Poem/Wordoodle: Sunday Morning Sex (SMS)

Sunday morning sex is lazy and languid

It starts as a slow dance

Mouths touching nipping at lips

His to her neck, hers to his stubbly face

Moving down he’s caressing her breasts

As she toys with his hardening cock

His lips on soft mammary flesh then nipple

Her hand on the now hard meat starts a slow beat

His fingers now in the folds of her wet sex

As her mouth sucks at his frenulum

She whispers in his ear

‘Assume the position’

He dutifully does as instructed

Rolling over on to back

She straddles him

Cock in hand she find her clit

Now slowly she starts

To rub the head against her slit

He moans

His hands now play with her breasts

A slow groan slips from her lips

As his shaft she positions

Then she descends

Her body swallowing him whole

The ride begins

She mounted on her stallion

With finger on clit

She rides with passion

The stallion bucks

Her fingers now wanking her slippery slit

As the horse now beneath her she fucks

He moans, fuck does he moan

As she feels the warm gush inside

The Horse does buck

And throws her on to the white cotton sheet

Now roll reversed

His mouth around her wet spunky slit

His tongue laps at her sexy milk mingling with his seed

The tongue finds its mark

And like a dog she does bark

Then it comes in a rush

Her orgasm arrives

It throbs deep

As he sucks it from her body

Then as slowly as it started

They slip back into sleep

Sunday Morning Sex, a slow dance to start your week.

Copyright © 2017 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

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