Erotic Horror: Suzy’s Halloween

Suzy peered out the window of the big black BMW as it drove through the increasingly neglected streets of Bermondsey. They were now heading down the Jamaica Road toward Rotherhithe, where her client waited. The small groups of trick or treaters were beginning to dwindle, as the area was now cloaked in a grim, grey mist and it had started to drizzle, very appropriate for…..

All Hallows’ night!

Suzy hated Halloween it had frightened her ever since childhood, all those Ghouls and Ghost stories made her very uneasy. It made no sense, but it had stayed with her since childhood.

Finally, her driver and bodyguard Malik stopped the car at the front of what appeared to be an older apartment block.

Malik informed Suzy, “This is the address.” And went on saying, “I don’t like the look of it!”

Suzy was edgy about tonight, it was Halloween, and she hadn’t a clue whom her client was; apart from the fact he or she was new. The agency had left a message on her voice mail with the address and time, but the name had not recorded.
It made her feel uneasy, going into a job and not knowing the name of the client. She thought to herself, maybe it was time to get out of this game. But could she do without the money, she had got used to a particular lifestyle, that being a high-class escort gave her. If she gave it up would she be able to afford the nicer things in life?

Earlier in the day she had been to her friend Caroline’s lingerie shop in the heart of Mayfair. Suzy had gone to pick up something new to wear, as she always wanted to look her best for a client particularly a new client; and it now adorned her body.

Suzy had purchased an Agent Provocateur electric-blue lacy strapless brassiere and matching G-string. Her friend Caroline had very kindly kept it aside for her.

Suzy was quietly jealous of Caroline, thinking her so lucky. Caroline had just started a new relationship with a guy called James, what a lovely man. Suzy had met James at a party a week earlier; he had mesmerised her with his smoky grey eyes.

She mused to herself why on earth could she not find a good man and get out of this game. The lingerie had set her back two hundred, but the night would net two grand, a good profit. No, she could not do without the money, so she had better get on in there. Suzy took a swig of single malt from her hip flask, then got out of the car, and dashed through the drizzle into the apartment blocks lobby.
The lobby was as run down as you would have suspected, from the state of the dilapidated exterior. However, there was an entry panel, and the button for apartment thirteen seemed to work. A rather strange hypnotic voice answered.

The voice had a trace of some Eastern European accent, which Suzy could not place, asked. “Who is there?”

She replied, “Suzy, we have an appointment at 10pm.”

The voice responded, “Ah yes, Suzy, please do come in. The lift is at the end of the hall, just press the button for the fourth floor, and I will await you.”

Suzy walked to the end of the corridor, and as promised, there was a charming little lift. It was complete, except for the missing CONDEMNED sign. It was apparently operational. Oh well, double the pay, double the risk. The lift door opened, and Suzy slid the inner gate aside, stepped into the elevator and punched the button for the fourth floor as instructed. The elevator seemed to go up forever; Suzy uninterestedly counted the floors as she passed them, taking another mouthful from her flask.

The lift ground to a halt, with a few nasty little judders. After a considerable wait, the door opened, and Suzy slid the inner gate aside.
Her client waited in a dimly lit doorway down the hall. Suzy took a deep breath and then swigged another shot from her flask. Reset her trouble transmitter for another 10-minute interval, it would alert Malik if there were any problems she needed him to deal with. It was always better to be safe than sorry or rather as safe as you could be in this profession.

Suzy placed the flask and transmitter back into her coat pocket and started down the hall. As Suzy made her way to where the client stood, she noted that there appeared to be only the one door on the fourth floor. Her client was a man who seemed very pale and thin.

From the weak light coming from inside the room, she could make out that he was wearing a jet-black velvet robe with matching slippers. The slippers and the robe had the initials EB embroidered in gold thread.

“Welcome Suzy, please do come in!” The client beckoned.

Suzy stepped past the man into what appeared at first to be a vast formal living room. There was floor to ceiling windows with heavy curtains. Also, a large, very ornate fireplace stood at the far end.

In front of the fireplace, a four-poster bed! The bed appeared rather odd in a living room, but hey that was the client’s business. The client steered Suzy toward the fireplace and as a consequence… the bed!

The room was furnished in an elegant baroque style; not in keeping with the building the client lived in; not at all. Ornate chairs and couches were set against the walls. A crystal chandelier hung from the centre of the room and was lit by what seemed a hundred candles. But strangely the light seemed only to fall onto the bed.

The bed was just as ornate, with silk coverings and silk pillowslips. The headboard was made of a dark wood and intricately carved. At the centre, a Bat’s head had been sculpted, a fearsome looking beast, with a brass ring in its mouth. She had thought from the distance of the doorway it was a four-poster bed. Now she was closer she saw it only had two posts situated at the bottom end.

Suzy thought to herself how strange it all seemed? Quite surreal! Beside the bed were two beautiful chairs and a small table. On the table sat a decanter of red wine and two glasses.

The client said, “Please sit Suzy and let me take your coat!”

Alarm bells now rang in Suzy’s head; the transmitter was in the pocket of her jacket. What could she do, she could not retrieve it with arousing suspicion. Suzy was expected to have sex with the client and obviously would have to remove most of her clothes, if not strip entirely.

Mind you some customers liked to fuck while you were still fully dressed. Suzy reluctantly slipped her coat off and handed it to him. She kept a close eye on where he placed it. To Suzy’s relief, he laid the coat over a chair that was situated near the bed.

