Erotic Tale: Beautiful

She was beautiful. Tall, probably around 5’8″. Thin but not anorexic. She nearly always wore her black hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. Even pulled back, her hair hung to the middle of her back. Her mouth was red, usually! A little glossy from her lipstick and her green eyes were round and vivid. She was beautiful. And I so wanted her!

Ever since Marguax had come to work at the agency, I’d had a crush on her. She wasn’t my type, not typically my sort of woman! Sure, I love to have sex with female’s, but my attractions, usually run towards men!

Marguax was different! I’d watch her from my desk. She wore short skirts and fuck, she turned me on something rotten! She was so tall, she had legs that went on forever. Like most of the men in the office, I could see them draped over my shoulders as I feasted on her pussy. I knew her quim had to be as wonderful as she was. I wondered if she had it totally waxed? Or would I find the same downy fur covering it as her black ponytail?

Just thinking about it made me wet!

Today, Marguax had come to work dressed in a short blue skirt and matching jacket. The jacket would open ever so slightly as she leaned over. She wore a matching lace bra underneath that was just visible. Her skirt barely reached mid-thigh. In her heels, she was at least another three inches taller.

I sat at my desk and watched her. She was graceful and sensual. I could see myself sliding down between her legs and kissing her gorgeous thighs, leading up to her moist pussy. I’d lick her slow, making her moan and beg!

Shaking my head, I threw off my fantasy and watched her walk into her boss’s office. Looking back to my work, I tried to focus on my reports instead of Marguax’s legs and arse!

After twenty minutes, Marguax still hadn’t returned to her desk. Casually, I walked over to her boss’s door. I heard muffled moans and grunts!

Were they having……….Sex?

Yes, they were in there fucking!

Hurriedly, I looked around. Nearly everyone was at lunch by now. As quietly as I could, I twisted the knob and opened the door just enough to peek in. What I saw had me nearly cumming in my knickers!

Marguax, beautiful Marguax, was laying on her back across Mr Howard’s desk. Her skirt was riding up her legs. Her knickers had tugged aside, and I could see her silky well manicured black pubic hair, trimmed into an isosceles triangle which pointed the way to her swollen pink labia.

She was wet!

Her jacket was open, and Mr Howard was massaging her gorgeous breasts through her blue lace bra. Margo’s mouth was sucking up and down Mr Howard’s cock, as he slid it in and out between her red lips. He was grunting telling her to suck his cock harder, as Margo was consuming his manhood!

I stood there watching as Mr Howard’s hands pushed Marguax’s bra down. Her tits bounced up and out. Her nipples hardened as his fingers pinched them.Marguax groaned and gurgled at her appreciation as her mouth continued sucking on his cock. Her hands reached up, holding his hips in place as her mouth enveloped his cock, her lips coming to rest at the base of his stalk! The corona now embedded in her throat!

Mr Howard is an attractive man in his forties, and I had no idea his cock was so beautiful so thick and long! Fuck even I could taste his juice from here!

I heard someone coming and had to make a quick decision. So before I could think of the consequences, I pushed myself through the door, closed and locked it!

Mr Howard looked up, stunned. His cock, however, continued to fill Margaux’s mouth. She moaned, gagged and tried to move!

Before she could remove herself off his cock, Mr Howard grabbed her pony tail and held her onto, his cock, her lips forced on to his pubic bone. She continued to gag and now sher started to drool onto the desk. And I did what any bright, horny woman would do. I walked over, crawled up on the bureau, straddled Marguax and leaned over.

Wrapping my thumb and forefinger around the stalk of Mr Howard’s cock, I pulled it out of Marguax’s mouth and took him in mine! He moaned and pushed upwards into my throat. I sucked hard and fast, pulling him to me before I released him from my lips and guided his cock back to Marguax’s mouth!

She sucked him hard, bucking up against me. I couldn’t resist. As Marguax sucked Mr Howard’s cock, I leaned down and placed kiss after kiss on her neck. She moaned and arched her back!

