Erotic Fantasy Tale: Tentacle Assault

Tentacle Assault

By Mark Darcy

Nina arose at nine that Saturday morning, the day after her twenty-fifth birthday. Pulling back the curtains she thought to herself. Wow! What a fantastic spring day!

The sun shone through her bathroom window as she ran her morning bath. Waiting for the tub to fill Nina picked up her hairbrush and started to tidy her silky blonde mane. She stood there naked, in front of her full-length mirror, taking herself in!

Standing to her full, five foot nine as she regarded her body.

34 E tits, she believed them her crowning glory a tight little arse and long slender limbs. Oh, and a cute little cuff pointed the way to her neatly trimmed beautiful pussy!

Her pussy she thought was especially gorgeous! With pouty soft lips, that she just loved to be sucked nipped and licked!

She’d been single for two years now but had a select group of male and female lovers. There’d even been the odd transgender lover, and of course the time on her last trip to Thailand and the sex party she had, with the ladyboy masseuses.

Nina particularly liked to watch a boyfriend fuck one of her female paramours while having a threesome. Nina was addicted to sex! All forms of sex and fucking!

Slipping into the foam Nina laid back. Soaking in the warmth of the water, her mind drifting to the previous night and the date she’d been on with Rex.

They hadn’t fucked, but as she laid in the soapy foam her fingers found her pussy, and she began to gently masturbate, imagining what it might have been like rutting with Rex? Nina had not encountered many men like him! Tall, dark and a little dangerous!

Maybe she fancied, to be even forced by him! The idea of being bound, unable to stop him from exploring her body and her secret places excited her! Sliding further down into the tub she worked on her clit, her orgasm arriving slowly throbbing deep in her sex.

Determining not to waste the day, she decided to go out into the forest for a walk. Nina dressed in her favourite summer frock.

It was a pastel shade of bluish green, and gossamer straps held the chiffon fabric to her body. The hem floated on her knee, as her firm full tits filled the bodice.

She felt a little naughty so left off the small white thong she was going to wear; a pair of white pumps finished the outfit.

Nina jumped into her Porsche and headed off to a favourite spot. It was deep in The New Forest, near to the sleepy port of Lymington, close to where she lived.

Nina parked in the secluded Knightwood Oak car park, and started to walk towards a little stream she could see in the distance. One she knew well. The Knightwood Oak was over five hundred years old. The tree was shrouded in mystery, for many people (mainly women) have disappeared in its vicinity over the years. But Nina dismissed such nonsense as an old wive’s tale.

Nina sat looking into the water for what seemed quite some time but was probably only minutes. She noticed a sweet fragrance in the air. It was a pungent, delicious smell, intoxicating even?

Deciding to see if she could find the source of this magical odour, Nina followed her nose. The smell seemed to be drifting from a spot Nina had never explored! An area of ground surrounded by shrubs, small trees and soft wispy grasses.

The closer Nina got, the sweet smell grew more spicy, more stimulating!

The fragrance was now so powerful it was making her feel drunk. Nina’s mind was overtaken by the overwhelming need to find the source of the pungent odour! Which was now making her feel so warm, hot even, her skin was starting to become sweaty the heavy pollen in the air making her perspiration sticky.

The dress she was wearing, now stuck to the outline of her body. Defining her perfect tits and neat camel toe.

Nina found a small path that ran through the wispy grasses and shrubs. It eventually led her to a small wooded valley. At the edge, the pathway continued down onto the valley floor.

The nectar in the air now started to make her feel happy, euphoric even. Nina even began to feel horny; she began to have the urge to fuck. Any passing random cock or pussy would do!

She looked around her, thinking!

Why have I not stumbled on this secluded spot before?

She knew the area so well.

This place looked different, smelt different, and had a whole different feel to it.!

Then she saw it!

At the very far end of the valley was a large pond or small lake and on the far bank was a plant, a massive hanging. “Passionflower?”

Its primary root and foliage seemed to be at the edge of the pond, but its tendrils with masses of flowers and fruits were hanging from the branches of trees that overhung the water. There were also reddish vines hanging from the trees, which seemed intertwined with the passionflower.

