

Margaux groaned in delight once again as the material wet with her juices slid between her pussy lips. Her clitoris now trapped by the material was rubbed on the upstroke in one direction and rubbed in the other on the down stroke.

Alix started to pull the material more vigorously between Margaux’s inner labia. The outer labia were now so flushed and swollen they had taken on a dark hue. Margaux’s orgasm was close; she could feel the telltale signs of her impending climax!

Margaux usually felt her orgasm arriving in ever increasing waves of throbbing pleasure! Typically it took six or seven waves of ever-growing intensity until the final wave took her to orgasmic heaven!

Margaux played with her now so sensitive nipples, trapping them between thumb and forefinger as she squeezed and pulled on the stalks, tormenting and torturing her own body!

Wave after wave of hedonistic pleasure pulsed into her throbbing sex. Couple that with the treatment her engorged clit was receiving, the next wave she thought, would send her over the top, to a shuddering climax!

Alix tore the sodden knickers from Margaux body. It was the first time she had seen Margaux sex bud, and it took her breath away!

“My God Margaux look at that, you have a small cock!” Alix exclaimed.

Margaux’s clitoris was in full view, it protruded from its protective hood by a good two centimeters, and it looked more like a small penis, complete with a coronal ridge!

Alix fell to her knees and took the sex bud into her mouth. As her tongue flicked the twitching sex bud from side to side, Margaux let out a howl of ecstasy! Pulling Alix’s head harder down on to her vulva her mouth filled with the soft wet flesh of Margaux’s pussy.

Reaching up Alix found Margaux’s breasts, and started to tweak Margaux’s throbbing nipples. The sensation was too much for Margaux and sent her over the top. Her orgasm hit, shuddering through her body. Margaux’s legs gave way, and she slid to the floor!

Alix still between her legs kept sucking on Margaux pussy, until Margaux begged her to stop after what seemed like her fifth orgasm! But she wasn’t sure, as they all appeared to meld into one long pussy throbbing climax! Her clitoris that had now become so sensitive, Margaux couldn’t bear it played with any longer!

Margaux lay spent on the floor in Alix’s arms. After a short while, Margaux got up, went into the lounge, and brought back a bottle of champagne, and a pair of silk scarfs.

Alix said. “Love the champagne, but why the silk scarfs?”

“Oh, you’ll find out my dear!” Margaux replied.

With the bottle of champagne and the scarf’s in her left hand, Margaux reached out and pulled Alix from the floor. When Alix was at her full height, she was no more than two inches from Margaux’s face; both women could feel each other’s breasts brushing against their skin!

Both women felt their body chemistry respond and knew they wanted more. Alix leaned in and kissed Margaux’s soft plump lips, their tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. Margaux sucked in Alix’s lower lip, and at the same time felt, Alix’s hand tracing a finger up and down her right nipple.

A shudder of desire rippled through Margaux.

“No!” she insisted.

“It’s your turn, Alix!”

Margaux’s bathroom or rather her wet room; was tiled from floor to ceiling. The tiles were of gold and white, and in one corner was a copper rolled top bath, large enough for two. In the other corner, a large copper showerhead came out from the wall, and several vertical water jets lined the right angles.

Margaux could either have just the rain shower head working or let the more powerful side jets pound and massage her body. There was a strong hook on the wall, just below the showerhead, which Margaux hung her exfoliating mitten on.

There was also a netting bag containing Margaux waterproof sex toys, her pink double-headed dildo and her latest acquisition, a wireless remote-controlled vibrator.

Margaux led Alix into the corner of the wet room and now inspired by Roxy’s escapades with her boyfriend, said to Alix.

“Give me your hands darling.”

This Alix did, compliantly! After putting down the champagne bottle, Margaux placed one scarf around her neck and tied Alix’s wrists together with the other. Alix looked slightly bemused but was happy to see where this was going!

Margaux motioned Alix back into the very corner of the wet room, directly under the showerhead. Margaux then took the scarf from around her neck and tied it to the scarf binding Alix’s wrists. Alix suddenly realised what was happening. Margaux placed the free end of the scarf over the copper pipe connected to the showerhead and pulled on it slowly. Alix’s arms were now pulled up above her head, her tits rising slowly with them.

Alix liked a bit of BDSM, and the process was making her very wet, but what was Margaux going to do next?

Alix hadn’t realised Margaux was going to be such fun!

Margaux tied the free end of the scarf to the hook on the wall and turned her attention to Alix’s body. Moving to pick up the champagne.

“Would you like some, my dear?” Margaux asked, with a slightly sinister tone to her voice.

