Feature: The Social Media Girls, “To Pay or Not to Pay; that is the Question?”

Models and Social Media Influencers?

To pay or not to pay that is the question?

I decided to write a feature on girls who made money from selling explicit videos and nude and semi-nude pictures of themselves online, as a friend it seems had started to do so. Our conversations around it sparked my interest and this feature.

Here at Forbidden Erotica, we thought it would make an interesting article? And as with their industry, content is king!

Once we started to research the subject, we found a whole world that we were not expecting. We assumed that it was younger girls in the most that were performing in front of the camera.

But we were so wrong!

Teens to Octogenarians and women from across the spectrum are shedding their clothes and performing for Men and Women. Primarily too either earn an income or just some extra cash to pay for the nicer things in life. Then we stumbled on something that we had not expected, older women who post intimate pictures and videos of themselves just to be naughty, and not for financial gain. And as Karen from West Sussex in the UK says, she’s a lady who is now enjoying her life; she’s classy and never trashy. Karen enjoys showing her body off to her many followers on Social Media.

We also came to realise the women involved here (and it is women in the main) see themselves as models and social influencers monetising their fan base through premium, private social media accounts and private content feeds and messaging platforms.

So, it seems there is a wide range of age, social demographic and fiscal need involved. And there is not a one size fits all model here. Women and Men (but mainly women) we discovered, from across the social spectrum have discovered how to turn themselves and in particular their bodies into a revenue stream. And then some women do it for the crack, that’s the say the fun of it.

For our part, I applaud these women, who are utilising what God has given them to either have some sexy fun online or make a reasonable living. It is a very safe environment for both the models and performers. They are most definitely models and performers; and not Sex Workers! There is a huge difference in selling voyeurism which this is and fucking for cash. And in these very dangerous times, that we live in, whether it’s an unseen killer like COVID-19 or human scum, the varying different Social Media platforms and sites provide a very safe environment for performers/models/influencers to operate in. Whether it’s for sexy fun or to earn a living.

Let us put you straight in regards fucking for cash. We have nothing against prostitution or sex work here at Forbidden Erotica, it is a vital part of our society and has been around since the dawn of time. In our opinion, both those words do not do the sector justice and we would personally drop both in describing people who work in this sector. To us, it seems they provide an important social service. If you disagree with us, you need to go back to the ‘Victorian Era’ you came from.

If you wish to fuck for cash, why shouldn’t you?

You have a commodity in its basic form, your body. I, as the customer, want uncomplicated sex. I don’t want for whatever reasons, which could be myriad, a relationship long term or otherwise. Just, a like-minded person to fuck. It could be someone in say a loveless marriage or married to a person they are just not compatible with sexually. There are many Social Media Sites dedicated to the purpose of hooking up with such like-minded men and women. But if that’s not you and you want a straight cash deal, what’s the harm in paying, he or she to fuck?

As long as it’s safe!

What ‘The Social Media Girls’ provide is safe contact-free voyeurism, what’s not to like about that?

This feature is about in the main the older women performers but not exclusively. While in the main the two sides of this do not cross over, in places they do. Some women work on the platforms that are safe and are just voyeuristic and some also act as escorts. I hear you, you’re saying, “Oh Yeh, an Escort!” Well, let’s be kind, maybe it’s just a dinner date!

So how does it work?

The Business Model: There are a couple of different ways when it comes to selling nude photos in terms of how to make money. First of all, working with a company to keep your information and payments safe and secure. This also ensures your nude photos are not stolen. Once you start selling nudes with one of these websites, you’ll need to decide if you want to sell subscriptions or have customers pay-per-photo.

You can also choose to do both: Subscription plans are usually paid monthly. This means the model’s fans will purchase a subscription and pay a monthly fee to access their private content. If you choose to do a subscription, you’ll want to make sure you’re posting nudes on an extremely regular basis to hold on to your subscribers and make money.

