Poem: Forever On My Mind

Forever on My Mind


Mark Darcy: June 2006

I walk alone by the waterside

A sad reflection on the water I see

Like a dream that drifted away

And floats back on the tide to me

There’s a love that’s

Forever on my mind


Just a man of too few summers

With a love light in his eye

For the years that are between us, I have no care

You said that I was foolish

For your love was doomed to die

But still, she’s

Forever on my mind


Photographs and letters of our time

Are just stories in my mind

I pray when the morning comes

I’ll leave it all behind

Until then your

Forever on my mind


When the storm clouds are all around

One cold March morning

With words too hard to hear

Still ringing in my ear

You were gone with out a warning

Now again I walk alone by the waterside

With a love

That’s forever on my mind

Copyright © 2017 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

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