The client asked, “Suzy would you like to partake in a glass of wine with me?”

Suzy responded in the affirmative. “Yes, that would be nice thank you,” and went on to say, “You have the better of me, you know my name, but the agency forgot to give me yours?”

“Suzy my name is of little consequence,” he assured her. “But if it makes you feel better, they call me Egri, Egri Bikaver.”

Egri poured Suzy a large glass of blood-red wine and handed it to her. Suzy drank; the wine was strong and hit Suzy’s nervous system instantaneously.
Suzy queried. “What is this wine? It’s lovely but very potent!”

“Bulls Blood my dear it is from my homeland,” Egri replied.

“So where do you call home Egri?” Suzy asked.

“Hungary do you know it,” Egri responded.

“No but they say it’s very picturesque,” Suzy commented, trying to make small talk.’

“Not as beautiful as you Suzy,” was Egri’s mawkish reply. “Let me refill your glass,” Egri said. Refilling Suzy’s glass before she had a chance to refuse.

Feeling they needed to get on with it, she drained the glass and said to Egri, “I think we should get down to business.”

“Yes you’re right, let us get down to our carnal matters Suzy,” Egri retorted.

As Suzy tried to rise from the chair, the room started to spin. Wow, that wines powerful, it’s gone straight to my head, I wished I had eaten something before I came out she thought to herself.

For a moment, she lost her balance and fell back onto the chair.

“Are you ok Suzy?” Egri enquired.

“Yes, yes,” Suzy replied. “I’ll be ok, it’s just the wine,” she added.

“Let me help you up,” Egri insisted and held out his hand.

Suzy took Egri’s hand and for the first time realised how cold and bony Egri’s hands were. Suzy seemed to float out of the chair. Once on her feet, she became aware of how weird she felt, not only did her head feel strange but also her skin seemed ever so sensitive, her breasts, nipples and pussy seemed to tingle as if some unseen force was stimulating them; caressing them!

It was making her feel quite horny!

As Suzy looked around her, she tried to take in the chairs and couches that were in the room, and everything seemed weird. For whatever reason, Suzy’s eyes could not quite focus on the furniture. Similarly, she could not quite focus on the pictures or wall hangings. Her temperature was rising and she was starting to feel quite hot, moisture was forming on her skin.

She could feel sweat on her brow!

There had been no one else in the room, but oddly she felt the presence of others. A chill ran down her spine as perspiration started to run down between her breasts, and suddenly double pay did not seem like such a good inducement.

Suzy decided that she was going to get out of there as soon as she could. She was feeling the effects of what she did not realise, was drugged wine. The wine also had ancient herbs infused within it; the herbs were known to affect the nervous system, targeting the human erogenous zones! Preparing the victims body for sex; for penetration! The room began to spin again; Suzy fell back against the fireplace and held onto it.

It was now she became conscious that the fireplace was not a fireplace! But appeared to be more like a stone altar! Egri once again asked Suzy if she was ok?
Suzy’s replied, “Yes well, no, I’m not feeling too good.”

Suzy tried to recover her equilibrium; she needed to get out of there. Fuck, it had been over 10 minutes where was Malik?

Why was he not there?

She resolved to tell Egri that she would need to use the bathroom, and then make an excuse and leave.

Her senses told her all was not right, why was her pussy screaming for attention? And why were her nipples getting so hard? They had become so stiff they rubbed on the material of her bra making them even harder; it was all so fucking strange!

She was, in essence, a prostitute, a well-paid prostitute so she was there to have sex, but why did she have this thirst to fuck.

Her mind was becoming confused!

As she turned to ask where the bathroom was Suzy recoiled in horror! Egri was in the process of discarding his robe; under the robe was a thin but strong looking bone white body. Protruding from the ghastly white body were three things. An erect and twitching penis and two very nasty looking fangs set in a blood-red mouth.

At that moment Suzy panicked, supposing she had fallen into the hands of what she took to be a vampire! But vampires do not exist; their just stories are they not? Fiction from the imagination of Bram Stoker, Suzy told herself; her mind confused and muddled by the drugged wine. What Suzy did not realised was this; she had fallen into the hands of Egri Bikaver, a particularly sadistic, sex addicted, two-thousand-year-old vampire. Yes, vampires did exist, hidden in the dark recesses of our world.

Suzy turned to run!

It was too late! Egri snared Suzy with one bony hand and with the other started to rip at her dress. Egri’s nails had now seemingly turned into razor-sharp talons and made short work of the flimsy material Suzy dress was made of!

In a final moment of triumph, Egri slipped a talon under the front of Suzy’s strapless bra, and slowly pulled on the gossamer-like strands that conjoined the cups supporting Suzy’s ample bust. As the electric blue material gave way to Egri’s slicing talons, Suzy’s breasts bounced free of their soft lacy protection, exposing them to Egri’s perverted leering gaze.

In seconds, Egri had moved swiftly down, and a talon cut through the thin silk of her matching G-string, Suzy had now been divested her of her last vestiges of a covering. The G-string was now slipping off her body and sliding down onto the floor, where the rest of her mutilated clothes lay. As she instinctively tried to cover her modesty with her free hand, Egri grabbed her wrist and held it in a vice-like grip!

Forcing her arms around behind her back, he held both her wrists together with one of his strong bony hands. Egri’s other hand was now free to explore Suzy’s exposed and vulnerable body.

