Erotic Tale: Joker’s Grand Scheme

An erotic parody by Mark Darcy

Mark Darcy’s Parody The Jokers Grand Scheme will be in the Amazon store in the summer of 2019. This second chapter is a taste of what’s to come, look out for further chapters in the weeks and months to come. Follow the blog to get chapters as they are published!

Chapter two: “Batgirls Ordeal!”

“Damn it! The Bat-Computer can’t find a bloody thing on The Joker’s whereabouts! He can’t hide forever!” Batman growled.

“Please Bruce, you have to calm down,” Nightwing advised, as he went through all the newspaper articles and police reports.

“According to some of these reports, Joker fled south, away from Gotham City,” Nightwing informed Batman.

“I know him, he wouldn’t have fled, Joker would have come back here to gloat. He would have come back to rub it in my face!” Batman growled as he slammed his fists onto the keyboard of the Bat-Computer.

“Calm down Bruce, the reports also say that Harley Quinn has fled toward the West, also away from town!” Dick Grayson continued.

“I don’t care about Harley Quinn; she’s now a lost soul! The Joker has corrupted her! Everything, The Joker touches gets sullied. It’s his fault that Robin is dead. It’s his fault! That’s why he has to pay!” Batman emphatically retorted.

“You said it yourself once before, Bruce. You told me that revenge doesn’t get you anywhere?” Nightwing replied.

Batman going on said. “I’ll be more than happy to hang up my cape and cowl after I get my hands on Joker. Not revenge, but street justice!”

“Excuse me, Master Bruce and Master Dick, but the Bat-Signal is on. It appears that Commissioner Gordon needs you!”BatmanArkhamKnightGothamCity2

Alfred said as he entered the Bat-Cave.

“Police Headquarters?” Nightwing asked.

“Police Headquarters,” Batman replied, as he ran towards the Batmobile!

Barbara Gordon had no idea how long she had been unconscious for and where she was? She was extremely hot and in total darkness. The hot moist air that she could feel enveloping her skin reminded her that she had been stripped naked! She could also feel something around her neck. She didn’t know what it was, but she was sure it couldn’t be good!

It was a slave collar! The Joker intended to parade Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl like a pet! Her wrists were strapped tightly to the arms of the chair she was sitting on and her calves and ankles were strapped to the legs! Splaying her legs apart, exposing her second most private sanctum. Even if they were not she couldn’t have closed her legs, as her ankles were still shackled to the bondage pole! She had no idea what her captors wanted or if they knew her secret identity. She was hoping they hadn’t realised she was Batgirl?

However, as she debated the possibilities in her mind, she became aware she was perspiring profusely; the room or place she was being held captive in was oppressively hot and steamy! Sweat was beginning to ooze from the pores of her skin. Her scalp was perspiring; the moisture trickled down over her face and her hair lay wet and lank on her shoulders.

She could feel the perspiration dripping off her nipples as beads of moisture ran down between her breasts and over her stomach before circumventing her navel and the little jewel in the shape of a bat that adorned her bellybutton, as it headed down between her legs forming a pool around her exposed vulva!

The seat of the chair was sodden with her perspiration and female secretion; she couldn’t explain why her pussy was so wet. Why was the predicament she found herself in, making her feel so sexually aroused? She was a captive of The Joker, her archenemy. She should be fearful, not horny?

She could feel her nipples were hard and getting harder; in fact, they were tingling as though unseen fingers were teasing them! But there was no one; just the darkness! And she could feel her pussy was getting hot, not hot from the heat in the room; but sexually hot! And her clit, well it wanted touching! God if she could only get her hands free, she so wanted to touch herself! To feel the hard little clit under her finger as she masturbated!

God, no! Please, why am I feeling so turned on, it’s all wrong! What’s happening to me?

Batgirl tried desperately to free herself from the restraints but to no avail, the straps were too tight and the more she tried to free herself the tighter they became, finally she had to give up! The throb in her vagina and the ache in her nipples continued to drive her wild! She began to try and mentally prepare herself for the torture that was sure to come?

