Political Comment:To Day In Bournemouth

Good Morning/Good Afternoon? Depending whereabouts you are in the world my friends; and welcome to the second DICKENSIAN ERA!

If you’re asking why the second Dickensian Period just take a look at the picture! This picture was taken at 10 am this morning in a better off part of Bournemouth, England, UK! And within half a mile in the most affluent shopping area in Bournemouth (Westover Road), you will find several more people sleeping in doorways as shoppers step over them! In fact, there’s a new phenomenon now! Communities living in doorways!

Anyone who actually knows me knows I’m not really political! If you ask me where my politics stand? I’d say slightly right of Genghis Karn and slightly to the left of Atilla the Hun! Socialism is a great idea but due to the human condition does not work. Look to Africa! Power corrupts, I’m a colonial boy raised in Kenya so in a position to hold an opinion!

I see the problem as this; technically it’s inequality! What do I mean, it’s not inequality between social groups this is a whole other issue and comes down to the human condition again. No, its inequality between men and women! Women being more equal than men in this case! In fact, it’s more than that it’s discrimination against single people!

If you’re a woman/girl who got herself pregnant or has a child! The full force of the system is thrown behind you! And so it should! But if your single and homeless there’s a doorway in Bournemouth with your name on it! It’s a simple as that!

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