Pay-per-photo means that model’s fans can purchase a single photo or bundle without purchasing a subscription. This can work well for you if you’re worried about staying consistent in posting. This method of selling nude photos is still a good way to make extra money.

Models can also offer both subscriptions and pay-per-photo options. And may consider adding lifetime subscriptions that are based on a one-time fee as well. All of these are good options for making money, they just depend on what works best for the performer’s lifestyle. If you’re ready to put a solid effort into growing your business and you think you can post nudes daily or several times a week, it’s recommended doing a subscription-based model to sell nudes.

The Requirements: To sell nudes or videos online, you’ll have to be at least 18 years old. Any website that you work with will require that you verify your age with either an ID or your credit card information. A lot of websites will also want you to verify that your pictures are actually of you. They’ll want a few full body and face pictures as a part of your application. In addition to this, many of these companies need you to be located in North America or Europe for payments to be made. Both men and women can apply to these websites, but the majority of them cater to women.

Equipment: At the very least, you’ll want to have a mobile phone with a decent camera or a handheld camera. Mobile phones are incredibly convenient when it comes to taking nudes, however, you’ll have to make sure the camera is high quality. If you can afford it, a professional camera with high resolution will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

The Platforms: I am going to centre this feature around Frisk Chat, as it the newest girl on the block in the UK and on talking to some of the models who use the site they are very happy with the platform, its creator Sascha Mcgee and the community of women who work within it. And I can assure you they see themselves a community. They support one another wherever possible. The feedback I got from the models on Frisk Chat was that Sascha is very supportive of the women and as a long-time model and social influencer herself, helps the model’s along with the what must be for some, a nervous beginning. At this point, I would like to thank Toni and Polly, two of Sascha’s models for the help they gave me in writing this piece. Also, I would like to mention Suzi and the effervescent Karen for helping us!

So, what is Frisk Chat all about?  So the easiest thing for us to do is let Frisk do the chatting…..download

Frisk is a social media service based in London, in the UK. It can be accessed from your PC and various mobile devices. Once a performer has registered on Frisk, they can run a subscription-based social media service. Frisk offers multiple ways for performers to build relationships and provide exclusive content to their subscribers, or “fans”.

Frisks’ business model mimics other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. It is popular with influencers in a range of areas such as fashion icons, physical fitness instructors, photographers, independent musicians, chefs and cooks to name a few as well as celebrities and icons. Frisk allows performers and content creators to receive income directly from their fans every month as well as on tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) posts and message feature.

Why does Frisk think it’s different? Frisk says a unique feature in comparison to other subscription-based social media networks is that performers have a free and a paid wall and can send PPV messages to all of their fans enabling them to earn good money even from fans that haven’t signed up to the subscription service.

Frisk performers are also allocated a personal account manager to help you get started and navigate the site. This is a first in this industry where support has often been criticised as lacking in the round.

Why Frisk? Frisk has been built with the performer and end-user in mind. Its user friendly, no fuss platform makes the process of registering, uploading and verification a task most could complete with ease. Add to this the multiple income avenue it makes Frisk a very appealing offer.

Frisk is free to sign up for both performers and fans. Performers have two “walls”, a free wall, that users only need register to view, and a paid wall that fans are required to pay a subscription for. This feature is a step forward from other platforms and allows interaction between performers and fans regardless of whether the fan has paid or not.

The Interface: We found the Frisk Chat webpage easy to navigate it is well designed and easy to use for models and subscribers.

So that is Frisk… They are not the only player in the game, here are a few of the competition.

Adultwork.com: DOB4IZ5W4AAFviBAdultWork.com is a big place. At any given time, there can be more than 50,000 adult industry professionals across the world using the AdultWork.com platform. The Adultwork websites interface at first seems chaotic but once you get used to it everything is there. It’s easy to use for models and subscribers.