A bony finger started to probe at her unprotected vagina; she instinctively bent her knees trying to pull her pussy away from him. But to no avail as she was pressed up against the wall. Egri was so close she could feel her breasts rubbing against his hard and cold torso. The head of Egri’s repulsive penis was pressing down against her pubic bone; she could feel it tugging at her pubic hair as it pushed down trying to penetrate between her legs.

Egri’s cock was not smooth; the demonic phallus was pitted and ridged. Egri’s demon hood grazed the skin of Suzy’s pussy lips as it tried to force its way to her vagina. She now doubled her efforts to escape the things grasp as she felt Egri’s cold fingers trying to part her vaginas protective labia to make way for his throbbing penis. But it was useless as his strength was immense and the drugged wine fogged her mind.

Egri’s skin seemed translucent, pale with a grey tone. The hand that held a vice-like grip on her wrists felt moist like putrefying meat. An odour of death prevailed that she had not noticed before. It was now she became aware that there were others in the room.

Two more of what she took to be vampires appeared from the shadows, a female and a male. They too were both naked, with the same bone-white bodies. Egri liked to watch as these two tormented his victims, mentally and sexually, before feeding on their bodies.

To watch, as they debased their prey!

Whoever the poor unfortunate was?

The female could be mistaken for a male. Her torso was underdeveloped with small non-existent breasts. Black hard pointed nipples protruded from where her breasts should be. Her head was bald and her body hairless. Her swollen sex had a large clitoris protruding from its wet slit.
Her name used to be Alice; now her name was not important. Egri had made her a vampire over two hundred years ago. He was her maker, and she did his bidding.

All traces of Alice the human were gone!

All that remained was the bloodthirsty vampire now intent on abusing Suzy in mind and body as well as feeding her lust for blood.

The man was smaller than Egri. He also had the same bone white strong body. Both the female and male had two large fangs protruding from their bloody red mouths. But unlike the female, a semi-erect penis swung pendulum-like between the man’s legs. His name had been John and had been a vampire for over five hundred years. Egri was his maker too.

As with Alice all traces of John the human had disappeared.

John had been a blacksmith before he encountered Egri. Now he like Alice was a bloodthirsty vampire under Egri’s control. But not only intent on feeding on Suzy, this vampire like Egri also wanted to violate her sexually. He wanted to torture and fuck Suzy’s body as much as Egri would allow. Egri released his grip on Suzy’s wrists, but before she could escape the two vampires took hold of her.

Taking an arm each they held her, forearms extended, resembling a crucifix. The action thrust Suzy’s breasts out, for their lurid examination. Two bony hands one female and one male took a fleshy orb each and bounced Suzy’s generous E cup tits in the palms of their hands as they in unison excitedly squealed their delight.

“Oh such lovely breasts, such sweet meat! Egri can we fuck her, Egri, can we? Please, Egri we want to play with these lovely big tits, please Egri? Can we play with her?” They pleaded like children wanting to play with a pet, but this pet was human, and their idea of play was inhuman!

Suzy felt utterly defenceless as these disgusting vampires leered at her nakedness. Through the fog of her drugged mind, she could hear Egri telepathically calling to her; Egri was in her brain. He spoke in a melodic, hypnotic way. She felt unable to resist this vile thing as it began to take over her psyche.

She was becoming entranced by whatever Egri was doing to her mind and her drugged body unable to resist physically. There was a rhythmic chanting, pulsing, in her head. Her body began pulsating to the same rhythm, wanting this disgusting vampire, yet she was repulsed by it. She could not resist its hypnotic spell. Her intellect fought against Egri’s will, but her body, her sex, her being, wanted this creature to violate her.
She knew Egri wanted to torment her, he was in her consciousness. Egri wanted to penetrate her, to spill his vile seed deep in her body.

She could not resist the vampire’s will; it had totally taken over her power of reason, her senses, and her desire. She could not stop herself from wanting these monsters to abuse her. To violate her body and soul, in whatever way they wanted.

Suzy was now totally under Egri’s power.

Egri’s companions in Suzy’s molestation tightened their grip on her forearms. Holding a breast each their thumbs and forefingers entrapped a nipple squeezing the soft pink teat. As Egri’s penis swelled and twitched, Suzy’s eyes fixed on the huge throbbing member. Her body seemed to want Egri’s assault, to be penetrated by Egri’s phallus; her mind was in total confusion.

Her body was betraying her. Suzy’s breasts began to swell; her nipples hardened to the point of discomfort and became overtly erect. Was it the temperature in the room? It now seemed quite cold! Or was it John and Alice’s teasing fingers?

Did her hard swollen nipples betray her want to be defiled?

She then felt the pain hit, as those sharp talons that had shredded her clothes so efficiently pulled on her swollen nipples.
The tip of Egri’s sharp talon-like nails dug into the soft pink flesh of her tight, puckered areolae. Egri pulled at Suzy’s nipples, twisting and tweaking the tender teats.

She was both repulsed and equally turned on by the abuse her delicate nipples were getting.

They now throbbed and stood erect, swollen and larger than she had ever seen them. The sensations in her nipples now started to wake her clitoris. Suzy fought against the desire building in her sex, but could not stop herself wanting this vampire!

She wanted to scream for Egri to stop, but all that came out of her mouth were soft moans of satisfaction. Egri stopped tormenting her breasts and motioned for his accomplices to take Suzy over to the stone altar.