“Please, Mistress!” Alix’s replied playing along. Margaux instructed Alix to lay her head back and open her mouth, compliantly again; Alix did as she was bid!

As Alix laid her head back, her breasts lifted further up. The flesh was soft, and her nipples were hard, Alix was now as horny as hell, but Margaux could not help herself.

Instead of pouring the fizzing liquid into Alix’s mouth she sucked on a nipple, making Alix whimper with the pleasure.

Alix murmured. “Harder Margaux harder!”

Margaux obliged, sucking harder and biting into Alix’s right nipple, sucking it further into her mouth as her teeth trapped the nipple at its areolic base! Margaux pulled on the throbbing sex teat, flicking the end with her tongue as if she was wanking Alix’s clitoris!

The pain to Alix was a sheer joy; her pussy responded to the treatment her nipple was getting, and there was a familiar throb in her clit. Margaux’s teeth slowly let the hard mammary teat slip and turn her attention to the deprived left nipple!

But instead of using her mouth, Margaux employed her fingers to play with Alix’s tight hard bud!

Gently, at first, Margaux ran her sharp well-manicured nails over the soft flesh of Alix’s engorged left breast. Leaving slight red welts where her nails had raked the skin. The nails centered on the left nipple, Alix watched and waited in anticipation of the nails arriving at their goal! The soft flesh of her tight and crinkled left areola!

Margaux’s nails closed around Alix’s left nipple digging into the soft flesh and lifting. Margaux’s thumbnail and the nails of the next three fingers dug into the base of the nipple twisting and pulling on the abused teat!

Alix groaned in blissful agony, loving every moment of her torture! Alix could feel her sex swelling and her clitoris throbbing, as Margaux pulled on the nipple, only letting it slip when it would extend no more. Alix’s nipples were now so sore but she loved every moment of it!

Margaux was so sexually charged now, that she felt capable of anything; she felt empowered. Sexually empowered.

She was not sure if it was the wine or Roxy’s story, but she felt as horny as hell. And even though she had cum several times, she wanted more, this girl was an aphrodisiac; Margaux was falling in love. Margaux moved the champagne from her left hand to her right, then moved her left hand to Alix’s raven black mane, and took hold of her glossy locks!

Pulling on Alix’s hair had the effect of forcing her head back.

“Open wide!” Margaux ordered, becoming very dominant.

Margaux’s more than ample breasts pressed into Alix’s skin, her large hard nipples rubbed against Alix’s tits, turning Alix’s on all the more.

With her head forced back, Alix’s back arched compelling her breasts to elevate even further; her hard nipples pointed up and ached to be touched again.

Her quim was wet, very wet; small droplets of her love juice exuded from the lips of her inner labia and trickled down the inside of her legs.

With her mouth, open Margaux poured champagne into Alix’s throat. Alix tried to swallow as much as she could, but the fizzing liquid was escaping from her mouth and nostrils. The cold sparkling liquid cascaded over her tits, the fizz, tingling her sore nipples, on down through the valley between her breasts trickling over her bejeweled navel. And on down till it reached her vulva.

The liquid traversed over her depilated pubic mound, mixing with Alix’s body fluid that now oozed from her pussy freely. Alix’s clitoris responded to the cold foaming liquid, sending waves of gratifying sensual pleasure through her body.

Margaux captured some of the Champagne Pussy Cocktail in a glass and drank the heady sexual mixture!

When she had drained the glass, Margaux took a large swig from the bottle of Tattinger and continued to pour more of the liquid into Alix’s open mouth!

Alex’s gagged as more of the champagne escaped from her mouth! Margaux let go of Alix’s hair and putting down the half-empty bottle of Tattinger, started to lap the sticky substance from her sticky skin!

Eagerly sucking at her neck then down over her breasts, licking clean Alix’s tits, sucking every drop from her nipples. Margaux’s tongue licked and slurped its way down Alix’s body. Consuming all the sweet sticky liquid that she could.

Alix’s body stiffened in anticipation of Margaux’s mouth arriving at her wet and wanting pussy. She was not to be disappointed; Margaux’s mouth moved down till it reached her soft fleshy pubic mound!

Margaux sucked the soft fleshy smoothness of Alix’s Mons Pubis, nipping the sensitive skin with her teeth. As Margaux suckled on the silky skin, she moved lower till her mouth found the top of Alix’s slit. Her tongue slipped in between the folds of skin at the top of Alix’s sex.

Alix’s body shuddered and jerked, as Margaux’s tongue tantalised the prepuce protecting Alix’s clitoris, sucking in the soft and malleable tissue!

Alix cried out. “For fuck sake Margaux, my clit, fuck, suck my clit woman, I need release!”

