Feature: Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex, is it worse than virtual killing?

An explicit sex simulation game which lets players enjoy graphic romps with animated beauties has been banned.

House Party, which bills itself as “a raunchy comedy adventure”, has been removed from Steam, the world’s largest games distribution platform.

Its trailer encourages users to play as male party-goers and “pick up chicks, get insulted and make friends”.

But Steam told the developer, Eek! Games, there were “a number of complaints about the title, House Party, with the claim that it contains pornographic content.

House Party has been banned from Steam – because it is too raunchy

Users play as the male characters and get women drunk, sleep with them and fight their boyfriends in various ‘missions’

‘Computer gaming turned my 14-year-old son into a monster and his addiction has torn our family apart’

“After investigating this, it does appear that the title is pornography.”

House Party sold around 35,000 copies in its first month and became popular on YouTube, with hundreds of people uploading videos of the raunchy action.

Users playing as the sex-mad men have to complete “missions”, which involve getting women drunk and fighting their boyfriends.

In a blog post, Eek! Games said: “I understand where Steam is coming from.

“They are responding to an alarming societal perception of sex and nudity as something evil, even more so than murder, genocide, torture, and gore which is widely accepted and prevalent in most other video games that are offered up on Steam and many other gaming platforms.

“I don’t agree with Steam’s decision, but I respect it.”

House Party’s developer Eek Games! argued the decision raises the issue of unfair censorship

The game has been removed from Steam’s website but will be made available once “some modifications” are made.

Eek! Games added: “Of course this also brings up an issue of unfair censorship.

“Part of the reason I chose to write this game is that I didn’t want to do another tired old game about killing, violence, and gore, though I suspect if I had written a game about that, nobody would have a problem.

“It seems to me as if it’s much more socially acceptable to engage in the fantasy of killing another person in every perversion imaginable than it is to fantasize about having sex with another person.”


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