Erotic Tale: The First Encounter

The First Encounter

A Rex & Nina Erotic Fantasy from Mark Darcy

Rex loved twitter, it provided him with a plentiful supply of Erotic and Pornographic images, to enhance the Erotica he wrote. On one such foray on Twitter Rex came across Nina. Nina describes herself on her Twitter account, as I quote: ‘A lady who is now enjoying life and is classy and never, no never trashy!’Nina C

Nina used Twitter to have fun and posted sexy and naughty pictures of herself and as she says, never trashy.

Rex was so taken with Nina he commented on a particular photo she posted and asked, if he could use it in one of his erotic stories. Nina liked the idea and over the proceeding days a friendship of sorts sparked. Messages went back and forth as they do! A meeting was arranged. Nina sent Rex pictures, much more to his taste, nude and very stimulating. Some of these pictures Rex and Nina have allowed me to use, in this telling of their first of many encounters.

First let me set the scene of Rex and Nina’s first meeting. Rex was to meet Nina at the railway station, of the South Coast town where he lived, Nina was traveling from her home in West Sussex. An early lunch at Rex’s favourite restaurant, situated on the beach, had been booked and then after a short walk to his apartment; they would fuck. Nina had to be on the 7pm train home to her husband, so lunch had to be boozy and short; as Rex had decided to take his time fucking Nina.Karen.2 jpg

Rex’s apartment sits at the top of a hill, overlooking the town and the sea, his penthouse has splendid views out over the Purbecks. The wet room adjacent his bedroom is where he intended to have Nina. Rex had a particular B.D.S.M side to his sexual taste’s. An alfa male, dominant by nature fitted perfectly with Nina’s submissive character.

Nina was met, Nina was lunched, and Nina was about to be fucked.

After a tour of the apartment and another glass of champagne Rex showed Nina into his bedroom. After taking the glass from her hand he kissed her, he had been waiting all morning to taste the woman’s lips; he wasn’t disappointed she tasted sweet. Their tongues danced around their mouths as they kissed deep and long. Rex’s cock getting harder as they kissed, the kiss developing into a passionate dance.

Nina looked quizzically at Rex as he led her into his wet room, they had not discussed where he was going to fuck her, she thought the obvious choice was the bed. Rex had other ideas.

Nina stood at five foot eight in her bare feet, she was early fifties, blond, very pretty and had a fabulous body. And as Rex told me, magnificent tits…..

The day of their first meeting she was wearing a Greek-style, floral summer dress. Black Victoria Secrets brassiere, with matching knickers and black lace topped holdups the ensemble was finished off with a pair of black heels.

The first thing Nina noticed in Rex’s wet room was the huge spider plant hanging from a large steel hook. The hook was attached to a white rope that was tied off on a cleat. Nina supposed to allow it to be lowered for watering if needed. She was to find out very shortly it had other purposes. The spider plant hung from the middle of the shower area, adjacent to a large round drenching shower head. The showerhead about a foot lower than the plant.

Rex’s wet room was a cavernous space with a vaulted ceiling. Rex took Nina’s right hand and tied a soft silken rope around the wrist. Nina flushed with excitement at the thought of playing some bondage games presented Rex with her left wrist. After Rex had tied the left with an intricate knot, Nina’s hands were now bound in what she could only describe as a hangman’s knot.

Two loops went around her wrists, while twelve coils of the rope, spread her hands apart; palms facing each other! Nina, once again gave Rex a curious look, intrigued to see where this was going.

Undoing the rope that suspended the spider plant from its cleat on the tiled wall, Rex lowered the plant! When it was waist high, he removed the plant and its pot from the steel hook it had been suspended on. It was then Nina realised the hook, rope and cleat were overkill. A simpler piece of cord a much smaller hook would have done the job. And could have been tied off on the elaborately decorated brass knob Rex’s exfoliating gloves hung from? With no need for the very large substantial cleat, which was obviously meant to take quite heavyweights.

