Feature: Rough Sex

Some Like Rough Sex What’s on and what’s taboo for you?Don’t be afraid to ask specificallywhat you would like to try, and seewhat your partner thinks.  If you are planning to try something new,such as spanking, impact play, biting,or scratching, make sure to discussyour intentions first with your partner, Brutal Sex Last Tango in Paris The man is middle-aged, leonine, ravaged.The girl is young, fox-like, … Continue reading Feature: Rough Sex

Feature: Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It The more you celebrate sex,the more you’ll be able to relaxin that desirable body of yours.  Your friends and fuck-mates will notice.On your marks. When you’re ready, flaunt it! ‘I think that as women we naturally usesex appeal. I feel like that just comesout of our pores whether we see it or not.If you’ve got it, flaunt … Continue reading Feature: Sex Appeal

Feature: Hung Well

In my book; Hung Well, Richard Jones tells us he is a black man who has never been arrested, doesn’t have any out-of-wedlock children and grew up in the suburbs with parents who loved him. He graduated from Guildford, was a founding editor of Scribe magazine and has been on three times.
Its an impressive dossier. Even so, he says, there are still days when I go to the gym and I get out of the shower and wrap my towel close around me because I am a black man, and for a black man I just may not . .measure up. My book poses an awkward and surprisingly complicated social and maybe racial question: Who doesn’t want to have the biggest cock in the room? Continue reading Feature: Hung Well

Feature: The Social Media Girls, “To Pay or Not to Pay; that is the Question?”

I decided to write a feature on girls who made money from selling explicit videos and nude and semi-nude pictures of themselves online, as a friend it seems had started to do so. Our conversations around it sparked my interest and this feature. 

Here at Forbibben Erotica, we thought it would make an interesting article? And as with their industry, content is king! 

Once we started to research the subject we found a whole world that we were not expecting. We assumed that it was younger girls in the most that were performing in front of the camera. 

But we were so wrong! Continue reading Feature: The Social Media Girls, “To Pay or Not to Pay; that is the Question?”

Feature: Led By Your Libido

Most relationships suffer from an imbalance of libidos, many of them thrive. If the sex between you is still satisfying and you’re happy with other aspects, then, in my opinion, your relationship is pretty good.

Get yourself a vibrator for those days when your boyfriend isn’t in the mood, and keep having great sex on the days he is. Continue reading Feature: Led By Your Libido

Feature: Is Your Sex Life, a Porn Clip

No Longer Taboo

These acts would have been taboo or even fetishist. Men probably would be embarrassed to even ask for such a thing from a lover.

But after watching it on your computer thousands of times, men have come to believe that this type of sex is the norm. When did it become normal to objectify your wives and girlfriends in the bedroom? Continue reading Feature: Is Your Sex Life, a Porn Clip

Erotic Tale: The First Encounter

Removing the finger exploring Nina’s rectum it joined the fingers tantalising Nina’s sex. She now howled and jerked on Rex’s shoulders as eight fingers and two thumbs stroked, caressed and teased Nina’s swelling pussy, the knickers still hanging from between Nina’s inner labia. With the fingers of Rex’s left hand gently squeezing the swell of Nina’s bald pubis, the thumb gently massaged her clitoris. Continue reading Erotic Tale: The First Encounter