Onlyfans.com: 0OnlyFans is the social media platform where models and influencers are free to post whatever content they like, from softcore to X-rated. The platform has exploded in popularity over the past few years, sending shockwaves through the porn industry as adult performers connect with fans directly, for a monthly fee. The best OnlyFans pages can bring in big money every month. This site has some big names from the adult movie industry on board and has even been name-check by Beyoncé, prompting a 15% uptake in traffic to the site. This site is also easy to use for models, influencers and subscribers, it’s quite an eye-pleasing site!

CamModelDirectory: cammodeldirectoryCamModelDirectory is the largest directory of independent webcam models providing adult chat on Skype and other video chat platforms such as Hangouts and Discord. Every model on CamModelDirectory has been verified through their extensive verification process to ensure that the models seen in the photos are the same model you will see on camera.

Private shows on Skype: All the models on CamModelDirectory offer private shows on Skype. There are several advantages to using Skype for adult web chat over the traditional other adult chat sites. Skype shows are more intimate because it is only you and the model in the chat session. Skype has better video quality than most other video platforms. Skype is an open platform that allows more freedom between you and the model. Skype is more private because no site admins or other clients are spying on or recording the show. Models generally charge less for Skype shows and prefer doing them because they earn a higher commission than shows done on the other cam sites.

Premium Snapchat: This is another route that you can go for premium subscriptions. Snapchat is a popular messaging app, therefore it’s something that a lot of users already have. Just keep in mind that nude and explicit content isn’t allowed on Snapchat, so if you post nudes it could get your account suspended! Some models do post explicit content on their premium Snapchat and those that keep it non-nude but still sexy. It’s possible to sell subscriptions to other social media, like Instagram for example, but premium Snapchat is the most popular.

FanCentro: FanCentro is the main site for premium Snapchat subscriptions. FanCentro also supports Instagram subscriptions, and a Fanclub platform built directly into the site. The interface is very user friendly.DOQdq80UEAABc-r

JustForFans: JustForFans is primarily a fan club platform and clip store but supports paid messages as well. ES1AVhlZ_400x400JustForFans is open to all genders and orientations but is primarily a male/gay network. That makes the site one of the best options for males.

Messaging Apps For Sending Nudes:

Kik: Kik is a popular messaging app. Kik is a great way to deliver individual photos that customers purchase. Kik sessions are another way that models can make money off of Kik. Kik sessions are sexting sessions done through the app.

Twitter: Twitter DMs are another way to send the content. Twitter is a good choice, as it’s one of the most popular social networks. Twitter is also a good way to promote your services.

So that is some of the platforms The Social Media Girls use… So its time to meet some of the Models and Influencers.

Karen: The first woman we would like you to meet would not consider herself an influencer or model. Karen is an attractive sexy middle-aged woman from West Sussex in the UK. She works for a living as a receptionist for a large institution in Central London and posts what she calls naughty pictures of herself on Twitter and Kik. Karen is Bi-sexual, and an extrovert, she enjoys being provocative and sensational, titillating Men and Women through Twitter and Kik for no financial again whatsoever! Oh, she loves affairs and particularly fucking black guys. We wonder why Karen…….



Toni: Next up is Toni, Toni is the first of our two Frisk models. Toni’s from Bonny Scotland but now lives in the North West of England. Toni is a Model and does a bit of acting as an extra on the side. Toni has worked as a security guard in the past and used that experience as an extra in Danny Boyles film ‘Trainspotting’ sadly she ended up on the cutting room floor! Mind you we wouldn’t mind ending up on the floor with this hottie. After moving south, to the North West of England and for some extra income, Toni approached Sascha Mcgee founder of Frisk Chat about joining her platform. Sadly, Toni was unable to join as she didn’t have enough followers on other social media sites such as Instagram at that time. After a road to Damascus moment and showing a little more leg than normal in one of her posts to Instagram, her followers shot through the roof and took her to the required level to get her on Frisk Chat. It’s all gone well for Toni since then with the help of Sascha Mcgee. Toni’s fan base on Frisk Chat is growing daily. After speaking with Toni, I can personally vouch for her extremely naughty sexy style. I had to go have a cold shower after talking for 30 minutes with this fox. Toni is very alluring, seductive and downright flirtatious. Toni is a really friendly girl and her empathy for her followers and subscribers is only too evident. In fact, Toni is the epitome of a sexy tease. So, if you would enjoy talking to a hot sexy woman who’s going to pop the zipper of your pants? Get over to Toni’s page, because there is going to be more than you can handle!



