Feature: Good Vibrations

I’m Picking up Good Vibrations

There’s certainly something to be said for
a giant, husky, reliable wand vibrator.

It is regularly touted as the cornerstone
of every great sex toy collection.robo-fuck-machines

The issue? Sound. Straight up noise.
Vibrators tend to make quite a bit of
noticeable movement and rumbling (or buzzing).

Sometimes you need a vibrator that won’t make
a lot of noise when you’re using it.

If you’re at home visiting your parents or
staying with friends, the last thing you need
is someone asking, “What is all that weird buzzing?
Are you living near train tracks?”mark Darcy Erotica- Buz Me

No thank you to that awkwardness! Or maybe you just
want a toy that feels as intimate as the connection
you have with your vulva. You might prefer the quiet touch

Luckily, there are high-quality, excellent
options for super quiet, easy-to-use vibes

My personal favourite is the Squish by Unbound.
It’s a little lemon-shaped vibe you put down there.
The more you squeeze it, the harder the vibrations.

Imagine you’re squeezing it for fresh juice.
The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration

This feature makes it super simple to use.
No buttons to worry about is always a plus

It’s USB rechargeable and totally waterproof.
The best feature is the lack of noise.
It’s dead silent. The only sounds you’ll need
worry about are the ones you make when you come.


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