Nina felt compelled forward to see this beautiful plant. She had never seen one with such giant flower heads before.

Nina pondered to herself. “That maybe, she had stumbled on a new species of flora?” Maybe it might get named after her? “Nina passionis fructus?”

Arriving on the floor of the valley, the path continued to the edge of the water. The pond didn’t look deep, so urged on by an insatiable desire to get closer to the plant slipped her pumps off and walked into the water.

The water was warm maybe hot even. It certainly wasn’t cold as expected! By the time she had waded into the middle, the water was up to her mid thigh. The bottom of her flimsy summer dress had become sodden. The water weighed the hem down, pulling the dress lower, straining the material against her breasts.

The tension on the floss like straps holding the garment to her body was at breaking point. The strap on her left shoulder slipped off and lay against her arm. The material on the left side of the dress slowly slid off her breast.

The wet fabric teasingly held on by the stalk of her erect left nipple!

When Nina arrived on the other side of the pond, she was standing ankle deep in water and surrounded by the passionflowers, fruits, flowers and tendrils. The flowers were huge the size of her open hand, and there were pairs of fresh fruit!

Nina contemplated. How large they were and how much they resembled a man’s testicles?

The passionflower’s fruits were not perfectly round and seemed to be held in a soft pinkish green scrotum like sack! Hanging like a pair of men’s balls! Minus the cock!

The cock was there, Nina just didn’t realise it yet!

There were also reddish vines hanging from the passionflowers foliage, well sort of vines. They were obviously not part of the plant, as passionflowers do not have vines only tendrils.

They must be part of another plant? Nina assumed, entwined with the passionflower!

Nina was taken aback as she observed the vine! The vine was distinctly odd! The tip of the vine well had a corona! It looked like the head of a man’s penis! It even had an eye or a urethra at its centre, and there seemed to be a sticky pink substance oozing from the small opening!

There were also other vines with similar penis style heads, but these had much larger urethra openings at the centre, a wider slit-like mouth, rather than the smaller urethra opening the others had.

The phallic shaped head seemed to be made of four isosceles triangular red fleshy petals. Which Nina could see moving! As if it was breathing!

Nina watched goggle-eyed as one opened.

The four petals of the penis shaped head peeled apart, revealing a pink moist inner mouth.

The more Nina looked, the more she realised the four isosceles triangular shaped petals were like lips and gums with small hook-like teeth! They moved, opening and closing the mouth.

‘Fuck’ Nina exclaimed!

It was all so very fucking strange! She thought. Not thinking she was in any danger!

Nina had an unstoppable urge to touch a fruit, hold it in her hand, pick it and eat the soft sweet meat.

As Nina reached out for a fruit, a flower head erupted sending a plume of creamy yellow pollen into the air.

It covered Nina in its sweet tasting nectar; she greedily licked it from her lips and sucked it from her fingers. Something? Went straight to Nina’s head!

She felt extremely drunk and had the most inexplicable urge to masturbate. Nina’s sticky-fingered left-hand disappeared under her dress to find her now swelling clit!

As her gluey fingers delved into her wet slit, the material of her dress fell off her left breast exposing the now swollen orb with its rock hard nipple.

Nina desperately wanted to hold a fruit a pair of fruits in fact. Reaching up with her right hand, she took one!

It nestled in her palm! It felt delicate, velvety to the touch. And then Nina felt the movement of something inside the soft outer skin?

As the object moved, the phallic-headed vine next to the fruit jerked up and spat a creamy pink liquid from the eye or urethra into Nina’s face.

Nina instinctively lets go of the fruit to wipe the sweet sticky liquid now running down the bridge of her nose and over her lips from her face. But hadn’t seen or realised the plant’s tendrils had wrapped themselves around her right wrist and were now working their way down towards her elbow!

Nina’s left hand immediately stopped playing with her wet pussy as she tried to tear the tendrils from her right arm.

But the tendrils were far too strong and now took hold of her left arm, quickly encasing the limb as it had her right.