Suzy’s throbbing nipples wanted more, her body wanted more, she could not recover control of her will or her mind or even the lust rising through her being. Her drugged body could not resist or put up a defence against their assault even if she had wanted to. But she wanted that demonic vampire deep in her now moistening vagina; she wanted to feel its demon hood throbbing in her body. The two vampires holding her now led her over to the stone altar.

The altar had two brass rings attached on either side.

Rough cords were tied to her wrists and then placed through the rings. These disgusting creatures now pulled on the ropes stretching Suzy’s arms, forcing them up, lifting her onto the balls of her feet, and elevating her swelling breasts.

But now once the ligatures were tied off, the creatures placed leather cuffs around Suzy’s ankles.

Then Alice and John fixed a wooden pole to the leather cuffs spreading Suzy’s legs apart. The inner and outer lips of her pussy peeling part exposing the soft pink flesh at the entrance to her vagina.

She again found herself in the crucifix position but this time with her hands stretched out and above her head, her legs stretched apart exposing the soft inner flesh of her vagina.

Perspiration oozed from Suzy’s shaved and smooth armpits to trickle down the sides of her torso. Cat like tongues lapped at the salty fluid as hands groped Suzy’s breasts and bony fingers pinched her hard nipples.

The female vampire peeled apart Suzy’s outer labia, revealing Suzy’s growing clitoris to Egri’s leering gaze. Egri smiled and said. ‘The herbs have done their job, she is ready!’

Suzy could not understand why she could feel her clit swelling, why was her body betraying her as her clitoris grew even larger.
Egri gave the signal for the two vampires to begin Suzy’s torment. He gave them their wish! ‘To play with her!’

Their sharp fingers squeezing and pulling at her breasts, running sharp nail-like talons over her soft flesh leaving red welts on her skin. Their disgusting mouths sucking on her breasts.

She felt their sharp-pointed fangs raking over her swollen areolas and pricking her rigid nipples.

To her disgust, Suzy’s body responded to their touch.

Her breasts swelling further, her nipples hardening further and wanting, yes, needing more abuse. She felt her whole body wanting their touch. Her female juice began lubricating her vaginal canal as her clitoris swelled, aching to be stimulated. She craved to have her sex abused. The female vampire dropped to her knees in front of Suzy, with her bone-white hands she began to stroke Suzy’s vulva.

Her body now responded, her clitoris swelled and starting to protrude from its protective hood. The vampire slipped two bony fingers inside Suzy’s wet pussy, and a hard bony thumb found Suzy’s clitoris!

The vampire massaged its thumb in a circular motion over Suzy’s sex bud.
Suzy tried to resist the feelings building up in her body, but the herbs in the drugged wine were over-stimulating her clitoris.

So once again it was impossible, and her pussy responded to the female vampire’s touch.

Alice rhythmically slid two bony fingers in and out of Suzy’s wet vaginal canal, and to Suzy’s loathing; she pushes down on them. Her vaginal walls tightening around the vampire’s bony fingers, as it rhythmically finger-fucked her. The monsters thumb continued working on Suzy’s clitoris, which now so engorged with blood, was protruding even further from its hood.

As Suzy looked down her body she could physically see her enlarged sex bud, distended from her inner labia; the ancient herbs were doing their job well. Suzy now sensed an orgasm building. She tried hard to resist the climax, but resistance was futile; wave after wave of her impending orgasm came and went.

Suzy cried out, “No, No, Fuck No.” Then she couldn’t stop the word, “Yes,” spilling from her lips! Wanting but not wanting to climax under these vile monsters fingers. Suzy’s brain was confused, as lust took over, and the next wave of her orgasm built and built until the summit of her climax washed over her. Her twitching sex canal gripped the vampire’s fingers as the orgasm hit.

Suzy cried out in ecstasy as the climatic sensations shuddered through her. The vampire looked up and with a triumphant sinister smile, licking Suzy’s sex juice from her bony digits.

Egri, all the while was masturbating his demonic cock, motioned for his accomplices to move the drained and limp Suzy on to the bed. The rough cords remained on Suzy’s wrists biting into her soft flesh, to be re-tied to the brass ring in the Bat’s Mouth, which had been elaborately carved into the bed head.

She now found herself on her back with her arms tied and stretched out above her. Her head rested on enough pillows to give her a good view down the length of her body.

Her swollen breasts had parted and lay on either side of her chest. Giving her a view down the valley that now formed between them, to her pubic mound. More pillows were forced under the small of her back, until her buttocks were raised sufficiently enough, for easy access to Suzy’s exposed wet swollen vulva and delicate anus.

The leather cuffs and pole were removed from Suzy’s ankles and the pole discarded to be replaced by ligatures, that were now tied around both Suzy’s ankles and tied off one to each of the two wooden bedposts at the bottom of the bed preventing her from once again closing her legs.
Suzy was now bound and spread-eagled, the pillows under her buttocks exposing her vagina and anus to the leering vampires. She would have no choice but to succumb to their lust-crazed desires.

Egri’s two accomplices now continued to molest Suzy’s body.

Their sharp nail-like talons were again playing with Suzy’s swollen breasts. Running circles around the sensitive areolae and then running their nails up Suzy’s elongated nipples. Her whole body responded to their abhorrent touch.