The oppressive heat, being the precursor to the pain, and degradation she was so sure to be inflicted upon her! She mused to herself.

Strangely, she wasn’t scared or disgusted by the thought of it! Barbara had no idea how long it had been since she had come too. The heat was having the desired effect of disorientating her; Barbara had lost all semblance of time!

The oppressive conditions in the room made her start to hallucinate hearing things that weren’t there, she thought? Her body was now drenched in her own perspiration and secretions, her bum squelched on the seat of the chair as she jiggled her arse to relieve the numbness, that was setting into her buttocks!

Barbara couldn’t seem to pull her mind back from sex, why was her mind playing tricks on her? Her body she thought was showing all the tell-tale signs of an oncoming climax!

Her breasts felt fuller, swollen even! Lying heavier on her chest, as her breasts did when she was fucking. They also felt extremely sensitive. Her nipples throbbed a low throb, in unison with her clitoris.

The throb she felt at the onset of an orgasm!

She could feel her exposed sex engorging with blood and swelling. The areolas of her nipples were tightening as the teats hardened, and the stalk of her nipple seemed to be growing in length!

As a consequence of her legs being forced apart, Barbara’s swelling labia at the entrance to her vagina were peeling open like the petals of a flower, revealing the entrance to her wet; vaginal canal!

Her swelling clitoris growing as it started to protrude from its protective clitoral hood!

These were all the recognisable signs that her body being consumed in the act of sex!

Barbara’s mind was in confusion!

Something was fucking with her brain, and her body was showing all the signs that someone was fucking her! What she didn’t know was that she had been pumped full of Poison Ivy’s, homemade concoction!

The Jokers Truth and Sex Serum now coursed through her veins.

Poison Ivy had overloaded the serum with the aphrodisiac, doubling up what The Joker ordered. Adding a sensory stimulating drug she used in her sex sessions with Harley Quinn. Barbara’s body was now reacting to the drug and resistance was futile!

In truth Poison Ivy had done Barbara a favour! At least she would get some pleasure from her torment; before the serum overloaded her senses and her heart gave out!__poison_ivy___by_lolita_art

Ivy had her own agenda after numerous run-ins with Barbara or rather Batgirl! To Ivy this was an ironic end for Batgirl; Ivy had chuckled as she made the concoction thinking of Batgirl fucking herself to death!

Ivy had pleaded with The Joker to let Harley and her have Batgirl when he grew bored of tormenting her! Ivy and Batgirl had history!

The Bat Bitch had caused Ivy nothing but problems. Now was payback!

Ivy knew Joker became bored easily, and once he became tired of tormenting the poor Bat Bitch, she wanted to play with her herself. Ivy you see had a predilection for pussy! The thought of a threeway with Harley Quinn and a bound and helpless Batgirl made her own pussy wet!

So Ivy had done a deal with Joker! Batgirl for the potion she had concocted for him when he had finished with her. So then she and Harley could introduce her to their lesbian perversions! And they had some serious perversions!

He agreed, but only if he could watch and record!

As time continued to pass, Barbara would cry out when she heard a noise, but she would never get a reply. Thinking it was all in her mind she paid little attention to the slurping sounds filling the room until it became a rhythmical squelching sound and then muffled grunts and gasps!

Her disjointed mind thinking someone was having sex close by, she could smell it. Her mind could not get away from the thought of sex. She shook her head in an effort to try and rid herself of the sexual fantasy’s that kept running through her mind.

Her secret desire of a three-way session with The Dark Knight and Nightwing filled her head. The thought of the two crime fighters taking her in unison, being spit roasted, skewered on their cocks!

One deep in her throat while the other was deep in her pussy, made her body shiver as her swollen genitals now started to dribble her sex juice more copiously. Mixing with the pool of perspiration that puddled between her legs!

What the fuck was happening to her?