Both arms were now held tight by the things coils!

The tendrils now started to pull Nina’s arms up, above her head! Her breasts, lifting off her chest as her arms became extended above her!

When Nina’s arms were fully extended, her feet started to lift out of the pond. She dangled a meter from the surface of the water, kicking her legs frantically. Trying to free herself from her predicament!

Now several other of the larger phallus shaped vines started to move towards Nina! The sight of these, snake-like, deep red penis-headed vines approaching her; seemed to hypnotise Nina!

Two of the phallus-headed vines dropped into the water, emerging just below Nina’s thrashing feet. Nina let out a scream as she felt the first one coil itself around her left ankle, then the other her right.

Both simultaneously lifted Nina’s legs, as they did so the tendrils encasing Nina’s arms released their grip. Nina uncontrollably fell back, her head splashing into the water as the vines pulled her further up into the air. They stopped when their prisoner was arm’s length from the surface of the water.

Nina’s immaculate manicured bright scarlet nails, grazed the surface of the pond as her arms flailed in a bid to right herself. But to no avail!

The vines lifted Nina higher; the skirt of her flimsy summer dress fell down over her face. She tried to make a grab for the fabric as it slipped off her body and disappeared into the water. Nina watched as it sunk to the bottom of the pond!

Nina was now strung up, upside-down and naked. Two metres from the surface of the water, flailing and calling for help!

Looking down, she could see two more phallic-headed vines with mouths, rising up out of the pond. The closer they came, the wider their mouths opened.

Nina’s eyes grew bigger! Disbelieving what she was seeing!

The four petals of their mouths opened to their fullest extent. Looking down into the vine’s mouths Nina could see directly into the things throat or what she took as a throat.

The centre was a deep purple, and wet. The inner part of the petals graduated from their base of purple to pink at the petals pointed tip. There seemed to be a wispy tendril-like tongue!

The edges of the petals seemed to resemble lips, and small hook-like teeth in reddish green gums lay just under the mouth!

When the petals closed, they resembled the corona of a penis again. The vine, being the phallus’s shaft.

Both vines coiled themselves around Nina’s arms and start to slither their way towards her armpits.

Nina began to squeal! ‘Fuck, fuck get off, get off me!’

As Nina hung upside-down by her ankles the earth’s gravity pulled at her breasts. Both orbs with their incredibly large hard nipples, became uplifted, or maybe down-lifted? The glands falling back slightly towards Nina’s face! Pulling them away from her chest!

Once the vines reached Nina’s armpits, they glided across her chest to coil themselves around the base of Nina’s tits!

‘Aahhhh, Aaahhhh, fuck, get off, that hurts!’ Nina squealed.

As the vines tightened their grip on Nina’s mammary glands. Nina’s breasts became swollen and bulbous. The soft flesh of her tits becoming puce in colour as the stalks of her nipples became longer and turned a very dark brown colour.

It seemed the vines were able to grow, to stretch. As the main length of the vine wrapped itself around Nina’s breast, the phallic head pulled itself towards Nina’s aching nipples!

Nina watched petrified and dumbstruck as both phallic-heads opened revealing the dark red wet inner mouth with its tendril-like tongue, as they hovered over a nipple each.

Both vines in unison closed the four petals of their mouths swallowing a whole nipple each! Nina could feel the thing, sucking as its teeth sunk into the flesh of her areolas.

Fuck she liked it!

‘Oohhh fuck, Oohhh fuck, Ummm that’s nice.’ Nina murmured.

What the fuck are you saying, Nina! She screamed to herself.

As sensations of rhythmical pleasure ran up her naked body over her abdomen and directly into her sex. Her clit tingled to the pulse of the sucking of her nipples. Even the pain of the teeth digging into her skin was turning her on!

Nina adored her lovers to suck her nipples, play with them, toy with them, and torment them!

Nina now hung inverted in a star-shape as the vines started to stretch her legs and arms apart!

As her legs splayed open, she could feel the lips of her pussy separating! Her every instinct to cover her nakedness thwarted by the vines restraining grip!