She could feel her clitoris throb, her vagina spasm, fuck; she desperately wanted to be penetrated. She could feel her wetness seeping from her vulva, down over her perineum. Trickling over and around her anus, before dripping onto the bed from her coccyx.

The herbal infusion in the wine over stimulated her vaginal walls, producing copious amounts of female lubricant. Her nipples were now being pulled up by cold, bony fingers, which twisted and squeezed the sensitive teats.

Skeletal fingers toyed with her anus, that was now being moistened by her oozing female secretions, from her swollen sex.

She wanted to tighten her intimate place, but again her body betrayed her. Instead of resisting the probing digit, her anus relaxed inviting in this thing to violate her palpitating private place.

It was the female that had found Suzy’s wet anus and was massaging the outer anal verge and perineum. Her anus pouted and throbbed, her erogenous outer anal verge sending waves of sensations like bolts of lightening throughout her body.

Her breasts responded too, Suzy’s nipples tingled as if a small electrical charge was being applied to her hard teats. Looking down the valley that her heaving breasts now formed she could see her swelling clitoris.

It was now standing proud of her clitoral hood and quite visible above her sweat-soaked pubic hair. It now resembled a very small penis; similar to the pictures she had seen of female bodybuilders who had taken to many steroids, their clitorises had grown huge.

Suzy wanted that massaging finger to slip into her anal passage and finger-fuck her as she felt the growing sex bud throb.

She had never experienced an anal orgasm but felt one building in her rectum. As if the vampire knew what Suzy wanted, its bony finger slid into her anus.

Suzy’s tight anal canal gripped the vampire’s finger, but the monster pushed in deeper. When the bony finger was in as deep as it would go, the vampire slipped its thumb into Suzy’s slippery sex. Now it rhythmically pumped its fingers in and out of Suzy’s most sensitive places in unison. It pinched the walls of Suzy’s vaginal canal and anal passage together, rubbing its fingers up and down the flexible slippery membranes that separated her anal passage from her vaginal canal.

Suzy could feel an orgasm building as the thing finger-fucked her; the tide of her orgasm surged and rose again as the monsters skeletal fingers pounded into her body. Suzy’s climax erupted deep inside her rectum and flooded into her vagina. Her body shook as the demonic climax shuddered through her nervous system, letting out a groan of pleasure that seemed to last forever. Alice and John, Suzy’s tormenting lovers, let out an unearthly wail at the sight of Suzy’s climaxing body.

As Suzy lay panting on the bed, her orgasm oozing from her violated orifices the vampire removed its bony fingers and mounted her, positioning herself over Suzy’s face. Suzy could feel the unholy things smooth hairless sex close to her mouth. She knew what the female vampire wanted, what she had already experienced. The vampire wanted fulfilment, and so did Suzy. She wanted to climax again and again; totally repulsed by her hedonistic desires she could do nothing but give in to them.
Suzy was disgusted that she wanted these foul beasts to violate her, to fuck her.

But was helpless, her mind in their control and her drugged body could not resist. The vampire thrust her sex down onto Suzy’s mouth. Suzy had been with a woman before, but this thing tasted of death. The vampire’s swollen vulva and wet labia were against her lips. She eagerly ate the monster’s sex, seeking out its fat squirming clitoris.

Suzy located the vampire’s sex bud and started to suck on the swollen throbbing clit. It was hard and now growing even bigger. As with her own sex gland, it was more reminiscent of a small penis, but Alice’s was bony and rough to the touch. The vampire thrust her rancid pussy further in Suzy’s face and started to moan and howl.

The male vampire was now teasing Suzy’s breasts once again pulling and tweaking at her sore nipples. Suzy was aroused all the more by the torture her nipples now endured.

She now licked and sucked harder, at the female vampire’s clitoris, her mouth filling with the vile monster’s rancid sex juice.

As Suzy felt Alice’s unholy orgasm building, she became aware of a bony finger exploring her open sex. She could not see who it was, but it must be Egri; as John was squeezing her breasts together with his bony hands while sucking on her throbbing nipples.

As she felt Egri’s skeletal fingers probing at her wet sex, a sharp talon ran over her stomach across her navel and down to her pubic bone. Her pussy started to respond; her clitoris throbbed, as her swelling sex bud became more engorged with blood. Suzy felt Egri spread her labia open exposing her clitoris; two razor sharp-talons pulled on her erect clit.

Egri pulled on it, as far as it would go then released his pincer-like grip watching the pink sex bud swelling as it settled back. As the vampire repeated the action time and time again, Suzy felt an orgasm arriving like an express train.

Wave after wave of climatic sensation came and then subsided only to come again every time stronger than the one it proceeded. She knew it wouldn’t be long before the final climatic pulse burst into her brain. When Suzy felt the orgasm start to cascade through her nervous system, she sucked hard on the throbbing clit above her. Alice shrieked out as her frenzied orgasm arrived with Suzy’s. The vampire’s foul-smelling sex juice, filling the trapped mouth below her. Alice’s sex lube oozed from between Suzy’s lips dribbling down her chin and forming a pool of demonic secretions in the dimple at the base of her throat.
All the time Suzy’s orgasm continued to course and pulse through her writhing and twitching body.

Female seminal fluids oozed from her swollen and open pussy as Egri continued to tease her now crimson pulsing sex bud. He seemed gentle as he stroked her swollen vulva occasionally rubbing her clitoris as she came down from her orgasm.

