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The Nudist City Where People Have Sex Outdoors

nudist city cap dagde

Can you imagine a city where everyone walks around naked and nobody gives a damn about it? What would you say if I told you that such a place actually exists?

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In the Mediterranean coast of France lies Cap D’Agde, the first city in the world that revolves around the concept of urban nudity. Nakedness here is mandatory, especially on the beach. The golden rule for living here is respecting others. People walk freely naked on the streets, beaches, and they even to do their groceries al fresco. Some of them even raise families within this idyllic lifestyle.

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The city of Cap D’Agde began as a complex of resorts dotted across the coastline during the sixties, and since its beginnings, it has filled the needs of people who enjoy roaming the world in the fashion of Adam and Eve.

Naturists were primarily the community that established this way of life, they believe it is important to be connected to nature and nudity is a way to embrace our core and break the social codes attached to clothing. However, since the nineties, Cap D’Agde has become a hotspot for swingers and sexual tourists, which has boosted the city’s popularity and economy.

More than 40,000 people visit Cap D’Agde every summer, whether to have a naturist family retreat or to enjoy themselves sexually. Naturists and sexual tourists, however, have different postures regarding nudity, and this has caused certain friction in the city’s lifestyle. 

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Some parts of the beach have been claimed by swingers, who have used these dunes for their full bodily enjoyment. Many naturist locals have protested because of this, and now there’s a fine for €15,000 for publicly committed sexual acts.

What happens on paper, however, is different from what happens de facto, and public sex is still a pretty common sight on the beaches, especially on the dunes where swingers have taken hold of. Some of them have even been divided according to sexual preference.

Cap D’Agde has sex shops and nightclubs galore, and this destination has become one of the go-to’s for tourists from all around the globe who crave a sexual adventure during the summer. This may cause a stir among locals, especially the naturists, but it seems as though both parties gain something from this influx.

All in all, the city actually is a place of harmony. There is almost no crime, and the distinction between social classes is non-existent. Its society has no class distinctions besides naturists and swingers, and even though they may have their differences, the city has become a haven for both of them.

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Would you be willing to explore all the possibilities of this modern Eden? Whether you’re into reconnecting to nature or kindling your sex drive, it’s clear that Cap D’Agde is the only city in the world where you will be able to experience life in the raw.

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