The phallus-headed vines suckling on her nipples distracted Nina to the extent she hadn’t felt the other penile-headed vines holding her up by the ankles, spiralling and working they way down her legs to their ultimate goal!

She suddenly became aware of their smooth, oily, red flesh as they slid down over her calves and then onto coil around her quad muscles.

‘Ahh, fuckers, get off!’ Nina shrieked.

Making a frantic effort to get free but to no avail. The more Nina thrashed around, the tighter the vines gripped her arms and legs.

Nina hung exhausted from her exertion, hanging in mid-air with the two vines coiled around her thighs now stretching out towards her unprotected vagina and anus!

The other two vines continued constricting her tits as they slurped on her now tingling hard nipples! The vines damp moist, flesh felt strangely erotic as it caressed the skin of her pubic mound, the other slithering towards her bum-hole with sodomy in mind. As Nina felt the two phallic-heads getting closer and closer to her most private of orifices, she felt surprisingly relaxed!

They seemed to be growing getting thicker, harder as if they were getting excited. The phallic shaped head swelling becoming larger. Like a boyfriend’s cock becoming hard and swollen when she wanked him!

Both vine heads were oozing a creamy, oily reddish pink fluid. Nina could feel the liquid on her skin as it started to dribble down her torso.

Nina now hung there totally naked with goo running all over her body and feeling as horny as hell, wanting to be fucked by whatever this was! Why wasn’t it getting on with it? Fuck, she realised it was teasing her!As the two phallic-headed vines sucked on Nina’s erect nipples of her vine-contorted tits.

More vines emerged from the pond! Nina watched, as the phallic-headed vines rose out of the water, as the sucking and now soft biting from the vines abusing her nipples sent more waves of pleasure into her pussy!

A wave of a distant orgasm crashed on the shores of her psyche.

Nina hung by her ankles, inverted and spread-eagled. Exposed and vulnerable to whatever this thing wanted to do to her.

Nina’s fate was sealed, she realised, as she felt the large swollen head of a vine slither along the inside of her thigh towards her unprotected sex.

As the vines, swollen throbbing head slid across her own swollen vulva! A bolt of electric eroticism throbbed deep in her body as the head, much larger than the entrance to her sex, probed at her wet slit!

The large vine head kissed Nina’s swelling clit as it slid up and down the folds of her sex; sending her into ecstasy

‘Oh my God.’ Nina cried.

As she felt her orgasm coming closer!

The vines suckling on her breasts now drew Nina’s nipples deeper into their mouths, elongating the hard stalks.

‘Oohhh fuck, that’s so good!’ Nina groaned.

Now clamping their hard gums even harder around the stalk of Nina’s throbbing nipples they pulled! Pulling the nipples up to the limit of their elasticity.

‘Oh my God, the fucking things going to make me come?’ Nina moaned to herself.

Nina wailed louder when she felt the large head of the vine probing her slit, pushing its way past her sex lips and into her vaginal canal. As she felt it was going to split her open. It pushed on, deeper into her sex!

‘Fuck no, no, it’s too big! Oh my fucking God, someone help me!’ Nina cried out.

Then it pulled out. Nina gasped as she felt it leave her quivering body. When the head plunged back into Nina, she instinctively tried to push back towards the phallus now fucking her.

Nina’s vaginal canal expanding to accommodate her floral, pounding lover!

As Nina tried to get it deeper into her, she felt the other vine sliding over her perineum lingering over her anus.

She desperately tried to clench, but her legs were so stretched apart, her most private orifice was exposed to invasion!

The phallus-headed vine probed at her anal verge before very slowly it pushed past and into her rectum. Nina was sodomised!

‘Arrhhhh, fuck noooo, noooo!’ Nina squealed.

As she felt the vine violate her most sacred of places!

Before she had the chance to shut her mouth one of the phallic-headed vines that had just risen from the pond was in her last un-violated orifice!

The phallic head filled her mouth! Nina tried to cry out, but all that emitted was muffled gurgle!

The vine in her rectum began to push further down into her body, deeper into her bowel! Nina could feel it moving inside her!