In her drugged and hypnotic state, she seemed content to be the centre of a demonic orgy with three unholy vampires, she being the outlet for their evil lust. The female slid off the bed, to be replaced by her male counterpart. The vampire’s penis was now hard and thick, and its testicles firm and tight. John’s body was as hairless, as his female partner.

John was astride Suzy in moments; taking hold of her breasts he pushed them together enveloping his twitching penis in the soft flesh. As the vampire thrust his phallus back and forth, his putrefying fingers pulled on Suzy’s nipples. The rough surface of John’s phallus, stung the sensitive skin of Suzy’s swollen and reddening breasts. Its bony fingers teased and taunted her nipples pulling on them, squeezing them, between its thumb and forefinger. Her sensitive teats once again betrayed her, responding to the abuse they were receiving. Her throbbing nipples were again connecting to her clitoris, making her vulva infinitely more puffy and swollen with engorged blood.

Her labia open like a flower, as blood-inflated her inner pussy lips inviting in the thing to impregnate her, with its appalling seminal fluid.

The vampire was now so close to ejaculation dirty grey semen was starting to leak from the end of its unholy cock, lubricating the soft flesh that encompassed the thrusting phallus. Letting go of Suzy’s breasts the vampire’s erection jerked up flicking the leaking sex juice over Suzy’s neck and chin. Moving up close to her face, she knew instinctively what John wanted!

Grabbing the back of her head, he pulled her onto his throbbing penis. For the first time she tasted the foul crown of his monstrous phallus, it filled her mouth as it unstoppably slid to the back of her throat. As globules of his seeping juice dripped into Suzy’s gullet making her gag, John stopped! Dropping her head back onto the bed, his throbbing cock slithered out of Suzy’s mouth. Strands of vampire semen linked the head of Johns cock to Suzy’s red lips as it twitched close to her mouth.

The strands broke and dribbled down into the indentation at the base of Suzy’s neck. John began to work his way further up, to position himself over her face. As the vampire sat across Suzy’s, she could see the monsters cock above her, twitching from side to side as he lowered his tight testicle sack towards her mouth.

Instinctively Suzy lifted her head as the vampire dropped a testicle into her mouth. Suzy’s red lips sucked in the hard gland as they closed around the throbbing testis. Her tongue all the time playing with the throbbing misshapen ball.

The monster now wanked on his cock frantically as Suzy sucked and licked on his entrapped testicle. Its sticky juice now started to exude faster; John was close to ejaculation. The vampire drew its testicle from Suzy’s mouth and replaced it with his throbbing phallus.

The head was a grey colour and it also tasted of death.

He thrust the twitching member deep into Suzy’s mouth and on into her throat. Suzy resisted the urge to gag and opened her throat to accept the vampire’s cock. On the reverse stroke, Suzy wrapped her tongue around the odious phallus. Wanking his cum spot as it slipped between her lips.

John’s cock suddenly erupted, filling Suzy’s mouth and nostrils, with its foul-smelling and sour tasting seminal liquid.

She had no option but to consume this repugnant fluid. With difficulty she tried to swallow, but the ejaculating cock was still buried in her throat.
Johns swollen demon hood was so deep in Suzy’s mouth, her lips were pressed up against his pubic bone and scrotum.

She gasped for air as John withdrew, the stinking residue of his climax ran out of her nose and over her lips. Dripping off her chin and running down the valley between her breasts. Eventually, it collected in a pool, at her navel.

The depraved female vampire now started to lap the sticky fluid from Suzy’s body. All the time these sickening creatures continued their vile molestation of her, Egri looked on masturbating his ever-growing cock. Now it was his turn to desecrate her body as his bony fingers again played with her sore and extremely sensitive pussy. First running his talons through the well-trimmed jet-black pubic hair that adorned her pubis.

The razor-sharp nails glided over her pubic bone then down onto her outer labia, a sharp claw picking at her clitoris engorging it with even more blood.

The sensation of her throbbing clitoris being toyed with by Egri sent waves of erotic hedonism traversing into her breasts, making her areolas tighten to the point that they virtually disappeared; as the nipples stood erect and elongated.

The swollen teats seem to throb in unison with her sex bud.
Egri’s sharp talons now acted like cutthroat razors, sweeping over Suzy’s pubic mound, shaving her already well-groomed pubic hair. Fingers of one hand pulled up on her jet back pubic mane, as Egri’s razor-sharp elongated nails swept over Suzy’s pubic mound. Sweat and the seminal fluid she was covered in, acted as a lubricant as Egri’s razor-sharp long nails swept over her mons pubis, vulva and outer labia. Suzy’s trim pubic mane lay around her on the bed.

Egri had shorn her of the last trace of a covering. The vampire had shaved her so close; she had never felt this naked.

Every part of her body had been defiled. Female and male sex fluid covered, and filled her body; it seeped from her every orifice. But this, the stripping of her natural covering, made her feel totally violated. Her vulva, outer labia, and pubic mound had been exposed, totally! The swollen pink flesh of her sex, the erect protruding clitoris, and pouting anus disclosed her desire to the vampire.

Her body betrayed her once again, and she was repulsed by what was happening to her.

But wanted, needed more. Egri placed a bony digit just above Suzy’s throbbing clitoris and pulled back towards her abdomen.