Horror struck; she contemplated her fate. She would have to endure and wait to be rescued. Unquestionable in her mind rescue would come.

It must come?

The darkness and the heat were fucking with her brain, she thought? Not knowing it was Poison Ivy’s potion flowing through her bloodstream that was causing the effects on her body and the turbulence in her mind!

Targeting her erogenous zones, heightening her neuro physicality! The nerve endings in her lips, breasts, nipples, inner thighs, anal margin, vulva and clitoris were continually firing, over and over. Overstimulating her nervous system. Flooding her brain with dopamine! Preparing, her body and mind for the coming torturous sex festival; that The Joker had in mind for the captive Barbara!

Finally, the grunts stopped and a few seconds later, she felt someone’s touch on her shoulder!

“Who’s there?” She cried out.

“Barbara, I am your Daddy!” Joker laughed.

“You bastard! Free me now!” Batgirl yelled at him, through the darkness.

“I have freed you. I’ve liberated your sexual desires! You’re now free to explore your baser side! Listen to your body is it not calling for my touch, Slut? Don’t you want me to touch you here?” She felt a hand, close around her right breast.

“Get off. No!” Barbara screeched.

“Don’t you want to share such a magnificent slutty body with Harley’s Quim and me? Oh and of course my boys, let us not forget them now!”

Joker giggled and went on, saying.

“Hey Boys, you want some Posh Pussy to don’t you?”

“Oh fuck yes please boss!” Was their unanimous response?

“Fuck you!” Barbara shouted as she tried to kick out at the voice in the dark, but once again only pulled her bonds tighter instead.

“Do you have a kiss for your Daddy? A kiss, from that sweet little mouth of yours? My little girl! I guess it doesn’t really matter since it will be sucking on my juicy cock soon enough!”

The Joker laughed, as did Harley Quinn who stood next to him in the darkness, with her arms draped around his neck.

Batgirl had no idea that both of them were naked and that Harley was the one who had been making all the slurping and grunting sounds earlier. Harley had been servicing Joker’s phallus, preparing him for the fuck fest that was coming Barbara’s way!

However, the prospect of having sex with Joker was just too much to stomach and Barbara’s usually quick and sharp comeback was nowhere to be found. Instead, she let out a low whimper, realising her body was ready and willing even if the idea repulsed her! All she could think of was being full of beautiful hard horny cock, any cock as long as it was hard and deep inside her body!

“God help me!”’ she groaned.

“No ones coming to help you, you’re soon be doing a lot of groaning Barbara, especially now as I’ve pumped you full of my own special sex and truth serum. A dastardly aphrodisiac mix of Phenethylamine, Testosterone and Crocin, laced with Sodium Pentothal! The PTC, is working its way through your neural pathways as I speak!” The Joker told Barbara going on to divulge his perverted plan!

“Poison Ivy prepared it especially for you! She tells me by now you should be experiencing an unquenchable lust, and a burning need to be fucked! I tried it on, Harley! Fuck, it turned her into a raving nymphomaniac, she virtually came on her own; she was insatiable. The more I fuck you the more you’ll want, and as I fuck you, you will answer all my questions! You won’t be able to stop yourself! You’ll want to spill the beans for Daddy! You’re be feeling its effects, yes? Your minds wandering, you’re finding it difficult to think of anything but sex. You’re feeling extremely hot and sweaty; your skin becoming ever so sensitive is it not?”

The Joker probed, in a sinister voice as the lights started to come on and slowly illuminating the cellar Batgirl was being held captive in! Barbara’s eyes squinting as the light got brighter. That’s enough light boys, not too bright. We need the light to be at the right mood level for our guest. Barbara began to take in her surroundings, she was in a gym it seemed, quite a large space, and the heat and steam were coming from two vents situated either side of the chair she was secured too!

The Joker and Harley Quinn were as naked as she was; apart from the fact they both still wore their shoulder holsters with their ornately decorated Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum revolvers nestling inside. His and her’s collection! Both stood either side the chair she was bound to. The Jokers enormous erection pointed at her. If her wrists weren’t strapped to the chair she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to touch the twitching cock!

