Wordoodle: The Venus Nipple Trap

A very opportunistic feeder! The Venus Nipple Trap prefers to be in the home of women who favour indoor plants. Such environments are favourably warm and moist! They prefer and do better in a sunny, temperate humid bath or shower room. Where the nipple trap is more than likely to be close to it pray; a naked woman! The Venus Nipple Trap is beautiful, exceedingly … Continue reading Wordoodle: The Venus Nipple Trap

Feature: Variations on the ‘Missionary Position!’

When was the last time your fuck of the night bit your ear and whispered, “How do you want it?” and you responded, “Baby, give it to me in missionary. I really want to just lie there and take it like a little bitch, you bad boy.”

Let’s face it, it’s convenient, simple and it gives at least 50 percent of the hookups the option of getting in a quick nap. But, there really isn’t anything very exciting about the old mish posish.

I don’t know about you, but in school, I am definitely not just trying to pass with the bare minimum, and it’s no different when I’m in bed — A+ or nothing.

Unless you’re warming up your mojo or trying to get by with Sex for Dummies, I’m going to have to give missionary a low C.

Students, get out your notepads because I’m about to teach you how to fuck up the entire class’s sex curve with some easy-to-handle variations on some old classics.

Let’s first start with some simple maneuvres born out of the original lame sex culprit itself. Continue reading Feature: Variations on the ‘Missionary Position!’

Feature: Transgender

Three guys are sitting at a London bar top eating fries, drinking whiskey and talking about love. One of them, Bryce Richardson, is about to propose to his girlfriend.

“I’m putting it together in my head, I’m like: ‘He’s gonna be one of my groomsmen, he’s gonna be one of my groomsmen,’” he points to his two friends and grins. The other men light up when they hear the news and start talking about rings, how much they cost, will it be princes’s cut or pear shaped? Pictures are Googled, phones are passed around. “That was one of my dreams, to get married, to be somebody’s husband, to be somebody’s father,” says one of the friends, Redd Barrett. “From when I was like 12, I used to think about that all the time.”

I ask the groom-to-be how he knew his girlfriend was the one. They met at work, he says, and by the time he came out to her, they were already in love. “I said ‘I’m trans, and you’re not gonna want me anyway,” he recalls, unable to keep the smile off his face. “And she said ‘I’m in love with you, I don’t care about that.’” His friend Tiq nods and says, “That’s your wife, right there.” Continue reading Feature: Transgender

Feature: Exercise & Orgasm For The Girls

f you knew one of the side-effects of your regular fitness workout is having an orgasm, we bet you’d be spending extra time at the gym.

Certain exercises like crunches and planks set off orgasms in women. These are known as coregasms. What’s more, you don’t need to be fantasizing about sex to achieve them.

While there isn’t any one specific reason for these ‘curious climaxes,’ they occur when your abdominal muscles are being utilised, or usually during exercises that involved friction.

One theory suggests that pelvic and abdominal exercises put stimulating pressure on the clitoris. Increased blood flow to the vagina during a workout might also play a role. Continue reading Feature: Exercise & Orgasm For The Girls

Feature: Does Your Partner Watch Porn

Porn Fetish

Imagine the scenario: a girlfriend or wife accidentally stumbles across her man’s porn links on his computer. What pops up may surprise her.

On the left side of the screen (facing the camera) is the first woman. She’s spread-eagle, lying on her back, breasts dangling off to the sides. She’s sporting a perpetual tan with no tan lines, shimmery mauve lip gloss, and straight, black glossy hair. In a horny tone, she moans, “Yes, yes, lick my pussy,” while biting her lips in a state of “ecstasy.”

On the right side of the computer screen is the second woman—a blonde. She’s facing away from the camera as she gives fellatio to the other woman.

She’s on her knees in doggy style position, swaying her hips erotically from side to side, with her goods exposed right into the lens. The camera work is exceptional, and the scene captured makes you feel like you’re literally there.


Continue reading Feature: Does Your Partner Watch Porn

Feature: Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex, is it worse than virtual killing?

An explicit sex simulation game which lets players enjoy graphic romps with animated beauties has been banned.

House Party, which bills itself as “a raunchy comedy adventure”, has been removed from Steam, the world’s largest games distribution platform.

Its trailer encourages users to play as male party-goers and “pick up chicks, get insulted and make friends”.

But Steam told the developer, Eek! Games, there were “a number of complaints about the title, House Party, with the claim that it contains pornographic content.

House Party has been banned from Steam – because it is too raunchy
Continue reading Feature: Virtual Sex

Poem: A Dark Place

She is naked.

She runs her fingertips along her cheeks and lightly over lips.

So gently that her skin tingles.

She closes her eyes and trails them over her chin, onto her neck and into the hollow of her throat.

They trace a line across her collar bones. She shivers. But she is not cold.

She is surprised to find her skin so sensitive to her own touch.

She parts her thighs.


As wide as she can.

As wide as she can. Continue reading Poem: A Dark Place

Feature: The Way To Please Her

Sensual Massage For Her

Begin by lightly stroking her body with the tips of your fingers. Start with the back, and then move to the shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs and calves.

Remember to use only light, teasing strokes. When you sense that she’s relaxed, you are ready to progress to massage.These are key areas for an erotic vulva and labia massage. Know how to touch and manipulate these highly sensitive areas will earn lots of browny-points! Continue reading Feature: The Way To Please Her

Video Feature: Why Do Boys Love Watching Lesbian Sex

He’s watching late night TV and flipping through channels, when all of a sudden, his world stops. There are two women enjoying each other. It doesn’t even matter if the channel is scrambled or not.

