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Firstly thank you for taking an interest in my blog, and I hope you find my erotic quirky tales interesting and stimulating! There are also, features, music videos, my what I call wordoodle’s! That’s basically my scribblings, there are poems from me and other writers I like, also some prose from me and you got it, other writers, I like! You’ll find video’s, vines and gifs…. All 18+ stuff so if anyone’s reading this under the age of 18 its time to go! But do come back when you’re old enough!

Anyway, about me, as it seems to be the done thing to let your readership know a little about you!

Well, life started out for me on the back seat of a bus halfway between Hastings and Bermondsey London UK. The reason being my mother and father were on a day out with the family, by the time they got home there was an addition; me!

I spent my childhood in Kenya so that makes me a colonial boy. On our return to the UK, I joined the London Fire Brigade where I spent the rest of my working life. On my retirement, I started writing that was over 10 years ago.

I started out writing wordoodles, in other words, my scribblings! These grew into poems and prose, and then I started writing short stories. I took a lot of my original inspiration for writing from my day’s in the Fire Service! So there was a lot of sexual content! These over the years have turned into The Erotic Tales and has now evolved into Forbidden Erotica!

This blog is a free one stop shop so to speak for everything erotic…….

Mark Darcy

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    1. Hi Suzette, what a great name! Shy really, all I can say is never hold back….. My site is not for the faint hearted, but it’s more just a bit of fun. Not to be taken too seriously!

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