Feature: Why Is The G-Spot Overrated?

The hero entered the cave, sure that he would find the treasure he was promised, meant to give him glory, fame, and a reputation without precedents. But he was afraid of not being worthy. The legend stated that only those with great talents and abilities were worthy of finding it. He believed he fulfilled all those requirements. It was an unknown cave for him, and although he had explored others, this time was different. He started feeling nervous. He had clear instructions. He had even read all on the subject and was determined to achieve the task. He knew he had to go as far as he could, and then head north. He soon discovered it was not as easy as it sounded since the path was uneven and intricate. He climbed following the directions, and when he reached the point marked on the map, he couldn’t believe what he found there… Nothing. At least, not what he had expected.

(End of fiction)

Basically, this is how many perceive the G-spot: a complicated quest only those with a dexterous skill are capable of succeeding. This whole legend about unlocking the ultimate pleasure trigger is kind of a myth that can be far from true, at least for a huge sector of the population who never get to experience the bliss of finding it. Since it was “discovered” by Ernst Gräfenberg in the nineteen forties, people became crazy about this particular spot. According to the stories, it was capable of bursting any woman into immediate ecstasy. Because this quest is something that many take too seriously, we’ve compiled six reasons why the G-spot is so overrated. Take a look.

1. It’s literally too hard to find

This is probably one of the best reasons to stop focusing solely on the G-spot. Sex and pleasure should not be as hard and difficult, and actually, there are many ways to reach an orgasm that does not require finding what many think is just a button that triggers orgasms. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Which leads us to the next point.

2. There’s a combo not many pay attention to that can give more pleasure than the G-spot

While we pay so much attention, time, and effort in finding this magical organ, we tend to neglect other parts that can actually give much more pleasure, and that’s the amazing combo known as clitourethrovaginal (CUV) combination. As the name indicates, this combines the clitoris –which has way more sensitive nerve endings than the G-spot–, the urethra, and the rest of the vagina. Playing with and exploring these parts are bound to guarantee the best orgasms and are actually easier to find.

3. There’s actually no evidence of its existence

Many studies have been made after Gräfenberg claimed to discover this part. But, no one has been able to find physiological evidence of its existence. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, some women present a thicker tissue where the G-spot is supposed to be hidden, but it’s not enough proof to assure that the organ exists. So instead of being an anatomical structure, it’s more of a cultural belief that many women claim to have.

4. The pressure to find it can be extremely overwhelming

Well, this is no secret. Like our hero above, many do believe that being able to find the G-spot is a sign of their manhood and sexual dexterity. The pressure of finding it can affect their sexual performance since they’re not enjoying the moment. As for women, when we don’t reach a magical orgasm, we feel there’s something wrong with us, which can also affect our perception and quality of our sexual life. We should do ourselves a favour and just forget about this quest and focus on more pleasurable parts of our anatomy.

5. Not all women are the same

Yes, basically this is what many don’t seem to understand. There isn’t really a map we can follow to find the G-spot because every single body is different and unique. The best thing we can do to improve our sexual experiences is to understand our bodies and be clear about what works for us and what doesn’t. This is very important, especially for the next point.

6. In that urge to find it you can get hurt

That urge and necessity of finding this spot can actually be very painful for many women, especially if this quest is directed by our friends, the fingers. Our vaginas are very sensitive, and pushing too hard or too fast can actually hurt a lot. So, even if it exists, if you can’t find it in a tender and careful way, just don’t bother. You might actually make things worse.

Sexuality shouldn’t be about following a manual or believing there’s a prize one must win to prove their worth. It should be about exploring each other’s desires and drives. We really need to stop believing in myths and understand our bodies and how they react. Each body is different, and the most interesting part of it is exploring its unique features.

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