With excited trepidation she proffered her bound wrists, realising it was her, who was going to be hoisted on the hook. Rex took up the slack on the rope and placed Nina’s bound wrists into the hooks bend; and pulled. Nina’s hands started to rise up, at the point her arms were vertical, he paused for a moment and tied off the rope.

Nina stood watching Rex as he stripped. First his jacket and then the tie, he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt. After removing the shirt, he placed it with the jacket and tie on the bed, returning to the spot where Nina hung. Pulling off his socks he then removed his trousers, throwing them out into the bedroom he was left in just his pants. The tight-fitting material did not conceal his erection, the head of his cock quite visible above the waistband. Nina gasped her approval, a frisson of excitement ran through her brain at the thought Rex was going to fuck her, and fuck her with that monster of a cock?

Nina held her breath as Rex slid the fabric off his hips, the full length of the monster hidden in his pants became visible. Nina gasped, “Oh my God” as Rex’s cock twitched from side to side. Rex bent, picked up Nina’s left foot and removed the black high heeled shoe that adorned it! Tossing the footwear on the tiled floor he picked up Nina’s foot and placed the big toe between his lips and sucked.Karen at mine

Nina moaned her appreciation as a gossamer-thin strand of pulsing pleasure radiated up her leg, making her clit tingle. As Rex sucked harder, Nina gurgled “Oh my fucking God” as a bolt of pleasure traversed in seconds over first her calf muscle, then her inner thigh, to explode in her pussy! Removing the right shoe Rex repeated the process with exactly the same results. Nina cried out, “You fucker Rex you’re making me wet!”

Putting both feet back on the wet room floor, Rex winked as he said, “You’re nowhere near wet enough yet.” As he turned on the water to the showerhead, hot water started to drench Nina, as he released the rope from the cleat and started to pull! Nina’s arms were now stretched out above her head as water cascaded over her body. Nina’s feet dangled inches from the wet rooms floor. Stretching her toes to find the floor, Nina tried to take the weight off her arms.

As Nina’s feet flailed, Rex lowered her slowly, when the tips of her toes touched the tiled floor; Rex tied her off. Nina was left dangling, pirouetting on her toes like a ballerina, all the while hot water cascaded over her. Nina’s saturated dress stuck to her body the outline making Rex even harder, Nina gasped again, and her eyes could not leave the twitching cock, the head swelling, as the eye flared, exposing a bead of pre-cum.

Rex took something from a shelf close by, from her angle hanging from the hook it looked like a piece of bone. Rex brought it over so she could inspect it….. FUCK, it was a cutthroat razor.

Nina’s eyes bulged as Rex opened the shiny steel blade! Placing a finger under the white beaded neckline Rex pulled the sodden fabric from her body exposing the heaving rise of her magnificent tits. Placing the blade in the valley of her bustline, the blade cut down from Nina’s tits to the hem at her knees. The dress gaped open, exposing her matching underwear. A few more swift cuts and the floral dress laid in shreds on the wet room floor. Nina now pirouetting in just her black ‘Victoria Secrets’ bra, silk knickers and stockings!

Nina gasped, “my fucking dress Rex! What the fuck Rex you fucker, what am I going to wear home?”UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4e2b

“Fuck be careful Rex,” Nina pleaded, as the blade slid between her skin and the brassieres right-hand shoulder strap. Rex severed the material at the point where the strip of sequined fabric was joined to the straining cup! The material slid back over Nina’s shoulder, released from its duty of supporting Nina’s heavy right breast. The cup and breast sagged a fraction as gravity took over. The left followed and now two strands of black sequined material hung down her back!

The bra now straining to contain Nina’s substantial tits!

Her eyes once again grew wide as she feels the cold steel of the razor against her sternum! The blade is flat against her skin laying between her tits; the sharp edge of the blade kissing the flesh… all the time drenching hot water is cascading over Nina’s body.

Rex with a twist of his wrist turns the blade outward severing the material at the point where the cups holding Nina’s gorgeous breasts met. The garment slithers off Nina’s body as her tits bounce free. The bra joining the mutilated dress on the wet room floor!