Polly: Polly is our second Frisk model from the UK. Polly is a 29-year-old Blond blue-eyed stunner. Polly describes herself as a ‘Fun Flirtatious and Damm right Horny Little Minx’ from England! Polly says she’s an ‘Open-Minded Sweet and Innocent Girl Next Door’ that needs to be Corrupted! And this girl needs no encouragement. Polly has plenty of time to ‘Listen, Tease and Please’ her fans and subscribers, she tells me. Polly loves to be shocked by her fans and subscribers ‘Naughty Fantasies!’ Polly likes getting intimate and very personal, she loves to see how horny she can make her fans and subscribers! Polly loves playtime with her fans and subscribers! It’s a big turn on for her. Polly has an invite for everyone of you reading this! ‘Come Take Advantage of this horny little British Blonde!’Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 18.38.47


Suzi: Suzi is working on the AdultWork Platform. Suzi is a 41-year-old blue-eyed blond. She says she loves playing naughty games and her physique is one hundred per cent natural. And a spectacular physique it is! One of Suzi’s hidden talents is topless hula hooping she can keep it up for hours in just her eight-inch heels! Even we are tempted to pay to see that! Suzi tells us she has been working with AdultWork for seven years now and is one of the best things she’s has done. AdultWork allows her to work from home giving her quality time with her family which in anyone’s life is extremely important. Suzi got into the industry through a friend, after being in business for herself and working every hour God gave her; mostly around 70 hours a week. After putting a post on Facebook bemoaning the long hours she was working and never seeing her family a friend got in contact. Suzi’s friend was making good money from home and suggested popping round for coffee. When you get to know Suzi you will realise it was probably wine. In fact, Suzi’s Friday night drinking sessions are of legend. But I digress. Suzi’s friend showed her how to do webcam sessions and the following week after giving it a trial she never looked back. Suzi says it gave her confidence back and made her feel good about herself again.EyUp3qVgQzuk35C++3bRkA_thumb_4fe5


Gabrielle: Gabrielle: Miss Gabrielle Fox, is our second model on the AdultWork Platform. Gabrielle is a Fifty something (she says its rude to ask a ladies age) brown-eyed beauty. She has shoulder-length blond hair she describes herself as busty but trim with 34 G slightly enhanced boobs! She has ink! And she loved telling us she shaves! So what does she think about herself? Miss Fox on her website profile says; I am a real warm, passionate and affectionate lady. Energetic, open-minded, very optimistic and always up for an adventure and pleasure. Playful and a little naughty erotic and fun. Get ready for an experience that you will never forget. Come, explore a world of fantasy and reality a world where I can take you. Charismatic, hypnotic, intuitive, creative, demanding, sexy, feminine, sultry. I know you will want too, and I look forward to an enjoyable time together! So that is Gabby…. She’s never 50…?Miss Gabrielle Fox, is our second model on the AdultWork Platform. Gabrielle is a Fifty something (she says its rude to ask a ladies age) brown-eyed beauty. She has shoulder-length blond hair she describes herself as busty but trim with 34 G slightly enhanced boobs! She has ink! And she loved telling us she shaves! So what does she think about herself? Miss Fox on her website profile says; I am a real warm, passionate and affectionate lady. Energetic, open-minded, very optimistic and always up for an adventure and pleasure. Playful and a little naughty erotic and fun. Get ready for an experience that you will never forget. Come, explore a world of fantasy and reality a world where I can take you. Charismatic, hypnotic, intuitive, creative, demanding, sexy, feminine, sultry. I know you will want too and I look forward to an enjoyable time together! So that is Gabby…. She’s never 50….?Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 13.36.54