God, she wanted it! The thought repulsed her, and brought bile to the back of her throat!

“Ah, I can now see for myself the effect my drug is having on your body!” The Joker said, as Barbara sat strapped into the chair, exposed and for some reason not wanting to cover her nudity even if she could. The leering eyes now feasting on her nakedness were turning her on all the more!

“I can see it’s having the desired effect already. Time will tell how your mind is coping?” The Joker said as he tweaked Barbara’s very erect nipples to demonstrate how her body had betrayed her! As the depraved criminal’s fingers twisted her erect stalks, Barbara felt a responding throb in her clit. As the Joker released her teats, she gasped and let a low moan that brought a smile to his face!

“Don’t touch me you fucker, or that psychopath girlfriend of yours! What did you do to me? Why am I feeling like this? Batman will find me, you fucker!” Barbara unconvincingly told Joker and Harley.

“Just so you’re aware Barbara, were down in the basement of my new hideout; in the bowels of Arkum Asylum. No one’s been down here for years! So no one’s going to look for us here. No one’s coming to save you; you’re all mine to do with as I will.”

The Joker informed her in a howl of laughter.

And as to prove a point, he ran the palm of his hand up her inner thigh, when he reached his goal a finger slipped inside her! Barbara jerked to attention as she felt his digit disappear into her body!

“Fuck, get off me!” Barbara squealed. Confused by the urge to push down on the probing digit! The Joker withdrew the finger from inside Batgirls sex and as he sucked it dry; and said. “Ummm, you taste good….. Batgirl!’

Fuck he knows who I am. Oh fucking God, my secret identity is blown. The revelation coming as a devastating blow!

“Yum, you taste sweet slut!” He told her, as he snapped his fingers and four of his henchmen undid the straps holding Barbara Gordon to the chair and bodily picked her up!

“Put her in the sling, boys and no fiddling with the goods, you’ll get your turn, she all mine and Harleys for the moment,” Joker told his goons.

Barbara could see that in the middle of the gym was what she thought to be leather straps hanging from the ceiling? But now as she found herself being bodily carried by the four men towards the straps she realises it was a sling; a sex sling!

Two men held a buttock and a leg each. The two other men held her by the arms and supported her back as they carried her to the dangling leather straps! One of the men holding her buttocks accidentally or on purpose let his fingers slip into her slippery wet pussy! She felt them resting in her wet slit as his thumb rubbed on her clit.

Ooh, Ooh, Fuck, Ahhh, Oh God, Oh fuck that’s nice! She thought, biting on her lower lip, as she felt pleasure emanating from the ministrations of his thumb on her now bone hard clitoris! Wanting the digits to go deeper the thumb to rub harder. She wanted the orgasm to come, cocking her head she looked at him. He was a good-looking guy and winked at her as his thumb worked faster on her clitoris. The orgasm came, silently; a silent pleasure shared with a stranger!

The four men manhandled her into the sling, Barbara tried to resist, to no avail! She wriggled and kicked out but her strength had forsaken her, the silent climax had left her drained.  She gave into her fate as Jokers men began to tie her in place. The good-looking guy who had basically finger fucked her to orgasm surreptitiously kissed her cheek and whispered! “Be strong, I’ll come for you if I can!”

The sling consisted of a leather back piece, the length of an average person. The bottom was shaped to accommodate the occupant’s buttocks and on each corner, there was a leather strap.

Each strap had a leather loop attached and a strong cable. The cable ran through a pulley that hung from a hook in the ceiling. The occupant’s legs went through the loops. The loop taking the weight of the leg at the back of the knee! At the top, on each corner were the same straps and cables with much smaller loops for the occupant’s hands.

