Feature: Monogamy Is Dying

Hard-line Monogamy Is Dying

The first time my current boyfriend slept with someone else, I was intrigued.

“What was it like?” I asked. He sighed: “Fine.” I had so many questions: where, who, what did she look like, but he refused to answer any more when I asked about her knickers. “I’m just wondering if they were nice?”

I’m not a hardline monogamist. In my last (monogamous) relationship, I always felt
that if my partner slept with someone else, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

It seemed stupid to walk out because of a casual shag. We had shared all those adventures and confidences.

Our relationship couldn’t be undone by one act.

Only in America: Flirting Is Sexual Harassment

French Women Flirt

Flirtation is not just alive and well in France. It is the lifeblood that beats at the core
of French society. Young women flirt. Older women flirt. Feminists flirt.

French women not only enjoy flirtation, they expect it. It’s the game of games.

French Women Are Sexy

Almost one in three French women would wear sexy underwear for their men.

French women have an enormous sense of personal boundaries. There is a willingness
to contemplate or accept an experience that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere but is still an essential part of being human.

beautiful body


Sexy Body

Sexy Body #1 (official video) | Luxury FILMS from LUXURY on Vimeo.

Athletic Sex. What a Fit Body!

Muhammad Ali always abstained before hitting the ring. Even Plato said Olympians should avoid sex before competition.

But science suggests doing the deed won’t actually, zap all that energy or be a distraction during the kick-off.

In fact, an orgasm may help combat muscle pain for women, while a testosterone boost
could even help build strength for men.


Lesbian Climax

The First Time

Touch her all over and don’t just lunge or her crotch. Slow yourself down and
really enjoy the experience. Slowly take her clothes off.

Enjoy every inch of her body slowly and deliberately enjoy the fact woman-to-woman
sex lasts a lot longer on average than heterosexual sex. Yes, women rock when it comes to long-lasting and great sex.

Take the time to enjoy every inch of her body – her neck and ears, shoulders and arms,
chest and breasts, belly and butt, thighs, calves, and feet. Yes, go for luxuriating in her feminine body. It’s a beautiful thing.

Finally, have realistic expectations. You may orgasm or you may not. It’s not the most important thing actually. The goal is to get close and get physical.

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