Feature: Clitoral Stimulation

It’s All About The Angle

A Feature written by Mark Darcy

For women, it’s all about the angle when it comes to reaching orgasm during penetrative sex.

Here are a couple of tips about the sex positions that really hit her pleasure zones.

The main principle is to apply pressure to the upper inside wall of the vagina. A good way to know it’s the right place is to check where her clitoris is and then aim to apply pressure gently inside and upwards towards it.

The oldest position in the book

While the missionary position gets bad press for being a little boring, it’s one way to get the right kind of pressure to a woman’s erogenous zone.

More importantly, it’s a position that offers a good amount of connectedness during sex. Something that most women really love.

Place one or two pillows under her lower back to give her support and to hit the right spot during penetration.

Depending on what you both like, she can rest her legs on your shoulders, or simply just behind you.

Now, gently support her buttocks by slipping your hand between her and the pillows. This way you can thrust upwards and inwards, lifting her at the same time – achieving deeper penetration and better contact with her internal pleasure zone.

Turn doggy to froggy

Penetrating her from behind mostly means less direct contact with this vaginal pleasure zone, but with a little adjustment, the doggy style can become a lot more effective.

Get her onto all fours and ask her to lower herself right down so that she is lying on her front with her legs spread out like a frog. Lift her torso up and place a pillow underneath her stomach for support.

When you enter her, lift yourself up as high as you can so that your hard-on pushes down towards her upper vaginal wall.

Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Another great way to hit that inner pleasure zone is by getting her to mount you and then let her lean back so that your hard-on applies pressure to her vaginal wall.

Explore each other and keep checking what works best for both of you when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. Make sure you both use lots of lubrication to ease things along and avoid any unnecessary chafing.

Where is the clitoris located exactly in the female’s genitalia?


The clitoris may be quite elusive to men and women who haven’t fully explored their partner’s or their own body. This little “joy button” deserves to be found.

To start, you want to move towards the top of her labia (the outer and inner skin folds) but stay below the pubic bone. The glans of the clitoris, similar to the head of a man’s penis and even more sensitive! It’s located between the inner folds of the vulva (labia minora), at the top. The clitoris is just the tip of a branching interior system of erectile tissue that runs down towards the vaginal opening.

It’s located between the inner folds of the vulva (labia minora), at the top. The clitoris is just the tip of a branching interior system of erectile tissue that runs down towards the vaginal opening.

This tissue responds to sexual arousal by filling with blood and becoming harder and erect. As a woman becomes aroused, her clitoris will actually swell and retract underneath the clitoral hood, a flap of skin that is part of her labia minora.

The size and shape of the clitoris vary from woman to woman, although its location remains pretty consistent.

The clitoris is the focus of pleasure sensation for most woman and is usually the place that, when stimulated, will bring her to orgasm.female-sexual-anatomy

Identifying the clitoris may or may not be difficult for you to do by touch, but paying close attention to your partner’s reactions may help you figure out if you’re in the area and/or touching her in ways that she enjoys.

If you’re comfortable, talking w20120423_122224000_iOSith your partner is a sure-fire way to find her pleasure zones. Ask her to show you her clitoris. Ask her how she likes it to be touched or to show you how she touches it herself.

Or you can put her hand on top of yours to guide you. Have fun exploring each other’s bodies — if it’s embarrassing, just remember your (and her) knowledge is for her pleasure!

Once you find the clitoris, you may stimulate it in many different ways — by rubbing, sucking, applying pressure, or using a vibrator or a dildo.

Again, communication is key here because, although some women like direct touching on the glans of the clitoris, other women find direct touching hurts.

Using a water- or silicone-based lubricant may ease friction (and add fun for you and your partner), but some women still find the glans to be too sensitive to direct touch.

Further, focusing directly on the clitoris may also cause pleasurable sensations to disappear. So instead, try rubbing your partner on one or both sides of her clitoris, or wetting your fingers and rubbing them around and over her clitoris.

Gently rub or pull the clitoris itself, or rub the hood or a larger area around the clitoris. Use one finger, then try several. Try different kinds of pressure and timing.


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