The cable attached to the ceiling in the same way, the smaller loops were for the occupant of the sling to steady themselves, as their sex partner or object penetrated their body.5c8b9e07e0b9b7ec215d1ec65be4126f--kinky-fuckery-submissive In Barbara’s case, her hands were going to be tied in place in preparation for her penetration!

The pulleys allowed the occupant’s body to be adjusted to the desired position. The top also had a small leather headrest. The top straps were positioned slightly shorter than the bottom, setting the occupant’s buttocks marginally lower than their head. The whole thing was set at around hip height. So the occupant’s sex partner, he, she or it, could easily penetrate the occupant’s waiting orifice or orifices. The it, being one of The Jokers automated Fuck Machines. Mostly piston driven dildos!

The Joker also had many different types of electro stimulators. He had a selection of clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulators as well as his favourite electro nipple and clit clamps. An effective little device!

The sling was mostly reserved for Harley Quinn, but Barbara was being strapped into the contraption and there was nothing she could do about it.

Fuck, the thought excited her!

Two of the four guys placed her buttocks in the seat, and then slipped her slender wrists through the loops. Which were attached to the straps at the head of the sling, which was in turn attached to the chains hanging from the ceiling? And then proceeded to tie her wrists in place with silk ligatures. Her arms were now stretched above her head, in a Five to One position! Barbara lay naked, horizontal, and floating in mid-air! Slick with perspiration her heavy swollen mammary glands adorned her chest.

Sensing a tingling feeling in her nipples she looked in amazement at the swelling elongated stalks. Perspiration dripped from the swollen glands onto the floor. Bargirl could not only feel the sweat running off her tits, but she could also hear it splashing onto the concrete below her!

The two guys holding Batgirls legs placed her feet through the loops at the bottom of the sling, so the back of the knee rested in the loop, cushioned with a lamb’s wool pad. The chains were now adjusted, and the top of the sling started to rise up extremely slowly!

When Barbara’s head and upper torso reached the desired position, The Joker shouted. “That’s it boys tie it off there!”

As Barbara hung in mid-air she looked down at her body. Her skin was pink and flushed; her upper chest and neck bore the red rash not only of her anxiety but also revealing how turned on she was! As Barbara tried to blink away the perspiration running into her eyes, she gazed at her stiff nipples and swollen tits, her puffy vulva and her protruding clitoris. She realised her body was ready and now willing to be fucked! And she knew she was going to be fucked, in every orifice; double penetrated, probably gang banged and suffer lesbian rape? Fuck, why was it exciting her, was it really that green liquid?

She hung in what can only be described as a seated, semi-prone position. Barbara’s arms tied above her, in the Five to One position! Her legs, splayed open as if she was riding a Harley Davidson with her legs resting on the handlebars, in the Twenty to Four position!

Forcing Batgirl’s legs into the loops of the sling had spread them apart displaying Barbara Gordon’s juicy, open, ripe and fruit! That salacious bounty displayed for The Joker to savour and leer at! And juicy her fruit was Barbara could feel her female lube oozing from the open slit of her pussy. She could feel the sticky liquid starting to trickle down over her perineum towards her anus! Soon to join the pools of her perspiration on the floor! Ultimately making a singular puddle of her body fluids. That eventually would be conjoined with the ejaculated semen that was going to drench her body and ooze from her every orifice! After all the five men in the room had fucked her. Multiple times, most likely?

Barbara’s naked body was now effectively hogtied and spread-eagled. Whatever was going to happen to her was going to happen, there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent it! The drug Joker had injected her with was working well and she couldn’t stop her body from reacting to it. Do what you want Joker, Barbara whimpered. But get on with it!

“How about a kiss for daddy?” Joker requested.

“Fuck off!” Barbara shrieked, slamming her mouth shut.

The Joker simply smiled took hold of a nipple and tugged on the hard teat. He pulled on it viciously twisting the soft flesh between his thumbs and forefingers! As The Joker pulled and extended her nipple upwards, Barbara tried to resist the urge to scream at first but found herself screaming nonetheless. For when her nipple came to the end of its elasticity Barbara could tolerate the discomfort no more and the scream came!

