Erotic Tale: Body Combat Part One: The Encounter, Cornered and Coerced

I left work at six-thirty to walk the fifteen minutes to my fitness club. Its Halloween, so it will be quiet at the gym tonight. But this Halloween Night was going to be different. Very different I was to find out!

My name is Sophie, and I’d like to tell you all about the extraordinary events of that ‘All Hallows Night.’

It was not so much ‘Trick or Treat,’ more like I was ‘Tricked and Badly Mistreated!’

But I cannot truly say with hand on heart I wasn’t a willing participant in the events of that Halloween! Families were in the streets tricking and treating as an autumn evening mist moved in from the North. The children in their costumes along with the rolling mist made me edgy.

Spooky Halloween music drifted up the hill from the pop-up bar in the square, I quickened my pace eager to get to the perceived safety of the club.

On arrival I found my ‘Pump Class’ cancelled due to lack of numbers. So I joined the ‘Body Combat Class’. I’m not keen on Body Combat but a girl needs to keep fit. Body Combat classes are tough. When the class finished most of the members drifted away to Halloween parties.

Being a ‘Billy no Mates’ at the moment having become single again and not wanting to go home to an empty flat, I thought I would finish up in the gym.

There were only a few club members weight training, with me being the only woman! Three men, two of them were standard gym bunnies, I’ve seen them before, but I didn’t know them well. The third was a stranger, good looking in a sort of ‘Vin Diesel’ way, in his late thirties I’d say. For some reason, he piqued my interest!

What I mean is he was ripped and looked a bit hard. This guy resembled a complete thug; the sort of bloke gangsters would send around to put the frighteners on other gangsters. He didn’t have any scars or visible tattoos, or anything like that, but he looked scary and a little intimidating!

In keeping with the Halloween theme, he was wearing a vest with the ‘The Scary Movie motif’ emblazoned on the front. He was also watching me, I was sure of it. I didn’t see him deliberately looking in my direction but I could feel his eyes on me.

It didn’t matter where I was in the gym! He was always working on equipment where I was in his eye line. The guy seemed to be taking me in from head to toe, paying particular interest in my boobs!

I became a little jumpy after a while!

It wasn’t that he was bothering me or doing anything overt, but he always seemed to be there in my face giving me the once over!

Taking a glance at the gym bunnies, I wondered if they’d be of any help if I needed it! The answer, I decided, was a resounding no. The tough guy looked as though he could eat them alive!

And then look around for dessert!

And I didn’t fancy being that dessert!

I have a firm belief that if you’re in an uncomfortable situation it’s best to remove yourself!

Finishing off my set on the vertical row machine, I headed to the female changing room. A quick shower and I’d be out of there. Peeling off my top almost from the moment I walked through the door. As I started to pull off my sports bra, I felt eyes on me! I turned around and got a hell of a shock!

The guy who had been in my face was in the women’s changing room. He had followed me in and was leaning against the door, watching me. I just froze on the spot, petrified, eyes wide, looking at him!

“Don’t stop on my account! Do please carry on, it was just getting interesting,” he said in a matter of fact way!

He had a beautiful voice surprisingly enough, rather hypnotic. He looked as though his voice should sound menacing but he had a pleasant baritone. For some reason that sweet voice made him seem all the scarier.

“I will scream,” I said weakly in an unconvincing voice.

Thinking a fat lot of good that would do me! I had already decided that the gym bunnies would be useless. I couldn’t see the one last staff member a female receptionist fairing much better. Still, he probably wouldn’t be that blatant, would he?

I felt hot, a little excited and flustered all at the same time!

“Really?” he said.

Sounding surprised.

“Why would you scream?”

He went on saying, “I walked in quietly and leant against the door to present an unthreatening presence. All that I said was don’t stop on my account. I cannot be the first man to think you very attractive. You’re clearly proud of your body and you obviously like showing it off! Otherwise, you would wear something less revealing and a little less tightfitting to train in!

Let’s face it that gym kit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it? You’re a beautiful girl! Long dark blond hair a great body and a stunning arse. And fuck what about those fabulous tits? Wow, you are gorgeous, why would you think I was a threat?” He said innocently. “I was just hoping to catch a private show!”