But Margaux was not ready to let her climax that easily!

As Margaux’s tongue flicked over the straining sex bud Alix screamed.

“Suck it you bitch, don’t stop….fuck, fuck, fuck this is sweet torture!”

Margaux did suck, but not the wanting clitoris. Margaux sucked on the silky skin of Alix’s vulva, drawing into her mouth the soft juicy, fleshy folds of her labia!

First sucking then biting the sweet flesh, Alix continued to cry out.

“Oh my God, oh my fucking God, fuck me; fuck me, you bitch!”

Alix squirmed under Margaux’s mouth, and then Margaux gave her release. Margaux placed her soft lips on Alix’s throbbing clit, and sucked hard, flicking the end of the swollen sex bud with her tongue!

Alix’s orgasm erupted from deep within her sex, radiating waves of pleasure throughout her nervous system. Her legs twitched involuntary, her sex filling Margaux mouth with her sweet sex juice. Margaux looked up at Alix with a triumphant smile, as female cum dripped down her chin she licked her lips.

“Yum, yum!” Margaux whispered!

Alix panted. “Margaux, fuck, that was fantastic; I’ve been with several women, but never that good. Can I keep you for myself?”

“We will see; I think you have the potential to break my heart!” Margaux said with a sigh.

“Margaux I think you need to let me down now!” Alex suggested.

But Margaux replied in the negative saying. “Oh no, Alix I’m not finished with you yet!”

And reached for the bag containing her sex toys! As Margaux reached up, her breasts again rubbed against Alix’s soft, delicate skin, sending a shiver through both women!

Margaux’s elongated nipples grazed Alix’s sore and oversensitive teats, sending a surge of electricity through them both. Margaux looked into Alix’s eyes and saw the longing in them, crushed her lips to hers and a long and passionate kiss followed. Their tongues pirouetted in and out of each other’s mouths; Alix bit hard on Margaux soft and plump upper lip making her moan!

Margaux pulled away from their kiss, took the bag from the hook it lived on, and produced four things. A small travelling bottle of baby oil, a compact vibrator that looked like a giant sperm!

The sperm’s tail was folded back on its self, forming a C-shaped clamp and the wireless controller for the vibrator. The fourth thing was a twelve inch double-headed, black latex dildo. Alix’s eyes open wide with delight when she saw the phallus; her pussy throbbed at the thought of it invading her wet slit!

Alix had not seen anything like Margaux’s latest purchase. The small sperm shaped vibrator was the latest thing in sex toys. It was mauve in colour and small in stature and gave you one hell of a climax!

It operated remotely and used the most recent cutting-edge wireless technology to produce a mighty soul shattering orgasm!

Margaux squirted oil into Alix’s Raven black hair; standing so close Alix was crushed between the wall behind her and Margaux’s body. Margaux’s right leg was in between Alix’s thighs, and Alix’s smooth hairless vulva pressed into Margaux’s quad muscle. As Margaux massaged oil into Alix’s hair, Alix gyrated her groin against Margaux’s leg, her clit rubbing on Margaux’s quad sending wave upon wave of heavenly pleasure up her body and into her brain! Getting dopamine drunk!

Margaux’s expertly delivered Indian head massage! It seemed not only to relax her body and soul but heightened her senses! Alix cupped her left breast in her left hand, playing with the erect horny nipple, instantaneously sending pulsing threads of lustfulness out over her body joining up with the sensation radiating from her clit! If she was dopamine drunk, she was now on a dopamine high, mainlining on Margaux!

Reaching out with her right hand, Alix took hold of Margaux’s left nipple. Then trapped it between her scarlet painted nails. Pulling and twisting the captured stalk, Margaux squealed! First in discomfort, then she started to purr with pleasure as Alix raked her nails over the soft flesh of Margaux’s left orb, culminating as the nails came together at the nipple!

Pulling the teat out and lifting the heavy fleshy orb, now suspended in the grip of Alix’s talons. Mimicking what Margaux had done to her beautiful tits!

When Margaux’s face contorted as the suffering nipple had taken as much as it could, Alix let the teat escape. Only to start over again, raking those red glossy scarlet nails over the soft fleshy tissue, leaving a red trail in their wake, till arriving at the sore pink nipple again ready to resume the torture!

All the time Alix continued to gyrate on Margaux’s thigh, her clitoris rubbing up and down against Margaux’s thigh, trying to wank herself towards release!

Her impending orgasm rising and falling coming and fading! Alix’s nails continued entrapping Margaux’s left nipple as Margaux squirted more oil on her shoulders and breasts.