His fears, his anxiety, and his dirty dishes have suddenly disappeared from his mind. His world is now euphoric because he is watching two girls experimenting with each other. Nothing matters anymore, except for two females fondling each other. He can rest in peace.

My guess is that about 99% of the men reading this article have stopped dead in their tracks to watch two women make love. Chances are, many of you are reading this article because you have noticed the word lesbian. Continue reading Video Feature: Why Do Boys Love Watching Lesbian Sex

Feature: Can Pornography Be Tasteful

Does It Bring out the Beast in Me?

Porn has had a bad reputation. Sordid, seamy, exploitative are some of the adjectives used to describe it. Isn’t it time for a makeover?

Can porn be exciting if it goes upmarket and arty? Can it still be as joyfully mucky, visceral and unfettered if it is changed for the better? Doesn’t better really mean sanitised?

Ideally, porn would excite our lust in contexts which also presented another, elevated side of human nature. One in which people were being witty, or showing kindness, or working hard or being clever. Continue reading Feature: Can Pornography Be Tasteful

Feature: Eye Candy

For six to seven hours on Wednesday, 22-year-old Amanda Lin will pose in a short black cocktail dress with a laptop from Gigabyte Technology, the company’s logo stamped across her upper arm. Her main challenge: trying to stand comfortably in her high heels.

“They can hurt,” Lin said of her shoes. “But the work is pretty relaxed and you don’t have to do a lot in order to get paid.” Continue reading Feature: Eye Candy

Feature: Clitoral Stimulation

For women, it’s all about the angle when it comes to reaching orgasm during penetrative sex.

Here are a couple of tips about the sex positions that really hit her pleasure zones.

The main principle is to apply pressure to the upper inside wall of the vagina. A good way to know it’s the right place is to check where her clitoris is and then aim to apply pressure gently inside and upwards towards it. Continue reading Feature: Clitoral Stimulation

Feature: Cleavage A Sexual Tease

Most people, both male and female, regard breasts as an important aspect of femininity and many women use cleavage to enhance their physical and sexual attributes and attract the male gaze. Some people regard the se of cleavage as a form of feminine flirting or seduction, within the confines of community, peer group and personal standards of modesty, as much as for its aesthetic or erotic effect. Some people derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman’s cleavage, some derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage, and some women wear low-cut clothing for the pleasure of their partner. Continue reading Feature: Cleavage A Sexual Tease

Feature: Women Sharing Sexual Pleasure

Sex in long-term relationships is often presented as a conflict between reluctant wives and their horny husbands. But looking at sex amongst lesbians in long-term relationships exposes a different story about female sexuality and libido.

Historically, lesbians have been subjected to studies that seem to confirm our gendered understanding of sex between straight couples: That is, if women don’t really like sex as much as men, lesbians must have way less of it than straight couples or gay men. Continue reading Feature: Women Sharing Sexual Pleasure

Feature: Heavenly Bodies

There’s absolutely no evidence that viewing porn activates some kind of neural mechanism leading us down a slippery slope of seeking more and more deviant material.

There’s plenty of evidence suggesting that men’s sexual interests are stable. We looked at adult website billing data (including data from both gay and straight sites).

Also, private data from adult sites (including PornHub, the most popular adult video website in the world), online sex-seeking ads, web traffic patterns, and the ratings, tags, and clicks on millions of videos and stories. Continue reading Feature: Heavenly Bodies

Feature: Masturbation for Girls

Hurrah us, for we are frisky and free in the bedroom. Or so it seems at first blush. The second American Study of Health and Relationships, based on 20,000 telephone interviews, shows we’re increasingly relaxed and risqué between the sheets.

We play with toys and dress-ups and spice up our intimacy in ways that would give joy to the late Dr Alex Comfort, author of The Joy of Sex, the landmark 1972 illustrated sex manual that’s modelled on a recipe book. Continue reading Feature: Masturbation for Girls

Feature: Yogasm

Want to spice up your gym routine this winter? If you’re not a yoga devotee already, there is added incentive to get on the mat. The ‘Yogasm’ an orgasm achieved through yoga postures, is a previously whispered-about phenomenon that is well and truly out in the open. Kate Kendall, yoga guru and founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney, says she’s recently had the awkward – … Continue reading Feature: Yogasm

Poem: A Dark Place

She is naked.

She runs her fingertips along her cheeks and lightly over lips.

So gently that her skin tingles.

She closes her eyes and trails them over her chin, onto her neck and into the hollow of her throat. Continue reading Poem: A Dark Place

Political Comment:To Day In Bournemouth

Good Morning/Good Afternoon? Depending whereabouts you are in the world my friends; and welcome to the second DICKENSIAN ERA! If you’re asking why the second Dickensian Period just take a look at the picture! This picture was taken at 10 am this morning in a better off part of Bournemouth, England, UK! And within half a mile in the most affluent shopping area in Bournemouth … Continue reading Political Comment:To Day In Bournemouth

Poem: Only For Him

 Only for him! the camera’s eye blinks the silent shutter closing on her image capturing it perfectly a paradise of lines and curves a heaven of hair and skin a rapture of pure arousal posed only for him! Return to Features/Wordoodle’s/Poems and Prose Copyright © Of the author Romantic Dominant Continue reading Poem: Only For Him