I replied, “well, you’re in the women’s changing room! And you’re suggesting that I strip while you watch? You’re inappropriately saying things about my body, and maybe you want more than too just watch?”

“More! What do you mean?

Please carry on getting changed remember tonight is Trick or Treat! Don’t you want to treat me to a sight of that spectacular body? I quite like looking at beautiful bodies. And you have a beautiful body, I’d love to see those gorgeous breasts, now that would be a treat!” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Why would I take my clothes off with you standing there, looking on?” I asked feeling outraged!

I also felt that I was losing track of the conversation.

I was contemplating flashing my boobs at him to make him go away. No, that probably would give him a green light. The green light for what I wasn’t sure, part of me was slightly intrigued, but I had no intention of stripping with him standing there!

“Well, is it not a lot easier to shower if you remove your gym kit. I imagine you were going to have a shower. Could I join you?” He said, with a hint of optimism in his voice.

“Yes, no, of course not!” I tried to say, but he cut me short.

“There you are then. You’ll need to strip before you have a shower. Would you like any help?” He said in a very matter of fact way again.

“And am I allowed to say no to this attractive offer,” I asked, with a tinge of sarcasm in my voice!

I still wasn’t sure if he was for real!

“Well, you’re allowed too but think of how disappointed I am going to be. You don’t want to disappoint me do you?” He said in a saddened tone.

For a walking gorilla, he managed to sound like a hurt little boy. I felt a tinge of guilt until I recalled he wanted to see me naked and maybe more than that!

“You’re not quite all there are you!” I sniped.

Going on to say, “has that corny line ever worked on anyone? Perhaps against a complete Neanderthal maybe?”

“Never tried it before. It’s just that you are so beautiful and sexy, I had to make at least the effort!”

“So all I have to do is say no, and you’ll go away?” I asked.

“Yes, and then no!” Was his reply?

“What do you mean yes and then no? It can’t be both.” I told him.

“Yes, it can. If you say no it means, I don’t get to help you! But, it doesn’t mean I’ll go away. I’d probably stay here and watch you shower!” He said, doe-eyed.

Did he think I was going to finish getting undressed with him standing there watching? That would be asking for trouble, what would I say to the Judge?

‘Yes, ‘M’lud,’ I stripped naked in front of the defendant. No, ‘M’lud,’ I never said he could be intimate with me!’

Yeh, really! Not guilty, next case!

He obviously wanted more than just to see me naked, the bulge in his jogging bottoms conveyed that message to me. It was an incredibly large bulge and I have to admit I was intrigued by it! There was part of me that wanted to see what that bulge was like. The sex-starved celibate for to long part of me!

I shut my eyes and said. “When I open my eyes I don’t want to see you standing there. Please go.”

I should have known better than to take my eyes off him, when I opened them he had moved and was now behind me!

I blurted, “what the fuck!” as he put his hands on my waist and pulled me into him. He was so close I could smell his cologne and fuck, he smelt good.

“You need some help with these?” He said.

Before I could say no get the fuck away, he tugged my shorts down. They were skin-tight so no need for underwear, just a pantie pad in case of camel toe!

Before I could stop him he had not only peeled them down to my feet but had taken them right off. His powerful hands grabbed an ankle and lifted one foot at a time allowing him to slip them off my body! Pulling my pumps off with them!

What the fuck!

What am I doing, screamed in my head, as he tossed my shorts and pumps on an adjacent bench?

As I stood there naked in all but my sports bra, I could see his eyes glued to my sex in the mirror opposite! I blushed and moved my hands to cover my pussy bending forward slightly to conceal my embarrassment.

I suddenly realised my bum was in his groin and I could feel his erection pressed in the crease of my arse!

As it throbbed I quickly straightened up pulling my bum away from the hard lump in his pants!

“Stop it!” I yelped in an unconvincing voice.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I spluttered.
“Helping you out of your training gear.” He said, the tone of his voice implying that it should be obvious.

“I didn’t say you could do that.” I screeched.

The Fucker said. “you didn’t say I couldn’t? Lift your arms please.”

