Poem: There Have Been Women

There have been many women in my life.

Some only for a fleeting time.

Some for much longer, than they should have been.

Some leaving with pain, much pain.

Some leaving with a sense of relief.

But in all my life, there has never been a woman who I could say; vibrated as I.

No woman, that I could get out of bed in the morning, look back at the sleeping deity, throw back the curtains look up to the heaven and say; Thank You, God.

No woman, until one night in the darkness, I saw a light.

Dimly at first, but getting steadily brighter.

Diamond was shining in the distance.

I reach for it, but it is too distant.

Intangible to touch.

Perspective all wrong, close but distant, the light dazzled me in the darkness!

Feeling the gems vibration.

Our frequencies aligned.

I reach for it, wanting to be close to it, to cleave it from the rock.

But the diamond is always out of arms reach.

Panic now ensues, play it cool.

Let the Jewell come to you.

What can I do? Nothing!

There have been many women in my life.

But never a gem, a prize; such as you.

Copyright © 2017 Mark Darcy All rights reserved

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