The index finger of Rex’s left hand gently strokes around the edge of Nina’s right nipple. The areola instantly puckering, as the teat stiffens. Nina gently moans her appreciation as Rex takes hold of the growing teat between thumb and forefinger, and squeezes! Pulling and twisting the now hard teat.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4e35UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4f53

A loud groan falls from Nina’s lips, “Oh my fuck……, harder…….., please harder.” Rex obediently obliges.

The nipple steadily getting stiffer the more he tortures the stalk. Then Nina felt the cold steel of the cutthroat’s blade against her left breast; the cold steel of the blade running dangerously close to the glands hardening nipple. As Rex toyed with the right nipple with his fingers, he began to run the back of the cold blade over Nina’s left nipple, the hard stalk being flicked from side to side by the reverse of the blade.

As the areola puckered and the stalk hardened, Nina squealed, “for God sake fuck me….., Rex!”

Rex placed the bone handle of the cutthroat down the front of Nina’s knickers; the blade laying against the wet transparent fabric as the bone of the handle snuggled against Nina’s clit. She squirmed, as the bone began to rub on her equally bone-hard clitoris.

Rex’s hands were now free to do a proper exploration of Nina’s tits! Squeezing the gorgeous orbs in his hands, his mouth suckled greedily on hard nipples. Another gasp from Nina, as Rex’s teeth bit deep into the pink puckered areola. Sucking hungrily on the teat, he drew on it, extending it into his mouth. His tongue flicking the hard teat as his mouth sucked on it; bringing squeals of delight from Nina!

Leaving Nina’s nipples hard and tingling, and her clit throbbing, wanting some of the same attention her tits had received, Rex untied the rope and pulled. Nina groaned as she was lifted off her pirouetting toes, her feet flailing. When the knickers that covered her sex was at eye level Rex tied off the rope.EW11zT6WoAAICRK

Taking the blade from its resting place in the front of Nina’s knickers another gasp spilled from her lips as the bone handle rubbed against her clit again.

Now all that’s left of Nina’s clothing was her knickers and stockings!

Rex placed a finger inside the lacy top of Nina’s left stocking and pulled, the blade sliced the hose from thigh to ankle. Rex repeated with the right leg and now both stockings lay with the rest of Nina’s butchered clothing!

Nina’s wrists were beginning to ache, as she felt the cold steel of the blade running up her naked thigh, making her shiver. The blade slipped under the thin silky fabric of the garment at the left hip. The blade sliced through the material and two folds of black silk gaped open, exposing Nina’s left buttock and part of her smooth hairless pussy. The right side followed.

The silky fabric should have been floating to the wet room floor, but the gusset was trapped between Nina’s swollen pussy lips. Rex turned, step back and placed the cutthroat on the shelf it came from. Nina now swung in mid-air, with the fabric of her knickers dangling, as she did, from her now overexcited pussy.

Returning to where Nina hung, Rex placed a tender kiss on her depilated pubic mound, Nina moaned as Rex took hold of her legs lifting them as he semi-squatted.

Placing a leg over each shoulder Nina’s quads now rested on Rex’s shoulders, taking the strain off her arms; the relief was palpable. As Rex straighten his legs Nina’s pussy moved closer to his mouth, tantalisingly close! She wriggled trying to get it even closer to Rex’s mouth, closer to his tongue.

But Rex took a buttock in each hand and stopped Nina’s pussy’s progress towards its goal. His fingers dug deep into her arse flesh, spreading the two cheeks apart. As the hot water cascaded over their bodies Nina felt two fingers playing with her anus. Both of Rex’s index fingers had found Nina’s sensitive anal rim and were spreading the tight puckered bum hole open. One of the fingers disappeared inside the taut little anus. Nina didn’t know which one nor did she care! The feeling was exquisite as it made circular motions inside her anal canal!

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD,” Nina shrieked, as she felt the first throbs of pleasure radiating into her sex! As the index finger of his left hand continued to probe deeper into Nina’s rectum the finger of his right hand came around to Nina’s pussy and started to caress her swollen pouting labia. Another, “OH, MY FUCKING GOD,” wailed even louder from her lips as she felt his fingers in the folds of her sex!