He placed his fingers under the elasticated fabric of my one-piece sports bra. Gripping the material, he pulled it up in one movement. My arms were forced up, my hands went with them exposing my blushing pussy! (He was extremely strong)

The material came off my chest and over my head in one movement. My boobs bounced free, incredibly my nipples were rock hard.

Fuck, a sure sign I was turned on. The Fucker was arousing me?

The situation was making me fucking horny, shit! I was stood there stark naked with my arms still vertical as if I was being held up at gunpoint!

He tossed the latex material on to the bench with the rest of my gear. Standing there totally naked everything to see was now on open display. Looking over my shoulder into the mirror his eyes did not know which part of my body to look at first! I quickly placed an arm over my boobs and a hand over my pussy to cover my embarrassment!

Now The Fucker moved around in front and began ogling the exposed parts of my breasts. They’re more than ample so one arm doesn’t cover much just my nipples.

His eyes moved down to try and get a better view of my pussy! My right hand held on to her in a tight grip but there was plenty of other exposed flesh on view.

The Fucker craned his neck to take a look at my bare arse, I instinctively moved my left arm which covered my boobs to try and cover my butt.

Fuck, my tits were now on display!

Fuck it, what’s the point I might as well let him look maybe that will satisfy him, I thought, confusion muddling my head.

I was naked and it seems I didn’t protest that much. Maybe, my enforced celibacy due to lack of a boyfriend was playing its part.


“You don’t seriously think I’m going to agree to have sex with you?” I said as I tried to cover my nudity.

“Who said anything about sex? Did I say anything about sex? Do you want me to fuck you, is that it? Why deny yourself if its what you want? Perhaps, if I touch you here, you might like it?” He said

Seeing my hands now only loosely covered my pussy, and my boobs were unguarded, he started to play with the tip of my right nipple with a finger, saying, “are they always this hard or are you getting horny?”

Two fingers from his other hand began playing with the left nipple, trapping it between thumb and forefinger, before gently squeezing the hard teat as he then gradually pulled it up, lifting the heavy mammary gland, exposing the pale underside the sun rarely sees!

Fuck, I could feel them start to tingle, shit and bugger, this was arousing me! I was nearly past the point of no return! He’s right this whole situation is turning me on.

Fuck it!

I moved both hands to cover my breasts big mistake! His left hand moved and grasped my left buttock. I felt strong fingers slip into the crack of my arse, perilously close to my anus, as his right hand began to probe between my legs!

I felt a finger start to explore along the ridge of my vulva. Fuck it and shit, I could feel I was getting moist.

My arousal was becoming quite obvious.

The digit ran down between my pussy lips and then disappeared inside my body! It located my vaginal canal, and with the help of my body’s lube slipped inside me. The digit curled and moved upwards seeking my g-spot. When the digit found my inner cum button, the jolt of pleasure that followed was incredible.

I mewed, “Oohhhh,” as I felt his finger hit the spot!

Shit, I was getting in way over my head!

I tried to knock the hand away, but all I did was expose a fleshy orb with a rock-hard nipple. In a nanosecond, the nipple was between his lips. His teeth gripping the teat at the areola as his tongue flicked the hard nipple from side to side. Another jolt of pleasure radiated from the centre of the nipple and diffused out over the soft mammary gland.
This jolt of pleasure was as equally incredible as the probing finger at my pussy.

Fuckie fuck and shit!

I was in way over my head. The Fucker was trying to finger fuck me as his tongue did the tango with my left nipple. And for some reason, I wasn’t trying that hard to stop him. I instinctively tried to back away but was trapped between a locker, the finger deep in my pussy, and a dancing tongue on my nipple!

Freeing my sex teat from between his lips he said, “you don’t need to agree.” Tasting the sticky female lube on the finger he had just removed from my pussy!

“I tend to take agreement for granted. The signs are there for all to see, your skin’s flushed, your breathing heavy, your nipples are hard, and you’re wet!”

He again sucked on the finger that had been searching for my g-spot to emphasise the point!

“You’re going to have to hurry up and explicitly tell me no and to back off. Otherwise, I’m going to have to fuck you!”