Diverted for a moment, she felt the other phallic-headed vine that had just risen out from the pond, slithering over her face. Its phallic-head slid between her breasts up over her belly across her abdomen and for just a few seconds nuzzled in Nina’s soft trim pubic cuff. Before it found Nina’s swollen hard erect clit!

Encompassing the swollen bud the mouth closed around it! As the enormous vine fucking her pussy continued to thrust into her body.

Filling her vaginal canal, she could feel it at the back of her sex! A tremendous orgasm was building along her neural pathways!

The coming wave of pleasure had gone past the point of no return!

This one was going to crest and crash over her nervous system, overloading her with dopamine, taking Nina to a massive orgasm.

The phallic head throbbing in her mouth slithered over the back of her tongue, making Nina gag as it then entered her throat. Nina swallowed hard as it glided past her epiglottis and on into her oesophagus. Eventually, it slithered up into her stomach!

Nina felt something? Her mind a tangle of confusion! Something was being disgorged into her belly?

Fuck it’s impregnating me with its seeds! Screamed in Nina’s head. As she realised her body was going to be used as an incubator.

Her mind was distracted again, as she felt the wave of pleasure building deep in her sex, getting stronger, the wave of her climax getting higher.

As the mouth sucking and licking her clit, sucked harder drawing the hard sex bud deeper into its stem like throat as its tendril-like tongue licked and wanked Nina’s horny clit. In unison with the mouths sucking on her abused nipples.

Distracting Nina from the things primary purpose of using her as a food source for its incubating young. Nina yelped, as their sharp teeth dug further into her fleshy areolas and vulva, distracting her even more!

As the large phallic-headed vine that was so adeptly fucking her pussy slowed its pace. Nina felt it start to swell inside her body. She was full of this phallus, and it now began to throb. It throbbed in unison with her unstoppable oncoming orgasm.

The vine deep in her bowel had moved into her large colon and Nina could now feel it working its way towards her stomach, through her small intestine on into her duodenum! The fat phallic-head pushed past Nina’s pylorus and into her now bloated and swollen stomach!

Nina’s mind raced. Her adrenalin levels at overload, as she felt fluid filling her already over bloated belly! The vine was now squirting an unknown substance into her gut. Her stomach now so bloated, Nina appeared nine months pregnant!

Aahhhh, what the fuck is it doing to me? Nina thought, her mind in a panic!

Looking up her abused body at her pre-birth belly. No longer able to see her pussy, as her still swelling bump obscured the view.

But she could feel the phallus throbbing deep in her sex, and now it began its piston-like fucking motion again!

Rocking her, too and fro, as the phallus headed vine fucked her towards its and Nina’s climax.

The vine slurping on Nina’s clit started sucking and wanking harder.

Nina silently cried out. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my fucking God, I’m going to cum! As she felt the wave of her orgasm rushing towards her!

The phallus deep in her sex exploded filling Nina’s pussy with its sticky pink secretion. Which now oozed from her vaginal orifice, dribbling down her body and dripping off her tits!

Nina’s own thundering orgasm arrived. Her body quivered and shook as the tidal wave of her climax quaked through her body!

Fuuccckkkk, oh fuucccckkk, it’s so fucking gooooodddd. Oh Fuck, oh fuck. Don’t let it stop! Nina inaudibly screamed in her head. As she felt the whole of the Passion Flower shake and seemed to groan.

And as if the thing had exhausted itself, all the vines released their grip on her. Falling back in the water the vines deep in her body slithered out!

Nina hit the surface with a splash and started to sink under the water. Gasping for air, she took in water! Nina in a panic fought her way to the surface, as her head broke the soapy water she gulped for breath. Opening her eyes, it all looked so familiar, her bathroom! Fuck, she had fallen asleep in her morning bath, it at all been a nasty wet dream.

She lay there panting, still feeling the orgasm pulsing in her pussy! Her sore red nipples tingling as she lay exhausted in the strangely pink water of her bath.

After dressing, she decided to go on that walk, and see if the little valley with the small lake really was there?


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