An Erotic Wordoodle: A Mistress For Christmas

A bit of sexy holiday silliness…
A Visit from Mistress Nicole

‘Twas the night before Christmas.
Outside the snow fell,
But inside Club O,
It was hotter than hell.

The slaves were all hung
on their crosses with care
in hopes that their dominants
soon would be there.

The Doms were preparing
the racks and nail beds
with visions of ropework
and chains in their heads.

My pet wore her collar
and I with my flogger
was laying down stripes
red as old Santa Claus.
When out at the entrance
arose such a clatter
I left my cuffed slut
to see what was the matter.
The light on her breasts
was like new-fallen snow
when compared to the crimson
silk corset below.

Her hair was like fire,
her lips were like cherries,
a ruby stud winked
in the dip of her belly.

Her black leather boots
clasped her legs to the thigh.
Her emerald eyes twinkling,
she raised her whip high.
“I’ve come to reward
all the masochist perverts
for all the year’s humble
and diligent service.”

As pure a beauty
that you’re likely to meet,
I admit I was tempted
to kneel at her feet.
She strode through the dungeon
with oiled single tail.
Her lash made the subbies
all quiver and quail.

To each bottom’s lips
the delicious Domme bent;
she wouldn’t do more
till she had their consent.
But then she let loose
while we pervs watched in awe
as she happily flogged
half a dozen subs raw.

“Now, baby – oh, boyo!
Breathe, girly – Now, Pet!
Take this now! Don’t you move!
Are you hard? Are you wet?”

As her whip kissed their flesh
we all thrilled at the sight,
while their asses turned scarlet,
their spirits took flight.
When at last she relented,
the ritual done,
we Doms found that we,
like our slaves, had all come.
And we heard her exclaim
as she vanished from sight:
“Merry Kinkmas to all!
May your bonds remain tight!”

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Copyright of the writer © 2018 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

Published by Smugcat Media&Publishing

Art: Unknown found on the internet

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