A bolt of excitement went through my brain at the words. I’m going to have to fuck you!

“Why would your nipples be this hard and your pussy that wet if you didn’t want to fuck?” He reasoned.

‘Fuck itty fuck!’…… He’s got a point!

I’ve been celibate for too long and I could do with some cock! But this guy, surely not, he just wasn’t my type! Well actually he was, but not relationship material but for a one-off fuck, he ticked all the boxes.

At that exact moment, he pulled down his jogging bottoms the bulge in his briefs said what was going to happen to me if I didn’t say no; and say it now! But something in my head and probably more like in my pussy wanted to see what was in those briefs!

I looked on and gasped as he slid the briefs off.

Oh, my fucking god, the size of it, his cock was fucking enormous!

There was a monster of a penis straightening and growing! It twitched and waved from side to side as it pointed at me! Growing larger it seemed with each throb and pulse of blood into his Penile Artery!

The head of the gland was pinkish purple with a large defined coronal ridge. The shaft was thick with a myriad of visible veins the most prominent his Penile Artery was bloated with blood!
A bead of moisture was quite visible emerging from the eye of his urethra. I had an unfathomable urge to touch the thing! His testicles sack was huge but in scale with his ginormous dick, they were a perfectly round tight package.

God this fucker was turning me on!

Am I that sexually frustrated? Has it been that long since I’d been fucked! Yes, I thought to myself, feeling his hands take my buttocks as he pulled my body firmly against him!

Oh my fucking God, I could feel that phallic muscle pressing against my belly! I had to stop him. If I didn’t, he was going to use that thing on me! Fuck, he was going to put it in me! Shit, that monster cock was never going to fit in my tight pussy!

He let me go, and I hastily tried to put some space between us. I covered my tits and pussy as he calmly stripped his vest off!

He stood there naked!

Oh, my fucking God!

He still looked a complete brute, but there was a certain charisma to him. Was it his well-defined six-pack and that toned muscular body or the size of that weapon distorting my feelings?
His cock was so infused with blood it stood almost vertical, twitching from side to side!

He took hold of my right arm that was covering my boobs and lifted it away from my body. He placed the hand with the left hiding my pussy. He patted them and said, “keep that warm for me!”


The Fucker’s hands now started to fondle my breasts, stroking them, kneading their soft fleshiness, exciting my swollen hard nipples. I stood there holding my quim, keeping it warm for him as requested!

Fuck, I did nothing to try and stop him!

Moving his hands off my tits, tweaking, and pulling my nipples as they went. The puckered teats tingling and a little disappointed at not receiving more attention!

The palms of his hands slid over my belly and around onto the cheeks of my buttocks! Strong fingers took hold peeling them open as the fucker pulled me against him even harder!
I was supposed to be saying no, why wasn’t I? I was very unconvincingly trying to escape him! If I didn’t say no he was going to insert that huge weapon inside me!

Could I take it?
Would it fit in my tight sex?
Was it going to hurt?
Was I wet enough?
Would the head even fit, let alone the shaft?

These thoughts raced through my mind as I opened my mouth and mumbled saying nothing, nothing came out. What the hell was wrong with me?

Did I want to be impaled and possibly split open on that huge cock, now throbbing against my abdomen?

The answer, Fuck Yes!

He let go of my arse and squatted, his face level with my pussy. Fuck, he’s going to eat me, I hadn’t had oral in such a long time! Another bolt of excitement shot through me at the mere thought of it!

Before I had a chance to remove my hands and allow his mouth to envelop my sex The Fucker placed both his hands through my legs. As his muscled arms followed, I became unbalanced and my legs splayed apart! The Fuckers hands reached up and took hold of a buttock each. Strong fingers again bit into the soft flesh of my arse, as he started to straighten his legs.

He lifted me! Just like that, his hands tightened around my arse and lifted. I rose straight up off the floor!
My legs dangling over the sides of his arms, as they took my weight!

My God, he was strong!

Instinctively my hands left my pussy and clutched onto his shoulders to prevent myself from falling backwards.