Beads of oil ran around Alix’s navel down over her abdomen, before dripping onto the wet room floor from her pussy.

After putting the oil bottle on a small shelf close by, Margaux began working the oil into Alix’s body. Margaux’s hands started massaging at the base of Alix’s throat; then moved out over her shoulders, with what seemed like to Alix, an expert touch.

From her shoulders, Margaux’s hands moved down and in, till they found Alix’s soft swollen breasts. Alix had lovely tits, Margaux reflected, as she massaged oil into the soft flesh. Alix moaned in sheer delight as Margaux hands expertly worked on her mammary glands.

Margaux moved her leg from between Alix’s thighs giving her more room to get a better look at this beautiful creature!

Alix responded disappointedly. “You bitch I was enjoying that, I was nearly there!”

“Bitch, am I!” Margaux scolded, with a playful look in her eye, and placed a slap across Alix’s right breast.

“Oww! Mistress that stung!” Alix cried out.

A red welt started to appear on the soft flesh of Alix’s right boob!

“You’re not going to slap me again are you Mistress?” Alix said, in a voice that said. Oh please smack me!

But before she could finish, Margaux slapped the left breast even harder.

“Ouch ouch, oh please don’t punish me anymore Mistress!” Alix whimpered, as Margaux rained slap, upon slap, on Alix’s burning tits.

Alix’s breasts were now rosy red, her nipples swollen, not by the slaps they were receiving! But because the punishment was turning her on, even more so!

Margaux now turned her attention to Alix’s oily nipples, tweaking them between her thumb and forefinger. Tugging on the hard dark red buds, pulling and twisting the trapped flesh. Returning the treatment, her nipple had just received.

Margaux moved from ensnaring the sore teats between her fingers to imprisoning them between her nails. As she gently closed her talons around Alix’s soft teats, she whispered.

“Tell me if the pains too much darling!”

And then slowly pulled on Alix’s throbbing and aching nipples, lifting the mammary glands from their resting position on Alix’s chest.

Alix again cried out. “Oh my fucking God, Oh my God. Oohhh, fuuccckkkk, harder Margaux! Fuck, fuck, fuck, the pains going to make me come!”

As waves of pain and desire radiated down, into her throbbing sex Alix wailed!

“Enough enough Mistress!”

Alix appealed for Margaux to stop tormenting her sore teats. Margaux slowly did as requested, releasing the imprisoned elongated and swollen nipples! Alix’s breasts bouncing as they fell back to her chest!

After running a sharp talon up and down each erect nipple, Margaux planted a kiss on both soft swollen buds, sucking on the tingling teats.

Alix gasping. “Please Mistress, I’m ready, I need to cum!”

Margaux reached for the oil and the sperm looking vibrator. The small sperm like vibrator has a head that oscillated, and a tail that turns back on itself to touch the oscillating head. Forming, a C-shaped! A vibrating clamp in reality!

The tail you inserted into the vagina and lies on the G-spot, the oscillating head clamping over the clitoris or the mons pubis, on the clitoral prepuce!

In essence, the woman’s pussy is trapped in the grip of the sperm, in the grasp of a vibrating pussy clamp! Its tail vibrating against her G-spot, and the head against her clitoris!

The six speeds and vibration modes can be controlled by the wireless remote. Margaux knew how effective it was, becoming well overused, in the six weeks of her ownership!

Margaux switched on the remote and the vibrator buzzed, as they made an instant wireless link; the connection lights flashed on both devices. Margaux set the buzzing sperm to its lowest setting, and ran the vibrators oscillating head over Alix’s nipples!

Alix’s rigid teats seemed to get harder, the areola crinkling more tightly. Alix moaned in pure pleasure, as the vibrating sperm teased her sensitive, tender milk buds. As the sperm vibrated against one nipple Margaux’s nails teased and tormented the other, each taking their turn, in pleasure or pain!

After what seemed an age to Alix, Margaux slid the sperm from Alix’s tits, down over her abdomen to her waiting and wanting pussy. Squirting oil onto her fingers, Margaux massaged the lubricant into Alix’s sex.

The inner and outer labia of Alix’s pussy were so swollen they had opened like the petals of a flower. Inviting Margaux fingers to explore deep inside Alix’s moist pussy! Margaux unable to resist the temptation slipped the index and middle fingers of her right hand in between the folds of Alix’s labia, plunging them deep into her vagina!

Margaux’s thumb found Alix’s throbbing clitoris stroking it back and forth. Alix squirmed and tried to force herself down further on Margaux’s fingers.

“O God, please fuck me with your fingers, Mistress, fuck me… oh please, Mistress!” Alix implored, so wanting and so needing to climax!

