Feature: Rough Sex

Some Like Rough Sex What’s on and what’s taboo for you?Don’t be afraid to ask specificallywhat you would like to try, and seewhat your partner thinks.  If you are planning to try something new,such as spanking, impact play, biting,or scratching, make sure to discussyour intentions first with your partner, Brutal Sex Last Tango in Paris The man is middle-aged, leonine, ravaged.The girl is young, fox-like, … Continue reading Feature: Rough Sex

Feature: Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It The more you celebrate sex,the more you’ll be able to relaxin that desirable body of yours.  Your friends and fuck-mates will notice.On your marks. When you’re ready, flaunt it! ‘I think that as women we naturally usesex appeal. I feel like that just comesout of our pores whether we see it or not.If you’ve got it, flaunt … Continue reading Feature: Sex Appeal