Erotic Wordoodle: Jane

Jane, a mellifluousness of soft skin.

A melody of beauty with hazelnut penetrating eyes.

What would it be like to unwrap this sensual woman, peel the clothes off her body; as I would slowly peel a fresh orange to taste the delicious fruit within!7ys7t4l

To lay her naked on soft purple linen.

Tie wrists above head and ankles with beautiful cord ligatures to the corners of the bed.Mark Darcy Media-cecilia-vega-tied-spread-on-the-bed

Kiss twenty thousand steps over her soft velvet skin.

Trace my fingers softly from her throat over the slow rise and fall of her sumptuous breasts. Lingering to toy with her hardening nipples, pulling brown fleshy teat till I hear her muffled moan!

Kisses raining down falling on belly and abdomen.

Slowly moving to her soft pubic bone!

Fingers now playing between the folds of her swollen labia, slowly circling her clit!

Settling down between those outstretched legs still bound.

Tounge does lap the oozing juice before it masturbates her tingling bud.

Mark Darcy Media Cunillingus.png

Throb after throb takes her sensual overload

Her climax is quick and slowly oozes from every pore of her magnificent body!

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