Margaux fingers now started to pump faster and harder into Alix’s willing sex. Her thumb was rubbing Alex’s clitoris on the upstroke, making Alix squeal every time the digit made contact. Faster and faster Margaux finger fucked Alix.

Alix felt her orgasm rise and then fall. Knowing instinctively the next wave was going to take her to orgasm heaven!IMG_1162

Alex groaned in Margaux’s ear. “I’m going to come, pump harder Mistress!”

Margaux slowly stopped, and with a squelching noise withdrew her wet and sticky fingers from Alix’s sopping sex.

“Don’t stop Mistress!” Alix implored.

As Margaux lapped Alix’s juice from her fingers!

“I’m not darling don’t you worry,” Margaux replied.

Taking the tail of the buzzing sperm, Margaux pushed it up inside Alix’s quivering quim, the head clamped tight over her sex bud!

Alix’s body instantly stiffened, as her two cum buttons became entrapped between the vibrating head and tail!

Margaux had started the sperm buzzing at its lowest setting and in just normal vibration mode.

“Margaux that’s yummy!” Alix said.

“And this?” Margaux replied as she moved up the vibrating speed!

“O my God, Ô Mon Dieu.” Alix cried, as she broke into her native language.

“Que faites-vous de moi? (What do you do to me?)” Alix whimpered.

The reverberating sperms head was in direct contact with her clit, the sensation making her body tremble, and her legs twitch!

The vibrations ran down the length of the sperms body, and through to the tail, which now vibrated against her G-spot. Margaux now upped the speed and changed the mode to pulse, Alix squealed in ecstasy, as the vibrator sent waves of pleasure, throughout her body!

Alix’s nipples tingled, goose bumps appeared on her skin! Her teats ached to feel Margaux’s touch again! Alix’s whole vagina felt like it was vibrating.

Margaux increased the speed again and move it onto vibrating – pulse mode! Alix jerked and shook, as the vibrations seemed to radiate to extremities of her brain.

Pulses of pure eroticism traversed down her body from her brain stem, culminating at and connecting all Alix’s erogenous zones. Her clitoris, her nipples, her anus, the soft tissue of her breasts, her neck and earlobes! The whole of her body glowing with pleasure!

Alix’s neck, and the soft fleshy tissue of her buttocks, all throbbed and acted like one! Bringing her to fulfillment!

“Margaux me baiser avec votre gode! (Margaux fill me with your dildo!)” Alix cried out as her climax hit.

It was a bittersweet release, as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body and soul, her legs gave way, and she hung there struggling to gain her footing!

After taking her weight back on her feet, she said to Margaux. “Fuck!”

“I take it you enjoyed that?” Margaux responded.

“Baise que j’ai fait!” Alix said in French, translating it to Margaux, “Fuck I did!”

Margaux untied Alix from the showerhead and the two of them showered, and as they washed each other, they kissed snogging like teenagers.

Their tongues dancing with one another! Margaux had in a short while grown very close to this girl, and didn’t want her to go! She wished they could stay having sex, no making love forever!

Margaux mused, was she falling in love with another woman, no surely not, what would her friends think?

Margaux roused out of her dream world, with Alex saying.

“There’s something we’ve not played with yet?”

Margaux looked at Alix; she was holding the two-headed black dildo.

“Je vais te faire foutre avec votre proper gode! (I am going to fuck you with your own, dildo!)” Alix informed Margaux.

But as Margaux knew little French, was at this moment none the wiser. Alix then took, Margaux, the dildo, and the oil into the bedroom!

Margaux had a large queen size bed, as Alix turned down the bedding she instructed Margaux. “To get on the bed!”

Margaux did as she was told, her breasts falling to each side of her chest as she lay back on the soft mattress. Margaux’s body now expectant, wanting, needing another orgasm!

Alix poured oil onto her hands and started to rub it onto the dildo, in a very suggestive wanking motion.

When the dildo was oiled Alix positioned herself opposite Margaux. The excitement and anticipation of that oily fat black phallus invading her now tight sex made Margaux impressive clit throb. Her stalk like nipples now erect again and wanting attention!

Margaux obliged her teats by playing with them, tweaking and pulling on her elongated nipples, making her clitoris even harder and more swollen.

Alix positioned one of the circumcised heads of the latex dildo at the entrance of Margaux’s wet, waxed and wanting sex, and then slowly feed the hungry pussy!

Slipping the oiled phallus between Margaux’s puffy labia Alix pushed the length into the woman’s tight vaginal canal! Margaux gasped and let out a cry of primeval pleasure as it filled her body!

“Oh my fucking God, that feels good, so deep!’