He bounced me on his hands pulling me on to his hips, the action parting my legs further! I could feel the moist lips of my pussy peeling open, as my legs tried to grip his buttocks!

Oh, my fucking God! I could feel his cock at the entrance to my body! I could feel the swollen gland twitching tantalisingly close to my open vagina, the head kissing the lips of my inner labia! My pussy was now very wet, and I could feel my inner and outer labia swelling and spreading. Sending an invitation to the throbbing cock to invade my body!

Beads of my female lubricant seeped onto the head of his manhood, lubricating the way for the invading gland.

The Fucker then started to gently lift me. It was like he was doing biceps reps with me being the weights.

The shaft of his cock found the groove between my pouting pussy lips! Each lift slipping my pussy up and down his enormous cock.

From the coronal head to his balls, my pussy glided up and down the underside of his phallus sliding along his engorged Penile Artery. Every time my clit connected with his cum spot he moaned!

Fuck, I could not help myself groaning either. Shit, I was enjoying it and he knew it!

He stopped lifting and bounced me again. As I came down the head of his cock nestled at the neck of my vagina!

He was doing it!
He was going to fuck me!
He was going to impale me on that gorgeous cock!

I couldn’t believe I was letting The Fucker do this to me! I sold it to myself like this, if it was happening, I might as well enjoy it!

But really I was just a horny bitch on heat, and I’d been celibate for too long. I needed a good fuck!

I took a deep breath thinking to myself, this is going to hurt, as his cock pressed harder, parting my inner labia; any moment now he was going to be in me. I’d be sliding down on him, totally impaled, skewered!
The Fucker’s monstrous cock splitting my pussy open!

God, did I want it!

What was I saying?

Fuck, I was feeling so turned on!

I guess shaking my head wasn’t the same as vocally saying no? But I was unable or maybe unwilling to form the words. My head was saying no, fuck no, but my mouth just spluttered incomprehensible burble and squeals of pleasure!

It was too late to say no, way too late, he bounced me again, this time I came straight down onto the crown of his phallus. The massive head of his cock slid past my labia, dragging the soft flesh with it, my betraying juices lubricating my impalement. Then the rest of the shaft slid up inside me, my rock-hard clitoris coming to rest on the bald base of his manhood.

Gravity and a thrust up with his hips pressed the throbbing phallus deeper into my pussy. I squealed as I felt the bulbous head pressing on the back of my sex! Fuck, I was full of his enormous, throbbing cock!

He just kept coming, pushing deeper and deeper, I could feel the elastic walls of my vaginal canal happily yielding to him. His cock filled my vagina!
The base of the shaft pressed on my pubic mound squashing my throbbing clit, as the head of this massive weapon continued to press against the back of my sex!

I couldn’t believe what was happening!

I had explained that I wasn’t interested in having sex with him, yet somehow I was clinging to The Fucker with his cock firmly inserted inside me.

Very firmly embedded!

I’ll swear I could feel the beating of his heart, vibrating into my pussy via his erection!

Fuck, I loved it; sex with a stranger on Halloween had not been on my menu for All Hallows! I’d been celibate for a year now and one of my fantasies while I masturbated, was to be coerced, forced even! I had these dark BDSM fantasies. The sight of his enormous erection just made me wet, I knew deep down I had wanted it; I had wanted it deep inside me!

Do you want to know what I found especially irritating? The damn man didn’t have to use any force! And maybe I might have liked a little, just a little!

I had argued with him before, while, and after he stripped me naked! Somehow he just brushed all that aside and took me.
He just lifted my body and impaled me on his throbbing penis! My well-lubed pussy just let the bulbous pink corona, with its thick ridge, and the thick veiny stalk, slip deep inside my body!

It would be a lot easier to understand if I’d protested and fought, squealing no, no, no, but I hadn’t even managed a single no! Fuck, the unpalatable reality was I wanted him to fuck me!

Now look at me, speared on a monster of a cock and fuck, I was enjoying it. I hated I was enjoying it! But I was the one pushing down, trying to get more of the throbbing gland inside me.

Proof of the pudding, and all that!

