Feature Article; Anal or Vaginal Digital Sex

Digital-Anal or Digital-Vaginal Sex

Whenever a finger or toe is used as a stimulator during sex, it is considered digital sex.

Digital-anal or digital-vaginal sex is the clinical term for “fingering”
either the anus or the female genitals (including the vagina).20130107_231655000_iOS

While it is theoretically possible that someone who has an open cut or
fresh abrasion on his or her finger or hand can be infected with HIV if coming into contact with blood in the anus or vagina or vaginal secretions,
there has never been a documented case of HIV transmission via fingering.

Digital sex doesn’t mean looking at pornography on your computer.
It means using your fingers to penetrate your partner.

Using gloves, or finger cots (essentially little condoms for your fingers),
can reduce your risk of being exposed to any viruses or bacteria
in your partner’s secretions and keep your partner from being exposed
to anything living under your fingernails.20130107_234505000_iOS

Just as with condoms, you should always switch gloves if you move from penetrating the vagina to the anus, or vice versa.

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