Wordoddle: The Queen of Denial


I’m Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, 
and Caesar’s old flame whom you hope to defile. 
I’m glad to be rid of my years spent with Caesar, 
Julius was quite a deplorable geezer!

You’re certainly wishing to be my new suitor, 
you’re younger than Jules and an awful lot cuter. 
But yet, I don’t realise the way that you’re feeling, 
and I’m not aware that you find me appealing.

You’re Antony, yes, and your duties are legion, 
you’re managing all my affairs in the region. 
In fact, an affair’s what you’re hoping to find, 
though you’re wanting one of an intimate kind.

You haven’t expressed it so far, but you know,
that your interest is something you’re needing to show. 
Perhaps, someday soon, I’ll be able to see,
that you harbour such sensuous feelings for me!

This morning at dawn, while I’m doing my yoga, 
you notice the shapely contour of my toga. 
I’m in quite a trance at the time that you find me, 
you cradle my breasts as you slip up behind me.Antony-Cleopatra

“My Highness,” you whisper, “I can’t help but notice, 
your tempting physique while you’re stretched in a lotus. 
My hands are positioned,” you whisper, and smile, 
“To capture and fondle the Jewels Of The Nile.”

You’re nestling my boobs as if they’re in a cup, 
and there’s no mistaking the fact that you’re up. 
By that, I don’t mean that you’re simply awake, 
instead, that you’re up for as much as I’ll take!

“Tony,” I say, in a voice that’s unsteady, 
“Your come-on is nice, but I’m not sure I’m ready.” 
“Cleo,” you tell me, “You’re Queen of De-nial,
It’s time to admit what you’ve known for a while.”

It’s true what you say, and there’s no use in trying. 
To hold back my feelings that I’ve been denying. 
“My purpose in life is to pleasure my goddess,” 
you say, as you pull down one side of my bodice.

Your courage is stronger than I had foreseen,
 I think you intend to make love to your queen. 
I yield to my passion as I’m lying down, 
and you undo the sash that releases my gown.

My bust line’s a prize that you promise to plunder, 
you pull back my robe for the treasures thereunder. 
Now, with the trappings of clothing undone, 
the length of my body is bared to the sun.

Moved by the soothing massage from your hands, 
I promise I’ll share with you all of my lands. 
As I mention regions incredibly fertile, 
I notice you pull at your tightening girdle!

“Cleo,” you say, “the most procreant land, 
is the tempting, moist delta right here in my hand.” 
Your claim of temptation is surely not phoney, 
’Cause that’s quite a bulge in your uniform, Tony!

You tell me my bulges are awfully nice, too, 
and make for a really spectacular view. 
“Mountains in Egypt are so rarely seen,” 
you say while massaging the breasts of your Queen.Mark Darcy Media Cleo

I give my OK to possess me right here amid,
the camels, the Sphinx and the pyramid. 
The love gods approve; Aphrodite and Venus, 
both smile on the passion we are sharing between us.

I doubt that the gods will respond with a jinx, 
as I’m spreading my legs at the foot of the Sphinx! 
Your organ’s fantastic, and though it sounds callous, 
this beats what I’d get back in Rome at the palace!

Now I, the most sovereign of Egypt’s authorities, 
am faced with romance and conflicting priorities. 
While rigours of ruling a nation are straining, 
my peak sexual years are the ones still remaining.

I’ll forfeit dominion of Egypt for you, 
a trade-off for love that I know I must do!

By evening, when you’ve had some time to recharge, 
you kneel at my throne as we’re back on my barge.

Of course, while I’m talking of “taking you in,” 
that’s just what I do as I’m spreading again.

Here within walls that are fashioned from reeds, 
you’re proving again you can meet all my needs.

Egypt will just have to be in a fix, because; I’m dropping anchor out here in the sticks.
If it requires that you row, or I row, 
then this barge is never returning to Cairo!egypt_cleopatras_barge_ancient_solar_boats_painting_queen_of_the_nile_the_mummy_jameson_hunter_adventure_book

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Copyright of the writer © 2017 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

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