At the far end of the changing room was the beauty treatment and massage area. It was situated in a large alcove. There is a massage table for the masseuse who comes in four times a week and for the sports therapist who comes in three times a week. The masseuse is also our beautician.
One to help repair your body and the other to relax you, body and mind!

A curtain went across the alcove for privacy during treatments. Two of the walls of the alcove were mirrored and the third was shelved and filled with oils and emollients.

Another of my sexual fantasies was a girl on girl fantasy with the club’s female masseuse. A body on body Thai style massage! The massage ending with a happy ending for us both!

I’ve never had sex with another woman, but hey don’t knock something till you’ve tried it. Maybe one day? I didn’t realise that day was closer than I appreciated!

Back to The Fucker, he ambled over to the massage table with me bouncing on his cock with every stride. All the while my impaled vagina had a vice-like embrace on his cock!

I watched my boobs bouncing in the mirrors as my sex slid up and down on his phallus! My pussy feeling every step, and every step was in time to the beat of my bouncing breasts. The Fuckers cock pushing further up, stretching my sex to its limits!

I seem to be a voyeur on my own defilement.
My nipples brushed against his muscled chest as my clitoris rubbed against the base of his cock, which throbbed deep inside me. I was so wet; I could feel my lubricant beginning to ooze from my body!

It was awesome! A distant orgasm was rising.

Regarding his name, I was fucked if I was going to ask him what it was.
As far as I was concerned if a man strips you naked skewers you on his cock and has every intention of fucking your brains out. He should have the courtesy to tell you who he is?

Sort of like! ‘Hi. I’m Jim. I’ll be your ravisher tonight.’ Waiters do it. Why not him?

What do you call it, when a random bloke just walks up, strips you naked, picks you up by your arse, spreads your legs and impales you on his impressive phallus? Damned if I know, the truth is; I was mesmerised by that enormous bulbous headed penis!

I bet it had a personality all of its own.

Getting back to the subject at hand or up my vagina in this case! He lumbered over to the massage table with me on the end of his cock! My vulva bouncing on the base of his thick stalk, making my clit swell, ever-increasing the contact between her and The Fucker’s pubic bone!

The phallic gland seemed to continue to grow inside me, filling my pussy and stretching my vaginal canal.

It must be my imagination, but that cock just seemed to be increasing in size. Maybe it was my tight pussy constricting around the invading gland, that made it seemed bigger?
Holding on to The Fuckers shoulders and still fully impaled on his cock, he took hold of both my arse cheeks. Stepping back two paces he turned towards the massage table.

He let go of my bottom sliding his hands up my back till they reached my armpits.

I took a tighter grip on his hips as I felt the support disappear from my buttocks. His large strong hands slid around from my back and encircled a breast each, squeezing the soft flesh. His erection and his hands gripping my boobs were now my only support.

He loosened his grip slightly on my breasts and I started to fall gently back onto the table. My hands were unable to remain gripped onto his shoulders, his body and my palms were too greasy. As my breasts slipped out of his grip, I could feel myself descending onto the massage table.

As I landed on the soft mattress his fingers took hold of my erect elongated nipples. Forefinger and thumb from both hands had trapped the areola and hard stalk of a nipple each! I yelped in exquisite pain as my nipples tingled.

Lying back on the massage table I could feel his penial gland impaled deep in my pussy. The phallus pressing against the outside wall of my vagina in full contact with my g-spot!
I squirmed, trying to wank myself on it. Jiggling my hips trying to rub my g-spot on the veiny shaft of his cock as my tingling stinging nipples foretold of an advancing climax!

The Fucker exquisitely tortured my nipples stretching them as far as the elasticity of my body would allow, I’m glad the gym had made me super fit! Gripping the thin mattress under me, I arched my back trying to take some of the strain off my tormented teats!

I could feel his cock pushing up on the inner wall of my vagina. The swollen head of his muscle must have been pressing against my g-spot; it felt exquisite!

He leant back slightly, and I could feel my body being cantilevered back off the bed by his ginormous dick! Taking a firm hold of my tits with a nipple between thumb and forefinger my body started to lift off the table, his cock literally lifting me.

The power that muscle had!