Alix’s placing the opposite head of the dildo between the folds of her sex and slid herself onto the black oily phallus, letting out a cry of pleasure as her pussy slipped towards Margaux’s.

Both women were in the scissor position and impaled deep on the dong!

As they thrust down, their sex buds kissed, and they howled with joy, like dogs on heat. Their thrusting becoming more urgent as both women rushed towards orgasm! Both women teased their nipples with one hand while the other frantically worked on their clitoris.

On the down stroke, their clits met crushing together; grinding into each other’s vulva! They pulsed up and down on the thick latex cock filling their respective pussies!

Margaux’s orgasm was the first to arrive!

Her vaginal walls gripped the soft latex, as her climax throbbed through her body! Alix’s climax followed!

“Ô Mon Dieu, Ô Mon Dieu!” she cried, as her pussy contracted around the phallus inside her. Her orgasm cascading over her body! Her sex juice’s squelching on the latex cock, as she rode the hard phallus to the crest of her climax!IMG_1079

As the climax subsided Alix thrust down once more onto the dildo and Margaux, trapping it inside their bodies. Both women now lay with the dildo impaled deep inside them, squeezing their clitorises together, to try to drain the last drop of pleasure from their bodies.

Margaux reached for Alix’s hand, and both women drifted off into a sex-educed sleep, their fingers entwined.

Chapter Two


Margaux awoke with a fuzzy head and bleary eyes, it was dark now, but she felt aware of someone else in the room. Looking down the length of her body, she could see Alix still impaled on the latex dong. It looked like she had become a Lady Boy with an enormous black cock.

Margaux lifted her head and saw a naked black man standing inside the door that opened on the roof garden. He was bathed in moonlight, and she could see the silhouette of his enormous erect penis, it was twitching and pointing at her.

Margaux thought, she must be dreaming, but no she wasn’t dreaming she was wide-awake. And a naked black guy was playing with his cock and standing in her bedroom, not more than five feet from her.bigdickedman (1)

As Margaux was just about to let out a scream, as a hand covered her mouth, and muffled her cry, it was Alix!

“Don’t scream Margaux its ok, its Malik, my landlord!” Alix assured Margaux.

Margaux exclaimed. “What the fuck!”

“What do you want Malik? Why are you here? And where are your clothes, and why are you playing with your cock?” Alix demanded, in rather a matter of fact way Margaux thought trying to cover her embarrassment with her hands!

“Well I found the note, there was no answer when I knocked, so I gave up. Came in had a shower and went out to the roof garden to finish my drink. I didn’t bother to dress, as there was no one else around. It’s private up here, your friend there is always walking around up here nude, and do I complain! Then I heard noises from this direction, so I came over to make sure everything was ok. The door was open, so I was making sure there wasn’t a break in.” Malik explained bending the truth somewhat!

“So why are you still here, why are you watching us?” Alix again inquired.

“Well is that not obvious Alix, you’ve had an artificial black cock, now don’t you want the real thing? I’d like to give you some real dark meat. I’ve always wanted to fuck your sweet little white pussy. Now I’ve got two white girls for the price of one!” Malik said with a grin on his face.

Margaux thought fuck what have I got myself into, not realising Malik was sort of, and sort of not joking!

Margaux thinking Malik to be serious thought to the inner Margaux.

“If I’m going to get raped at least he’s young, good-looking, and well hung. In fact, if he’d picked me up in a bar I’d be disappointed if we hadn’t ended up fucking by the end of the night!”

The thought of a threesome with Alix and Malik got her juices going again!

So taking the initiative into her own hands and rather than looking like she was being coerced, Margaux got off the bed and went over to Malik. Her breasts were proudly swaying and bouncing as she walked over to him.

“Wow, you’ve got some great tits woman!” Malik exclaimed.

Wanting to take control of this obviously out of control situation, Margaux took hold of Malik at the base his phallus and led him over to the bed; telling him. ‘To get on the bed and assume the position!”

As Malik laid back, his cock stood upright an invitation for either woman to impale themselves. Margaux climbed onto the bed and squatted over Malik’s instrument of impalement.

Placing a hand around his black phallus, she positioned the swollen head between the folds of her labia and the entrance to her body then squatted! Impaling herself! Fuck it was bigger than the dildo! Margaux thought, swallowing hard imagining she could feel the thing at the back of her throat!

Margaux’s now very wet, and horny sex started to pump, sliding up and down Malik’s hard throbbing cock! Margaux let out a yelp as the length and circumference filled her vagina. Her pussy bulging trying to accommodate the meat she had just forced inside her!