After a few more sucks, Marguax guided Mr Howard’s cock back to my mouth. Marguax’s hands had left Mr Howard and were now grabbing my hips, pulling me down on her. My skirt had ridden up when I straddled her, and my wet panties were rubbing against her bare stomach.

Mr Howard was moaning, thrusting his length into my mouth as I wanked him with my lips! Marguax leaned up and licked his hanging balls Sucking them into her mouth as they hung there like ripe plums, It sent Mr Howard to orgasm heaven he grunted as his hot spunk shot down my throat!

I guided the spewing cock back into Margaux’s mouth. She had done most of the work, the least I could do was give her the taste of it.

As Mr Howard collapsed back into his chair, his cock now damp and drooping with droplets of spunk dripping in his lap, I turned my attention to Marguax.

Crawling down slightly, I bent my head and took her right nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I nipped her with my teeth, pulling upwards on her pink teat and then releasing it, watching it bounce as it fell and rippled back on to her chest! I repeated the same move on her left nipple, biting into the soft areola, Marguax let out a moan, I’m not sure if it was pleasure or pain!

I wriggled lower down her body until I shimmied off the desk. Pushing Marguax skirt up further with my hands, my fingers working their way towards my goal!

Marguax’s sopping knickers!

Slipping my fingers into the sides of the blue elastic holding the flimsy material of her knickers to Marguax body, I gently pulled them down and tossed them to Mr Howard, who was watching and playing with his now stiffening cock!

Running my hands over Marguax’s thighs, I looked up at her. “I’ve wanted to eat your pussy since I first met you Marguax. I’m going to devour you, taste you and suck you until you squeal and cum on my face, tongue, and lips.”

Leaning over, I spread her legs as wide as they would go and lapped at her wet pussy with my tongue! Marguax moaned and arched her back pressing her wet swollen labia up to meet every flick of my tongue. She tasted as beautiful as she looked! Marguax had a heady, musky taste that made my clit twitch!

Using the tips of my fingers, I peeled open the folds of her swelling pussy lips, sliding my tongue up and down the wet valley that was now revealing itself as I continued to spread her outer labia apart!

I licked slowly!.

Marguax clit was already swollen protruding from its clitoral hood. I could taste masculine cum on her, and in her. Probably from Mr Howard’s leaking cock before I looked in on them! I wanted Marguax to cum again! With quick, hard flicks of my tongue, I teased the tip of her clit. Marguax moaned then gasped as she flailed about on the desk.

Mr Howard was hard again, he stripped naked as he observed me burying my face between Margo’s legs. Moving over to Marguax’s head that now hung off the edge of the desk he guided the purple corona of his manhood between her scarlet lips!

Slowly his veiny shaft filled Marguax mouth and then her throat! She gargled something incoherent as her teeth came down on the base of the cock embedded in her oesophagus. Mr Howard pulled back and started to fuck Marguax sweet mouth as I licked her pussy over and over again. Using my tongue as a small penis, I thrust in and out between her swollen labia, trying to get as much of the organ into her vaginal canal! Fucking her with my tongue!

Mr Howard and I were spit roasting Marguax, and she loved it!

Marguax moaned and I felt her body tense, feeling her oncoming orgasm as the walls of her vaginal canal started to go into spasm, and her legs began to shake uncontrollably! Covering her swollen vulva with my mouth, I sucked her in and drank her orgasm! Mr Howard had slipped his cock from her mouth so she could moan and cry out as she climaxed!

I climbed back up on the desk, straddling her again. As Marguax hand wanked Mr Howard’s cock, our lips met, and like a cat, she licked her own sex juice from my face. As Marguax and I kissed, Mr Howard moved around the desk behind us!

I felt him take hold of Marguax’s by the thighs and pull her arse to the edge of the desk, which took me with her. She tensed and moaned beneath me, looking over my shoulder I watched as Mr Howard finished slipping his cock into Marguax’s sensitive pussy. She was moaning, grunting, begging to be fucked. Reaching up Marguax tore open my blouse sending buttons flying in the air and grabbed at my tits through the fabric of my black bra! Her fingers dug into my breasts as Mr Howard fucked Marguax hard! The thwack of his testicles slapping on her bottom made me so fucking horny!