The action stretched the now hairless pink skin of her pubic mound, pulling it up and exposing her swollen throbbing clitoris even further. With the other bony hand, his fingers slowly teased Suzy’s throbbing and impatient clit. Suzy’s clitoris responded as she felt it throb under the vampire’s touch and the rumble of another climax started to build.

Waves of pleasure built and subsided, the second wave more pleasurable than the first. The waves seemed to radiate out over her body like waves of intense heat.

Egri seems to be in harmony with her impending orgasm. Slowing as a wave of heat subsided and increasing the pace of his ministrations as the next wave grew.

Egri now rubbed excitedly on Suzy’s hard-engorged clitoris as the fifth and final wave reached its crest. The intense heat of her climax saturated every part of her body. She felt the orgasm erupt in her brain, deep in her pussy, in her breasts and around her anal rim. Her body shook, and her sex throbbed, as her vaginal walls gripped a phantom phallus again and again, as her climax ripped through her.

As Suzy’s lay exhausted, her orgasm subsiding, she felt Egri’s huge hard penis, twitch between her legs. Its head was swollen and engorged rubbed on her sex bud.

Egri laid the length of his erection in the wet silky grove of Suzy’s vulva. It lay between the lips of her inner labia, as he started to rhythmically run the length of his hideous cock up and down the furrow of her sex.

The down-stroke ended with the head of the vampire’s penis in contact with Suzy’s protruding clitoris. The hard sex bud rubbed on the sensitive cum spot of the vampire’s cock.

The action making Egri groan and Suzy shiver in the ecstasy of their joint sensations.

The up-stroke took the length of his phallus over Suzy’s clitoris, the rough skin on the underside of Egri’s cock sending her clit wild. Egri’s testicles slapped against her buttocks, the effect of his hard balls slapping against her butt-cheeks sent her into sensation overload, and Suzy’s clitoris throbbed in concert to each slap. Stroke after stroke Egri slipped his cock up and down Suzy’s sex furrow semen oozing and squirting from the swollen head.

Strands of Egri’s ejaculated vampire spunk lay in lines across Suzy’s abdomen. Suzy’s body tingled with the touch of the vampire’s demon hood, slipping up and down her wet and sticky slit as John and Alice’s bone hands massaged Egri’s seminal fluid in to her skin. Rubbing the sticky liquid deep into her tits.

As she felt the first wave of her next orgasm begin, Suzy felt the huge penis penetrate her body and a sharp pain at the side of her neck. She could not hold back the climax; she came on the first wave. Suzy’s vagina throbbed and pulsated around the huge phallus deep inside her; her vaginal walls gripped the thrusting cock buried in her body. She cried out in ecstasy as the orgasm ripped through her nervous system and at the searing pain at the side of her neck.

As Egri kept thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her sopping pussy, Suzy realised that the searing pain at the side of her neck must be Egri’s fangs, sucking the lifeblood from her. As the discomfort at the side of her neck intensified, Suzy thought she must soon blackout from the severe pain.

However, the pain at the side of her neck subsided, and there was only the thrusting of Egri’s huge penis deep inside her body awakening another distant orgasm. His hard pubic bone was crushing down on Suzy’s still erect and swollen clitoris in his frenzy to get deeper into her body. She felt Egri climax deep inside her, filling her womb with his demon seed. Egri wailed as his orgasm erupted pulsing and squirting his dirty grey seminal fluid into the far reaches of Suzy’s body.

The foul liquid oozed from her as Egri still pumped at her pussy. Egri’s phallus came to rest deep in Suzy’s vaginal canal. As his pubic bone nestled up against her vulva squashing her clit, she felt the last throbs of his monster penis against the walls of her vagina.
Suzy thought to herself shortly he’d be done.

But Egri was not done!

Egri’s penis slithered out of Suzy’s vaginal canal, dripping with the marriage of his grotesque seminal goo and her female lubricant. Guiding the still throbbing phallus, down over her perineum the head came to rest at the entrance to Suzy’s inner sanctum. Egri slowly pushed the bulbous coronal head past Suzy’s anal rim. Once the throbbing head had slipped past the rim Suzy felt the coronal ridge resting just inside her anal canal!

Egri stopped momentarily rocking back and forth! Suzy’s anal muscles squeezing the head waiting for the pain as it plunged along her anal canal and deep into her rectum.

Strangely, there was no pain as Egri violated her inner sanctum. In fact, it seemed strength was beginning to return to Suzy as the vampire fucked her most intimate place.

Egri worked his huge penis up and down Suzy’s anal canal and deep into her rectum; his pace was frenzied. Suzy started to feel the sensations of carnal lust growing in her wanting pussy as the vampire pummelled in and out of her anus; a distant climax was rising.

Suzy now started to fuck Egri back, pushing onto his penis, trying to get him deeper into her rectum so his solid abdomen might make contact with her swollen pussy and throbbing clitoris. As if Egri realised Suzy’s salacious desire he started to masturbate her swelling sex gland. Slipping two fingers deep in her vagina he finger-fucked her pussy as his phallus violated her rectum. Suzy’s vaginal walls tried to grip Egri’s fingers as they slid in and out of her pussy, she cried out in pleasure as Egri’s masturbating thumb speed up on her sex bud.

The two other vampires now joined in as the first wave of her impending orgasm crashed over the shores of her abused body.