Danni: Dannii Harwood, claims to be the first woman in the UK to make revenues of £1 million on OnlyFans! While Dannii has been on the site for some time, she said in the last few weeks there’s been a huge rise in women looking to make money from it as people worldwide are forced to socially isolate or distance. “Ninety-five per cent of the money I have earned has come in just over 18 months,” she told us. Dannii, who also has 217,000 followers on Twitter and more than 240,000 on Instagram, has now even launched a second OnlyFans page, which acts as a consultancy for other woman looking to make a living from the site. “I have opened up an OnlyFans management company since the beginning of March and it has gone crazy,” she continued. Former choir girl Dannii admitted she was ‘a bit of a swot’ at school and was bullied as a result. After getting a scholarship for an independent performing arts college in Surrey, she tried to break into the arts as a dancer, but eventually, this fell through, prompting her to instead look elsewhere, at which point she ventured into the adult industry. Now she’s established herself as one of the biggest UK names on OnlyFans – so much so, in fact, that she doesn’t even have to spend much time promoting herself anymore. “Now I don’t have to do as much promotion,” she added. “In terms of content I only shoot about once a week and then I schedule my posts.” Danni also stars on ‘Babestation’ and so happens to be a friend of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 13.42.26


Beth: Beth Spiby, 22. Beth tells us, she’s made £120,000 in a year selling naked photos of herself, with the help of her mum, who takes the pictures. Beth used to work summers in Magaluf and winters at the gift shop at Marks & Spencer until a colleague mentioned the money that could be made selling sexy photos online. That sounded pretty tempting Beth tells us. So, Beth roped in her mum Jane, 53, to help out. Jane snaps daily photos and videos of her daughter, which Beth then sells online to her subscribers, who pay £12 a month for access to the explicit stuff. She’s already racked up more than 1,000 followers, meaning she gets more than £10,000 a month. That’s a not to be sniffed at. After getting more popular, Beth was able to hire a photographer to take her pictures as well as getting an assistant to post them, so her mum doesn’t have to spend all day directing her daughter. Jane will still be called on in an emergency, though. ‘Initially, Beth told us, it was my mum who took all the pictures – even the raunchy ones!’ It was underwear and topless shots. Then it became more explicit the more comfortable I got. ‘When I first started mum used to take them every day. ‘Whenever I need an extra photo, she was happy to get the camera out and take a pic. Obviously, she doesn’t do anything too explicit, because that would be crossing the line. It’s more the underwear shots with my mum. My friends and family, they all love it. If they need something paying for, they only have to ask so nobody is negative about it. They know I am in control of my job and I like doing it so nobody is negative! Beth set up her Only Fans page back in December 2017 and claims she made £10,000 in the first three weeks – so she quit her job at M&S. She now has all the time she needs to do shoots once a month in different outfits and take personal requests. Her assistant posts the pictures and replies to messages for her, so Beth doesn’t have to do much apart from posing naked, use and review sex toys, and do stripteases for her fans. Beth tells us most of her thousands have been spent on clothes. ‘I think I bought the same pair of trainers in 12 colours,’ says Beth. ‘They were Adidas… They were awful, to be honest. I’m not one of them where I spend a lot of money on one thing, but I spend a lot of money on a lot of things. I’m constantly shopping.wOW7fSv2QQeIjoF%KwyaFA_thumb_4fe8