“ARGGGHHHH, FUCCCCKKKK, ARGGGHHH, YOU FUCKKKEEERRR!” Her screams died out nearly as soon as they came, or rather the sound did when The Joker clamped his mouth over hers and explored Barbara’s oral cavity with his tongue! He then released her nipple and admired the sight of the gasping woman with the fiery red nipple.

“Bastard.” Barbara murmured weakly as her chest heaved. Her sex teat stinging from the abuse it had just received. But strangely she found the abuse her breast had just suffered annoyingly erotic!

“Fuck Poison Ivy and fuck her serum! I’ve got to resist I must resist!” She muttered to herself. Barbara tried to take control of the sensations radiating throughout her body. But resistance was futile, as the serum had now taken complete hold of her nervous system!

“How about another kiss?” Joker asked as he caressed her face.

“FUCK OFF!” Batgirl shouted as she spat in The Joker’s face.

“Never do that, bitch!” Harley Quinn roared as she slapped Batgirl’s right buttock leaving a red welt.

“He’s your new master, whatever he says, goes! Right?” And then took another swipe at Barbara’s arse cheek! It landed on Barbara’s arse with a thwack!

“Ouch! Fuck you!” Barbara hissed as she was met by another slap on the left buttock. Followed by something being rammed into her mouth as she tried to scream something else! Harley had stuffed a red ball gag into Barbara’s mouth and strapped it up at the back of her head. All Batgirl could do now was gurgle, and exude saliva. Which started to drip from the side of her mouth and dribble down onto her tits! Harley took a finger of slobber that was dripping over the soft mound of Batgirls right breast and massaged it into the erection that was Barbara’s right nipple.

“Hey, Mr J look, I think she likes it?” Harley informed him, as she flicked the taunt nipple from side to side. Batgirl tugged at the restraints, trying to get away from Harley’s fingers and the other hand that now seemed to be sliding over her abdomen and heading between her legs! Joker smiled as he ran a hand over Batgirl’s freshly epilated pubic mound letting his fingers slip down the crease of her sex; parting her hairless pussy lips as they went.

Barbara’s open legs, giving him easy access to her somewhat moist pussy! With the thumb and forefinger of his left hand aligned along each side of her outer labia. Pushing down slightly and spreading the thumb and forefinger apart, he exposed her inner labia and the entrance to her pussy.

Barbara now felt the fingers of Jokers free hand slip past the soft moist pink entrance to her sex and slip up inside her body! Two fingers curled up inside her vagina and started to stroke her G-spot as a thumb found her clitoris! Barbara wanted to shout, STOP YOU FUCKER, and get your filthy hands off me! But the ball gag trapped the words in her mouth, as The Joker kept on finger fucking her tight little pussy as his thumb wanked her clit!

“Oohhh, fuck, fuck, oh god sake stop, stop. Ooh, Ooh, fucking hell!” Barbara gurgled unintelligibly, drool running down her chin, as she wriggled to try and get away from the tormenting fingers! But now a familiar feeling was starting to build in her clit, and her instinct and overwhelming desire were to bear down on those invading digits! The potent aphrodisiac The Joker had injected her with was doing its work. Her breasts felt swollen and her nipples were so hard you would think ice cubes had been applied to them. She could feel the hard teats connecting with her clitoris, as she felt a climax begin to build.

“FUCK NNNOOOOOOO!” Barbara gurgled biting on the latex ball gag, no, this can’t be happening to me! I’m going to fucking cum! Contradictory thoughts raced through her drugged mind!

“NO, NO, NO, please I mustn’t enjoy it. Oh my fucking God, I can’t stop myself” Barbara Gordon closed her eyes and gave in to the inevitable oncoming orgasm as she felt a woman’s fingers start to play with her nipples! A wave of her approaching climax crashed over her body as she started to thrust back at the fingers deftly finger fucking her pussy!


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