She had never had anything that size in her body before fuck it felt good! Malik’s phallus was stretching her vaginal cavity to the limit. As Malik thrust up for the first time, Margaux’s pussy became totally speared!  Margaux was now balls deep, the root of his cock squashing her vulva as he wiggled to try and get the last centimeter of his erection inside the woman’s tight pussy.

Margaux thought her vagina was going to tear apart, as Malik’s entire cock root and all disappeared inside her over-stuffed sex. Margaux’s oversized clit becoming squashed into the dimple at the base of Malik’s hairless beast!

As Margaux got used to being filled with Malik’s massive throbbing organ now totally embedded in her sex, she started to again pump rhythmically on it. As she slowly, at first, began to rise and fall on the enormous monster inside her, Malik began groping and slapping her tits as they bounced up and down. Tugging on her nipples as the upstroke took her pussy off Malik’s penis only for her to instantly push back down.

Malik groaned with sheer lust at the sensation of Margaux’s tight vaginal cavity embracing his meat! Her vaginal walls gripping his veiny cock as her pussy wanked him, in pursuit of another orgasm for herself, a spunky one at that she hoped?

As Margaux now pumped harder Malik joined in, thrusting up as Margaux thrust down. Malik now with handfuls of Margaux’s soft breasts began to ride her!

Malik’s thumbs rubbed deep into Margaux’s nipples as his hands squeezed her mammary flesh. His cock thrusting up into Margaux’s squelching sex! Slapping and squelching noises coming from Margaux’s pussy as Malik filled her to the root, and more!

Both protagonists moaned every time the base of Malik’s cock slapped against Margaux’s erect clit and swollen vulva! Bringing their climax’s ever closer!

Alix looked on in amazement, getting turned on by the sex show now playing out before her!


Malik Jackson

Malik Jackson had bought his penthouse in Bournemouth as a weekend hideaway and investment. He was tall, around six-foot-four, with a strong athletic body, thirty -six years old and very attractive. A certain friend of his by the name of Shelly Mitchell actually thought of him as beautiful!

Malik was the original guy you didn’t want to meet up a dark alley. He had arrived in the UK from Somalia as a child and had lived in South East London for most of his life. He joined the army at age sixteen, signing up with the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. He ended his service with the SAS and then went into close protection. These days he worked long hours as an agency driver come, bodyguard! But the money was good, very good!

The company he worked for was based in Mayfair and provided the rich and famous with exquisitely beautiful escorts. Malik’s job was to deliver them to their clients and protect them if necessary!

The work could be dangerous, so he liked to get away to the comparative calm and tranquillity of the south coast. It was Friday and as he had no appointments till the following Monday, so thought he would get away from the city.

He had recently rented out his spare bedrooms, to a couple of girls. One he was fucking! Chloe a very sexy blond! Chloe came from a well-off family and was studying at Bournemouth University.

He liked the way she spoke, very posh he thought and loved the way she said Please as he slid his cock into her pink pussy! If only Mummy and Daddy could see her sucking on his big black dick! What would they say?

The other girl well she was another kettle of fish! Alix, French with a Yankee twang. She was gorgeous, sleek black hair, and very fuckable. Malik had wanted to get into her knickers, but had the feeling she might bat for the other side?

He had arrived at his apartment at eleven o’clock, to find a note stuck to the door! It read. Chloe, I’ve lost my keys again, I am waiting for you in the apartment next door, 89!

Obviously, Chloe had not come home as the note was still there. Malik had let himself into his penthouse apartment; there was no one in so Alix must still be with the neighbour Malik assumed!

Malik rang the bell at 89, no answer. Knocked on the door still no response, gave up and returned his apartment. Headed into his bedroom for a shower, and to get some sleep. It was a warm evening, so he opened the door that led out to the roof garden.

He shared the large roof garden with the adjoining apartment (89). Malik had not acquainted himself with his neighbour but knew her name was Margret, Margo or some such name. He had seen her out on roof garden on some occasions but had not wished to disturb her.

Every time he had observed the woman she had been sunbathing, mostly naked, and he didn’t want to appear like a peeping tom or startle her. Even if he was peeping at her breasts, it had not passed his notice that she had fantastic melons!

On the odd occasion after spying on his neighbour while she sunbathed nude, Malik would take a shower and masturbate. Imagining to himself that his big black cock was sliding in between those luscious heavy orbs erupting, gifting her a pearl necklace. And then, taking the head of his dribbling cock into her mouth sucking out the last pearly drops as a thank you for her creamy gift!

As Malik now stripped for the shower, he could hear moaning noises coming from across the balcony. And thought to himself that it sounded very much like people having sex?