Kaylen: Kaylen Ward? She’s a 20-year-old Instagram model who now likes to call herself ‘The Naked Philanthropist’. She was profoundly distressed to hear about the devastating bushfires that were burning across Australia and wondered to herself what she could possibly do to help. Kaylen is a nude model, so decided to sell naked pictures of herself in exchange for donations to the bushfire crisis. This woman is a modern-day hero with a terrific plan – rational and commendable and altruistic. She reportedly had 10 verified direct messages a minute once she had put out her tweet, offering to send a nude picture to anyone who donated $10 (£7.60) and has allegedly raised more than AU$700,000. However, because a woman’s nudity is still so morally weighted, Kaylen has been bullied, trolled and banned from the platform on which she was famous: Instagram has deleted her account. The way Kaylen has been treated shows that it’s time we got our heads around the fact that women can do what they want with their time, their bodies and their bank accounts. There are many thousands of women who put naked pictures of themselves online, for all sorts of reasons – some for money, others just for the thrill – and so long as they’re happy with that, it’s completely fine. Celebrities do it frequently – think Kim Kardashian or Emily Ratajkowski – and don’t experience the same backlash. Why are we comfortable with famous people taking their clothes off, but not ordinary women who want to use their nudity for a decent cause? No one deserves to be mocked, judged or punished. Whether it’s for help with climate emergency reparations or for important medical treatment!e1b057024750ec0d7a824e5836242290


Anneke: Anneke Van Buren is our most experienced and mature model influencer. Anneke is based in Tampa in the USA. She has a website and sells videos and pictures of herself on Clips4sale. Anneke also offers a VIP Companion Service. She also describes herself as a Fetish Goddess. We haven’t been able to get an interview with Anneke so we will let her tell you about what she offers. As a mature woman, I have a lifetime of erotic experience and understand the needs of my friends. Their secret desires & fantasies. All those naughty little thoughts that you’ve entertained but never been able to enjoy in reality. I am tall! 5′ 9″ inches of long-legged and naturally voluptuous beauty; 38DDD to be exact.

Well over 6′ in my beautiful stilettos or thigh hi boots. Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes that twinkle with mischief, soft lips that love to kiss, beautifully groomed and elegantly attired. I’m always told I look more beautiful in person and the photos you see here are an accurate representation of the woman I am. I have a youthful attitude, playful, sunny disposition and the wisdom that can only be gained from living life fully. Anneke says she is unique and like no other mature companion you have ever met.

 I am a confident, funny, genuinely warm, open and honest individual and the person you meet here is the person I am in real life. Your confidant, companion, whomever you need to help you relieve the stresses of your busy life.

 CURIOUS? I have male friends who can play with us. Discreet, upscale gents to join in the fun. Just ask. The more the merrier. I have both male and female friends to join us. COUPLES ESCAPE! You’d love to escape and explore together for a weekend or just an hour or more. I’m the perfect tour guide to escort you to Tampa’s famous naughty and nudist venues. 0zVQvlgsQL65ECl21DpGEw_thumb_4d6e

annekepleasures.nl clips4sale.com/studio/19927/a… *

Mrs Poindexter: Mrs Poindexter is from California USA and works on the Only Fans platform. She says about herself, I’m an average 43-year-old mom-next-door. I do everyday mom stuff. My site is ALL-INCLUSIVE. Whatever I do, I do for everyone. No extra charges for messages, rating, content, or bullshit requests for tips! It’s not sexy to me to attempt to monetise your fans and subscribers. I just want you to have a fun time!
What’s not on offer? Hardcore facial cumshots, G-bangs, FFFM, and so on. What is on offer? A feminine sultry sexy point of view with naked boobs, sheer panties, sexy clothes, heels, stockings, ass, and storytelling! But wait! There’s more! I always answer all mail, hot chats and stuff (although with 3 kids, work, school, sometimes I am delayed, but I always respond!). Oh, also since my girlfriend was made redundant due to COVID-19 we have little sexy parties…. know what I mean?Pointdexter.9


So that is the Social Media Platforms and models….

We hope you have found this feature informative and if you decide to give it a go yourself here at Forbibben Erotica we wish you the best of luck….. 

Below is a short slide show of the Women and Girls of Social Media that we have featured and some of the models we didn’t have enough space to fit in…….


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