As the tip of Rex’s index finger made contact with Nina’s bone hard clit. Her body shook, as she screeched, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! over and over. Rex made circular motions around the base of Nina’s hard clit, her head fell back as she gasped air and water into her lungs, as she coughed and spluttered, another wail of “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” filled the wet room.

Removing the finger exploring Nina’s rectum it joined the fingers tantalising Nina’s sex. She now howled and jerked on Rex’s shoulders as eight fingers and two thumbs stroked, caressed and teased Nina’s swelling pussy, the knickers still hanging from between Nina’s inner labia. With the fingers of Rex’s left hand gently squeezing the swell of Nina’s bald pubis, the thumb gently massaged her clitoris.

The fingers of Rex’s right hand started to push the dangling knickers into Nina’s body!

Nina yowled, the sound filling the wet room, “FUUCCCKKKK…………….!”

Slowly, Rex pushed the fabric inward filling Nina’s pussy with the garment. As a thumb slowly wanked Nina towards climax, the index and forefinger of Rex’s right hand, pushed the silky material deeper into her body. When the pair of knickers were firmly embedded into the back of Nina’s sex, the two fingers moved to find her sensitive inner cum button! The thumb of the right hand moved to join the left trapping Nina’s clit between them.

Nina wailed and screeched as Rex wanked both cum spots simultaneously, she cried out, as her orgasm coursed through her body; the sound filling the room!

“SHIT, FUCK FUCK!” Nina panted as she felt wave after wave of pleasure radiated through her nervous system. She lay limp for a few seconds before she felt her legs sliding off Rex’s shoulders.

Once again, she found herself hanging from the hook.

Untying the rope Rex lowered Nina till her toes once again pirouetted on the tiled floor. Tying the rope off, Rex lifted Nina’s legs and placed them around his hips. Nina took tight hold hooking her ankles together gasping once more as she felt his erection slip up between her pussy lips. His throbbing penile artery laying in the valley of her sex.

Taking hold of the shaft Rex slapped the head of his cock on Nina’s clit, softly at firsts, becoming more vigorous, slap after slap.

Nina again started to squeal, “OH MY FUCKING GOD REX THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!”

As Rex’s cock laid over Nina’s clit, he lifted her buttocks and spreading her arse cheeks he repositioned the head of his cock, so it engaged with her tight puckered anus. Squirting liquid soap on the shaft he pushed it home. The cocks coronal head slipping past Nina’s anal rim and deep into her rectum. Nina moaned and whimpered as he slowly began to fuck her arse.

As the sound of his balls slapping on her arse Nina groaned, “OH MY FUCK REX….., HARDER….., DEEPER…..,” as she felt her rectum expanding to accommodate Rex’s pounding manhood! At the same time, she felt fingers disappearing into her pussy, the fingers located the sopping wet material of her knickers and began very slowly to pull them from her body!

“SHIT….., FUCK…..’ SHIT….., FUCK…., OH, MY GOD…., I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN….., SHIT…..!” Nina screamed, her orgasm reverberating off the wet room walls!

As the black soggy fabric left her pussy, she wailed “FFUUUCCCCKKKKKK” as a stream of female ejaculate squirted from her urethra over Rex’s face! At the moment dopamine’s flooded her brain, Nina felt Rex’s warm spunk flooding her rectum….., as he groaned out the pleasure of his orgasm.KFFvi2xMQo6XxF5Dm8Kevg_thumb_4ea7

Nina stayed impaled on Rex’s cock for what to her seemed like hours but in reality, was only minutes before his erection withered to a lazy lob, before he lowered her down. After removing the hook that had become embedded between the coils of the rope that bound Nina’s wrists, he picked her up, turned the water off and carried her to the bed.

After untying her wrists, they lay contented on the bed. Rex held her in his arms, her breasts cupped in his hands as her arse nestled against his hardening cock. She thought to herself with a smile on her lips, it wouldn’t be long before the monster throbbing against her arse would be finding its way into her wet slit!



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Copyright of the writer © 2020 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

Published by Smugcat Media&Publishing

Images with permission of Karen D……..

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