Turning their attention to Suzy’s breasts, as they feasted on Suzy’s mammary flesh, licking and sucking at the soft tissue of her glands. Her breasts responded to their vile touch, as her swollen erect teats were once again being squeezed and abused. Inducing another wave of her approaching orgasm to crash over her, whimpering as it subsided; then groaning as she felt another wave building this one much stronger.

Alice moved and sat on Suzy’s face forcing her rancid sex down onto her mouth again. Suzy sucked on the vampires soft vaginal lips, locating her oversized clitoris with her tongue; then sucked it into her mouth and proceeded to wank Alice with the organ.

John sat across Suzy’s upper abdomen facing Alice, pulling on Suzy’s aching over stimulated nipples, extending them up as far as he could. Then releasing the teats, letting Suzy’s breasts bounce before he took hold of the now stalk-like nipples to repeat the process over and over.

Egri continued to sodomise and finger-fuck her, as another orgasmic wave strengthened; her climax was not far away now. John stopped molesting Suzy’s nipples and forced his overripe erection between her breasts, squeezing the swollen glands around his cock; he started to fuck her well-lubricated tits.

With John’s sexual assault of her breasts and Alice’s sopping pussy over her mouth, coupled together with Egri’s skeletal fingers fucking her wet and squelching pussy as he continued to pump his cock deep into her rectum Suzy felt the final climactic wave of her orgasm arrive!

She tried to cry out with the ecstasy of the moment, but the vampire’s sex filling her mouth muffled her cry. Her hips shuddered and bucked as the orgasm rapidly spread out through her nervous system sending pulses of pleasure throughout her body. Suzy then felt John’s climax squirt against her throat as Alice wailed when her orgasm hit, filling Suzy’s mouth with rank female lubricant.

As her climax still pulsed through her body, she felt Egri’s unholy orgasm exploded deep in her rectum. He thrust a few more times and withdrew his still hard throbbing phallus. His climax still squirting from the crown fell onto Suzy’s abdomen running into a pool at her umbilicus. Suzy could feel his demon seed leaching from her enlarged anus as it constricted back to its normal appearance. Egri then knelt between her legs and sucked hard on her pussy, his catlike tongue playing with her clitoris. In circular motions, his tongue swirled around the twitching clit before flicking the end with the tip of his tongue. She couldn’t, didn’t want to climax again, but she could not stop herself!

Egri sucked on her sex bud and held it in his teeth. Rubbing his tongue over the end of the swollen blood-engorged organ, she exploded into a total body orgasm; all her erogenous zones ignited at once. Wave after wave of erotic sensation tore through her body, and then she felt three centres of pain.

The male and female vampires had sunk their fangs deep into her breasts and were sucking blood from her still tingling glands. Egri still on his knees had sunk his fangs into the soft meat of her pussy and was sucking the life from her. Suzy’s head began to swim; she passed out was it with the pain, or was it the pleasure?

When Suzy came round her head was banging, her sore body bore the marks of the sexual torment she had endured or enjoyed? At the hands of what she couldn’t quite recall. The furniture and the wall hangings were all gone!

As if they had ever existed in the first place? The floor to ceiling curtains had vanished only black painted windows remained!

The floor was bare cement and filthy, the remnants of her shredded clothes lay in the filth. Suzy’s head was thumping; she was naked, cold, bleeding and covered in foul-smelling sticky body fluids. Dust and grime stuck to her skin, her wrists and ankles bore the marks of the ligatures that had bound her. She started to look for something to cover her nudity; the only thing wearable was her coat. It was badly ripped, but better than walking out of the building naked.

Her flask was still in the pocket; she took a long swig of the single malt as she staggered to the door. The hall was empty, and Suzy made it to the lift. The descent was slow, and Suzy felt eyes on her the entire way down. Once on the ground floor, Suzy staggered past doors that were ajar, and bone white faces leered at her. However, none of the figures entered the hallway or attempted to approach her.

Suzy lurched down to the main door with hysterical laughter ringing in her ears. She stumbled out into the street. The driver’s door of the car was open, but there was no sign of Malik, other than blood on the ground and a smashed radio unit. There was no point in searching for Malik, the only thing Suzy could do was to fall into the BMW and get the hell out of there.

Unaware of the time, it was dark was all she knew, Suzy drove unsteadily down the street to the safety of home.

The grim, grey roads provided cover as Suzy rolled the big car into the parking space at her apartment block. She dared not, be seen by the other residents! But there was nothing to do! So she staggered over to the lift and punched the button for her floor. By sheer chance, no one was in the lift or the entrance hall. Suzy made it down the hallway and fumbled open the door to her apartment. Once inside, Suzy locked the door and then collapsed onto the floor. Later, in a sort of mental fog, Suzy cleaned herself up and went to bed.

When Suzy awoke, her voice mail service had a few messages and the information that she had slept for a couple of days! Suzy had missed appointments and would need to contact the agency.

More importantly, Suzy had a meeting in a few hours.

She would need to cancel that appointment, as she was in no state to meet a client. Her body was still sore from whatever had happened two days ago, she was still trying to rationalise the events of the other night. However, she was now ravenously hungry.

Suzy walked toward the kitchen and saw herself in the full-length mirror situated at the end of the entry hall. A bone-white face stared back; two small, sharp fangs were set inside her blood-red mouth. Suzy would need a meal. But the meal was not to be found in her kitchen.

Suzy called her appointment and confirmed.

There was just enough time to clean up and dress before she went out to find dinner!


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