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Simple Signs That Show You’re A Sex Expert

Are you a good lover

How good is he in the sack?” Is a question some women may struggle to answer, but what is almost impossible to figure out is whether we ourselves are masters of this pleasurable act. What complex signs can you decipher to work out whether your partner(s) is having an orgasm? Some assure that it is the heavy breathing, flushed body, and slick genitals that let you know when someone is having an orgasm.

Is there such a thing as “trying too hard” to please someone during sex? Pedro Lucas Busto, psychologist and sexologist at the Spanish Society of Sexology states that orgasms, screams, or knowing the KamaSutra back to front doesn’t make you a good lover. In his opinion  what makes a night memorable is the absence of thoughts and preconceptions that label us as “bad lovers.” These insidious thoughts stem from prejudice and a lacking sexual education. Some try to minimise their pleasure and arousal because they feel guilty or ashamed, while others pretend pleasure because they feel indebted to their partner. Where does this absurd generosity stem from? Why are we so hell-bent on pleasing and making someone happy at our own expense and pleasure? The need to feel desired has become far more important than desiring the other person; it is due to this perception that some people are unable to reach an orgasm or the expected satisfaction.

Recognise your body, know its pleasure points, and then you’ll be able to confidently call yourself an expert.”There are people with the capacity to enjoy and give pleasure, and these are normally those who are fearless and confident about their body,” Lucas Busto explains. By not loving yourself and recognizing each curve and dent in your body, you won’t be able to figure out whether you can be the ultimate sexual partner.IMG_2076

Body language says it all

Is your partner flexing their hands and feet? You’re on the right track. Involuntary muscle reflexes can let you know when someone is truly enjoying the moment. Squeezing the hands, and flexing their body means they’re trying very hard not to finish, which means you’re doing really well.

He wants to share this pleasure with you 

When the sex is so good, you want to amp up your game. If your partner asks how you’re feeling and if you’d like to experiment and try out new things then it’s their way of showing they care and wish to share this experience with you.

Even outside the bedroom, he’s keen to remember all the details

Erotic sexts, innuendos, and other sexy details are a clear sign that he can’t stop thinking about having sex with you. If you receive comments “about that night” and how much he wants a repeat of the experience, then be sure that you’re doing things right.

Want to know if you’re an expert? Simple, he’ll tell you. 

A man who enjoys having sex with you will tell you, and maybe he won’t use flowery words to describe the moments, but he’ll let you know loud and clear when you’re together.

Your partner becomes more dynamic and competitive 

People are competitive so don’t be surprised if all of a sudden your partner wants to try out a new risky move. They feel the drive to innovate and enjoy even more the already great sex you already have.Penitration in a Swing

Monotony doesn’t suit you

You’ve never fallen on the Vanilla Sex rut, you’re always eager to try out new things and be open to suggestions.

These are small signs that prove you are an expert in making the other person enjoy sex the fullest and most importantly that you also enjoy this intimacy. It is important that both of you have a good time; stop worrying, and if you disregard your own pleasure, then it is bound to be a disappointment. Balance is what makes a person a good lover; bear in mind what your partner likes and also your own preferences. Communication is key for healthy and pleasurable sex. You don’t need special powers to be good in bed; you simply have to be happy with who you are and jump into the action for the purpose of achieving pleasure.


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