As my body started to come back up off the table, I held on to the sides to try and support myself as he began to thrust that gorgeous cock in and out of me.

With The Fucker’s pubic bone pummelling my clit his hands now gripped a breast each holding the soft flesh of an orb at its base squeezing the malleable flesh.
The actions making my mammary glands bloat and turn crimson, the nipples thrusting out further. Lifting me further off the table he continued to pump his cock. Lowering his head The Fucker sucked a nipple into his mouth and suckled on the hard sex teat!

His tongue danced The Tango again on my hard and sore nipples. The sensation of his mouth sucking on a nipple while his tongue flicked it from side to side made me moan with pleasure.

Suddenly he let go of my breasts letting my nipple free of his pleasuring mouth as he dumped me back on the massage table!

His cock still thrust pumping piston-like into my squelching sex! He slowed his pace till he came to a full stop!

Tantalisingly slowly he withdrew the throbbing monster, coming to rest just above my clit, the frenulum rubbing on the little v-shaped cuff of hair adorning my mons!

The base of the v pointing towards my clit now so overstimulated it resembled a small cock protruding from its protective clitoral hood!

Once I was comfortably laid on my back looking up at him he winked and said. “You better hold on!”

I gripped both edges of the table as tight as I could. My bottom was at the end of the table with my legs clinging to his tight buttocks. The Fucker pulled my legs off his arse and took hold of my ankles.

Pulling my legs vertical he spread them apart with my pussy at the apex. The action peeling my sex open! My vagina had been moulded to the shape of his enormous thick penis.

I could feel how wide my vaginal canal had become, stretched by that monster of a cock. Female lube oozed out of my body, seeping down to my bum hole, before dripping onto the floor.

With my bum slightly off the mattress, The Fucker’s cock still lay across my mons pubis! He gently wanked his frenulum on my pubic bone and clit! The Fucker slid the monster off my pubic mound and let it slip down between my pussy lips.

The glands corona engaged with the entrance to my sex, as he pushed the head home gliding into my vaginal canal!

It slid in with ease! My sex still stretched to the max! The circumference of The Fucker’s huge penile gland had turned my pretty little slit into a large round, cavité!

Fuck, would she contract back to that pretty little slit she had been, hidden beneath the folds of my labia?

Slowly he pumped his enormous cock at first. I didn’t expect it from this brute of a man. I looked into the mirror behind him watching his driving buttocks!

My tits bouncing and the soft mammary flesh rippling with his slow steady thrusts. They had parted lying on opposite sides of my torso. They rhythmically slid back and forth, my hard stalk-like nipples bobbing on the rippling flesh!

I could see down to my pubic mound!

I’m so glad I had waxed yesterday on this very table! Just a little cuff of hair was left pointing the way to my sex!

It’s amazing the stupid things you think of while a total stranger fucks your brains out. His hairless pubic bone squashed my vulva with every soft and slow thrust.

My climax was rapidly building, my clitoris throbbed, and I could visibly see her protruding from my body. Waves of pleasure started to radiate through my swollen sex glands. I had not noticed before but from his baldhead to his hairless legs his body was as smooth as silk.
I had an urge to take one of those tight round smooth hairless testicles in my mouth. Suck the vulnerable, sensitive testis, gently at first and then harder, sucking it deeper and squeezing the soft fruit, till he begged me to stop. The Fucker had unleashed a she-devil within me, anything and everything was possible, and nothing was off the sexual table!

My sexual appetite seemed un-quenchable!

I let go of the bed and reached for my bouncing breasts, I had the urge to play with my nipples. I love to pull gently on the brown stalks and rub them while I masturbated, or in this case, while being fucked! The sensation driving me mad, building and heightened the sexual tension in my body, in fact, making me as horny as hell!

As I tugged on my nipples I felt his phallus slipping out of my body! Looking down, I watched it snap upwards towards his abdomen! My female lube coated the shaft and a bead of semen dribbled from the eye of his urethral opening. I wanted to taste the salty fluid!

I wondered if he knew how fucking turned on I was by watching myself in the mirrors and being fucked in this way. By the situation and the circumstances. A fantasy played out!