The neighbour must be getting fucked, lucky bitch! Malik pondered.

He had an urge to go take a peek!

Malik showered and dried off, poured himself a scotch and as the night was warm went out onto the roof garden drink it. He was naked, but that didn’t matter as his penthouse was on the twelfth floor and no one overlooked them.

As he drank he heard voices floating over the roof garden from 89! They both sounded female, and one had a slight French accent! Malik thought about the sex he might have heard before, and could not stop himself from wanting to take a look! Was there some girl on girl action going on he could spy on?

The garden patio door to the neighbour’s bedroom was wide open, so Malik tiptoed quietly moving the potted plants that marked the boundary between their two apartments.

As he got closer to the bedroom door, he could see two naked bodies lying asleep on the bed, and to his surprise and luck, both were female! One was his neighbour and the other Alix his lodger. As he got closer, he could see they had fallen asleep, and Alix seemed skewered with a black dildo!

The sight of these two naked and well-fucked women had an effect on Malik’s manhood. His cock was now fully erect, the foreskin had peeled back exposing the glands black purple head!

Fuck it; he thought through his whiskey-clouded mind, I’m going to have some fun with this white pussy! And moved in through the doorway! Not really thinking it through properly! Malik stood still, as he saw the neighbour start to wake!

Continue reading!

Margaux continued pumping up and down on Malik’s thick phallus, her vaginal walls squeezing the cock pounding her pussy!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh fuck, God, I’m so full of cock!” Margaux screamed.

She could feel the mammoth black dick swelling and throbbing inside her, the swollen head thrusting against the back of her sex; she had never felt so invaded or full!

As Alix sat watching Margaux rising and falling on Malik’s cock, she started playing with herself, rubbing her clit, caressing and teasing her tits. Margaux’s soft mammary glands bounced up and down swinging and swaying from side to side, to the rhythm of Malik’s determined monster thrusting up into her body.

Margaux looked over and beckoned Alix to join them.

Alix did not need asking twice and sat over Malik’s face. Thrusting her pussy into Malik’s mouth, she ordered him to eat, which he eagerly did! Sucking and slurping at the sweet meat of Alix’s pussy, Malik could feel his climax building, and was fighting to control it!

Alix’s sucking on Margaux’s nipples and Margaux instructing Alix to suck harder was bringing his inevitable eruption closer!

Alix’s clitoris was now a rigid pleasure bud, and Malik sucked at it hard all the while flicking it with his tongue, as he continued to pump into Margaux’s body!

Then he felt the first spurt of precum!

Malik’s cock was preparing for ejaculation! He felt another spurt and knew the mother load was not far off!

Fuck, he thought. I’m going to come; I’m passed the point of no return!

Desperate to bring the woman so expertly fucking him off at the same time as his imminent volcanic eruption, Malik’s hands went to the base of his cock! At the same time as Margaux pushed down, Malik thrust up. With the thumb of his left hand, he stretched the skin just above Margaux’s clitoris. Pulling up on Margaux’s prepuce, the large horny clit that had been squashed into Malik’s pubic bone became exposed!

Malik now started to wank Margaux with the fingers of his right hand. Margaux could stand no more; her tormented clitoris sent an orgasm screaming through her body! Margaux’s brain went into dopamine overload as she shrieked.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming!”

Malik felt Margaux’s body shudder as her orgasm pulsates around his cock. Her vaginal wall’s violently wanking his manhood as she thrust down hard on his erection, her juices oozing out of her pussy and over his balls!

As Margaux’s orgasm pulsed through her nervous system Malik let go of the mother load! She felt the hot spunk spurt from the head his manhood, cascading against the back of her sex, filling her body with his cream. Feeling the first throb and jet of spunk, then another and another and another then a double jet!

Fuck I’m going to drown in his cream! She thought to herself as she felt him throb and pump another jet of spunk into her! Cream now oozing out of her body, as she perceived she could taste Malik’s sticky eruption at the back of her throat!

Malik now sucked hard on Alix’s throbbing clitoris, flicking the hard clit with his tongue. Margaux still impaled on Malik’s cock leaned forward and sucked hard on Alix’s right nipple! The effect of Margaux and Malik’s tongues working on her two most sensitive and erogenous areas brought her climax like an earthquake.

Alix’s body quivered as the orgasm quaked through her, her sex lube filling Malik’s mouth. As her orgasm continued to throb deep in her pussy, Alix slid down onto the bed and into Margaux’s waiting arms.

As they lay in the aftermath of their orgasms, Malik thought to himself. This was going to be an interesting weekend, to say the least! As he felt a mouth around the head of his cock and another sucking on a testicle!



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