I was letting her suckle and bite my nipples when I felt something behind me. Mr Howard was raising my hips up, forcing me into a kneeling position on his desk. My arse was now level with his face as I felt hand’s unzipping my skirt. The zipper went from waistband to hem, and in seconds the garment lay on the floor with his clothes! Before I knew it I felt the pressure of the material of my thong cutting into my pubic bone and crushing my clit as I heard the fabric rip in the material disintegrated as Mr Howard ripped the thong from my body! All the time keeping up his rhythmical thrusting into Marguax pussy! All I knew was I want that cock in me, fucking my arse as I gorged on Marguax swollen wet horny sex!

Mr Howard thrust deep into Marguax’s body as he buried his face into my pussy, moaning with pleasure I pushed back against him. I was so wet and horny it didn’t take too many long licks of his talented tongue up and down my wet slit to feel the first wave of my orgasm rising to then fall back to increase again, as the beat of his tongue on my slit pounded faster! As the tip of Mr Howard’s tongue concentrated on my clit dancing a rhythm akin to a latin beat my hips uncontrollably shook, and the final wave of orgasmic pleasure took me over the top to climactic heaven!

Mr Howard pulled out of Marguax’s pussy and instructed both of us to kneel on the couch in the corner of his office, with our arses in the air!. Marguax and I stripped off our remaining clothing! Naked we assumed the required position on the couch! Our arses in the air and our tits swinging! Unable to stop myself I stroked Marguax’s arse running a finger down her downy valley till it slipped into her wet slit, she pushed back as she pulled on my left nipple! All the time Mr Howard was stroking his own cock while he watched us!

With both of us kneeling on the couch, with our asses raised, Mr Howard moved behind me. Positioning the corona of his fantastic cock between the lips of my swollen labia he slid home to the hilt, his balls slapping on my mons pubis as I groaned my pleasure at the feeling of this monster filling me to the back of my sex. He was thicker than I expected, stretching my vaginal canal, I was becoming uncomfortably full.

Marguax took my chin and pulled my lips to hers kissing me as Mr Howard pummeled my pussy. Moaning I pushed back against him and ground my pussy into his pubic bone. I could feel Mr Howard’s cock twitching and palpitating inside me! It wouldn’t take much to make him fill me with his spunk!

Pulling out to stop his impending explosion I expect; Mr Howard moved behind Marguax I watched as he peeled apart her pussy lips and slipped his manhood lubricated with my pussy juice deep inside her.

She moaned and flung her black ponytail around. I envied Mr Howard when he wrapped his fist around her hair as he fucked her, pulling hard as if she was an out of control mare!

After a few more vigorous trusts, he left her and again filled me with his length!

I was going crazy!

Without warning, he pulled his cock from my wet dripping sex, held my hips still and positioned the corona of his throbbing erection at the entrance to my inner sanctum! I cried out and bucked against him as I felt the swollen purple head slowly push past my anal rim and on into my anal passage. When Mr Howard was fully in me, I could feel him throbbing in my rectum! He moaned and cried out saying how tight my anus was.

Slowly at first, he arse fucked me!

Marguax moved down and angled herself under my pussy. I felt her mouth on my clit as Mr Howard thrust his cock over and over again into my rectum! When Marguax peeled my pussy lips apart her fingers pushed into my pussy! I became unglued, moaning and rearing. I’d never had an orgasm that hard!


Mr Howard pulled out, flipped Marguax around and buried his cock into her pussy. It was too much for them both as he and Marguax orgasms arrived they cried out in the throes of their pleasure!

I was sure the office could hear us but didn’t care. Mr Howard collapsed on his chair, his cock pulsing and dripping. Marguax and I curled up together on the couch sixty-nine style, enjoying each other’s wet swollen genitals!

Later that week, I was transferred. I’m now Mr. Howard’s assistant next to Marguax. Mr Howard bought us a present to celebrate. A two-headed gel dildo that we can fuck each other with. He likes to watch us, and then fuck us himself.

Works for me!

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