Feature: Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

The more you celebrate sex,
the more you’ll be able to relax
in that desirable body of yours. 

Your friends and fuck-mates will notice.
On your marks. When you’re ready, flaunt it!

‘I think that as women we naturally use
sex appeal. I feel like that just comes
out of our pores whether we see it or not.
If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’

For many of us, the word “seduction”
immediately conjures up images of
vampy heroines from Hollywood movies.

It’s Madonna slithering across Warren
Beatty’s desk in Dick Tracy or Sharon
Stone uncrossing her legs for Michael Douglas.

It’s Christian Grey slowly running his
fingers along Ana’s body in 50 Shades
of Grey or Mrs. Robinson asking Benjamin
to unzip her dress in The Graduate.

teenager flaunts it

Focus the eyes

Add a little burlesque and bring your partner’s eyes
to the body parts you want them to look at.

A light touch on your favourite garment
or body part is a strong choice.

Gently touch your partner and give them
the opportunity to do the same.

Once the attention is on the desired
area, take it away. The tease has begun.

Seduction involves a degree of surprise,
which is generally the first thing to
disappear after you’ve been in a relationship,
and why there’s no more seducing that goes on.

Everything is familiar and you’re no
longer surprised by the other person.

A healthy dose of surprise is exactly
what long term relationships need.

Finding ways to incorporate seduction
into your relationship raises the
temperature and pulls in a playful
energy that can ignite something
passionate and primal.

Holy Orgasm!

Sex and religion have long been perceived
to be at odds with carnal pleasures,
representing sin more than saintliness.

Yet in recent years, a handful of savvy Christian,
Jewish and Muslim entrepreneurs have embraced
the notion that the two can coexist in a way that
jibes with doctrine and even glorifies traditional
values by strengthening marriages.

How to Shoot a Sex Scene


should be obvious, but don’t turn up reeking
of last night’s takeaway, smelling like you’ve
run a marathon or displaying more body hair than a yeti.
Look in the mirror — would you sleep with you?


The only way to find out if tongues are acceptable
is by asking. Don’t risk it and go French or you might
get slapped or bitten — and not in a nice way.


Let’s get it in the open — no one has sex like Tom Cruise
in Top Gun — it’s just not normal. The way that hand
glides over there, the cunningly placed thigh that hides
the naughty bits — that takes a lot of work and planning.


Imagine having to have sex for a whole day, non-stop.
You’ll be spending a lot of time in odd positions,
so add some stretches and sit-ups to your daily schedule,
otherwise you’ll be writhing around with cramp before
you’ve got to third base.

Wham Bam

Have sex with someone you find insanely,
physically attractive. The more involved
your genitals are the less you’ll be
thinking with your brain. Make sure you
want to fuck someone you find hot.

Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.
Be aware of where you are, where you are going
and who is going with you.

Don’t go home with strangers. I typically go
a few dates with the guy first.

If you have casual sex with someone, leave
or make them leave immediately after.
Don’t go out to breakfast.
Just get your stuff and leave.

If you have sex with someone you know be clear
with yourself and with him about what is happening.

If you think that someone has feelings for you
don’t sleep with them. This is mean and a recipe
for disaster or a stalker.

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