The aforementioned was not lovemaking, this was an animal craving, lovemaking is soft and gentle! This was fucking on an epic scale, and I loved it!

His penis stood to attention bolt upright. The bulbous now near purple head of his magnificent gland nestled at his navel, as spunk or rather his pre-cum dribbled from its dilated eye.

The fucking thing had such girth too! My cavernous vagina standing testament! That monster had been inside me, and undoubtedly The Fucker was going to return it into my slippery wet sex.

I wanted that cock back inside me, urgently!

But instead of forcing the monster back into my hungry body he took hold of his gland and slapped the head against my vulva.

Fuck, It was exquisite!

Again and again, he beat that monster onto my tender pussy, the head spanking my clit, driving me wild!

I screamed. “Fuck me you bastard!”

He only slapped my pussy harder. My labia swelled and my clit became more engorged and enlarged.

It was nearly visible from the space station!

The Fucker stopped slapping my clit and instructed me to lift my arse higher, guess what, I did. I wanted to see what was to come. I placed my feet on his hipbones and raised my buttocks further off the table!

The Fucker’s hands now started to explore my pussy, stroking my labia, his fingers sliding past my pussy lips, exploring my vaginal canal. A thumb gently played with my clit, as his fingers explored deep inside me! My body shivered and shuddered with pleasure as two fingers curled up to massage my g-spot! I tugged harder on my nipples making them sore, exquisitely painful!

He placed the thumb of his left hand again on the spot just above my swollen clit. Gently he pressed down and back stretching the skin on my pubic bone, lifting my clitoris.

The engorged bud throbbed sending waves of pleasure throughout my nervous system. Dopamine’s flooded my brain! My senses went into overdrive again.

Smirking, The Fucker with one finger presented my swollen clit while another finger started to stroke my sensitive cum button. Wanking it, as if he was wanking a small cock. Fuck, I felt the first wave of my orgasm build, but instead of subsiding it just kept on building!
There was no ebb or flow, it just crested! My legs involuntarily shook as my climax came in a rush! I tormented my nipples as I bucked my arse wildly, squealing incoherently!

The slippery lubricant in such plentiful supply oozed out of my sex. I lay there totally satisfied and exhausted with my feet still propped on his hips. His hands moved to my arse taking a butt cheek in each hand, again his fingers dug into the soft flesh of my buttocks as he peeled them apart!

I tried hard to resist his strong hands but resistance was futile.

I could feel my bum holes vulnerability as I felt female lubricant trickling down over my perineum and on to my anus! It was astounding how much was exuding out of my body!

The Fucker’s beautiful cock stood upright and again the stalk and bulging penile artery pressed between the lips of my inner labia. When I looked down along my torso I could see the swollen purple head poking up between my legs.

I wriggled, pushing down on his hips with my feet rubbing my sex up and down the thick shaft! He moaned, and I could see spunk dribbling from the urethra’s eye, beads of the stuff trickling over the head of his magnificent penis.
He moved back slightly and gently guided the throbbing monster down, sliding the head over my clitoris. I shuddered as I felt the frenulum of his cock rubbing my clit.

Our two cum spots touching for a moment sent me wild, he grunted, and a small spurt of seminal fluid landed just above my clitoris. I took a finger and dabbed it into his sticky goo. I placed the finger in my mouth to taste his salty spunk as he continued to guide his cock down between my labia, coming to rest in the embrace of my pussy lips. I could feel the head throbbing and twitching at the gateway to my body.

I urged him to thrust into me!

The Fucker skewered me on the muscle. I squealed in ecstasy as that monster of a cock plunged deep into my body.

We were both now totally unaware of what was going on around us. But as he was balls deep in my pussy we were brought back to earth as the door to the ladies changing room swung open!

It was the receptionist! Checking to see if everyone had gone! She had locked up and was on her way out. We apparently hadn’t realised what the time was, and you know what they say.

Time fly’s when you’re enjoying yourself.
She stood there with a word on her lips that would not come out. Then it did.

“What’s going on? You shouldn’t be here; we are closed now, and I need to leave?”

To be continued in Part Two

Bewildered and Beguiled


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